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15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

For those who don’t know what a Keylogger is; A Keylogger is a tool or software that provides parental or employee monitoring solutions on different devices, including PC and mobile phones. 

The Keyloggers are software that captures the action of the keyboard of a device they are installed in. Basically, they track and record all the activities performed on the keyboard; when you type something on the keyboard, they record it and send it to the linked device.  

In the initial days of its launch, a Keylogger was used for stealing sensitive data, such as passwords and personal details of users. However, today Keyloggers have become an essential aspect of every corporation that uses Keylogger software to keep an eye on their employees.  

However, even today, Keyloggers are considered illegal software if used to steal data without the owner’s knowledge. If keyloggers are installed in a device, the user should be informed about it. If you install a keylogger application on someone else’s device without their consent, it can land you in trouble. 

If you are looking for the best Keyloggersto keep an eye on your employees or children, then check out this article. This article will discuss some of the excellent keylogger software for Windows, Android, and IOS.  

The List of Best Keyloggers:- 

As the name suggests, Keyloggers are keyboard capturers that track and record all the activities happening on the keyboard of the device they are installed. The keyloggers primarily run in the background and track all the keyboard activities secretly without the user knowing about it.  

Keyloggers are generally of two types- Hardware-based and Software-based. However, people prefer using software-based keyloggers, as they are hard to identify. Keyloggers can track passwords, payment information, and many other personal details, which is why they are illegal if installed without permission.  

But, corporations these days use keyloggers to track their employees and other staff actively. Parents also use keyloggers to keep an eye on their children, so they do not visit websites from which they are forbidden.  

One can find plenty of keylogger software over the internet, but choosing the right becomes a challenging decision.

Most of the keyloggers you find on the internet are spam or malware that can steal your data and infect your device. But, you need not worry because here we will discuss some of the authentic and best Keyloggers that you can use.  

Moreover, for your convenience, we have categorized the list into three different parts ‚Äď Keyloggers for Windows, Keyloggers for Android, and Keyloggers for IOS. So, without any further delay, let‚Äôs check out the complete list.¬†

Best Keyloggers For Windows and Mac

Below we have mentioned some of the best and most trustworthy keyloggers for the windows operating system: 

1. Spyrix Keylogger 

Are you searching for a keylogger that can track activities remotely? Spyrix is one of the best Keyloggers you can opt for. Spyrix is a free and open-source Keylogger that enables users to track and record keyboard activities remotely.  

The best part is that Spyrix is free of cost and offers world-class service to all its users. The Spyrix links all your details to an account and provides you with detailed track records through the account. For reading or viewing the details, you need not download any files, which is impressive. 

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS
How it works


The Spyrix keylogger is the best security and tracking application that you can wish for. The application also tracks your screen activities through screen monitoring and screenshots and provides you with the result through the cloud account.  

With Spyrix, you get every tiny bit of information about the activities being carried out on your device. You can read passwords, social media chats, and much more. In short, Spyrix lets you know when who and for what your device is being used for.   

Best Keyloggers For Windows

Spyrix is the only software you would need to solve all your keylogging issues. Moreover, you can also uninstall Spyrix from the host device remotely, which is impressive.  

2. Kid Inspector 

Are you searching for a keylogger to monitor the activities of your child’s PC and smart devices? If you are, then Kid Inspector is one of the best Keyloggers you can opt for.

Kid inspector is an application that you can install on your kid’s smart devices and track their activities without them even knowing about it.  

Best Keyloggers For Windows 1

The Kid Inspector offers a wide range of tracking features that you can use to actively track all the activities on any device. Moreover, the app allows you to control the internet usage and the websites on the device, which is fantastic.   

The Kid Inspector keylogger allows you to block sites, URLs, keywords, and many other functions on your kid’s devices. Furthermore, the Kid Inspector application stores all the records on the web that you can easily access remotely from your device.  

To make the Kid inspector work, you need to install the keylogger on the device you want to track; once installed, you need to visit the Kid Inspector website and create an account to keep track of all the activities. Isn’t it simple? 

