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5 Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops That Works Like a Charm

Linux is one of the most versatile operating systems in use to date. It is fast, secure, and supports a wide range of customization options. Programmers, mathematicians, physicists, etc., use Linux for these reasons.

It was also used in the old days. Many computers back then only supported Linux. Some of those computers are in use even today.

But over time, they tend to get slow due to extensive usage, stress on hardware, and most importantly, the software has become more hardware intensive. Here’s what a distro comes into play.

Linux distributors, shortened as Linux distros, are skins for devices built on the stock Linux operating system. They compile, read, and compute data, most of the time faster than stock Linux software. Some examples of distros are Ubuntu, Android(yes! Android is based on Linux), etc.

Linux distros take all the code from the open-source tasks and accumulate it for you. They go along with it into a lone operating system you can boot up and present.

They furthermore make choices for you, for instance, picking the default workspace environment, program, and programming. Most courses add their last subtleties, similar to subjects and custom programming – the Unity workspace environment Ubuntu gives, for example.

If you are having trouble with your old laptop to choose a distro, worry not. We are here to help you. We have curated a list of the best distros available right now to speed up your old Linux machine.

Read along to find the list of the best Linux distro for old laptops and their unique and helpful features.

Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops – Our Pick👌

1. Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux (Download Here) is the first one on our list for the best Linux Distro for old laptops subject to Ubuntu. In no way like most different vehicles, Bodhi utilizes its Moksha work area and spotlights on giving you an insignificant system to run on more set up PCs.

Bodhi Linux was first presented in 2011. The devs attempted to give a fast yet straightforward experience. That breaking point utilizes the lightweight Moksha Desktop and has the fundamental applications preinstalled.

Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops

The acknowledgment is to provide the client with a solid stage to make the needed system. It depends on the most recent Ubuntu LTS.

From the beginning, Bodhi sent with the Enlightenment work area climate. Bodhi Linux has been known as the changed Linux distro. The word ‘bodhi’ depends on the Sanskrit word for “lighting up.”

Regardless, that changed when Enlightenment 18 was passed on. The improvement was not doing as incredible that it was kept away from Bodhi. Enlightening 19 was passed on and fixed a piece of the issues, as of now had issues.

Following endeavoring to work with the Enlightenment dev gathering and additional time, the Bodhi devs forked Enlightenment 17 of each 2015.

The new work area climate would be named Moksha, which depends on the Sanskrit word for “a promising situation, opportunity, or improvement.” You can track down the code for it on GitHub.

Bodhi 5.1.0 is the critical vehicle in an amazingly immense period, and the subsequent advancement is to be set up on Ubuntu 18.04. Other than restoring social events, it has new default pictures and subjects in a like way.

This improvement makes two or three trips to the default applications. Leafpad comes preinstalled rather than Epad, and GNOME Web (regardless called Epiphany) replaces Midori). The repeater system updater was taken out.

There are four fascinating Bodhi 5.1.0 accessible to download: Standard, Hwe, AppPack, and Legacy. Minimum system requirements: 500 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 5GB drive space.

Minimum system requirements:- 32bit, 500MHz (Non-PAE) processor, 512MB of RAM and 5GB of drive space

Bodhi Linux 5.1 Trailer

2. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux (Download Here) hangs out in the Linux social class, but its name is not as familiar with the folks as other best Linux distro for old laptops. The respect it has in these customer networks is a direct result of its notable positive credits on display.

It is reliably good to go on account of its pre-packaged default gadgets and components that meet a Linux customer’s step-by-step figuring objective. It is deftly adaptable to understand and promise it as impressive father genial with an emoji smile verifiably.

Pup Linux has a, for the most, pretty much nothing and reduced size with the ultimate objective that you simply need 300MB additional space to pull it around without any problem. This distro is simple, fast, and very easy to use.

Since you can understand its system’s plan in minutes, it takes a comparable proportion of the term to modify it pleasant to you gently.

Puppy Linux is machine-flexible as per its different flavors that peacefully work on new and old PCs. This distro has a comprehensive arrangement of puppets, which are subordinates produced using it.

These positive credits are what Puppy Linux offers for the current and confident customers that should be a piece of its Linux social class.

Puppy Linux is amazingly extraordinary that we can’t pack it with these referred to authentic Linux distros.

Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops 1

Debian can stay single as a particular Linux distro, and Ubuntu can, in like manner, stay lone as a lone Linux distro yet with various flavors like Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio. When we use the Linux distro thought to describe and group Puppy Linux, we appear at an exciting statement. 

Puppy Linux is a reliable and fast Linux distro. It gains express applications and courses of action, OS building toolsets, and shared improvement chiefs from different Linux distros to out and out gather and make its uncommon person.

We can see Puppy Linux as a crossbreed Linux distro with various Linux distro DNA impressions accumulated from different Linux families.

Notwithstanding this conceptualized definition, Puppy Linux sorted out ways to loosen up and make three other saw Linux distros. We can recognize them with several great decrees.

The Puppy Linux bunch is liable for its steady development and backing. The Woof-CE Puppy Linux system producer added to the general improvement that portrayed and requested it as a comprehensively helpful Linux scattering.

This class of Puppy Linux distros also serves the convenience of an extensively valuable Linux system despite its developmental norm or objective zeroing in on unequivocal customer needs and (UI) appearance and plan.

Moreover, the Woof-CE Puppy Linux engineer is responsible for its contributive turn of events or headway yet uses extra adjusted packs to make it stand separated indisputably.

These distros are reason gathered like this their lifestyle as remasters. The Puppy Linux lovers neighborhood is responsible for its constant upgrades and backing.

The distros recorded under this characterization hope to serve a specific limit like merging the workspace environment of two little canines to outline making Puppy Linux distro that remembers going afterword dealing with, coordinating, or even association archive sharing.

The remembered parts and show of spontaneities regarding Puppy Linux are just an unimportant detail of the miracle it returns to the Linux social class.

The Puppy Linux transparency has been low for a long time, yet the waves and tides from its discussion conversations and sponsorship networks are beginning to rise.

It is a lightweight Linux distro that sells its excellent parts and functionalities, paying little psyche to be irrelevant in size. You get to experience the pound it takes from other diverse Linux distros submitted for its world.

Expecting that you question the show specs of your current or old machine gear, let Puppy Linux be the adjudicator before you excuse the comfort of your mechanical hardware.

Minimum system requirements:- 500 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 5GB drive space.

3. Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu MATE (Download Here) is an incredible assistant to Ubuntu. It utilizes the MATE as its Desktop Environment rather than the GNOME 3 UI utilized by Ubuntu. It depends upon a fork of GNOME 2 that got reached out considering separations between the dev pack.

The split is an outcome of the new interface called the shell that was made for GNOME 3. The game plan was nothing similar to the normal work area found in various OSes around then in 2013-14, basically Windows.

Ubuntu MATE is yet another of the best Linux Distro for old laptops and is viewed as a lightweight decision rather than Ubuntu.

This expected to accumulate actual leads the spread to appear at specific levels in the single-board joining up, in any case, called the ARM sheets. Their Raspberry Pi variation is hugely utilized for couples dealing with needs, including mentoring and fundamental activities.

The work area looked decision and cleaned. You can, in any case, have the work area pictures and have the decision to put chronicles and envelopes on it.

Ubuntu MATE has a few treats for you for people who look for beautiful sight highlights. Tolerating the default Chelsea Cucumber green shade of pictures, features aren’t your taste.

Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops 2

You would now have the choice to sprinkle your work area with nine extra hiding decisions clearly from the “Welcome” menu. Each shade mixes in charmingly, including the work area foundation, and it looks incomprehensible.

The MATE social occasion would have somewhat not baffled its clients. Consequently, you get to apply the weak topic near the coverage plan. With the right tones utilized, you can make a wonderful-looking work area.

These disguising changes should be possible from the “Welcome” screen. Tolerating you shut the welcome screen application, loosen up, and accumulate it by analyzing the Brisk menu. The invite talk box has also gotten a tremendous redesign load, including present-day energy and a characteristic UI.

Ubuntu MATE pack has completed its work, and the outcomes are verifiably clear when you begin utilizing the operating system. Window Manager for the MATE work part, known as MATE, brings a few upgrades. The obscure window corner is correct now added to the UI.

You don’t have to get the edge of the window to resize it unequivocally. You can rapidly snatch the side and resize the window with a more expansive vague corner.

