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13 Of The Best Lightweight Wheelchair in 2019 – Reviewed and Rated


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Lightweight Wheelchair in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

We take mobility for granted until when unfortunate incidents happen. However, when the need for a wheelchair do arise, you need to make the decision on what type, how often and who it is for and whichever choice you decide on, remember that ease of mobility is the ultimate reason why the wheelchair is purchased.

The wheelchair is also known as the medical chair been the most used equipment in the medical world used in transporting patients through the hospital without hassle. With that said wheelchairs are of three types – manual, transport, and electric wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs are the conventional models with the larger wheels at the sides for steering and two smaller directional wheels in front that maneuver the sitter to their destination.

These wheelchairs range in a variety of weights from light to very heavy. However, most manual wheelchairs are lightweight (15lbs to 35lbs) except for the extra large size or bariatric wheelchair that is bulky but very reliable and safe for the rider.

Manual wheelchairs are the real definition of lightweight, they are easy to fold and carry or store. They also feel like a normal chair making the rider feel comfortable to use their hands during eating or in a restroom.

They also have a brake system that holds the chair in place to allow the rider to get off or own the chair without any aid.

Transport wheelchairs are mostly used by riders that can’t push the chair on their own but employ the services of a caregiver or aid.

They are very lightweight and excellent for moving around a short distance. Transport wheelchairs are not for long sitting as the manual are and are extremely light weighing in at 15 pounds or even less depending on the designs. As the manual wheelchair, it also has two large wheels and two smaller one in front with a handbrake.

Electric wheelchairs are as the name implies motorized mobile system specially built for riders who want their freedom of mobility unhindered. They have a great build for outdoor and indoor use and very easy to get around.

These wheelchairs are lightweight with 3 or 4 wheels and a swing system that allow you to get off the wheelchair with ease.

Here is the List of Best Lightweight Wheelchair in 2019

With innovation transforming the conventional wheelchair to a more comfortable design and the new electric wheelchairs, the varieties of wheelchairs on the market can be confusing, but the main feature of choosing anyone is the weight. Below are some of the best lightweight wheelchairs for 2019.

1. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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These 23.5 lbs. extremely lightweight is not a wheelchair but a transport vehicle for the caregiver to assist their patients to move around with ease. The chair is designed to carry a weight of 300lbs comfortably without any weight drag on the part of the caregiver.

The chair has a handbrake positioned where the caregiver can easily stop the wheelchair and a seatbelt for safety and security. The seat is breathable, black upholstery is a 19 by 16 inches wide chair with full-length armrest and removable footrests.

Below are the Pros and cons of the Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair.


  • The backrest is foldable allowing the wheelchair to appear smaller for storage in small spaces which makes it best lightweight folding wheelchair.
  • It is durable and strong
  • You can feel the weightlessness of the wheelchair making is effortless to move around
  • The tires have excellent designs that don’t stain the floor when driven in the home
  • Best lightweight transport wheelchair for adults and especially the elderly in our society
  • It is very affordable at a price of $117.58


  • The wheels are not sturdy and weaken over time
  • The handbrake application is difficult
  • Consistent folding can wear the wheelchair over time
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2. Karman LT- 980 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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At a weight of 19.5 lbs, the Karman ergonomic wheelchair is designed for you and your companion with such effortlessness that makes the rider feeling active and it comes under our Best Lightweight Wheelchair in 2019.

This manual wheelchair is an improvement of the conventional wheelchair with features like a removable footrest, sturdy wheels, an ankle loop for security with a couple of storage pockets for keeping things while on the move.

The LT-980 comes with an 18 by 17 inches anti-bacterial seating with a lifetime warranty if used according to the manufacturer’s manual.

Below are the Pros and cons of the Karman LT- 980 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair.


