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9 Best Laptops For Physics Students in 2022

A laptop is an essential commodity for any student, be it a physics or science graduate. Maybe you are a Ph.D. candidate too. These days thanks to the pandemic, a laptop has become a necessity even for school-going kids. 

Having said that, as a physics student, you may want to own a laptop that enables you to perform your work with ease. The need to keep sitting in your physics lab and depending on the devices for your studies and ongoing projects might not be feasible. 

Though the labs and libraries in most reputed universities are exceptional, having one’s own device in the privacy of your hostel room or home is matchless. There is no crowd or anybody else to disturb you. 

You can fully concentrate on your work and give your best shot at it. Please do not say that a major in physics is not the same as engineering and science courses. Here, you may need to work on software like Maple, Python, MATLAB, and Mathematica for class projects and assignments.

Apart from an opulent screen, you may want to use a powerful processor and GPU. There may be room for the audio and webcam too to attend meetings, seminars, and classes. Overall, the unit must be efficient and phenomenal for your work. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students: Our Pick 👌

We have researched and compiled some of the best laptops for physics students in 2022. Our team noted that the machines came with stringent power and performance. Students preferred units that enabled them to work with mathematical formulae and related tools. 

1. 2020 Newest Dell XPS 13

2020 Newest Dell XPS 13 is from the stable of Dell. The American laptop manufacturer has set a stride apart from most manufacturers, including Apple, with the XPS series release. 

For the moment, there is no looking back. It is one of the top-end models for the maker, and they are getting better and smaller every year. Now, we are going to look a the best laptops for physics students, the XPS 13” laptop. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students
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If you are particular about the screen size, you can use the 15” model to come with similar specifications. However, this is quite portable, thanks to the small screen size. Better, this is the latest model from them. 

The unit comes with a combination of plastic and aluminum that ensures it stays light and portable for you. The appearance of the laptop is elegant and on par with the MacBook series. The unit has a 13.3” Full HD Anti-glare that comes blended with IPS technology.

It has a resolution of 1920x1080, offering you great images. You will adore the touchscreen on the unit. The monitor is highly responsive, and the anti-glare feature lets you work and view the pictures from different angles seamlessly. 

The unit is powered by the 10th Generation Intel Quad-Core i5-10210U processor. You will be delighted to know that the machine can work faster than most of the i7 processors. If you are a sucker for speed, then this is just for you. 

It has got you covered as far as the memory and storage space is concerned. You have close to 8GB RAM and a massive 512GB SSD to work on. You can effortlessly store all your data in there without much hassle. 

Its GPU is splendid, coming in at integrated Intel HD Graphics for applications. As a physics student, you may need to work on them often during your course. The keyboard is backlit and comes with LED lights for those late-night study sessions and discussions. 

We liked the webcam as it is a 4-element lens ideal for Zoom calls. You can log in using fingerprint technology as also added security. It comes with a barrage of ports, including Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.1.

You have connectivity ports in the form of 2 Thunderbolt 3, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C port, and 1 Universal audio port. Weighing in at 2.7 pounds, it is incredibly light, and you can carry it around your university. 

The battery operating life is good at 6 hours. Besides, you can make use of the Wi-Fi and other features on it. It is priced at less than $1070, which is quite affordable. 


  • The unit is portable and light. 
  • The model comes with high resolution. 
  • It comes with exceptional features on it. 
  • It has good battery life.
  • The unit is priced at an affordable price. 


  • The audio was never a vital aspect of the XPS series. 

2020 Newest Dell XPS 13 is a phenomenal model. The laptop comes with superb features that can make any physics student or, for that matter, any university-going candidate happy. If you can afford it, then you must go for this sublime unit. 

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XPS 13 (2020) Review - Dell Nailed It


2. 2020 Apple MacBook Pro

2020 Apple MacBook Pro is next on the list of the best laptops for physics students for discussion. Apple devices have always caught the eye of students. In America, it is a common sight in universities and educational centers with students using MacBooks. 

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The device is breathtaking and comes with an abundance of features. You could not seem to find any sort of a flaw in it even if you wanted to. The device is fast, reliable, and durable. Students have managed to use it for close to a decade, provided they have not lost the device. 

Why is the MacBook Pro so popular among students? Let us find out. The model comes with a 13.3” ultra-smooth LED back-lit display and dedicated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645. It comes with True Tone Technology for eloquent image quality. 

The unit comes powered with the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor. That means you can breeze past all your work. When you blend that with a stunning memory of 16GB RAM and storage space of 512GB SSD, then things get better. 