With Kid Inspector, you can keep a record of visited websites, searches, applications used, social media chats, and much more. Kid inspector is the one-stop solution to all your child monitoring needs. Moreover, it is free and easy to use, which makes it popular among users. 

3. Actual Keylogger 

Adding to the list is another awesome and one of the oldest keyloggers ‚Äď The Actual keylogger. The Actual keylogger is a popular keylogger that leaves no trace of its presence and still tracks and records the activities carried out on the device.¬†¬†

The Actual keylogger gained fame and became popular due to its intractability. The program is tough to trace, and the user cannot find it in the task manager or even in the uninstall section of the device.  

Without leaving any trace, the actual keylogger tracks all the information, including passwords, screenshots, web history, payment details, and other personal data, which is impressive.

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

The user can access the data and records stored in the Actual keylogger by using the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F7 and running Akstart as the user command.  

The Actual keylogger is easy to use and comes with great features to track the activities on a device. However, you cannot access the data stored in the Actual keylogger remotely, which is a significant drawback. Still, the Actual keylogger is one of the best keyloggers on the list. 

4. REFOG Keylogger 

REFOG Keylogger is another useful yet straightforward keylogger that you can opt for. The REFOG Keylogger provides free service to all its users and comes with handy and pretty specific features.  

REFOG Keylogger is everything that you need to solve your keylogging issues. The software records every tiny bit of activity that’s being carried out on your device.

The software keeps track of everything from passwords, web history, window screenshots, and many other valuable details.   

Best Keyloggers For Windows 3

The REFOG Keylogger comes in handy and is easy to install. The software provides a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. The REFOG keylogger categorizes every information such as Social media chats and posts, launched apps, games, web history, internet usage, etc.

The best part of the REFOG keylogger is that it also records voice conversations made over the device, which is impressive. 

The REFOG keylogger is one of the best keyloggers, but every good thing has certain disadvantages. Similarly, the REFOG keylogger does not allow access to the stored data remotely, and it can be traced easily by the users, which is a significant drawback. However, the password protection of the software makes it a good choice for the users.  

5. Best Free Keylogger 

The following keylogger in the list justifies its name to the fullest ‚Äď The best keylogger (Get Here) is another excellent keylogger software that helps you track all the activities on your computer.

With the help of Best Keylogger, you can track all the essential activities, including messages, calls, passwords, keyboard activities, web usage, and much more. 

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

The best and most unique feature of the Best free keylogger is the Smart read, which provides you with easy-to-read texts and not just the keystroke sequences, which is impressive.

Furthermore, the software provides you with the track records through a registered e-mail Id, which proves to be helpful.  

6. Kid Logger 

Adding to the list is another parent-friendly keylogger ‚Äď The Kid Logger. The kid logger is another keylogger that comes in handy when parents require monitoring solutions for their kids. The kid logger provides service free of cost and helps parents track all the activities their child performs on the computer.¬†¬†

The Kid Logger also comes in a pro variant that charges a minimal amount of money in exchange for advanced and efficient features. However, the free version of the application is also efficient and actively tracks all that the children carry out.  

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

The kid logger can track and keep a record of plenty of information simultaneously. With Kid logger, parents can track browsing history, launched apps, video, audio call records, passwords, typing history, etc.

Furthermore, the app allows parents to keep track and control the time spent by their children on the device, which is very helpful.  

Kid Logger is one of the best keyloggers for parents to prevent their kids from adult websites and online predators. You can easily track all social media websites, including Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., remotely using the Kid logger app.

The kid logger software makes the report of all the websites and sends you through e-mail, making it easier to access.  

Kid logger is what you need to keep a watch on your kid’s activities. Moreover, the application can keep a record of five devices simultaneously and store the information for up to nine consecutive days. 

7. Sourceforge Logger 

Sourceforge is another simple yet powerful keylogger that was designed to give importance to code reading. The Sourceforge keylogger (Get Here) was initially designed as a backup keylogger program.

However, the programming language used in designing the Sourceforge is a high-level language called Python.  