  • It comes with a 20 by 1.4 inches solid rear wheels with stationery axles
  • A backrest that is 19 inches high for a comfortable backrest
  • It is capable of carrying a weight of 220 lbs
  • Brake system is positioned at a comfortable position for either the caregiver or the rider
  • Comfortable seating, well cushioned
  • It comes fully assembled from the factory


  • It is expensive at a price of $689
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3. The EliteCare Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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This travel wheelchair weighs in at only 11kg making it the lightest chair on the market and for a token price too at less than a $100.

Christmas must have come early for this beautiful pink wheelchair come complete with sturdy tires that make movement smooth even on bumpy grounds.

The adjustable footrest comes with ankle sling for safety and security of the rider. At a weight of 11kg, the EliteCare lightweight transit wheelchair can carry a weight of 18 stone. Furthermore, the brakes are effective for quick stops for the caregiver.

Below are the Pros and cons of The EliteCare Lightweight Transit Wheelchair.


  • It comes in a very attractive pink color that simply breath-taking
  • It folds easily and doesn’t take up storage space
  • It comes with a 19.5 inches high backrest for comfortable seating
  • A hand rest the length of the handle
  • Good grip handle for easy push or pull
  • The tires are great for outdoor and indoor usages
  • The footrests are adjustable or removable if the need arises


  • It doesn’t come with extra cushion for the seat.
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4. Hi-fortune Padded Armrest and Lightweight Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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At just 21 pounds this manual wheelchair is built for you with strong metal alloys of magnesium to develop a sturdy and durable mobile wheelchair capable of carrying a weight of 220lbs comfortably without problems.

The chair comes with a fully padded armrest along the length of the handles, and unlike normal chairs that the leg rest is manually adjusted, the Hi-Fortune has swung away legs has a knob that easily does that.

Aside from the lightweight, the Hi-fortune is foldable to a small portion for easy lift, and storage which makes it the best lightweight wheelchair for elderly.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Hi-fortune Padded Armrest and Lightweight Wheelchair.


  • It comes with a sturdy, and flexible front fork to help with obstacles
  • An effective brake system for quick stops and movement
  • The rear handle is non-slip for easy grip and control
  • The seat is 17.5 inches across the length and breath
  • It comes with a holding strap for easy carriage when folded
  • It has a two brake system – the front and rear


  • It is expensive at $499
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5. Drive Medical Cruiser III Lightweight wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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This made in the USA wheelchair weighs in at 41 lbs and can carry a body weight of 350lbs. with a seat width of 20 inches, it is the best chair for large people with a 16 inches backrest for a comfortable sitting at a 16 – 18 seat depth.

The upholstery is in-built into the metal railing for additional support and for easy extension. The wheelchair comes with a push-to-lock brake system for immediate stops in case of emergency.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Drive Medical Cruiser III Lightweight wheelchair.


  • A very comfortable wheelchair with padded seat, armrest and swing away footrest with extra padding for your calves
  • The seat depth is adjustable
  • A very comfortable and stable wheelchair for easy mounting and getting off
  • It is very cheap at $168.12
  • Strong 24 inches tires built for any terrain
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Very easy to maintain


  • Customer complains about quality issues
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6. Karman Ergonomic Wheelchair with Removable Footrest

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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Karman certainly tried to put everyone into consideration when designing this wheelchair. The 25-pound wheeler is great for adult and children with extra leg security and amazing stability for the rider reducing the risks of scoliosis and pressure sores for the users.

The seat is a beautiful silver color antibacterial 18 by 17 inches with wide armrest for increased comfort and stability. The breathable upholstery is built with a stain-resistant material that eliminates odor and very easy to clean.

The brake system is same on all Karman brands of wheelchairs for an easy stop with you toppling over.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Karman Ergonomic Wheelchair with Removable Footrest.