I don’t know whether you had incited the warning picture (cost) for the MATE Panel screen-shot above, yet definitely, the MATE board has the new Indicator that shows the “notice focus.” You can set the most incredible number of obvious cautions and add/clear out the applications that are not permitted to show the observes.

It has all the earmarks of resembling the GNOME and MATE bundle had near characters during the movement as I saw the “Empower don’t angry” mode, which was, in addition, a piece of the GNOME 3.36 transport.

A much-dismissed part in other Linux spreads to deal with the firmware related to your PC’s equipment is noted by the MATE bundle.

Another GTK front end for the firmware update instrument is added that grants you, as far as possible, and reinstall firmware on gadgets kept up with by Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS).

Other than that, it can open locked contraptions, avow firmware on keeping up with gadgets, and also show all movements for a firmware gadget. This is a helpful part to have, particularly while managing old equipment and closeness investigating.

ZFS is a duplicate on-structure filesystem for those new to this term, which can take audits of whole filesystems. This is the same old thing regarding engineers as the vast majority of the moving transport constructs utilize this part to pass on new design sneak looks. With this part open to everything clients, they can take a depiction of their system and use it later.

Ubuntu MATE 20.04 gets GameMode where everyone can contribute. It is an open-source project.

With this mode melded into Ubuntu MATE, gamers can, in a general sense, run the kept up with games, and the system will ordinarily initiate GameMode. On the other hand, you could empower the GameMode by finishing the under-demand in the terminal.

Minimum system requirements: 500 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 5GB drive space.

Ubuntu MATE 21.04 - Elegance Redefined with New Panels and more!

4. Linux Lite

Linux lite (Download Here) OS depends upon Ubuntu. It has a very lightweight XFCE work area climate. It has Ubuntu’s Long Term Support (LTS) ideal. Linux Lite operating system, in a way, passes on an excellent design in five years following the Ubuntu discharge musicality.

It is a predictable appropriation that has a significant length to assist with a 32-digit ISO. There isn’t a lot of Linux distros that support 32-bit system Linux Lite is one of them.

This is one of many benefits of this Linux Distribution.  In any case, there is a trick. The 32-cycle Linux Lite OS is eventually open for the 3x series just ward on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which is kept up with until April 2021.

Xfce is utilized as the default UI for Linux Lite with change. This gives a light theme to your desktop. The Xfce is changed as per oblige dull mode, focuses exceptionally expected for Linux Lite.

Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops 3

Linux Lite pre-stacks regularly critical applications, not at all like vanilla Ubuntu flavor. It goes with VLC, GIMP, CD/DVD copier, LibreOffice office suites, and significantly more applications pre-stacked.

Notwithstanding those focal ones, a look on the application list, in addition, shows a wide degree of programming accessible with its default establishment. For instance, there are utilities for speedy construction data, driver establishment, plate part, and some more.

Applications pre-installed in Linux Lite are Linux Lite 5.2: GIMP, VLC, GParted, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GNOME Paint, Shotwell, Xfburn, Synaptic Package Manager, Catfish File Search.

Linux Lite gives its organized application list also. Here is a screen catch of the applications unequivocally accessible with Linux Lite.

Linux Lite joins two applications for the software show. It goes with its Lite software which outfits you with an outline of programming to present and crash with a tick of a button. Similarly, the unrivaled Synaptic gathering chairman is, as of now, heavenly for clients.

The application list helps me with recalling the MX Linux Xfce release. Different pre-familiar applications are indistinguishable from MX Linux dispersing.

Regardless of how MX Linux and Linux Lite are somewhat fascinating generally. MX Linux depends upon Debian with AnTIX, and Linux Lite depends upon Ubuntu LTS varieties with GTK. 

In that sense, I feel MX Linux is even more reliable (for Debian-organized) to the degree that the general strength of the dispersal expects you are utilizing it as a bit-by-bit driver. You might battle. Be that as it may, Linux Lite participates in advantage as it uses the most recent Kernel and packs subject to Ubuntu LTS variants.

Linux Lite 5.2 depends upon Ubuntu 20.04.1, so you get all the most recent Kernel restores and upstream bundles. Nearby that, it brings some enormous updates too.

Linux Lite 5.2 has support for Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the Lite Software. In like way, Simple Screen Recorder is intertwined according to the typical technique.