Besides, there is the Touch bar and ID. A notable feature of the laptop is the new keyboard. It is back-lit and very smooth. The earlier MacBook models have some flaws in them. They have been sorted out thanks to the R & D team in Apple. 

It also comes with sufficient connectivity ports infused in the device for you to be able to work efficiently. Sometimes, you may be required to give presentations and seminars. Now, you can do them effortlessly. 

It weighs just a little more than 3 pounds making it light. The wireless connection present on it is stunning and marvelous. We have never seen this kind of speed and power. It is something that has to be worked or used upon to believe. 

The battery life is more than 10 hours, which is quite good enough. It is priced less than $1750 making it quite expensive. 


  • The model comes with True Tone technology for perfect images. 
  • The unit is elegantly built. 
  • Its memory and storage space is excellent. 
  • It comes with a decent battery operating life. 
  • The keyboard working is stupendous. 


  • The model can be quite expensive for a physics major. 

2020 Apple MacBook Pro is no run-of-the-mill product and is priced as a top-end laptop. The unit comes with superb features infused in it. You have True Tone technology, incredible image quality, good battery life, and a soft keyboard. 

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3. ASUS ZenBook 13 Laptop

ASUS ZenBook 13 Laptop is another exciting model from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It comes with a sleek royal blue color that is composed of plastic and aluminum. You know that the laptop is robust in design because it meets the MIL-STD-810G military standard. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students 2
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The premium unit offers you plenty of flexibility thanks to its phenomenal specification. You will like the monitor instantly as the 13.3” Full HD screen gives rich visuals. Besides, the Nano edge bezel offers you stunning images with a resolution of 1920x1080. 

You can make use of multiple screens at one time. We felt that this feature was extremely useful for students and analysts as well. It runs on the powerful 10th generation Intel Core i7-10510u Core processor that is rugged in performance. 

Physics candidates may use several tools like Python and MATLAB, including Maple too. These can run smoothly on this unit. The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU gives pristine visuals. Students will like the memory of 16GB RAM blended with storage of 512 SSD. 

A notable feature in the unit is the screen pad that comes with a 5.6” monitor cum keypad. Users can instantly communicate using tools like Spotify, Evernote, and many more. You will adore using the keyboard as it has the ErgoLift hinge and back-lit as well. 

The instant login with the 3D IR camera as the facial recognition is a welcome security feature. Users were not convinced with the audio system, though it comes with decent speakers. Its battery life is a splendid 14-hour operating life. 

It weighs only 2.8 pounds making it very lightweight, enabling you to move around it in your university or anywhere you want to. All you need to do is place it inside your backpack and forget about it. 

It is priced less than $890 making it relatively affordable for students majoring in Physics. Overall, the unit is light, comes built with a strong body and smooth keyboard. The numeric keyboard enables you to type in the data effortlessly along with the OLED monitor. 


  • The unit has an opulent design. 
  • The product is sturdy and durable. 
  • It comes using a Full HD 4-way NanoEdge bezel for crisp image quality. 
  • It has sufficient storage and memory. 
  • The model comes with the MIL-STD-810G military standard. 


  • Only the touchpad offers you touchscreen abilities. 

ASUS ZenBook 13 Laptop is one of the best laptops for physics students. If you know somebody or plan to enroll in the subject, you might want to consider this model strongly. The features in the laptop are mind-blowing for the price point. 

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4. Newest Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

The Newest Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is genuinely one of the best laptops for physics students. This laptop comes with impressive specifications ideal for university students. It is a massive 15.6” Full HD widescreen LED-backlit.

9 Best Laptops For Physics Students in 2022
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The laptop comes with a resolution of 1920x1080 and an IPS display. There is also the AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile graphics that ensure you have stunning graphics. Some of the other opulent accessories include a USB extension cord, mouse pad, and HDMI cable.

Its processor is the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U that comes with exceptional, accurate machine intelligence. You would be delighted to know that it comes with efficient architecture. The memory and the storage space at 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD are acceptable for the price point. 

Please do understand that we are talking about a budget model for students here, and naturally, we cannot expect it to be on par with the XPS or MacBook. We found that students can benefit from the quick performance of the hard drive. 

It has got you covered in the connectivity ports, including 2 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 HDMI Port, and the USB 3.1 Gen 1 Port. Finally, the internet connectivity on the model is splendid, thanks to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The HD webcam gives you a breathtaking experience. It also comes with 2 inbuilt stereo speakers. The laptop’s battery life is decent at 8 hours, which can get you through the whole day.

