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21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

Social media is a crucial aspect for businesses that allows them to engage with their audience and build credibility over the world wide web, regardless of their size.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you may already know about the ability of social media to take your business to the next level. To successfully harness the benefits of social platforms, you must have the proper arsenal in your inventory – social media marketing tools. 

If you’ve ever tried SMM, you may already know about Hootsuite. It’s one of the most popular tools businesses of all sizes use to make a persistent presence on social channels.

However, due to an extravagantly stated price tag, not all businesses can afford it. With that said, let’s take a look at a quick rundown on the list of best Hootsuite alternatives that help you with every aspect of your social media marketing (without feeling like a financial burden):

Best Hootsuite Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Zoho Social 

With many smart scheduling options, Zoho social aims to make social media marketing a cakewalk for you.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives

Not only is it one of the best Hootsuite Alternatives, but also Zoho Social is designed specifically to meet the growing requirements of small and medium businesses that allow you to build a persistent presence on social media channels for your brand.

The tool offers several advanced features, such as smart predictions and social listening, that help you determine the ideal publishing time to gain maximum engagement and reach on your posts.

Although you cannot connect RSS feeds with this tool, the team collaboration and smart scheduling feature certainly make it one of the market’s most prominent social media marketing tools.

Pros Cons 
15-Day Free Trial  No RSS Feed Integration 
Smart Predictions   
Listening Dashboard   

The tool is priced at $200 per month and allows five users simultaneously. Moreover, a free trial of 15 days helps you familiarize yourself with this tool’s available features and user interface. 

2. Buffer

With a great resemblance to Hootsuite, Buffer initially launched as a tweet scheduling tool and didn’t take much time to become one of the most popular tools for social media marketing.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives 1

It has introduced several new features and changes that extend its capabilities to a new extent. It offers a dedicated feed for various social media networks. Also, it allows you to use it for free with a single social account to schedule a maximum of 10 posts.

Buffer works efficiently with numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and many more. Unlike Zoho social, the tool allows you to create content using RSS feeds.

Pros Cons 
Dedicated Feeds  No Notifications for Messages and replies
RSS Feed Integration   
Visual Calendar   

With the help of Buffer, you can make publishing schedules for all your social media accounts. Moreover, these schedules can also be used to add new content, unlike Hootsuite, which keeps you restricted to a single schedule.

3. CoSchedule

Being a unified platform, CoSchedule helps you manage all your social marketing needs through an organizer that can be easily integrated with various social media networks.

It features automatic notifications that help you stay updated with the engagement around your posts.

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

There’s also a campaign analysis feature that allows you to determine the efficiency of your content and suggest changes to make it even better.

The tool also offers unparalleled reporting and statistics and the ability to integrate third-party applications. Compared to Hootsuite, the CoSchedule is slightly expensive, and the cost may increase as you scale up and avail of more advanced features.

Pros Cons 
Customized Branding  Requires Additional Payment for Add-ons
Automatic Notifications   
Third-Party App Integration  

The CoSchedule – social organizer offers multiple plans, and the basic one allows 3 users at once. With its powerful centralized management system, you can easily create engaging content and schedule your posting time.

4. SocialBakers 

If you are looking to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence in social media marketing, SocialBakers certainly fits the bill for you.

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

It’s a completely AI-powered social media analytics and marketing platform designed specifically for small and medium businesses to be able to publish their content at the right time for the most desirable results. 

The tool’s intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to compare, measure easily, and optimize your social media campaigns.

Moreover, while the free version of Hootsuite offers a great start to businesses that are just starting, the predictive intelligence of social bakers is surely worth the investment.

Pros Cons 
Competitive Ad Insights  No Predefined Price Model  
Predictive Intelligence   
Powered by AI  

Socialbakers doesn’t include a fixed recurring fee, and the exact figures can only be available through request. Therefore if you are planning to get this tool, contact them beforehand.

5. Agorapulse

Popularly known as an efficient publishing tool, the Agorapulse covers several other factors of social media marketing, such as social listening and competitive research, that allow you to make the most out of your presence on the interconnected web.

It works with some of the most popular social platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Additionally, the tool also offers a unified inbox that can be used to view and reply to comments.

You can also monitor your hashtag and keywords to drive maximum organic reach on your content. Additionally, numerous other features, such as a visual calendar, follower profiling, and comment moderation, make it a great social media marketing tool in nearly all regards.

Pros Cons 
Unified Inbox  Slightly Expensive Than Other Variants 
Keyword and Hashtag Monitoring   
Follower Profiling   

With their unified inbox feature, agorapulse helps you interact with your audiences on social media channels a lot easier. Furthermore, the clutter-free dashboard makes the whole process even more convenient.