With time, Sourceforge developed rapidly and became one of the best keyloggers with some advanced features. The ultimate feature of the Sourceforge is the Stealth mode, using which you can remove every trace of keylogging from a device. Isn’t it amazing?  

Though Sourceforge is an excellent Keylogger, it requires specific specialized knowledge to operate the software. It may not be helpful for a non-specialist, but it is undoubtedly helpful for experts and corporations.   

8. Ardamax Keylogger 

Next on the list is another exciting and user-friendly keylogger ‚Äď The Ardamax Keylogger (Get Here). Ardamax keylogger provides all the solutions to keylogging issues. It is designed for the users‚Äô comfort and provides an easy-to-use user interface. ¬†

The Ardamaz Keylogger provides active tracking of social media chats, calls, webcam activities, browsing history, and much more. Most importantly, the Ardamax allows you to access the data remotely on your device.  

The Ardamax keylogger tracks and takes screenshots at regular intervals and saves them to your cloud account. You can access the information stored in Ardamax by logging into the cloud account or through your registered e-mail id.    

9. Keyturion Free Keylogger 

If you are searching for a Keylogger with advanced features and functions, Keyturion Free Keylogger would be the best option. The Keyturion Keylogger is excellent keylogger software that values features more than anything else.  

The Keyturion keylogger offers tracking of the screen, website history, chats, passwords, and other valuable data. With the Keyturion keylogger, you can effectively monitor your staff and also kids. It acts as a one-stop solution to all your keylogging requirements.  

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOSThe Keyturion is so smartly designed that it can track and store data lost due to mishandling, which is impressive. The keylogger stores and sends data to your registered e-mail Id and comes with password protection, making it the most reliable keylogger on the list.   

10. Revealer Free Keylogger 

Another keylogger suitable for windows is the Revealer Keylogger, which offers free services and satisfactory results. Although the Revealer keylogger is not popular, it’s pretty good for decent use.  

The Revealer Keylogger is a pretty decent option for employers and parents to track the computer activities of their employees and children, respectively.

The Revealer keylogger offers all the necessary features, including password protection and intractability in the uninstall programs window.  

Revealer Keylogger - Keystroke recorder with screen capture, email delivery, Dropbox and more

With the Revealer keylogger, you can track social media websites, screen activities, keystrokes, and other web activities. The Revealer keylogger offers an easy-to-use interface and helps you to actively track all the activities performed on the device. 

11. Real Free Keylogger 

Real Keylogger is one of the well-known keyloggers available on the internet. The Real keylogger is one of the best keyloggers that comes with password protection, and you need to enter a password every time you want to track the activities on the device. 

The Real keylogger is packed with some excellent features, including stealth mode and active screen tracking. To activate the stealth mode in the Real keylogger, you need to use the hotkey CTRL + ALT + X. The Real Keylogger is easy to use and control and enables the user to view a detailed activity history by entering the password.  

The Real keylogger comes in free and paid versions; the free version comes with decent features, but the pro version has certain extra features.

In the free version of the application, you won’t be able to store and access recorded data through e-mails or screenshots, which is a significant drawback. However, the paid version of the application is impressive and offers almost every feature required in a keylogger.  

12. Clever Control Keylogger 

If you are searching for a keylogger software to keep an eye on your employees, Clever Control is the best you can opt for. The Clever Control keylogger is the most advanced cloud-based keylogger software that comes with cutting-edge and futuristic features.  

The Clever Control Keylogger can help you track all the activities of your employees, including webcam actions. You can watch your employees with Clever control using their webcam, which is helpful.

With Clever control, you can easily record every action performed by the user, starting from keystroke actions to web history and launched applications.   

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

The Clever Control keylogger is so advanced that it can also track the copy-paste actions performed by the user on the device. Using the Clever control keylogger, you can live stream the actions of the user without being traced.  

To track the user, you need not install any separate application on your device; you just have to login into your Clever control account through its website and check the records.

All the data recorded in the Clever control is stored online on its platform, and you can access it from anywhere, which is impressive.

The Clever Control keylogger also allows you to filter and view the data as per your needs. You can also use the Clever Control keylogger for monitoring your child’s activities, which proves helpful.  