Besides, you can also use the default Windows 10 (S) operating system to the usual regular Windows 10 effortlessly. It is priced less than $500 making it cheaply quoted. 


  • The product is lightweight. 
  • The display is opulent and lovely. 
  • It is pretty fast and responsive. 
  • It comes with a high-resolution webcam.
  • The model is priced cheaply. 


  • Some users have complained about its fan`s noise.

2020 Newest Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is one of the best laptops for physics students, not because it is cheaply priced. But you can find several features in it that make the model a stunning choice for coders, stock analysts, and anybody wanting to upgrade their old system. 

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Best Selling Budget Laptop on Amazon - Acer Aspire 5 Slim


5. Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop is a convertible laptop. This is meant for those of you who prefer touchscreen and like to discuss amongst yourselves. Students will benefit from this kind of model as they can clarify doubts and have discussions with their peers. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students 4
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It is an excellent way to get to know your formulas and derivations in physics better. After all, it is a vast subject. The model is slim and light for you to carry around on your university campus. All you have to do is place this 14” laptop in your bag, and you are off. 

It weighs only 3.6 pounds meaning that you won’t even know something is there in your bag. This is a 2-in-1 laptop, so you may want to ensure that you take additional care of the screen. The monitor comes with durable paint coated on it and is comfortable to feel. 

The maker has been kind enough to provide users with the digital pen. It was highly appreciated. The touchscreen is a 14”, 10-point moveable, FHD IPS monitor. It also comes with a decent resolution of 1920x1080. 

It comes powered by the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor like the earlier Lenovo model we just read about. The memory and storage space is 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD, which is sufficient for any college-going student.

It also comes infused with integrated AMD Radeon graphics. Now, students can have fun studying and entertaining themselves with this kind of enormous flexibility. You would like to use the monitor as it comes using 4-side narrow bezels. 

It comes with several modes of usage like the laptop and tent mode that is most commonly used. You can also make use of the tablet mode for reading purposes. You do not have to be concerned about the battery working as it comes with 10 hours. 

Additionally, there is a feature known as a quick charge where 80% of the battery gets quickly charged in 60 minutes. It is priced less than $650 making it another cheap laptop ideal for students and working professionals. 


  • The model is portable, weighing 3.6 pounds. 
  • The laptop has stunning visual quality. 
  • It comes with powerful specifications. 
  • It has a 10-hour battery working life. 
  • The unit has a digital pen included with it. 


  • Few users felt that the trackpad is shaky. 

Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop is a stupendous laptop that is one of the best laptops for physics students. It is portable, affordable, and infused with tremendous power in it with the digital pen. You may want to place an order today itself. 

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6. Dell Inspiron 14″ Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 14″ Laptop is another exciting model from Dell. There is something about the laptops produced by Dell that make them popular among students across the globe. They are solid in design, come with decent and acceptable features, and have a terrific warranty and returns policy. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students 5
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The American maker is known for the XPS series, but the Inspiron models, too, have had good sales in recent years.  So, why could this unit be among the best laptops for physics students? The model is a 14” monitor that offers you crisp image quality. 

Additionally, it comes with an unprecedented resolution of 1366x768 HD and an anti-glare monitor. It comes infused with Intel HD Graphics and LED-backlit screen for opulent images. The processor is a good one at the 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G4 running at 1. 20GHz 4 cores. 

This model is a Windows 10 Home in the S mode, and you can use the regular Windows version using the start button. The memory and storage space provided in the model is decent enough for students and working professionals like graphic designers and coders. 

The 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD are good for working and storing files on the model. The keyboard is good too. Several users have pointed out that for a budget model, the keyboard offered a sublime experience. 

The battery life sadly does not cross more than 2-3 hours. We were slightly disappointed and surprised by that. Considering that this is a budget model, you can forgive the maker for that. It just weighs 3.7 pounds making it highly lightweight like most of the models on our list of the best laptops for physics students. 

You can now sling the laptop in your backpack and move around seamlessly. It should not be a botheration as it weighs less than 4 pounds. For a sturdy design, it was highly appreciated. It is priced less than $680, meaning that it is affordably priced for students. 


  • The monitor provides stunning visuals. 
  • The unit comes packed with a lot of power. 
  • It has a fantastic keyboard that is responsive. 
  • It is lightweight and easily movable. 
  • It is priced cheaply for less than $700. 


  • The battery life is not its fortitude. 