What Social Media Experts Think of Agorapulse

6. Sendible

Sendible helps you manage multiple social media accounts from a single interface. It helps you with every aspect of social media marketing, from planning to driving engagement. It’s designed specifically for agencies that deal with multiple clients. 

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

In addition to the standard features required for social media marketing, Sendible helps you stand out with its CRM functionality for lead generation and 360-degree monitoring capabilities.

When you access the dashboard, you can see endless features, including sentiment analysis, auto-responding, detailed analytics, auto-following, monitoring, and so on.

Pros Cons 
Social CRM for Lead Generation Requires Learning to Operate 
RSS Feed Integration  
Sentiment Analysis   

While the amazing capabilities of sensible may help you gain an edge over your competitors, it surely requires your team to learn about the platform. Moreover, the pricing is determined based on the services you are using.

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7. eClincher

With a centralized inbox and an intelligent social media dashboard, the eClincher helps you make your social media management a lot easier and more effective.

It offers numerous features for small and medium businesses to enhance their social presence. The tool is highly popular for its exceptional reporting, publishing, and monitoring capabilities.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives 5

It can also integrate with pocket and automatically share your desired content from your Pocket account to your social media handles. However, you may notice that the user interface of eClincher is not as simple as HootSuite and requires a learning curve to master.

Pros Cons 
Marketing Automation  Involves a Learning Curve 
Team Collaboration   
Content Recycling   

Fortunately, the tool offers a 14-day free trial to familiarize you with the platform. If you decide to use this tool for your social media marketing efforts, the pricing begins at $59 per month.

8. SocialPilot

Offering seamless compatibility with Instagram, Facebook, Google my business, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and VK, the social pilot is one of the most affordable social media marketing tools available in the market.

It provides efficient client management and team collaboration dashboard that helps you easily operate your SMMA. 

Several advanced post-scheduling options include adding CTAs, albums and carousel posts, videos, mentions, and more.

Additionally, the social pilot can also be integrated with canvas to make engaging images right away on the platform. Unlike Hootsuite, the social pilot offers you multiple links shortness to choose from and allows you to search RSS feeds for your required content.

Pros Cons 
Canva Integration  Only Annual Billing Offered 
24 Hours Customer Support   
Advanced Post Scheduling   

The best thing about the social pilot is that it allows you to schedule 500 posts along with their images for your social media platforms. Moreover, this tool also provides a unified dashboard to make navigation and to manage multiple clients easier.

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides you the ease of usage with a clean dashboard that helps you carry out your social media marketing efforts in a proper and organized manner.

This tool features a unified inbox that allows you to respond to all your social media messages with a single stream and helps you to join and track conversations to engage with your audience. 

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

It also offers several collaboration features that can be used to divide tasks equally, amount to numbers, and get more done in less time. The collaboration features offer live activity updates that prevent duplication of posts.

Sprout Social even includes weekly reports that help you to stay updated with the engagement across different social media handles and also allow you to monitor keyword searches.

Pros Cons 
Supports Numerous Platforms  Cannot Manage Communities on Facebook
Free 30-Day Trial   
Customized Analytics Reports   

The simple analytics reports with easily understandable data allow you to measure your performance and gain presentation-ready analytical data free of cost that can also be exported in different formats such as CSV and PDF.

10. Socialoomph

Formerly known as tweetlater.com, the Socialoomph platform was initially launched as a Twitter management tool. As it grew popular among users, the tool added various new functionalities that help you enhance your engagement and productivity on numerous social media websites.

The tool supports almost every social media handle and allows you to schedule posts, monitor activities, and track profiles. There’s also an auto-responding feature that allows you to stay connected with your audience.

With Socialoomph, you can access several SMM services free of cost or choose a personalized plan with only the services required by your agency.

Pros Cons 
Manage Unlimited Accounts  Advanced Features only Available for Twitter
DM Management   
Flexible Payment Terms   

Even the free plan of this tool allows you to manage unlimited profiles, and there’s also a DM management feature that helps you to prevent spam and make your social presents a lot more credible.

11. ViralHeat (Currently Cision)

Viral heat is one of the most comprehensive social media marketing tools available in the market that allows you to track all your conversations throughout different social media accounts with the help of smart streams.

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

This tool allows you to identify trends and analyze them to help you make informed decisions that result in higher engagement. 

The tool also provides real-time data that helps you determine the progress of your efforts right away. On top of that, it’s also an ideal tool for organizing your content through a content calendar and scheduling it easily.

Furthermore, you can also engage with your audience through this tool and be a part of their conversations in real time.

Pros Cons 
NLP-Based Sentiment Analysis  Opaque Pricing Model 
Conversion Tracking   
Content Calendar   

While there are no specified prices mentioned for this tool on the website, it allows you to choose a customized plan that can benefit users who require a handful of features without paying the amount for all the capabilities offered by this tool.

However, Cision has acquired this platform, and the social media management now directly operates from the acquisition itself.

