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9 Of The Best Massage Chair Under 500 $ To Buy in 2019


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Massage Chair Under 500 $ to buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

We all need to unwind every once in a while especially after a hectic day of hustling for our daily bread. One great option is the massage chair, but with the price they go for in the market, perhaps a spa date will serve the same purpose.

Well, hold your horses; do you know that you can get a good massage chair for 500 dollars and less? Yes, you heard it here, 500 dollars without sacrificing on quality, durability, and functionality.

It may not come with all the buttons and extra features that the high tech expensive ones come with but we can assure you that you will get the right muscles relaxed and your bone knocked back to place after using the one in the review.

In addition, to get a good brand for 500 dollars, you can also get good stores that sell refurbished brands for that small amount that will serve the same purpose, not money wasted.

In this article, we will give you some of our top picks, and a buying guide to choosing a massage chair. Seat back, relax and enjoy.

Massages are the oldest form of medicine known to man. They are effective in relaxing and restoring us to our normal self by easing away stress, fatigue and prevent hidden pains and aches in the body

Over the years the introduction of technology has brought these massaging techniques into our homes in the form of a massage chair. Below are the best massage chairs under 500 dollars.

Here is The List Of Best Massage Chair Under 500 $ To Buy in 2019

1. Human Touch Active iJoy 2.0 Massage Chair

best massage chair under 500
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This massage chair at first glance looks like a seat from an airplane. Small, compact, well put together, excellent finish and very appealing which is everything a massage chair should be.

If you are looking to relax those bones and muscles, the iJoy massage unit might be worth ruffling your feather for a good massage. The sleek and smooth design provides the best massage right from the moment you seat on it.

It is guaranteed to ease joint pains, ache, and stiff neck and back and also restore tired muscles. Furthermore, the seat is soft comfortable, you will never want to get off.


The motion on the iJoy is so unique. It uses a stretch, orbit and a glide motion program to stimulate deep therapeutic massage ensuring that you get massaged where you need it. The stretch motion is the first set aimed for the back and gradually working the massage motion up the spine to increase blood flow, unknot block nodes and release muscle tension.

The orbit is the second motion on the program. This motion works the back from side to side to relieve stress, soreness and surface pain for a more relaxing feel.

The glide is the last motion, and this program set the massage chair to give your spine a deep massage for that truly back massage for a good night rest. To really get a good massage right in each setting, the iJoy can be reclined 180 degrees to mimic massaging by a human.

Size:- The Human Touch iJoy is small, and you don’t have to worry about space; just tuck it is a corner and it looks very much like part of your home furniture.

Performance:- With the settings and modes of massaging, the iJoy is the best massage chair under 500 dollars on the market. It will deliver a thorough massage to a targeted area and relieve muscle pain all over with the FlexGlide technology.

Adjust to your Taste:- The massage chair is designed to adjust to the level comfortable for you. That is if you prefer hanging halfway, the chair will do just as position, and you still get to enjoy a full massage without any compromise.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Human Touch Active iJoy 2.0 Massage Chair.


  • Great price
  • Great for neck back, and shoulders
  • Comes in two colors – bone and espresso
  • Works well
  • Excellent massage home therapy


  • Not built for large body frame or height
Final Verdict:-

This stimulates a human masseuse hence the reason why it’s first on our list. The chair is also lightweight and easily moved around. Furthermore, it can serve as the chairs in your living room to ensure you stay relaxed all day every day with a compact and sleek design.

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2. Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair

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A good chair with a high back is what the doctor ordered after a long day at work but thanks to technology, Relaxzen has taken the old recliner chair up a notch for some real massage at an affordable price.

This coffee brown chair is solidly built with steel and metal frame covered in soft form and elegant leather finish for a message that will have you in la-la land in no time.


Performance:- While this chair will sit comfortably in your office, study, bedroom or sitting room; the recliner power is what makes it different and worth every penny spent.

The chair is powered by 8 vibration motors for a message that targets the upper and mid back, thighs and calves.

The chair also comes with nine programs of massage modes to allow customize your massage sections to the area where you ache to get the proper relief for it but also how deep you want the massage. To ensure that you are well-massaged, Relaxzen comes with a lumbar heat option that helps with stress and muscle tension which makes it to fit in our best massage chair under 500 $ 2019 list.

