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The Best Laptop Lap Desk To Work and Play From


Having best laptop lap desk bought a laptop to work away from a fixed desk somewhere does not mean that it should be used while on lap – well, that is a misuse or a wrong perception of what the technology class intended.

For this reason, a need for designation of comfortable lap desks has been on the rise. People need a lap desk that they can conveniently park their laptops while they work from their comfort zone.

General pros of having best laptop lap desk

Having a lap desk will help reduce the direct effect of the dangerous radiations that exposes to your lap inform of heat.

The dangerous radiations such as ultraviolet rays are avoided when one uses a lap desk. And one does not worry about the heat tension that might irritate the lap’s skin.

Additionally, the laptop is inclined in a plane for a comfortable view and usage – the laptop is elevated and more stable.

The extra space that the lap desk provide is also an additional benefit to utilize and appreciate – one can store phones or tablets or other technical devices.

Best Laptop Lap Desk to Work and Play From

The following list are some of the best lap desks with their key features outlined:

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

This is available in two colors, that is, Espresso Wood and Silver Carbon. The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk is very admirable, and are both stylish and spacious.

It leaves enough space of about 17-inch laptop in its parking and its microbead dual-bolster pillows give it a comfy fit for the users’ laps and leg. The good part of it is that it moulds orderly onto you. It has a precision-tracking mouse pad is essential for those who prefer to use a mouse.

The lap desk’s soft pillows too cushion the discomfort that may be rising from the laptop, giving it a very cool bottom. Its size is bulky because it has an in-built mouse pad and the phone cradle.

Pros of the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

  1. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk fits up to 17 inch laptops, and the edia slot holds any cell phone and further helps you to organize your work surface.
  2. Its precision-tracking mouse pad is very vital for those who may prefer to use a mouse.
  3. Its dual-bolster pillows conform to any persons lap which help to provide comfort and stability. It is a hundred percent polyester, linen fabric – a best quality.
  4. Its ergonomic wrist pad makes typing easy, comfortable and further keeps the laptop from sliding.
  5. Importantly, it has airflow channels which reduces unwanted heat generated by the laptop. And, the smooth and flat surface provides proper ventilation for your laptop.

Cons of the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Owing to its bulkiness, LapGear Home Office Lap Desk is not a type that will pack easily for any portability requirement. It is not quite convenient when you are planning a business trip.

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Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk

Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk is a cool but vibrantly coloured lap desk. It is definitely aimed at a more casual and stylish market than most of the lap desks doing the cycles in the technology markets.

It is very light and its material is of a laminated MDF – this feature makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

At its bottom, it is made of a soft wedge-shaped cushion that is attached with a Velcro – this feature makes it effortlessly easy to remove if it needs to be laundered.

In its looks, it is not that professional looking compared to many other lap desks, but its portability is a pure convenience.

It can easily work for you while on cars just as it can serve you best while on your bed. This lap desk has got a peculiar slick surface on account of the laminate. Additionally, it is less costly compared to the more vibrant lap desks options.

Pros of Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It is highly portable – you can conveniently move with it from one place to another on business trips.
  2. It can be bought in different stylized shapes according to your desire.
  3. It is very easy to clean, maintain, dismantle and launder. Its features make it highly useful for ease of keeping it safe and clean.
  4. It is less expensive – if you’re not too selective on colour choice, the plain white variety is a few bucks less than the more vibrant ones.

Cons of Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It is less vibrant compared to other uniquely featured lap desks.

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Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk

If you want an easily or highly adjustable lap desk, your choice should be Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk.

Though it is a bit ugly, it is very useful if we consider it in adjustability function. It is adjustable to 8 different angles, hence the name ‘adjustable 8’.

This feature can make Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk to give a plenty of different options for hands-free use and viewing it optimally.

It can suit your comfort when you have resorted to using the laptop for watching your movies or even reading a manuscript. You can also twist it according to your sitting or laying posture. Like other lap desks, it also offers a dual-bolster pillow too, which cushions the heat from reaching your lap. However, it does not have a slot for your phone.