  • Great for small size individuals and also on smaller spaces
  • Very lightweight when fully opened and when folded
  • Well-padded seat and backrest for long rides without any aids
  • Great tires traction for any terrains and handling bumps and speed brakes
  • Excellent material for build and upholstery with its unique S-shape design


  • It is expensive at almost $600 for the wheelchair
  • It doesn’t come with a seatbelt but can be fitted with one
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7. Drive Medical Blue Streak Lightweight Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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Another very innovative manual wheelchair from Drive with flip back armrest and move to the side footrest; at 41.2 lbs. this 20 inches wide seat wheelchair can carry a weight of over 250lbs has a seat- to –floor height of 19.5 inches with cutting-edge build o allow either the user or their caregiver the ease to push or pull without strains or pressure.

The wheelchair has an attractive and functional look with detachable armrest with well-padded cushion for extra relief. Furthermore, the nylon covered seating allows for easy maintenance and a comfortable seat for the users.

This $110 cost wheelchair also has some excellent features like a high backrest for comfort, a push-to-look brake system at the rear to stop the wheelchair any time, additional straps for security and safety.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Drive Medical Blue Streak Lightweight Wheelchair.


  • An excellent aluminum frame designed wheelchair and one of the lightest on the market with a lifetime warranty on durability, efficiency, and ease of use
  • The build makes it very sturdy for the rider to get off and on without the aid
  • Its 20 inches strong tires allow the wheelchair to be ridden on any terrain and still maintain precise stability
  • It is a very comfortable wheelchair with a beautiful ergonomic design for the user
  • Very easy to fold and open and light to carry around too
  • The design looks like a chair with a well-positioned footrest that swings away easy to rest your foot on the ground
  • It comes with adjustable buttons for the chair allowing the user to lower and increase the height to fit them


  • The folding system stops working over time
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8. Invacare Veranda Manual lightweight Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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This 18 by 16 inches seat lightweight chair comes with a blood pressure monitor and electronic oral thermometer as an added gift for the buyer or user of the chair. The Invacare Veranda wheelchair is known for its durability, comfort, easy navigation, ability to maneuver on your own with a large back storage pocket and flexible footrest for convenience. The large back tires allow for personal steering and with less strain on the hands.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Invacare Veranda Manual lightweight Wheelchair.


  • Slim enough to fit through most doorways and tight corners
  • Large back tires give the user some independence to steer the wheelchair on their own
  • Great wheelchair for medical or personal reasons
  • Sturdy and durable and great on most terrains
  • An adjustable footrest that avoids numbness and swelling of the feet
  • Well-padded seat, backrest, and armrest for comfort and convenience
  • It is easy to fold and open
  • Lightweight at 49lbs. and carries a 250lbs without putting pressure on the wheels


  • The back pocket can’t be reached by the user except if the caregiver is available
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9. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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Off the bat, this is by far the lightest weight wheelchair for disabled adults either for their private use or by a caregiver to transport the patient to their destination.

If blue is your color, this blue metallic and blue upholstery wheelchair is sure to tickle your fancy with seat belt for the safety of the rider. At 17lbs, the chair will carry a body weight of 300lbs without straining the wheelchair.

Whether you are looking for a transport or manual wheelchair, this 18 inches seat chair is very comfortable and convenient that is easy to fold and store. It also comes with a padded armrest and foldable and adjustable footrest.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra.


  • For a wheelchair with all the features listed, the price is very accommodating at $135
  • Lightweight construction for easy folding, storing and carrying around
  • Excellent for use by caregivers or alone
  • Sturdy designs and lifetime durability
  • Very stable on any terrain
  • Extra support with an 18 inches seat height with an 18.75 inches well-padded armrest
  • It also has a 6 and 18 inches caster in the rear wheel for stopping
  • Among the Drive Medical brand, the flylite weight is the best for grown-ups


  • The folding mechanism wears off after sometime
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For patients that don’t want the aid of a caregiver or wounding the wheel on their own, the electric wheelchair will provide the freedom and mobility that they need. Below are some excellent innovations that will never make you miss walking around.

10. EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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The EZ HD DX12 is built for top cruising mobility comes fitted with a single lithium battery that can go for more than 10 miles with a single charge. The wheelchair weight 58 lbs.

without the battery inserted and 64lbs with the battery weight. With 12 inches pneumatic tires, the EZ DX12 is built for any terrain taking mobility to a whole new level. The chair can be fitted in with another battery to increase the mileage on the EZ DX12.