Size:- The Relaxzen recliner massage chair is 21 by 22.5 inches high and wide with a swivel action like an office chair. The solid circular metal base gives this chair the strength to support heavy weights up to 300 pounds.

Adjust and use:- The Relaxzen is a recliner, so it is bound to go back but this comes with a small stool that allows you to lift those tired feet up for real good body massage.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair.


  • Solid and well-built
  • Comes in brown, no need to worry about getting it dirty
  • 8 motors to massage the upper and mid back, calves and thighs
  • Nine pre-programmed modes to decide how intense you want the massage to be
  • Full control on how much reclining you want during massages


  • It is very difficult to assemble.
Final Verdict:-

The old office chair design is now a massage chair that does wonders. Most customers that purchased this chair love the design, program, comfort and overall the price. Get on assembled in your office to increase your mental awareness and kick stress away.

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3. Full Body Curved Rail Electric Shiatsu Massage chair

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This massage chair looks like something technology breathed out o a good day. The design is purely innovative with accessories to take you on a massage trip all the way to the Orient.

The chair is curved allowing for a comfortable and balance sitting position with the shiatsu massage rollers for a deep therapeutic massage to ease pains, knots and stress away.

Some accessories are surrounded speakers, a position to hang your smartphone or mobile device, a Bluetooth function with USB speaker and a great piece for your office or home.


Performance:- The shiatsu curve massage chair is one of the best massage chairs for deep body massage without any hassle.

It comes with 3 pre-programs 5 massage modes – knocking, kneading, tapping, shiatsu and air pressure body massages to give you the best massage therapy when seated on it. It also has comes with 4 airbags located at both sides of the seat around the hip region to mimic the swinging action like a professional masseuse to relieve pressure and tension from the waist, lower back, and hip muscles.

Build:- The chair is the average size and will gladly seat anywhere you place it on lockdown. It has a set of rollers that allow you to move the chair in any direction you want without any trouble.

Overall the build is solid with a sleek and sophisticated style massage chair that will take the pain away from your back, hip, thigh, and shoulders effortlessly.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Full Body Curved Rail Electric Shiatsu Massage chair.


  • The control buttons work excellently
  • It has wheels for easy movement
  • Very silent and comfortable
  • It has the ability to focus on a particular area during a massage
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • It comes fully assembled – just open and enjoy


  • It doesn’t recline
  • Doesn’t provide a full body massage
Final Verdict:-

The Shiatsu curve rail massage chair is what you need after a long day in the office; with so many modern accessories like the surround sound that allows you can listen to your favorite song while you relax.

The price, comfort, designs, and accessory is why it’s on our list, it might not recline, but it is a massage chair worth spending the money on.

4. Mecor Electric Massage Recliner leather chair with Heat

best massage chair for the money
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What looks like a normal settee is boldly transformed into a massage chair that will make you never bother about stress, joint pains, and aches again.

Whether as living room furniture or a placed in a secluded area for a relaxing massage, this recliner rocker with a cup holder will ensure you never have to stand up for anything until you are satisfied.

The chair is of a solid and sturdy build with a slid wooden underlying frame with high-quality leather and soft form for comfort like no other.


Performance:- This ergonomically designed massage chair has 8 massage points with 5 different massage modes to relieve neck pressure and pain, spine tension, tired and tight joints and also release tension and stretch shoulder muscle at a go.

It is a full body massage chair with a heating system for deep and intense massages and an easy to use remote control system. It also has a recliner system that goes back 135 degrees with a footstool that pops up for a more calming and soothing massage especially great for people with back properly or just coming out of back surgery.

Assembly:- The Mecor heated massage chair is a heavy chair and definitely not one to move around anyhow hence it is always a good idea to find a suitable position for the chair to avoid any inconvenience.

The massage chair comes in two parts making it easy to put together or take apart for travel purposes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Produces even vibration all over the body for equal stimulation
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • A cup holder for drinks


  • It is heavy
  • It is not durable
  • Not suitable for daily use
Final Verdict:-

Regardless of the cons, the Mecor heated massage chair certainly beats others in this category by far. Even though it is not suitable for daily use, it will give you a total body massage that will keep you relaxed for days.

5. HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Chair

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Even office workers need a chair to massage them during work hours and keep their sanity. The executive swivel chair has an in-built support system for the lumbar region giving the entire back the support needed to prevent fatigue but also helps with good sitting posture.

HomCom designed this chair to provide relief for workers or people that spend more time at the office than at home. It is very comfortable, with high armrest with relief options such as vibrations and heat for tired joints and muscles.


Size:- The HomCom massage chair weight 300 pounds and has a dimension of 23.5 by 26.5 by 43.5 inches and a wide seat of 21.5 inches.

To provide adequate comfort when sitting the seat thickness is 4 inches and back is 5.5 inches thick. The entire seat is covered in faux leather for added comfort for upper and lower back with legs.

Build:- HomCom massage chairs are just like any office chair with four rollers for easy movement but also have a solid frame interior to carry your body weight without any hassles.

Performance:- The HomCom executive chair offer full body massage especially to the lumbar back region. The padded chair can be adjusted to suit your height and to provide superior body support during massages

It also allows you to customize your massage setting using the remote control with 6 massage settings.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Chair.


  • Durable and stable base
  • Can carry a body weight of 300 pounds comfortable
  • Has 6 massage points with vibration and heat therapy
  • Great for back and leg massage
  • The massage duration is 10, 15 or 20 minutes for a full body massage.


  • The motor generates fault after long use
Final Verdict:-

For people that use the HomCom massage chair, it certainly delivers on massing the said body parts delivering precision vibration and heat to areas of the body that needs relief.

If you want a chair that won’t break the bank but has excellent performance and durable for office use- you might want to spend a little on the HomCom heat executive massage chair.

6. Earthlite Vortex Portable Foldable Massage Chair

best massage chair review
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Most people will love to enjoy a spa treatment or massage in the comfort of their homes but carrying a massage chair might be a tedious job to do.

The above massage chair gives you the opportunity to enjoy an excellent massage for full body relaxation. The best thing about this massage chair is that you can fold into a tote bag for easy carrying from one point to another.

The Earthlite massage chair comes in a different color with a detailed manual to ensure that you know how to use it to attain full relaxation.


Design:- This massage chair mimics the regular massage chairs seen at spa centers. It is made with dual density, high-quality material to provide the best comfort for the client during the massage.

The seat and the entire body can be adjusted to suit the height and weight of the client accordingly. The seat can be adjusted by 2 inches from 4.6 inches to 6.6 inches and with a comfortable arm, leg, sternum and face pads, you will definitely enjoy your massage.


  • Very durable with 3 years valid warranty on the upholstery and cushions
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • The lightest massage chair on the market at 15 pound but well-built
  • Very sturdy and comfortable
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • Not the best for short people
Final Verdict:-

With a mobile spa, a new business venture, having this massage chair can take your business to a whole new level as customers get to enjoy a good massage at any location without stressing about it.

Whether you are buying it for business or for personal use, the Earthlite Vortex massage chair will give you all you need at a spot.

7. Flash Furniture Massage chair

best massage chair review
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Looking for a great massage chair for achy bones and tense muscles, this massage chair is one t look forward too.

Spend some quality time reading your favorite book or watching TV; this massage chair allows you to take the stress of your feet while enjoying a quality massage on back, legs, thighs, and lumbar region. Suitable for office or home use, this piece of furniture will be your companion for tired and gloomy days


Build:- With a dimension of 29.2 by 46 by 42 inches, this massage chair has a solid, sturdy and durable build that will last you years before developing any faults.

The backrest and seat are double padded cushioned with beautiful soft faux leather cover for a comfortable massage. To enjoy more, the backrest reclines and has an inbuilt headrest for added comfort but also to help the vibrations get deep into your achy bones to relieve you of any pain.

The Faux leather wraps the entire chair to give a uniform and more sophisticated look and style.

Performance:- The Flash furniture massage chair offers high quality, deep and intense massages for your back, leg, and thigh. It comes with 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels to give your body the ultimate massage ranging from simple to deep and relaxing.