The 2019 Dell Inspiron 14″ Laptop is a decent laptop to consider for students. It comes with all the features you may require, like portability, good performance, and exceptional image quality. If you are alright with the battery, then go ahead and get it for yourself. 

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7. ASUS Vivo Book Touchscreen Thin and Light Laptop

The ASUS Vivo Book Touchscreen Thin and Light Laptop is a fantastic model from the Vivo Book series. The Taiwanese maker is known for top-end models like the Zen Book, but budget models like the Vivo Book are also prevalent because of the features and the low pricing.

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Why did we have this unit on our list of the best laptops for physics students? That is for you to find out. This model comes with a large 15.6” ultra-wide viewing angle for your studies and projects. 

You can also use it with a multi-monitor setup. It also has a Full HD and anti-glare display. It also comes with a resolution of 1920x1080, offering you eloquent visuals. The processor of the unit is an acceptable Intel Core i3 Dual-Core with ideal power. 

This is also a 10-finger multi-touch support display. You can be assured about the storage space and memory of 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM for average performance. Would you please consider the fact that this unit comes under $500? 

In other words, this is a budget model that is sufficient for performing basic tasks. Though you cannot expect miracles from it, the unit takes care of all your requirements. The model comes with a weight of 3.7 pounds.

It also has a Woov laptop sleeve for protection that is splendid. It has connectivity with Wi-Fi, 802_11_AC, HDMI, and Bluetooth. You can make use of a decent webcam and 5 hours of working battery life. 

It is priced less than $480 making the model very cheap. If you are a student or have budget constraints, then you know now what to do. The Asus Vivo Book is considered as one of the most reliable laptops currently in the market. 


  • The display of the laptop is mesmerizing. 
  • The unit has opulent viewing angles. 
  • It has a light design and is portable. 
  • It is infused with a barrage of connectivity options. 
  • The model is very cheap and affordable for students. 


  • The storage space is relatively less compared to most units in the market. 

The ASUS Vivo Book Touchscreen Thin and Light Laptop can be on your desk today if you are alright with the medium specifications and features. This run-of-the-mill product can quickly satisfy your needs without much hassle, so why don’t you get it today. 

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8. LG Gram 14Z90P – 14″ Ultra-Lightweight laptop

The LG Gram 14Z90P – 14″ Ultra-Lightweight Laptop is a spectacular unit for students. You can get the 15” and 17” if you are keen on a larger model. Having the budget in mind, we thought of mentioning this unit in our list of the best laptops for physics students. 

9 Best Laptops For Physics Students in 2022
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LG is not a familiar name in the laptop segment. That was true until they decided to show the matchless LG Gram that is taking the whole of America by storm. The portable 14” IPS LCD provides you with exceptional visuals. 

The unit comes with the 1920x1200 and WUXGA feature resolution, providing you with opulent DCI-P3 99% color expression. The power in this model is just tremendous with the Intel Evo platform that is powered by the 11th generation Intel core i5-1135G7 processor. 

It comes infused with Intel Xe Graphics offering incredible performance for editing and creation. The laptop has a memory of 8GB RAM with a storage space of 256GB SSD. You know the performance of the model is going to be sublime with these kinds of figures. 

The unit has sufficient connectivity ports, including 2 USB-C ports, a full-size HDMI port, and 2 USB-A 3.2 ports. It also has a microSD card reader and a 3.5mm audio jack. The laptop comes with a remarkable battery life of 25 hours. 

That is a lot as you can work on it for almost two days without recharging it. The model is portable and lightweight at above 2 pounds. You can place it inside your bag and carry the unit around wherever you want to effortlessly. 

There is also built-in convenience in the form of the HD webcam, a backlit keyboard, and Alexa that is built-in. Does it come with any flaw? We will be honest with you. We did not find any issues with the laptop or working capability. 

It has got you covered in all aspects, including the pricing that is just above $1000. It is priced less than $1200, making it slightly expensive. All in all, this model is something to root for. Though we are apprehensive about the battery’s working life, the rest of the features are good. 


  • The model is lightweight and portable. 
  • The laptop has opulent features on it. 
  • It is infused with the 11th generation Intel core i5-1135G7 processor.
  • It has a barrage of connectivity options in it. 
  • The unit comes with amazing battery life. 


  • We can only say that customer support might be an issue. 

LG Gram 14Z90P – 14″ Ultra-Lightweight Laptop is a lightweight, reliable, and efficient device for students, programmers, and gamers. Irrespective of your requirement, you know that you can use the machine for your studies, projects, and gaming purposes seamlessly. 

