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Best Laptops for Essay Writing

Do you spend more than 10 hours per week working on a text? If the answer is yes, then you can for sure call yourself a writer. And you totally know how important are the small details in this process. The right place, posture, surroundings and the concentration. Even the slightest inconvenience like a slow typing keyboard can completely ruin a writing mood. No matter if you are working on an essay, an article or a new chapter of a fanfic – you can’t deny the crucial meaning of the right set. 

Best Laptops For Tails

That’s why getting a proper laptop can significantly increase your productivity. But what are the features of an ideal personal computer for a writer? 

The personal features that computers for writers need differ from designers or videomakers laptops. And it’s bold to assume that they only use text editor apps and mediocre screens. If you work with texts, what you do need is an ultimate keyboard which corresponds to your writing style. Also, the best netbook for writers is quite compact and portable to work from every place in the world. The design and the battery capacity are also quite crucial. If you have to finish an article in an hour, you don’t want to spend half of this time looking for a charger, or you will have to check the good writers’ helping websites.

Technologies develop really fast nowadays. Computer creators are designing laptops for various reasons, and, of course, they don’t forget about the writers. They modify the keyboards and their typing speed. Also the latest innovations include the safe-for-eyes screens, which light causes less damage even after hours of work. 

So what do you need to look for in a laptop if you are a writer?

Recommended features for a writer’s laptop 

Choosing a laptop can be a problem if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. Let’s define the key points that make a laptop the best option for writers.

  • Hard drive. You need to have an optimal capacity to keep your work in one place without buying extra external drives and CDs. A minimum of 250 GB is absolutely required.
  • Weight. You will be carrying your laptop with you a lot, so don’t buy anything heavier than 1,5-1,8 kilograms.
  • Keyboard. First important thing is purchasing a backlit one to work easily in the dark. The second is the keyboard itself. Rely on your preferences but test it before purchasing. Try typing something and test the speed and your feelings when using this keyboard. Don’t be afraid to take much time choosing – you will be using this everyday and you have to be comfortable!
  • Processor. For optimal working speed and multiple processes at the same time – various texts for example – you need an Intel i5 or better. No less than it if you don’t want your Microsoft Word taking 3 whole minutes to open.
  • Software. Pre-installed Windows 8 or higher or MacOSX is enough for optimal work. However make sure that you favorite text editor is available for the software that you chose.
  • Extra features. Do you like taking notes by hand? Then a good touchscreen or a writing pad is a must for you. Do you prefer working with the music on? Pay attention to the sound systems. Also check the availability of purchasing extras like a bigger keyboard or a computer mouse if you can’t properly work without them.
  • Optimal screen. Some writers prefer their screens to be wide enough to fit multiple working tabs on it. And some are content with the minimal size that allows them to see good enough. An optimal size is no less than 12 inches. 

Top-5 Laptops for Essay Writing in 2020

We specifically created a list of the best options available on the market. Any of these cheap laptops for writers will be an excellent choice. Compare and decide which one you prefer!

  1. Acer Chromebook. It may not be the most technically equipped laptop on the list, but it surely is the cheapest. It has an awesome battery capacity that will let you work for the whole day without needing a charger. Also it runs on the Chrome OS, so if you enjoy using Google Chrome, it would be easy for you to work really fast on this laptop. 14-inches screen, 4 GB of RAM and a smart cloud drive system that automatically saves all of your files without using the laptops’ memory. 
  2. Lenovo Ideapad. Next on the not-expensive list we have this laptop which may be the best in its price range. 2 USB ports and a type-c one make sure that you will be able to connect all of your devices and memory cards. Extra slimness – only 0,9 inches and the light weight makes this laptop ideal for carrying in your backpack. Also, the processor is quite good and the hardware capacity is 1 TB! 
  3. HP Spectre x360. Its futuristic yet quite simple design makes you want one immediately. But it gets even better: its 13’3” touchscreen and the ultimate working speed! Also, the keyboard is excellent and makes writing for hours easy. Not the cheapest option on the list, but this laptop will be with you for a long time. Released in 2020, it has all of the newest technical features. And the 2-in-1 option leaves the space for you to use the laptop even when you are not working but watching YouTube.
  4. MacBook Air 13’. You surely don’t need to spend extra money on a Pro if you only want to use a laptop for writing. Air MacBooks have everything you are looking for in a laptop: simple design, backlit keyboard and a Retina display. Plus the lightest option on the list and up to 12 hours autonomous work. Also not the cheapest option, but if you are low on budget you may consider buying previous versions that work as good as the new ones. 
  5. Dell XPS 13’ 2-in-1. One of the most expensive options, but it is worth every cent you spend. Very responsive touch screen makes the work more enjoyable, stunning design and a high-tech keyboard. Also, it is a quiet portable laptop with 10th generation Intel Core processors. Its performance is incredible, but the battery has not the best capacity overall. 

We hope that our recommendations will help you wisely choose the best laptop for your writing. Always rely on your personal preferences and enjoy your work!