All controls are remote allowing you to customize your massages without any stress.


  • Swivel seat to create a rocking effect during massage
  • Comes with a knob that adjusts the recliner just the way you want it
  • Easy to use and clean
  • A small storage unit at the side of the char for keeping your phone, magazines or other items


  • The assembling needs a thorough read-through of the manual
Final Verdict:-

Heat, vibration and a solid massage chair, Flash Furniture has cemented their position in the world of massage chair.

All the functions are remote control meaning at the touch of a button you get what you want. Recline the backrest and listen as stress, aches, fatigue, and pain slips away from your body.

8. Esright Ergonomic Lounge Recliner Massage Chair

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The Esright massage chair is 360-degree swivel PU leather that will give you a powerful message easing aches and pain without bursting the bank. The chair looks aesthetically pleasing and has a recliner will give you the best stretch for your spine.


Build:- The massage chair has an excellent frame covered with a strong double padded cushion under soft PU leather for a pleasing look. It comes with a pillow for comfort while the massage is the one going or for sitting down for a relaxing evening at home.

Performance:- This massage chair with 150 degrees recliner comes with heating and vibration option for a deep and intense massage. The remote control system gives the option of 5 control modes and two intensity levels allowing you to customize your massage as you please.


  • Comes with two come holders allowing you to store your phone, magazines or any item you need close by
  • Great value for the amount paid
  • Very comfortable and easy to use


  • The drinks can spill when swiveling the chair around
  • The back gets worn easily due to the reclining action
Final Verdict:-

No as durable as others but it will give you the basic massage to relax and restore you completely. The chair allows you to relax during a massage and also lifts your leg for a full spine stretch and deep massage.

Buying Guide For a Best Massage Chair Under 500 $ in 2019

The Cost:- massage chair are expensive – with all the features they come with it is no surprise the prices they go for on the market.

However, expensive is not a guarantee of durability. The above listed are all with the $500 mark and deliver excellence in massage your body or targeted areas on your body.

The Size:- massage chairs are big and occupy space. Unless you have a good spot for it, it will just be another cumbersome piece of furniture that will annoy you one day.

So when buying one should take into consideration the size and the location it will occupy in your home.

The Features:- massage chairs are meant to mimic humans massaging you; so from Swedish massage which is light kneading massage to shiatsu which target pressure points around the body; massage chairs to it all.

Some come with musical amenities allowing you to stay calmer during a massage, or recline to get more intensity during a massage.

Durability and Ease of use:- massage chairs have moveable parts and if you are using it daily, it gets worn out and eventually gets broken. So if you are buying one consider the usage and duration.

The warranty and Customer Care Service:- whether you are buying for 100 dollars or for 10,000 dollars, the warranty matters. When purchasing, look at the warranty on the movable parts, the upholstery, and the chair.

Benefits of using Massage Chairs:-

It is Convenient:- what is better that getting a massage when you want with booking an appointment or having a masseuse come into your home.

With so many features, modes and programs, one is sure to get the right massage that suits them at the right intensity and duration without any disturb.

Relaxation:- massages immediately trigger your body relaxation hormones which relax you. This singular act can induce sleep, stop snoring and relieve pain and aches in the body.

Aids quick recovery:- for patients suffering from back, shoulder or hip pain; having a massage chair can help you combat the pain and reduce your dependency on medications

Boost immunity:- massage is like a workout only you are not doing the hard work. During a massage, the body immune system is improved which can cause you to save money visiting a doctor.

Increase blood flow and oxygen around the body:- when you start a massage chair, the massaging action such as tapping, kneading, rolling all help to increase blood and oxygen flow around the body.


Massage chair has taken the stress of booking for a spa appointment to enjoying a total body massage in the comfort of your home or office after a long and stressful day in the office or your place of work. They are the best options for people that want to relive simple ache, pain, muscle tension or back pains without depending solely on painkiller medication.

For the article above, we can see that massage chairs differ in size, performance, function and the modes of massage. When looking for a massage chair, please keep the listed guide in mind to avoid wasting money on a bad one that will not serve any purpose.


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