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5 Best Horror Games For You To Play

There’s something about humans that makes us want to be afraid from time to time. That’s pretty much the only way we can explain the sudden increase in horror games in the last decade or so.

Before that, everyone was looking for an adventure in their game, or at least a lot of bad guys to shoot.

With the Horror Games, however, we’ve got something very different. In a large majority of these games, we are powerless to confront the thing that’s chasing us. We rarely find any supplies, and even when we do, it’s an extremely small amount.

We’re being chased by monsters and generally our worst nightmares, and yet… We like it. Well, whether that’s normal or not, that’s how it is. And, with that in mind, here are the 5 best horror games that you should definitely try beating – if you dare.

Here is the List of Top 5 Best Horror Games For You To Play

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

5 Best Horror Games For You To Play

Playing Amnesia is bound to leave a pretty strong impression, and you’re definitely going to check the shadows much more carefully that you used to.

In the game, you play as Daniel, a confused and disoriented man with amnesia. You wake up in an abandoned castle filled with dark corridors, locked doors, and a lot of creepy sounds.

You soon find a note that you wrote to yourself, and that explains that you lost your memory on purpose. However, you also send yourself on a manhunt and make it your goal to find and kill a man who owns the castle.

Soon enough, you’ll discover all kinds of scary, twisted monsters that are roaming the halls in search of you. If they catch you, it’s all over.

What makes this game different from others is that you have no way of defending yourself. All you have is a lantern and a very limited supply of oil. All you can do is run and hide, and wait for the monsters to go away.

Another interesting feature is your sanity level. Your sanity goes low if you look at the monsters, or spend too much time in the dark, and if it drops deep enough, that’s when things are starting to go really bad.

All in all, it is an incredible game filled with monsters and puzzles, notes that explain the story, and flashbacks that allow you to understand what brought you here, and what is going on.

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2. Outlast 2

Best Horror Games For You To Play

Outlast 2 is a game with a lot emphasis on the stealth part since you really don’t want to be seen in this game.

You start as a journalist that is searching for a woman who went missing. Soon after the game starts, a local cult kidnaps your wife. You are left with nothing but your camera which, luckily, has a night vision mode.

Naturally, you don’t really get a lot of info on the cult itself, and you have to figure it out by yourself through multiple clues and letters. The atmosphere is really dark, and you’re hunted down by the villagers, all of which want you dead.

The game is full of grotesque scenes, with dark lore and a very scary environment, which makes this game pretty intense. It’s definitely not for everyone, and you will need nerves of steel in order to beat this game. Have fun!

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3. Resident Evil 7

If the producers of this game wanted to scare the players, and scare them good, they’ve certainly done their part. Resident Evil’s previous few installments were more like shooters than horror games, but this game seems to be a step in the right direction.

In it, you’re exploring the Baker family and their terrifying plantation. As usual in horror games, you don’t have much to go on, and piecing the entire story depends on your ability to explore and connect pieces of information.

This time, you’ll do it through multiple videotapes, scattered around the area. The game will scare you good until you get used to it. In fact, you’ll probably spend more time peeking around corners than doing anything else.

The ammo is very rare, and you’ll have to make every shot count, otherwise, you’ll be a goner very quickly. All in all, this game does its fair share of work when it comes to scaring the player, which is what a good horror game should do. Definitely try it out.

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4. The Walking Dead

5 Best Horror Games For You To Play

In this day and age, you’d think that people aren’t really that scared of zombies anymore, and you’re right. Yes, they are creepy, and pretty gross, but not exactly scary anymore. We have had decades to get used to the idea of zombies, so why is The Walking Dead such a successful series?

The answer is simple – because it makes us start caring about its characters. Each of the characters in the episodes of this game has a backstory, a personality. As we get to know them better, we start to care.

This isn’t really a game about zombies, and neither is the show that inspired this game. These are the stories about the apocalypse, and those who survive it. Watching them struggle to survive, try to cooperate, and find safety is the true point of this story.

So, what’s scary about this game? The realism of the situations where humans have to deal with other humans in the world that is organized to pull out the worst in us.

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5. Alien: Isolation

5 Best Horror Games For You To Play


This is definitely one of the scariest alien-related games in history, and definitely the best one in this franchise. The Xenomorph is smarter than ever, and the feeling of a superior hunter being on your track is a truly terrifying experience.

As it searches for you, it is familiarizing itself with the environment. It searches for you in regular hiding spaces, it hears everything, and it even senses you when you’re trying to locate it through your motion tracker.

In an attempt to get away from it, you might find yourself crawling through tunnels and vents that connect different parts of the building. Only when you hear it running through those same vents with you will you know the true meaning of panic and fear.