12. Social Clout

Social Clout is a fairly unique platform that emphasizes building and managing customer relationships through social media channels. It provides highly detailed reports based on deep data analysis that helps you to make mindful decisions and get the most out of your social efforts. 

The tool also tracks your social conversations in real time and allows you to engage with your audience. A real-time feedback feature also helps you make informative strategies for your brand’s growth.

The most prominent feature of this tool is its NLP-based sentiment analysis which allows you to determine your keywords’ intent and know your audience’s opinion about your products or services.

Pros Cons 
It supports Forums and Blogs too Limited Analytics Reporting
Monitor Brand Mentions   
Free for The First 30 Days  

With the help of social clout, you can also analyze your competitors and gain insights into their practices to help you stay ahead of the crowd and know where you stand in the market.

13. TweetDeck 

As the name suggests, TweetDeck is a social media marketing platform designed specifically for Twitter. It’s one of the most powerful Twitter tools that offer real-time tracking, engagement, and organizing.

21 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For an effective Social Media Marketing

With the help of this tool, you can reach your ideal audience and make your Twitter handle work for the growth of your business.

The user interface resembles Hootsuite greatly and makes you feel at home if you are an active user of Hootsuite. You can customize the columns within each stream by adding mentions, Twitter lists, new followers, and so on.

It also provides you with some basic content scheduling functionality, which is exceptional, keeping in mind that the tool is available free of cost.

Pros Cons 
Customized Social Streams  No Advanced Features
No Sign-Up Required   
Completely Free of Cost  

If you want to grow your Twitter account’s engagement, you can use the tool well. While this also means you would still require other tools for managing different social media networks, it is certainly ideal for people focusing mainly on Twitter.

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14. Tailwind 

If your agency focuses mainly on visual content platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, you will surely find tailwind a great companion for your processes.

From scheduling pens and grouping boards to looping pins for resharing, it offers a lot of capability and detailed analytics to help you analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives 9

This platform includes all the good practices for Pinterest that help you derive maximum traffic and conversions from this social media handle. It also allows you to create pages directly from the platform without using any third-party application.

Moreover, there are several communities that you can join to find several that you can share based on your topic.

Pros Cons 
Built-in Communities  Additional Features Require Upgrade
Creates Attractive Pins   
Detailed Analytics  

Tailwind is a powerful social media scheduling tool with plenty of insightful analytics and support for visually-backed platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Additionally, using the tailwind create a feature, you can easily make eye-catching pins in no time.

What is Tailwind? (and why is it awesome?)

15. SociaMonials 

With a unique analytical social media campaign manager, SocialMonials is another useful social media tool for medium and small-sized businesses.

From a single dashboard, you can manage all your social media accounts with the ability to track campaign performance, make new posts, and interact with your customers simultaneously.

A companion mobile application also allows you to track your campaigns anytime, anywhere. In addition to its exceptional affordability, the platform also offers great functionality with the uttermost ease of usage.

SocialMonials can also be used to set up trigger actions and track conversions.

Pros Cons 
Supports Brand Targeting  Complex User Interface
Companion Mobile App  
Conversion Tracking   

With 4 different plans, SocialMonials is a great social media marketing platform if you are just starting in this field. It offers everything you need to make a persistent presence on social channels.

16. Publer 

Publer helps you schedule, collaborate, and analyze your content for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It offers several predefined posting schedules that can be used to automate posting content on your social media handles.

The tool provides free and paid plans, and the former offers numerous advanced capabilities such as link shortening, auto-scheduling, and post preview.

The premium membership is also very affordable and provides in-depth analytics and the ability to connect your Google my business account.

Here are the Pros and cons of Publer to add to our Best Hootsuite Alternatives List.

Pros Cons 
Predefined Posting Schedule  No Distant Features 
Automated Content Posting   
Link Shortening   

Publisher offers numerous reporting and analytic features that allow you to track the minute details of your campaigns and optimize them for better performance and engagement.

How to schedule your social media posts with Publer

17. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an exceptionally powerful tool that allows businesses to drive customer engagement, regardless of size and operational capabilities.

It offers several amazing features, such as content curation, bulk scheduling, standard scheduling, post analytics, and more. Moreover, you can also create RSS feeds before publishing any content peace on your social media profiles with the help of this tool.

Crowd fire allows you to easily manage multiple accounts through an interactive dashboard that provides brand-tracking features. The tool is free to use with limited capabilities, and you can also choose from three different plants: plus, premium, and VIP.

Here are the Pros and cons of Crowdfire to add to our Best Hootsuite Alternatives List.

Pros Cons 
Supports RSS Feeds Limited Capabilities in Free Version 
Detailed Analytics   
Designed for Customer Engagement   

All in all, if you are dealing with numerous clients for social media management, you will surely find crowd-fire helpful for your agency. The amazing features and in-depth analytics help you grow your social presence in no time.