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9. SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro

SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro is our final product. Samsung forayed its way into the laptop segment a few years ago. Though its models haven’t received the figures they would have preferred; they have managed to rattle up the rivals, which is itself a good sign. 

Best Laptops For Physics Students 8
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Let us read how the Galaxy Book model can help you out in your tasks. The model is a 13.3” AMOLED screen. You can also get it in the 15.6” variant too with the same features. So, if you are keen on using a larger screen, then the is 15-inch model can be helpful. 

The AMOLED monitor ensures that you can work even outdoors without any distraction from sunlight. The Galaxy Book provides you with rich visuals so that you do not have any strain on the eyes. 

It immensely decreases the harmful blue light. The unit is extremely sleek in design and nicely portable. We liked the colors available with it and preferred the silver-tone embellished on it. You know that you can carry it with you easily without any problem. 

The unit comes powered with the Intel Evo 11th Gen Core processor. Using it, you can download huge files and watch movies. It has a memory of 8GB RAM and a storage space of 512GB SSD, ensuring that you can save all your files with ease. 

It comes with a massive 20-hours battery working life. You can quickly recharge it with the help of the light charger. Since you are a student, you may want to pair your device with another device or PC. 

You can do that efficiently, increasing productivity. The files can be shared with Quick Share. Users can also connect on the Galaxy Buds Pro, switch from conferences, and meet up with colleagues or friends. 

You can also make use of notable features like the beauty filter on the camera. There is another feature called background noise removal. It comes with excellent connectivity in the form of updated OS, Wi-Fi 6E, and speeds 3 times quicker than normal Wi-Fi. 

You can perform better on the Windows 10 OS operating system and update it to make life better. Basically, it works a bit faster than standard devices. You can get more juice from the model when compared to others. 

The unit is quite portable at 1.9 pounds. You can now place it inside your baggage and move around with ease. It is priced less than $1200, meaning that it came expensively quoted. However, for the specifications, the unit is rightly priced. 


  • The product is reasonably portable at 1.9 pounds.
  • The unit is elegant in design.
  • It has an AMOLED screen.
  • It has a powerful Intel Evo 11th Gen Core processor.
  • The model comes with a 20-hours battery working life.


  • Few issues with the build structure of the model. 

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro is one of the best laptops for physics students. It is portable at 1.9 pounds, is elegant in design, has an AMOLED screen, powerful Intel Evo 11th Gen Core processor, and a colossal 20-hours battery working life.

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✅ FAQs

(Q) Do physics students need a laptop?

Any student, for that matter, can make use of a laptop. The machine is indispensable in many ways. While you do not have to choose an expensive laptop, you will want to opt for a powerful device to help your cause.

We have provided you with the best laptops for physics students to consider. Most of them are affordable and come infused with stunning features. You can also find most of the mid-range models good enough to complete your work on time. 

(Q) Can a physics student make use of the MacBook laptop? 

The Apple units come with exceptional security features embedded in them. Hence, it is not surprising to note that physics students, technicians, and medical professionals are making use of the MacBook. 

Though they are slightly expensive, they come with outstanding features that may not be found on most Windows-based laptops. But if you are comfortable using Windows machines, you can consider utilizing them. 

(Q) Why do physicists prefer to use MacBooks?

Physics students, data scientists, and programmers prefer using the MacBook as it comes with tremendous power. They also come with the durability of the Wi-Fi card and a user-friendly operating system.

You have the compatibility factor, too, where you can make use of several data science tools and the apps infused in them. Having said that, a science student may not have the need to spend $2000 on a laptop when a $1400 Windows laptop can get the job done. 

(Q) What should be the price point of a laptop for a physics student?

The laptop for a physics student can be around $1000 – $2000, not more. As you are a student, you may not want to rake up too many loans. Besides, we have mentioned several budget best laptops for physics students that are worthy of your time and money.

They are priced less than $600. You may want to consider them too. You never know what you may like or could have missed out on. But if you can afford the XPS and the MacBook, then you might want to consider them because there is no beating them. 


There you go, we have given you the best laptops for physics students. We hope you were able to make up your mind about the device of your choice. If you haven’t, then you can always reread the post. 

We highly recommend the Dell XPS, MacBook Pro, and the LG Gram, which we found astonishing. If you have budget constraints, then don’t let it bother you because you have exceptional models priced less than $600. 

As you need to perform some complicated tasks and technical work, you should ensure that the best laptops for physics students offer you the right solution and meet your financial capability. Did you like something that you read? 

Perhaps we missed out on a model, then please do let us know about it.