In short, the Clever Control Keylogger caters to all your keylogging requirements with its advanced and futuristic features.  

13. All In One Keylogger 

As the name suggests, All In One Keylogger (Get Here) is one of the most feature-packed keyloggers available for use. It offers advanced features to solve all types of keylogging issues. It is one of the best keyloggers known to the users in the market today. 

The All In One Keylogger works in the background without being traced by the users. It collects all the necessary tracking data, including screenshots, chats, keystrokes, audio and videos, payment records, app records, and much more.

With the help of All In One Keylogger, you can block unwanted websites and URLs and keep them away from the reach of your kids. The All In One Keylogger also tracks all the activities connected to the system, which is impressive. 

The All In One Keylogger is the best solution for all keylogging issues faced by parents and employers. It records videos and sounds from the place the system is placed, which helps in active monitoring.

Download Best Keylogger Spy Software with Free Trial to monitor computer.

Furthermore, the application offers recorded data in every possible way. You can read or view the data through email, FTP, USB drive, LAN, etc.   

If you are using the All In One Keylogger, you need not worry about privacy, as the keylogger application has built-in password protection and encrypts all the collected data.

In short, All In One Keylogger is a unique software that can cater to all your keylogging needs.  

14. Total Keylogger 

Another practical yet straightforward keylogger application is the Total Logger, which has some excellent features to solve all types of keylogging issues. With the Total Keylogger, you can easily track Keystore actions, screen actions, file transfers, and web history as well.   

Best Keyloggers For Windows 8

Monitoring social media chats and posts has never been this easy as it is with the Total Keylogger. You can also track the activities of the user through live audio and video streaming on the Total Keylogger.   

Furthermore, the Total keylogger stores the records on the cloud and sends them to the user through e-mails, LAN, Dropbox, and FTP. Therefore, accessing the logs with Total Keylogger is not an issue. Overall, the Total keylogger is one of the best keyloggers mentioned in the list. 

15. NetBull Keylogger 

NetBull Keylogger is another awesome Keylogger on the list. The NetBull Keylogger comes with a unique feature, where you can easily retrieve the lost passwords and other records, which is very useful.  

The NetBull Keylogger tracks almost everything that the user performs on the device. It can record keystrokes, screen actions, web searches, chats, audio files, and much more.

Moreover, the app bypasses all the security installed in the device and installs itself secretly without being noticed by the users. It cannot be traced by the task manager, which makes it a powerful keylogger software. 

The NetBull Keylogger records all actions continuously, and if you want to stop tracking, you can stop it by using a Hotkey, and the software will be deleted automatically.

The NetBull Keylogger comes with a simple user interface, which is easy to use. You can access the recorded logs through e-mails as well, which is impressive.   

Best Keyloggers For Android and iOS Devices 

Nowadays, most people and even children prefer using smartphones and tablets instead of laptops and computers. Tracking the activities on Android smartphones becomes a little bit difficult than on windows.   

However, many keyloggers on the internet provide active tracking of Android devices, which proves helpful for parents and employers.

With the list of Android Keyloggers mentioned below, you can easily track the activities of your kids and even employees without any difficulty. Check out the list for more details. 

1. Spyine 

When it comes to Android Keyloggers, Spyine marks its name on the top. Spyine is one of the most trustworthy and helpful Android keyloggers available on the internet. The Keylogger has gained popularity over the years and is used in over 180+ countries, which is impressive.   

With the Spyine Keylogger, you can track social media chats, web browser data, E-mails, videos, audios, login credentials, and many other activities. The app collects all the data and categorizes it into separate categories for easier accessibility, which is a unique function.   

Spyine - Top Rated & Trustworthy Phone Monitoring App

The Spyine Keylogger comes with an active stealth mode that works efficiently on all devices. The Spyine Keylogger hides and works in the background without the user noticing, which is very useful.  

You can download and install the Spyine Keylogger from the official website and operate it from the same website, making it easy to access. With Spyine Keylogger, you can access all the recorded data by logging into your registered account on the Spyine Keylogger website.  

