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7 Of The Best Keyboard For Programming To Buy in 2022

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Keyboard For Programming to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓

Computer programming is fast becoming one of the most engaging computing activities everywhere. And as you would expect, it also comes with its function peculiarities and requirements. Hence you need to make sure you have what it takes to do programming.

One of the essential needs- which any programmer would consider basic, is the keyboard they would be using. Programming involves a lot of typing, and you’ll virtually have to type everything you’re programming right from your keyboard.

Consequently, your programming outputs and overall activity performance are somewhat affected by the convenience and satisfaction you can derive from your keyboard use.

This is why you need to go for the best keyboard for programming importantly- irrespective of whether you’re a beginner in programming or you’ve already attained professional status.

The best keyboards for programming would ideally come with certain vantage features that make them suitable for the purpose.

There are different keyboard products on the market, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for anyone you come across. This review intends to list some of the best-recognized keyboards for programming to guide users on their product choice.

Note that although there are the rather general traits that a keyboard suitable for programming should have, there are also some little characteristics here and there that you need to look out for based on your individual preferences.

That another programmer thinks one keyboard is the best for their programming does not mean you’ll enjoy using the same product.

Ideally, when deciding on what programming keyboard suits your use, there are things that you need to put together your consideration before coming to a final decision.

For instance, you need to know how convenient it would be for you- to type fast from a keyboard while looking at the outputs on the monitor screen.

Since there could be different factors of a keyboard that would affect a user’s speed and efficiency, you need to know which keyboards have the right feature trait combinations that would bring you the desired optimum productivity.

Below is a list of the best keyboards for programming in the year 2022. Each of the products on our list has been selected based on their relevance to the programming and coding tech market, as well as the aptness and usefulness of their features.

You can make your choice from the list- based on your preferences, but we’ve checked to ensure that all the keyboards listed here truly meet every basic need of the everyday top programmer.

Best Keyboard For Programming – Our Top Picks

1. WASD Keyboards WASD-V2B-87-MXN 

Best Keyboard For Programming
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As far as contemporary programming activities are concerned, the WASD-V2B-87-MXN mechanical keyboard is not even a bad option.

The keyboard comes with full programmer specifications and functions, making programming easy for you.

This programming keyboard comes as a first choice, with black color and clear, long-lasting prints on the keys.

Now, although some people say the keyboard needs some improvement in its aesthetic beauty, every previous user of the WASD code mechanical keyboard has always acknowledged its strength and usefulness.

Findings suggest that the aesthetic appeal might have been looked down upon because the keyboard fails to come with a large logo print- as characterized by some other products.

Although this may be considered a minus by only a few programmers, the WASD code keyboard has a performance that is way above average overall. It beats a reasonable number of keyboards in function and performance, which is most germane.

Important features on this keyboard include the newly adopted Cherry MX brown key switches. This feature enhances the keyboard’s suitability for every typing by allowing you to add notable functions to your work.

Thus, the mechanical key switches provide a combination of medium actuation force that comes with a non-click quiet activation and a pleasant tactile bump for every keystroke you make on the keyboard.

Other functions are its configurable function keys, an N/6 key roller, and multimedia shortcuts, amongst others which make it put in our best keyboard for programming 2022 lists.

The WASD-V2B-87-MXN keyboard has a seven-grade adjustable white backlight that enables you to use it, even at night. The seven levels of LED backlighting are specifically added to allow users to adjust the key light intensities- to the brightness desired by the users.

This is one product to consider if you’re looking for a keyboard that will serve you well for years.


  • A great rugged structure that can withstand the typing requirements of detailed programming.
  • The keyboard is compatible with both MAC and Windows operating systems
  • Clear, long-lasting prints on the keys facilitate its long-term use
  • The seven-level backlighting allows users ease of use according to their specific preferences.
  • The keyboard has an onboard memory that saves up the backlighting history of the user and adopts the same on subsequent use.
  • The keyboard has a remarkable cable-routing format


  • The keyboard is relatively expensive
  • The cable on the keyboard is not braided.
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2. RealForce 87U Tenkeyless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Programming
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This keyboard product has been able to build a positive impression about its capabilities and usefulness for programmers. The keyboard comes with the right level of sophistication, making it easy for all categories of programmers.

With this keyboard, you can keep up with your typing speed while also learning to develop the speeds- if you’re not. Aside from this, everybody is talking about another feature of the RealForce 87U keyboard: its durable build.

All of the keys are chiseled out of highly durable polybutylene terephthalate, which is indicated to be of more durability than the usual ABS material- which is, however, more common.

Thus, the manufacturer of this product places an important emphasis on durability and quality, making it one of the most reliable in this regard.