Below are the Pros and cons of The EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12.


  • The quickest and easiest foldable chair for storage or travel
  • Great for all terrains
  • Excellent and sturdy build for stability
  • The EZ supports a 330lbs weight easily with a 5-position-reclining
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a top speed of 5mph
  • It is easy to maintain with the joystick close to the hands for easy control
  • The seat and armrest are well-cushioned


  • The folding mechanism can be tricky without the proper understanding of the manual
  • It is expensive, costs a huge sum of $2600
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11. Innuovo Electric Power Wheelchair Lightweight

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
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With technology and new ideas come innovative pieces like the newly FDA approved electric 50lbs wheelchair with an upgrade for a more secure and safe ride every time.

This FDA certified electric wheelchair has all the technology you need for comfort, convenience carries a weight of 300lbs without stress. The strong aluminum alloy frame allows for strength, stability, and durability of the design on any terrain.

The chair seat is an 18.9 inches wide with a 19.6 inches back support with a 16.1 inches depth and 8.3 inches padded armrest with a seatbelt for safety.

24 volts 6-ampere double lithium battery produces enough power to take you at a top speed of 4.5mph when fully charged. Furthermore, the seven and nine inches front and rear tires provide great shock absorption when driving on rough surfaces.

Below are the Pros and cons of The Innuovo Electric Power Wheelchair Lightweight.


  • The safest and most stable wheelchair on the market, it is reliable and offers the opportunity of freedom to the user.
  • High quality builds with sleek design and features
  • The superior designs on the joystick allow for easy control and maneuvering on any terrain without help
  • It comes with an anti-leaning rear design for added stability
  • You have the option of a headrest for comfort
  • Easy to fold and store for travels or drag along
  • A lifetime quality assurance guarantee


  • It might take a while to understand the controls
  • Coming in at $2400, it is too expensive for some people
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Buying Guide For a Best Lightweight Wheelchair in 2019

There really isn’t any elaborate guide to buying a wheelchair as the purpose is always clearly obvious – to ease mobility and increase flexibility and control for the rider. However, if you’ve never bought one, here are some guides to help you choose one.

The Rider:- although wheelchairs are designed to carry any weight, it is paramount to know the weight of the rider and how much weight the wheelchair is designed to carry comfortably without putting the rider in pain or exposing them to any danger as they go around their daily affairs.

The Purpose:- what is the wheelchair for and how is it will be used? If the rider is an active younger rider, a very modern and comfortable for easy mobility and control is for them while elder riders with little strength need one to just get from point A to B

The Budget:- although wheelchairs are affordable, the more accessorized wheelchairs can cost more than expected. Wheelchairs are built to last and so it won’t be a waste getting on that has all the necessary amenities to ease mobility for the rider.

The Features:- a regular wheelchair has larger wheels, smaller wheels, a leg rest, hand rest and a backrest and a cushioned or well-padded for comfort. Manual wheelchairs have a knob attached to the wheel for easy rolling during movements while electric wheelchairs are controls by simple control pads and a motorized engine.

Folding and storage feature:- a wheelchair should be easy to fold and store when not in use. It should also be easy to carry across in a car booth when traveling with any hassle.

We are all grateful for mobility, whether you are on your two feet or using a wheelchair; it all boils down to comfort and convenience. The history of the wheelchair is not clear-cut but whoever did start the first ever wheelchair, kudos to them.

Having a wheelchair shouldn’t add more limitations to your life, with that in mind; we have drafted a list of what we believe is the best wheelchair worth investing your money into to get mobility and freedom.

Wheelchairs are built to last and even when the upholstery is damaged; it can be easily fixed to a new pattern and design. Wheelchairs can also be custom built to your specifications too. Whatever your choice, there is one that will suit your lifestyle, weight, budget, and enhance your way of life.


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