Pros of Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk

  1. It is of high comfort because it can be twisted to a position one wants to watch a movie or read without straining.
  2. It also offers a dual-bolster pillow. This takes prevents the heat from going to your legs, as well as provides a stable surface.

Cons of Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk

  1. It is not stylish
  2. There is no slot to rest your phone as featured in other lap desks.

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Lap Desk LapGear Student

The Lap Desk LapGear Student is a favorable and comfortable surface that is extended on both sides and fits any laptop of up to 15 inch. Though, it has no room for phones or peripherals. This is a lap desk that keeps it simple for use. It makes you feel comfortable.

In addition, it has an airflow channel that reduces the unwanted heat. Like other lap desks, it has a dual-bolster pillow that keeps the lap comfortable. Its top side is mildly textured and hence has a lot of friction to slide off the lap.

Pros of Lap Desk LapGear Student

  1. It keeps you very comfortable with the extended surface on both sides.
  2. It has an airflow which reduces the heating effect on your lap.
  3. The dual-bolster pillow gives you a soothing effect and makes your lap glad.
  4. The slightly textured quality it is made of makes it unslippery – this reduces chances of frequent falling.
  5. It is perfect for budget conscious users because it is cost-friendly.

Cons of Lap Desk LapGear Student

  1. It has no rooms for phones or other devices to be stored.

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AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk 

The AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk has a retractable mouse pad tray which makes it very unique from other lap desks. This tray always retracts back to its developed place in the desk whenever the mouse is not being used – it does this automatically.

It caters for the left-handed too being that it is ambidextrous in nature. It also has a textured rubber surface that gives it a strong grip all the time, and having an unslipping base.

There is a thermo-resistive heat shield that protects you from the excessive heat, but with no cushion at the bottom. It neither has a slot for phones and other electronic devices.

You can however find it a right size for a laptop of any size. Finally, it has a perfect suitcase friendly option between the cushion-free design and the retractable pad.

Pros of AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It makes the left-handed to feel accommodated with the mouse pad tray conveniently designed.
  2. It has a non-skid base which safeguards it from sliding off with the laptop.
  3. It has a thermal-resistive heat shield that protects from the lap from high heat.
  4. It has a perfect suitcase that is a friendly option for business travelers.

Cons of AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It has no cushion underneath that keeps the lap comfortable.
  2. It has no slot to store phone or any other device.

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Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk 

The Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk focuses majorly on comfort. Keeping things simple, its comfort is derived from a memory foam style cushion which ensures that the users’ legs and lap feel as comfortable as if without a laptop resting on it.

Though, it is a bit smaller than other lap desks, it can only fit a laptop less than 15 inches. It is very light and easy to fit into your backpack. It is ergonomically designed, with fabric handle conveniently hidden away.

Pros of Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk

  1. It is very comfortable using making it possible to make your legs or lap relax conveniently – it is ergonomically designed
  2. It is lightweight and therefore easy to carry around for a business trip.

Cons of Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk

  1. It lacks a slot for phone’s or any other device’s storage/placement
  2. It also lacks a place for resting the mouse.

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LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk 

LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk is a hefty sized desk that provides a plenty space for a mouse pad on either side that is suitable. It is has an ergonomic wrist pad alongside that makes typing quite comfortable, as it also keeps the laptop from sliding off.

It specifically has side storage pouches that conveniently stores useful accessories within the lap desk.

In addition, there is more space for flash drives, a mouse, chargers or any device you might be interested to carry around. This lap desk can work the best as a home-based desk replacement.

Pros of LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It is ambidextrous, both left and right side mouse pads are usable
  2. Its dual-bolster cushion enables the user to twist to the correct angle for optimal screen viewing
  3. Its ergonomic wrist pad gives you comfort when typing and again keeps your laptop from sliding off.
  4. It has built-in wrist rest that supports your hand and further provide you with a mobile desk that you can use for reading and writing

Cons of LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk

  1. It might not be portable as some may need it to be.

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