The RealForce 87U keyboard has an ergonomic, sturdy build with a spacious keyboard layout. This function makes typing easier and more convenient for the user by enabling you to spread your fingers on the board and type seamlessly.

The keyboard has a product dimension of about 6.7 × 14.4 × 1.5 inches, with electrostatic capacitive key switches on the board. The product weighs about 3.1 pounds, with the entire 87 keys having a uniform weight at 55 grams.

The caps lock and num lock keys on the keyboard have been imputed with indicator LED backlighting to aid user activities.

The RealForce 87U keyboard is one of the few keyboards that give you a good run for your money, with an important emphasis on long-term use.


  • Good programming keyboard for both learners and professionals users
  • High durability product- thanks to the polybutylene terephthalate key materials
  • The product comes with a Topre electrostatic capacitive keyboard
  • Facilitates easy typing activities with easy-to-use keys
  • The product is quite portable and can be pretty carried about.


  • The space bar key is made with ABS material, which makes its durability standard different from the remaining keys.
  • There is no backlighting for the keys, so you may need an external light source- when using it at night.
  • The key labeling is dark grey, which may be difficult for some users to see.
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RealForce Topre Keyboards 104UB, 87U Unboxings
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3. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

Best Keyboard For Programming
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This is another product worth your investment if you’re a determined high-end programmer. The Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 has shown much functionality and reliability at all times, even more than you would find for other products that are way costlier.

Asides from the fact that you’re getting it at a relatively cheaper price, the product also ensures that functionality is not traded for anything else.

Consequently, its popularity in the keyboard market seems to have reasonably surged in the past few months, with more programmers recommending it as a first option.

Asides from the fact that Filco keyboards are quite respected overall, the Majestouch-2 has derived a significance of its own, which any other product would need to do a lot more- if they’re going to stand as a possible match for it.

Notice the front printed labels on each of the Majestouch-2 keys, which helps reduce the quick fade common with some top-printed keyboard keys. This is asides from the overall ergonomic, sturdy frame structure of the keyboard and its keycaps which are just sleek enough.

This is a perfect programming keyboard because the keys go down fine each time you press on them; thus, there are no hindrances to your typing fast.

The Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 has a build dimension of 53.1 × 14 × 1.3 inches and an average weight of about 2.15 pounds.

Several choice variations have been provided to ensure user convenience and ensure that the optimum use of satisfaction is derived by most programmers who make this product their best choice.

Because some programmers are always on the move, the Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 has been made to also come in a tenkeyless version- that is a little more portable than the full-size keyboard.


  • Front-printed labels may be a better option than on-the-key printed labels.
  • The Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 allows easy typing, irrespective of the user’s programming expertise.
  • All of the keys on the keyboard provide optimum feedback that the user would love.
  • The NKRO feature allows all keypress inputs.
  • The product comes at a moderate price; less expensive with great functions.


  • There is no general keyboard backlighting except for the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock keys.
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4. Logitech G513 RGB – The best mechanical keyboard for programming

Best Keyboard For Programming
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The Logitech G513 keyboard would remain the first choice, particularly because of its fascinating features and additions, which you may not find in several other keyboards of the same category.

This product stands out from the crowd because of its conspicuous features, which are in addition to any programmer’s benefits from the everyday keyboard.

Hence, if you’re looking for a programming keyboard with additional features that grade it higher than the regular, then the Logitech G513 could be your perfect choice.

The three different mechanical switches are important features to look out for. Users can choose between the Romeo-G linear, Romeo-G blue, or the Romeo-G tactile.

You’ll particularly be impressed with the keyboard’s design structure, characterized by a waterproof leatherette just at the base of the keyboard length. This leatherette addition provides space for users to rest their palms while they type

Another exciting feature is the keyboard’s RGB lighting of up to 16.8M colors on each key and incorporated light sync technology.

Logitech G513 is quiet when you use it; hence no matter how fast you type, it would make none of those rattling sounds that piss off the ears.

It comes with a cable of almost 6 frets in length, while its USB infrastructure can also be plugged in directly to a computer mouse, flash drive, etcetera. The keyboard is reasonably durable, and you can still have it working for years.

The Logitech G513 has been designed for high typing functions like programming and gaming based on its design. Hence, making it not just fit for your computer programming but also for your every other computer keyboarding needs.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Logitech G513 RGB that earned it a spot in our Best Keyboard For Programming list.


  • Great quality keyboard framework with a commendable durability display- thanks to its aluminum and magnesium alloy combination.
  • The product comes with three different mechanical keystrokes.
  • The Romero-G is responsible for an impressive feedback response and speed on the product.
  • Soft waterproof leatherette for resting the palms facilitates the comfort of the user.
  • RGB lighting on the keys is also a valued trait
  • The product sells reasonably cheaply, especially considering its many additional features.