Lite Widget and Firewall are at this point controlled by Settings Manager. The Lite gimmick shows Laptop battery status when utilized on a laptop.

Lite Tweaks was added with taskbar restore highlight. Adobe Flash cannot be installed in Linux Lite 5.2. It can not be introduced from Restricted Extras.

Other striking changes to this resulting point discharge unite new foundations, a direct hub menu, strengthened UEFI records for constructive cooperation.

With these pre-introduced applications, lightweight in nature, it is undeniable that this dissipating is unimaginable for adolescent Linux clients who are likely relocating from Windows.

An ideal Windows were abrogating transport for beginners with Ubuntu at its base. This development is a perfect mix of the most recent gatherings with steady quality – ideal for everyday use.

Minimum system requirements: 1 GHz processor, 768 MB RAM, 8GB drive space.

5. Arch Linux

Conflicting progress starting around 2002, Arch Linux (Download Here) isn’t new. It’s cultivated a gigantic, steadfast later of clients who love Arch’s fundamental mantra, where equilibrium and decision rule.

No Arch Linux establishment is practically indistinguishable, and that is the appeal to Arch clients. It isn’t the easiest Linux distro for beginners to use. If you are looking exactly for a Linux distro that can really do what it is meant for, Arch Linux is here.

At number 15 on the Distrowatch observable quality overview over the range of continuous months, Arch is in like the way one of the most major Linux distros. Could we find the inspiration for why this moderate distro keeps striking?

The arch is an indisputable distro for decision, so as you can expect, picking how Arch Linux turns indeed passed on vertical to you. The establishment of ISO doesn’t go with a work area climate in any capacity whatsoever.

The theme can be changed according to you and there are a lot of options available for customization. 

5 Best Linux Distro For Old Laptops That Works Like a Charm

If you are installing Arch on a low-filled machine, XFCE is a simple yet effective theme that you can set on Arch. Raising XFCE on Arch takes a couple of requests at the terminal nearby some additional approaches beginning there.

As you’d expect, the presentation from an Arch establishment will move in any case. Picking a “heavier” work area climate like KDE will restrain your PC separated from an Arch Linux establishment with a lighter elective like XFCE.

Arch is smooth to use. KDE is unquestionably not an optimal work area climate for a lower-asset PC, regardless.

The primary advantage of Arch can, in addition, be its most critical downside. It is not the easiest to use the Linux distro for rookies. How easy to use it becomes will change on the thing you choose to use with it.

Where Arch tumbles down for learners, it gets itself for Linux-trained professionals. For some Linux clients, the Arch Linux wiki is the hallowed goal. It guides you through establishment and plan. Nevertheless, don’t anticipate an essential ride.

The Arch Linux gathering is broad and filled with different clients and creators who will respond to questions and plan some help. Essentially want to see the manual.

The absolute most upsetting issue for most clients needing to introduce Arch Linux is the establishment. Tolerating that you’re coming from another dispersing like Ubuntu or Windows, without a doubt, it’s a completed monster.

No graphical installer is joined. Nothing graphic is entered, undoubtedly. Each choice is dependent upon you, and it’ll guess that you ought to approve of utilizing the terminal. You’ll require the Arch wiki establishment guide, as well, to help you through it.

Curve has several rule bunch storage spaces for you to introduce your packs and exercises. The power Arch pack storage spaces merge you want to run a pivotal Arch establishment. A client remained mindful of storage space combines different groups that acknowledged Arch clients have decided for thought.

On the off chance that you genuinely need to track down programming, the Arch User Repository (AUR) site is a decent spot to look.

You can look for packs by articulations with consistent depictions. It’s dependent upon you to see the gatherings you’ll require. Besides, a lot of AUR partners permit you to give applications no issue.

Arch Linux won’t win grants for accommodation, and it leaves the possibility of its appearance subject to you (and different originators).

Tolerating that the KISS approach appeals to you, with control and decision at its center, then, at that point, check out Arch Linux. Arch Linux-based distros will regularly go with an overwhelming installer and UI, picked for you now. 

Top Five Reasons To Run Arch Linux

Minimum system requirements: 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 5 GB storage.


That’s all for our list of some of the best Linux distro for old laptops out there. Install any one of them, and your computer will indeed perform better.