Furthermore, you do not need to root the device to install the Spyine keylogger making the work even easier. The application offer services at reasonable premium plans and is one of the trusted application out there.  

2. Spyire 

If you are searching for a phone tracking solution, Spyire is the best you can opt for. Spyire provides the best keylogging solutions at affordable prices. It comes with a stealth mode and tracks the user’s activities secretly without revealing itself.  

The Spyire Keylogger does not affect the normal functioning of the device, which is why the user doesn’t get to know about it. Moreover, the Spyire leaves no trace and records all the activities on the android device.  

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

You do not require to root your device to install the app, making it easier to operate. The app allows you to track all the data, including phone calls, messages, e-mails, login credentials, files, web history, and much more.  

3. TeenSafe 

Another great android keylogger on the list is the TeenSafe Keylogger, which provides the best keylogging solutions to parents.

Today most teenagers carry a smart device with them and prefer to spend more time on the internet. However, they are exposed to content they are not supposed to watch, and they also get bullied by many other online predators.  

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

To save your child from online predators and track their activities, you can use the Teen Safe Keylogger. The Teen Safe keylogger allows you to access all the data on your kid’s device without leaving your trace. You can easily record their activities and read their texts using the Teen Safe keylogger.  

A unique feature of the application is that it allows you to set a safe space for your kid; if your kid leaves the safety zone, you will receive a notification. Isn’t it amazing? 

4. uMobix 

uMobix is one of the best applications that provide keylogging solutions right at your fingers. It is the most-liked and android keylogger available for use.

The app is efficient in quick tracking all the activities taking place on the device. It is also well known for its rapid sharing of data through e-mails.   

Best Keyloggers For Windows 11

The uMobix secretly records all the keystrokes in the target android device and notifies the user with all the data. The best part about uMobix is it also records the app on which the keystroke was used and when it was used, which is impressive.   

The uMobix application enables keyword search, where you can easily search for words in the data for easier monitoring. Scanning the complete data may not be possible at times; using the keyword search option makes it simple and saves time. The app also allows you to filter the data according to date and time, making it easier to read.   

The uMobix application also tracks web searches from the incognito mode, which most keyloggers cannot, making uMobix the most efficient keylogger.   

5. MSpy Keylogger 

MSpy is one of the oldest and the most effective keylogger that one can opt for. The MSpy application is an all-rounder keylogger and solves all types of keylogging issues faced by the users.

The MSpy offers features like geofencing and stealth logging, making it one of the most wanted keyloggers in the market. 

With the MSpy, you can remotely track all the activities being performed on the target android device. On the MSpy application, you can easily track the keystrokes with the app’s name where it was used by the user, making the work more straightforward. It also shows the date and time at which the keystroke was used.

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS   

MSpy Keylogger allows you to sort and filter the data according to your requirements; it saves a lot of your time. You can also sort the data according to the apps to enhance your monitoring experience. Overall, the MSpy application is a valuable keylogger for parents to monitor their child’s activities.  

Best Keyloggers For IOS Devices 

Are you an IOS user searching for Keylogger applications to solve all the keylogging issues on the IOS device? Need not worry; you are at the right place. Below, we have mentioned some of the most useful Keylogger applications for IOS devices.  

1. Spyic 

If you are searching for an excellent keylogger for IOS devices, Spyic Keylogger is the best you can opt for. Spyic reserves the topmost position in the market when it comes to IOS keyloggers. The application offers all keylogging solutions at an affordable price and is very much trustworthy. 

The Spyic is packed with extraordinary features that provide every bit of data from the target IOS device. It provides all the data in an organized manner for a better monitoring experience. The Spyic Keylogger gained popularity because it works secretly and doesn’t compromise the security of the device.  

Best Keyloggers For ios

Moreover, the application offers easy installation and offers services at an affordable price. The app also has a fantastic stealth mode with which it leaves no trace while tracking the device’s activities. 

With Spyic keylogger, you can easily track all the social media chats, posts, and other details. With social media, you can also track other app data, which makes keylogging effective.