  • Some users consider the leatherette an obstruction rather than an essential addition.
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Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Romer-G Tactile Keyswitches Carbon

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5. Corsair K63 – Best wireless keyboard for programming

Best Keyboard For Programming
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This is another best programming keyboard whose build design is not quite the common type. The Corsair K63 shows so much great performance outputs for computer coding, which is why it ranks amongst the best on the market now.

If you don’t mind using that keyboard that is a little unconventional in structure but remarkable in function, then you should also be looking in this direction.

The Corsair K63 is a wireless keyboard with the main keyboard frame inserted in a clapboard structure. Hence, it would be best if you typed within the lapboard- which many users think is ingenious.

The lapboard has a clothed section by the side, where you can operate a mouse as you work. However, depending on what you want, the lapboard has been made so that it can be easily detached from the main-use keyboard.

Best Keyboard For Programming
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Now, while you can connect the keyboard to your supporting computer- wirelessly via Bluetooth, you may also connect using the USB port provisions on the frontal part of the keyboard.

The keyboard has good compatibility and would work with several other externally connected modules. The LED provisions on the keyboard serve as a lighting source for the user’s convenience. At the same time, it also serves as an indicator- whenever the keyboard is connected to another Bluetooth device.

Since the device comes with a wireless function framework, it also comes with a battery that can power its connective and work operations. The battery has an impressive use period of up to 15 hours after a full charge.

The keyboard has a memory structure that saves up a user’s set commands and uses instructions. Each of these settings can always be accessed by the user whenever they intend to use the keyboard.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Corsair K63 that earned it a spot in our Best Keyboard For Programming list.


  • A relatively inexpensive product with great features still
  • The keyboard has components such as the palm rest, which facilitates user convenience
  • The dual connectivity of the keyboard to your computer makes it a better option than cable-only keyboards.
  • The product has beautiful RGB lighting as an indicator and a lighting source for the user.
  • Anti-ghosting supports ensure user preferences are saved and accessible each time they use the product.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity is too specific and would probably not connect to so many devices other than Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems.
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SUPER Low Latency Wireless Peripherals - Corsair

6. Ducky Shine 7 – Best budget keyboard for programming

Best Keyboard For Programming
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This is another product in which the manufacturer carefully incorporates significant-quality traits and high-grade performance tendencies to produce a complete product.

The Ducky Shine 7 keyboard does not have too much unreasonable sophistication and is just apt in its feature and function complexity levels. The design presentation is appealing enough, while the RGB lighting component of the keyboard is another feature that you may find useful.

The backlit gives the product a bright appearance when it’s on, which has a way of improving the keyboard’s usability. You’ll love its glow, especially when you use the keyboard at night.

Instead of using a more regular structure material for the framework build, the Ducky Shine 7 comes in a zinc alloy top case- which is hinted to be up to three times more durable than an aluminum counterpart.

The keycaps, however, are made of a more durable ABS material, increasing your tendency to use the product for a relatively long period.

The keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches that facilitate convenient and seamless typing as you code. The attached cable provision is about 4.9 feet long, while the entire keyboard weighs approximately 3.10 pounds.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Ducky Shine 7 that earned it a spot in our Best Keyboard For Programming list.


  • Ingeniously finished product design with an impressive aesthetic value
  • Great feedback response and output each time you type.
  • The colorful RGB lighting is an important addition to the product
  • The keyboard supports a good number of devices and operating systems.
  • The function keys are reasonably customizable to suit your desired use.


  • The Ducky Shine 7 does not come with a more portable tenkeyless version of the product.
  • The attached cable on the keyboard is not braided.
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Ducky Shine 7 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review - The Best Just Got Better!

7. Havit RGB LED Backlit Keyboard – Best mac keyboard for programming

Best Keyboard For Programming
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This keyboard is another product of the Havit company that aptly suggests the company’s remarkable ingenuity. Its beautiful basic build is admirable, with various options for you to choose from.

While most Havit RGB mechanical keyboards come with 104 keys, you can choose the last design with 87 keys. Now, this mechanical keyboard does not only have a wonderful build, but it also has top functions that make it qualify to be listed amongst the best keyboards for programming.

The 354 × 127.5 × 22.8 millimeter keyboard provides an impressive actuation force and speed performance that is fair enough.

The keys are beautifully arranged on the board, which reasonably adds to its ease of use, and user convenience.