18. Content Studio

When it comes to curating the best content for your business, nothing can beat the competency of Content Studio. It automatically finds trending content around your niche, ensuring you never run out of ideas.

Moreover, like other social media marketing tools, it offers content scheduling, multiple account management, and reporting and analysis features.

The tool also includes collaborative features that allow you to work on your projects with a team. Although no free version of the tool is available, you can choose from four different options, each with unique features.

Here are the Pros and cons of Content Studio to add to our Best Hootsuite Alternatives List.

Pros Cons 
Researches Trending Content Automatically Costlier in Comparison 
Bulk Content Scheduling   
Collaboration Support  

If the content is considered the king, then Content Studio is surely the kingmaker. With the intelligent content idea generator, you can ensure you never run out of ideas.

19. Social Report

By offering several meaningful insights, Social Report helps you make informed decisions to drive maximum value from your social media handles.

It allows you to track the profiles of your competitors that help you have the edge over others. The dashboard of this tool includes all the minute details you will likely require for optimizing your social profiles.

The social report works with a highly sophisticated analytical approach but still provides a great user experience with easy operations. Several advanced publishing tools help you to schedule your content on the go.

It also includes some unique listening tools that allow you to take advantage of market opportunities for the growth of your business.

Here are the Pros and cons of Social Report to add to our Best Hootsuite Alternatives List.

Pros Cons 
Easy to Use  Requires Learning to Operate 
Contact Management System   
Data-Driven Analytical Approach   

Overall, it is a comprehensive application that instantly allows you to cancel your subscription and offers numerous efficient managerial techniques. This tool can easily engage with your audience in real-time.

20. Salesforce Social Studio

Powered by the Salesforce marketing cloud, Social Studio aims to grow your social presence using proven marketing strategies.

In addition to its social media marketing capabilities, the tool provides several handy features that help you with sales and customer service. It ensures crucial communications are directly and automatically transferred to the right person.

Moreover, you can also categorize your posts as per their priority and gain insights into the discussions happening around your content.

It uses machine learning techniques for analysis, making the tool highly accurate. The best thing is that you can customize your dashboard per your preferences.

Here are the Pros and cons of Salesforce Social Studio to add to our Best Hootsuite Alternatives List.

Pros Cons 
Categorize Posts by Priority  Requires Time for Implementation
Real-Time Discussion Insights  Subscribers in Retargeting Audience Can’t Be Removed
Uses Machine Learning  

The Salesforce social studio offers customized pricing depending on your requirements. However, you may notice that implementation takes a little longer with this tool, and new versions are required to be created even when making simple edits.


Are There Free Alternatives To Hootsuite?

Yes, there are many alternatives to Hootsuite. The best one is TweetDeck, but this only works with TweetDeck.

Some other alternatives to Hootsuite are- Sendible, Agorapulse, Sprout Social, Tailwind, and Buffer Publish.  

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is the most popular tool used to manage social media platforms. This is used by more than 18 million social media marketers.

Also, Hootsuite is used for creating, scheduling, publishing, and managing content and ad campaigns across social networks.  

Which Is Better Buffer Or Hootsuite?

Buffer is used for small organizations looking for scheduling tools with some extra features. On the other hand, Hootsuite is used for larger organizations looking for robust social media management tools.

This completely depends on your requirement and whether you should opt for Buffer or Hootsuite. 

What Is The Difference Between Hubspot And Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is mainly for social media management and marketing and is more affordable. In contrast, Hubspot has some more features, such as CRM and sales functions, and it is also very expensive. 

Both platforms offer you browser extensions using which you can preview the content from the web to social media without using the tools. Both are great tools that you can use for managing social media profiles.  

How Many Posts Can You Schedule On Hootsuite For Free?

If you are using the free plan, you can schedule 5 posts at a given time. You can get a professional plan if you want to schedule unlimited posts on Hootsuite.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hootsuite?

There are various disadvantages to using Hootsuite, such as Expensive Analytics Reports and the point system, Owly short links only, expensive custom URL shorteners, problems with the Facebook image, lower reach and engagement on Facebook, and various others.

Every social media management tool has some disadvantages, and so does Hootsuite. Despite all these disadvantages, Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools you can go for.  

Conclusion on the best alternatives to Hootsuite

Here is everything you need to know about the best Hootsuite Alternatives. While Hootsuite is one of the oldest and most credible social media marketing tools, the above alternatives have unique selling points and features at competitive prices.

You can also checkout AnyDesk Alternatives from the link here.

With the help of the right social media tool, you can create an efficient strategy to make wiser decisions for your business and derive the maximum value for higher profits and better customer retention.

Therefore, make sure you research and consider choosing any of the Hootsuite alternatives available per your requirements.