The app also offers geofencing features, with which you can set a perimeter for the device, and if the device leaves that perimeter, the app notifies you.

You can also track the location of the device and avoid losing the device. Isn’t it amazing how you can get all the solutions to your problems from a single application?  

2. Cocospy Keylogger 

Cocospy is another great IOS keylogger that offers keylogging solutions at comparatively lower prices. The app offers remote monitoring of the target device, making it popular among users.  

Cocospy uses the iCloud of the IOS device to collect all the device data as all information, including files and messages in an IOS device, are uploaded to the iCloud. It filters the data from iCloud and offers you all the necessary details, thereby saving your time.

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS With Cocospy, you can track the activities of all the social media accounts present on the target device. You can also check the files and e-mails present on the device. Cocospy is a strong competitor of the Spyic keylogger.   

3. Spyier 

Adding to the list is another excellent IOS keylogger ‚Äď The¬†Spyier.¬†Spyier¬†is a decent keylogger application that requires no jailbreak for installation in the target IOS device. It is a trustworthy application and does not compromise the security of the device, which is impressive.¬†¬†¬†

The Spyier keylogger provides a pretty decent interface. It allows you to monitor the device with app installation, which most people find annoying, as apps like Spyic and Cocospy allow you to monitor a device without app installations.   

But the app offers all types of tracking, including calls, chats, login credentials, and keystrokes, which is suitable for optimal usage.   

4. iKeyMonitor Keylogger 

iKeyMonitor is one of the most trusted keylogger applications for IOS devices. The app is best known for monitoring IOS devices without leaving any trace behind. It records all the activities happening on the device, including keyboard activities, messages, social media apps, calls, and many other operations.  

The app, once installed on the target IOS device, starts working and tracking all app activities. It sends the records to you through e-mails, making them easier to access.

15 Best Keyloggers For Windows ,Android, Mac and iOS

Interestingly, you do not need to log in or create an account to access the logs; all you need is to install the app on the target IOS device and provide an e-mail ID to receive logs. Isn’t that simple and easy? 

The app comes in handy when parents require to track their kid’s activities. Moreover, the app also provides control of the IOS device in your hands, whereby you can restrict certain activities on the device.  

The app does not provide free services, but the charges are less as compared to other Keyloggers. Moreover, it offers a trial of the application, which makes it a better choice.  

5. Pumpic iPhone Keylogger 

The Pumpic keylogger is the best-suited keylogger for parents to monitor their children. The Pumpic keylogger offers features that focus more on parental control, making the app popular among parents.   

With the Pumpic Keylogger, parents can protect their kids from online predators and cyber-bullying. The application tracks all the phone’s activity and notifies the parents about their child’s inappropriate behavior.  

With Pumpic Keylogger, you can access all chats’ records, messages, calls, social media posts, etc. You can also track the location of your child with the help of Pumpic Keylogger. Isn’t it a fantastic application?  

The Pumpic Keylogger records all the information and stores it on the cloud, and shares the same with you through emails, making it easily accessible.   

Wrapping Up 

Above, we discussed some of the Best Keyloggers that you can use to solve all your keylogging issues. If you were searching for an efficient keylogger application for monitoring your employees or children, we hope your search ended with this article. 

In this article, we have categorized the Keylogger application into three categories for your convenience.

If you want a keylogger application for Windows operating system, you can choose the Spyrix or KidInspector keylogger with active audio and video recording features. If you are searching for Android Keyloggers, you can use the Spyine or uMobix keyloggers that provide all types of keylogging solutions and offer geo-fence features.  

If you are an IOS user, need not worry, we have also mentioned some of the most amazing IOS keylogger applications you can choose to solve your keylogging issues.

All the IOS keylogger applications mentioned in the list are safe and trustworthy and do not compromise the device’s security system, which is fantastic.  

Today, keyloggers play an essential role in every organization, as they help employers keep watch on their employees. Keyloggers also help parents to protect their kids from cyber attacks. Hence, keyloggers are the need of the hour. However, misusing the keyloggers can land you in trouble.