Note the different RGB lighting for the different keys and the N-key rollover for all 104 or 87 keys- as the case may be. If you’re looking for an ultra-thin programming keyboard with correspondingly low weight, you could consider this one too.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Havit RGB LED Keyboard that earned it a spot in our Best Keyboard For Programming list.


  • The keyboard has an output that is fair enough for the everyday programmer.
  • The keys are orderly arranged, thus aiding their ease of use
  • Ultra-thin keyboard with a low weight makes it easier to transport the keyboard from place to place.
  • The product comes at a relatively great price


  • Programming with this keyboard requires the use of drivers
  • You can only customize the keys when using a Windows operating system.
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Best Keyboard For Programming: What To Consider

Several great programming-suitable keyboards are out there, but you probably want to buy one. Now, your choice must be the best for your own peculiar needs, hence the need to consider some factors carefully and how they affect your choice.

The following are some of the factors that you should consider before buying your programming keyboard:

  • The feedback and response output of the keyboard

As a programmer, you would desire a keyboard whose output is prompt and rapid. Hence this is an essential factor to check out on the keyboard you’re considering.

Most times, the best keyboards for programming would come with either the Cherry MX switches or the Topre switch.

There are several switch types on different keyboards, but not all of these are best for this purpose. Note that the mechanical switch on your keyboard is one of the most important traits determining the product’s output.

Although membrane switch keyboards may work fine, they are not always the best option over mechanical ones. If your keyboard response is not top-notch, then the issue may be the type of switch that has been loaded.

  • The keyboard form factor

When we talk about the form factor of a programming keyboard (or any keyboard), we’re referring to the product size and how it affects other traits like portability.

There are three possible keyboard sizes that you can buy, and while it looks like the full-size keyboard has more to offer you, it is the least portable- which is not ideal for sine type of users.

If you’re a programmer who is always on the go, you may find the tenkeyless or compact keyboards more advantageous.

  • Find the ergonomic design that suits you.

Having to code on your computer for long hours may be tedious. Now, when this is done on a keyboard that is not convenient for you, you tend to achieve less while also putting yourself at related health risks.

Different types of users consequently prefer several keyboard designs.

For instance, while some keyboard users welcome the idea of a palm resting on the keyboard, others think this is unnecessary. So, it would be best if you determined which one works best for you.

  • The price range that you’ve on your budget

This is one important aspect that must have been decided on before you go into the very sourcing. Nowadays, you will find great products within almost every price range, so you don’t need to start thinking you have to be on a high budget before you can get something good.

However, it is common to find people spend unnecessarily and still not derive optimum use satisfaction from the product they’ve bought.

After deciding on a price range, select all the best products within that range. This helps you ultimately make the right choice, with the cost staying within your intended cost limits.


Which type of keyboard is best for programming?

The K60 RGB PRO, K55 RGB PRO,  K70 RAPIDFIRE, K70 RGB TKL, and K65 LUX RGB are leading choices for programming keyboards in the market.

Is a mechanical keyboard better for programming?

Mechanical keyboards are easier to use and offer more comfort while typing, making them a preferred choice during coding or programming.

Is a 75% keyboard good for programming?

75% of keyboards are apt for programming. However, it is always better to opt for a full-sized keyboard since it offers full access to the number pad and consists of additional presents or macros.

Are 60% of keyboards good for programming?

Since 60% of keyboards don’t have arrow keys, editing text using such a keyboard can be slightly more challenging. Hence, 60% of keyboards are not preferred or recommended for programmers.

Is a 65% keyboard good for programming?

A 65% keyboard consists of arrow keys, home, delete, page up and page down keys making keyboard navigation and editing easy. Thus, some programmers may opt for 65% of keyboards.

What percent of keyboards is best for programming?

The type of keyboard used by a programmer depends on their personal preference and choice. Ideally, most coders use Ten Keyless Keyboards (TKL), 60% keyboards, or compact and portable keyboards instead of bulky full-sized keyboards.

Why do coders use a mechanical keyboard?

In a mechanical keyboard, each key has its key switch and spring, giving it unique resistance and sound. Moreover, it allows programmers to reprogram their keyboards according to their preferences or needs.

Do programmers use the Numpad?

Since most programming languages don’t use numerical keys much, programmers prefer non-Numpad keyboards since it gives them access to more space.

Is 60% keyboard too small?

A 60% keyboard may be too small and non-functional for some people who prefer or require the use of the arrow keys, home cluster, number pad, and function row.

Is a backlit keyboard necessary for coding?

While a backlit keyboard is unnecessary, most programmers prefer having one since it improves key visibility and recognition.


Your choice of a keyboard for programming should consider as many factors as possible. Ideally, your first point of consideration should be the functioning quality of the keyboard, while other factors to consider may also include backlighting, durability, etcetera.

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