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Best Horror Games to Play Online for Free

The most disturbing jump scares have always been in demand in the gaming market. Fans are constantly looking for top-notch eldritch digital adventures to feel their heart pounding. However, there are several things that prevent many of us from buying AAA toys:

  1. They are too expensive. Most people just don’t want to or can’t spend so much on expensive entertainment.
  2. AAA titles usually demand high-end hardware to run. This is not what every person can boast of having.

These 2 serious issues deprive a significant number of players of the good interactive scare. Nevertheless, the itching for an adrenaline and goosebumps portion will only keep building up.

Luckily, one can still enjoy creepy titles that make you jump. And without any payment or applying to pirate versions. There are lots of free horror games to play online. The only difficulty is to learn to navigate through the ocean of options.

We’ve compiled a list of the best adventures that are 100% downright terrifying. They require no download or installation as they’re browser-based. It means they’ll run on any gear, which is a salvation for low-end PC owners. Pick one and dive in to get a good fright! Disclaimer: they’re designed for adults and teenagers. These screamers are too much for younger users.

Top 6 Free Online Scary Games

Really Scary Granny House

Imagine waking up in a hospital one day. But instead of other patients or smiling nurses, you see empty beds and blood. Red splatters are everywhere: on the floor, walls… It’s clear that you’re in trouble. The only goal is to get out alive without making any noise. A terrible killing monster is out there, looking for its next victim. And it has paranormal super hearing, so don’t hit objects, jump or run.

Best Horror Games to Play Online for Free

Use WASD to move and E to interact with objects. Deal with the building psychological tension and complete all 4 levels. The creature is very hard to escape from. When you’re too slow or noisy, you know your death is coming closer. The anticipation of a screamer is what makes your heart pump faster! In short, it’s a great adventure to get some proper adrenaline rush. A tip: it’s the scariest when you play it alone at home.


It’s already a classic and freaking good indie title that has a simple concept. As a new security guard, you’re about to spend several nights in a pizza restaurant. A special feature about that place is a bunch of animatronics. Cute and entertaining during the day, they turn into blood-seeking monsters at night.

It’s not a hide-and-seek type. You’ll sit in your office and monitor the situation through a system of cameras. Of course, they’re not reliable. Some have glitches, others turn off suspiciously… So, what can you do to protect yourself? Just close the door to stop huge robots from getting to you. However, they’re electricity-powered and you have a limited amount to use. Choose the right time to activate the doors. Outsmart the beasts and stay alive during your 5-night shifts.

Apart from a classic eldritch browser-based version, there is a fresh 2021 installment. It’s the 13th in the popular franchise. Called Fife Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, it tells the story from a different angle. It’s not for free but at least cross-platform (Windows and PS4/5).

Trollface Quest Horror

If you’re not a fan of terror-backed toys, welcome to this adventure. It takes the scariest scenes from horror films and adds some humor. What a combination – funny and spine-chilling!

Best Horror Games to Play Online for Free

The controls are built on click-and-point mechanics. This is the way it works:

  • Tap on the right spot
  • Enjoy a short animation

Each level has 2 outcomes. You either win by spooking a monster or get killed by it and lose. How do you know what to click on? Well, keep in mind your agenda. Do something to scare or hurt your opponent. For this, analyze the surroundings. Try to come up with ideas of what can help you with that. If you’re completely stuck, use some tips. And enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience of unexpected endings.

Haunted House: a Free to Play Journey

What will you do when trapped inside a spooky mansion filled with puzzles? Some will freeze and hide, while others choose to explore the endless rooms. Just pick your skin: a pirate, a princess, a boy in a superman suit… Then start wandering around. The only problem is that most doors are closed. There are 2 ways to get the keys:

  1. Search for them
  2. Co-op with other creatures. For example, feed a prisoner hanging in a cage to open a steel-barred door

Move using arrows and tap Space to grab an item. And most importantly, avoid meeting the 4 enemies: a cat, bat, ghost, and skeleton. Otherwise, they’ll attack! Among other dangers, there are human hands sticking from the floor. They’re sure to send shivers down your spine. Find out what other challenges are waiting for you here. This super-duper title is among the best scary games to play with friends online. It’s not a multiplayer video journey. But you can enjoy it in turns. Two heads will allow you to perform better.

Evil Nun Shoots Out

There are different ways to inflict fear. And the most working one is when it’s sudden and unsettling. You know it’s coming, and the mounting tension is unbearable. The plot of this title seems strange but quite logical. You have been naughty during the classes. So the teacher has left you in detention after hours. As time went by, it became clear: everyone has forgotten about you.

It may seem cool: being  at school all by yourself. But you’re not alone. The devil is wandering around in the skin of a nun. It has extraordinary hearing and wants to devour you. Be very quiet as you move. Hide in different places and find a way out without meeting the ancient creature. The adventure has a second mode called Shooter. In which you’re a parent of the child who managed to escape. Armed with a weapon, you want to take down the monster for good. Is it even possible with bullets? We’ll see.


Woods. Night. No one is around. What kind of mystery is going on? You were heading to classes when suddenly you blacked out. With a torch in your hand, you wake up in the forest. So, get up and get to civilization. Moving here inflicts cosmic horror: you see only a small circle of the environment. With trees and bushes everywhere, you’re sure to start seeing things. Are these monsters or just brunches? A spoiler: the thriller hosts beasts that are hunting you!

No weapon or map. What can you do to survive? First of all, don’t hurry. Secondly, don’t panic because of chilling music and sounds. Monsters are afraid of the light. So make sure you know what’s behind and in front of you. Enjoy the atmospheric challenge and hard-to-predict jump scares.

Summing Up

As you see, there are lots of high-quality free online scary games to try. They don’t have those AAA-line graphics. But they are capable of causing the same emotions and manipulation of senses. Besides they run from any computer from gaming websites. Check them out if you’re not afraid of spine-chillers lurking in the dark.