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Best Internet Browsers For Better Data Privacy 

Browsing or accessing the virtual world and looking for information via the internet is one of the routine activities carried out by modern device users. A browser is a software that is used to open web pages. 

Your device may already have a web browser installed on it. First of all, the default browser is not necessarily the best and most secure browser that you can use. 

With the rise of data leakage cases or scandals, privacy seems to be a bigger problem now than usual. In order to prevent this, one of the most helpful ways is to install a browser application with a focus on privacy on any device. 

Ready to browse the internet feeling more secure? Here are the best browsers for more privacy you can install: 

1. Brave Browser 

Brave Browser is a recommended privacy-focused browser application. It has basic privacy features like an ad blocker and tracker, private search, cookie blocker and more. 

Best Internet Browsers For Better Data Privacy 

Brave was ‘dead’ until it was finally revived and developed into an even better browser. There are still some bugs indeed, but overall, this browser runs well. Plus, it’s also free and has an attractive UI. 

If you want to be safer when browsing the internet, combine the use of this browser with a VPN service. What you might now know is that VPN service actually has lots of benefits. Aside from freeing you from geo-restrictions, it also helps to find out your IP address. It’s easy to install but always beneficial. But remember, only have a VPN from reputable services. 

2. Cake Web

 Cake Web Browser is more focused on how to not always track its users by offering full privacy mode. Furthermore, Cake also features passcode protection and other privacy features such as HTTPS Everywhere, ad blocker and Do Not Track mode. 

Functionally, Cake is also quite complete by providing search support via voice and dark mode. Despite the lack of popularity compared to others, Cake is still able to provide a good user experience to its users. 

3. DuckDuckGo 

The next one is DuckDuckGo, a browser that is quite popular in the world of internet search engines, in addition to Google and Bing. If Google has Chrome, then DuckDuckGo has its own browser but with a focus on privacy. 

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser can block all the trackers from any website and show its users what is blocked. Apart from that, it also does not track users’ online activities.  

4. UC Browser

 Quite well known among Android users, UC Browser is one of the most popular search engine applications among smartphone users. In addition to mobile devices, this browser is also available for PC/Laptop devices. 

Equipped with Incognito mode, users don’t have to be worried about anything. You can easily browse cleanly without leaving any trace. The incognito mode on offer helps keep your browsing and viewing experience private as well as confidential. 

Best Internet Browsers For Better Data Privacy 

Also, with the UC browser, you no longer need an external download accelerator app to download big data. Because no matter how big the capacity of the downloaded data, it will not affect the performance of the UC browser to be slow. 

Not enough to stop there, UC Browser also performs data compression to speed up navigation and help save on mobile data connections.  

The more often you browse, the more data you save with UC Browser. In addition, there are also several available features such as night mode, Facebook mode, Ad-block, and also small window mode. 

5. Firefox Focus 

All search activity in Firefox Focus is performed effectively in Private Mode, so no browsing logs are stored locally. This makes Firefox Focus one of the most popular privacy-focused browsers on smartphones. 

The presence of the ad blocker offered by Firefox Focus provides faster page loading times than most regular browsers like Google Chrome. Firefox Focus also blocks a wide variety of web trackers with no settings to set, so it will automatically block anything suspicious while using the web. 

6. Epic Privacy Browser 

Epic Privacy Browser is not very popular on the Play Store, but its desktop version is used by a lot of people. This browser is based on Chromium – like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge – and is equipped with high-end privacy features. Simply put, it’s like Chrome with more security guaranteed. Epic Privacy itself is equipped with features such as an ad blocker, HTTPS Everywhere and incognito mode. Apart from that, it also features an encrypted proxy via VPN with eight servers spread across the globe. This is highly recommended. 

7. Tor Browser 

When you use Tor as a search engine on the internet, it will keep the details about previously visited sites so that the trackers and advertisements cannot follow you and deletes cookies as soon as you log out. This means that any cookies will be automatically deleted after you finish browsing. 

Using the HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript plugins makes all scripts disabled by default. With Tor Browser, you can also freely access sites that your local internet service provider may block. 

Interestingly, when you use the Tor Browser, the traffic will be channeled and encrypted through Tor’s own network. This network has thousands of servers operated by Tor’s volunteers. 

TOR Browser is a very fast and secure search engine for those who want to quickly and freely browse something specific and don’t care about data leaks.