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Best Mac apps that help customize your keyboard


Thanks to the advent in technology humankind have gracefully shifted from the typewriter to laptops and desktops. Most of us use the desktop for all our typing work.

In fact, I myself use my MacBook Air to punch in thousands of words every day. So it is of prime importance that one should be well acquainted with the keyboard they use for typing and also make sure that they use all the shortcuts it has to offer.

The Need for Keyboard Customization

Some of us might argue that there is no need to customize keyboard when manufacturers are already offering shortcuts. It is indeed true that all keyboards, be it on Mac, Windows or Linux come with its own set of shortcuts.

For instance, the “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” shortcut has been one of the most popular keyboard shortcuts of our times.

However, the keyboard shortcuts fall short when it comes to repetitive work. I am sure you agree since most of us end up using repetitive phrases or words while typing on our Mac.

This is where the third-party apps to customize MacBook keyboard come into the picture. This software not only allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts but also offer other additional features like advanced clipboard manager.

Keyboard Maestro

Best Mac apps that help customize your keyboard

The Keyboard Maestro is one of the most popular apps for customizing keyboard on Mac. This particular app offers a comprehensive set of functionality and the focus is on maximum customization. Thankfully the app allows you to create as many keyboard shortcuts as you want.

Apart from keystroke triggers the app also offers a text expansion capability. With this feature, you can use the keyboard shortcut to type a piece of information, a particular phrase or any other alphanumeric characters.

Keyboard Maestro also lets you customize the Touchbar on MacBook Pro along with Windows and mouse cursor manipulation.

Download it here

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Best Mac apps that help customize your keyboard

Well, the Flour app comes with a unique feature. This app will allow you to set different shortcuts for different apps. For instance, if you are using Adobe the shortcuts will be different as compared to Google Docs. So the bottom line is that Flour lets users have a different key combination for different apps.

The app works by changing the behavior of Fn key and you can always set a custom behavior for each combination. The best part is that Flour is free of cost and yet it offers all the advanced features.

Download it here

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Best Mac apps that help customize your keyboard

Well, not everyone needs a complex piece of keyboard customization software. Thor is a simple lightweight application that aims at offering the essentials. The keyboard shortcut app offers a simple user interface and allows you to Record Shortcut.

Thor lets you open your favorite apps by using keyboard shortcuts. The best way to do this is by using the “Control” key to create shortcuts. Thor can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Download it here

A word of caution– The last time I used Keyboard Maestro it messed with my function keys and I had to uninstall the same and then clear out all the residual files. So always make sure that the basic functionality of your key is not disturbed.