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7 Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors in 2022

As a rule, most of us get excited at the sight of a few monitors on our tables or desks as a sign that we are incredibly productive and hardworking. While that is true to a certain extent, professionals can improve drastically and do much better. 

You could be a stockbroker, trade analyst, designer, coder, gamer, or browser. We all can agree on the need for a systematic and organized desk. In this post, we will be talking about some of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. 

There are benefits of using an ultrawide monitor in the first place. You get to purchase only a single screen, and the other advantage is that it helps you become productive. These days few monitors come with a dual view, where you can see two images simultaneously. 

However, with an ultrawide monitor, you must also ensure a durable and robust monitor arm for view. Getting a monitor arm helps you not only to save immense space on your table but makes you make profitable decisions too. 

The need to spend your hard-earned money on too many monitors and other peripherals is not there. When all you need to do is get yourself the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. 

We wish choosing a monitor arm for your ultrawide monitor was as easy as picking up the first thing your eyes see in the shopping mall. Sadly, that is not the case. Hence, we had to do some research to compile the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. 

These monitor arms are produced by leading manufacturers and are highly recommended by consumers all over America. These monitor arms can easily accommodate your ultrawide screens effortlessly.

Importance of using monitor arms:-

We are living in a world of technology where not a single day goes by when you do not get to view the monitor. It could be your smartphone, tablet, laptop, ultrawide monitor, or just about your television set. 

No matter what you do, your back and neck hurt and remind you of the flip side of sitting for prolonged hours. Viewing your ultrawide monitors does not have to be a painful experience at all.

Using the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors is handy. They enable you to have proper posture when sitting in front of it; your eyes do not get strained. Another benefit of using the monitor arms is that you can turn it seamlessly. 

You can turn your monitor to the vertical side, reverse it, and adjust it to the proper position. This is vital for those who spend long hours in front of the monitor. You do not have to move the entire setup to show somebody else what is on your monitor. 

Whether working in an office or from home, you can easily have the installation done yourself. Videos and tutorials are provided along with the monitor arms when purchasing them. 

Consumers have benefited through the monitor arms immensely, physically and mentally. The body’s posture has significantly improved, and the need to lean forward and move backward is not necessary. 

When do you want to purchase the monitor arms? 

To be honest with you, not everybody will require the monitor arms. But there is no harm in having one installed at home or office. It never hurts to have something helpful. However, when you notice that your body and eyes are aching, it is time to get them. 

The monitor arms should offer ample space to work and make you productive. Most monitor arms come ergonomically designed so that you do not have to bend your head or back. 

Some consumers feel that the monitor arms may not carry the weight of the ultrawide monitor. But that is not the case as they can carry them seamlessly. You can also install them in your work area effortlessly. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 👌

Below are some of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. The main concern for many users is the weight of the ultrawide monitors of more than 35″.

But we can assure you that the monitor arms listed in the review are top-notch and ultimate. 

Without further ado, let us begin reading the review.

1. Loctek Monitor Mount D7L

Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is our top pick. The Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. Let us find out why. Firstly, it can hold monitors that weigh close to 35 pounds. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors
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This unique trait is not found in many monitor arms, even in the market. We were quite impressed with that and some other extraordinary features embedded in it. The product also comes with an adjustable mechanism that lets you work comfortably. 

Like most monitor arms, it helps you save space on your desk. You have not only a tidy desk but also a productive day. The numerous customer reviews on the product will catch your eye instantly. 

The Loctek Monitor Mount D7L has long arms infused with a gas spring system that allows you to adjust the height seamlessly. You need to swivel each arm joint, tilt the monitor holder, and increase the height that can go all the way to 21″.

It lets you work effortlessly, having less stress on your eyes. This way, you can sit for those prolonged sessions. We also found that the back and neck regions are not strained. Besides, it has a 90 degrees rotation ability for supporting landscape and portrait.

We were delighted with the adjustable hex nuts that calibrate the arms’ tension according to your ultrawide monitor’s weight. Users were also satisfied with the less time it took to install the unit on their table.

Depending on your convenience, you can use a grommet and clamp approach. They can be fitted on tables of 0.98″ to 4.7″ thickness. It has a cable organizer that enables you to move the cables freely.

We liked that feature on it. It is priced at less than $100 and is affordable. Does it come with any flaws? We felt that lowering the monitor arms was slightly challenging. You may need to put in the effort when using it, which you may get used to with time.


  • The surface is resistant to scratches. 
  • You can use the mounted ports for your USB, audio, and microphone. 
  • It is compatible with use on 10-35″ monitors. 
  • It works fine using a 100mm-by-100mm VESA pattern.
  • Users find it convenient to use as there is no stress on the eyes and neck. 


  • Few users felt that adjusting the height functionality was problematic. 

Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors because it has those qualities that make it.

The unit is scratch-resistant, mounted ports are flexible, compatible with 10-35″ monitors, and works 100mm by 100mm VESA pattern seamlessly. 

2. Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm

Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm is in the second spot and has a deserving entry on our list. The ease of installation of the single monitor arm makes it accountable for its users. The product also comes made of a sturdy aluminum body. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 1
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The monitor arm can carry close to 34 pounds. It is the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors. You can make use of monitors that are between 17-35″. We felt that this was quite an exceptional quality in it. 

As if that was not enough, it comes with an external VESA adapter that can support four patterns, including 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 200 x 100, and 200 x 200mm. It has a modular design enables it to increase or decrease the arm’s length depending on your desk’s size. 

Similar to the Loctek DL7, it has a gas spring arm for effortless height adjustment. Users can also tilt the monitor up to 45 degrees, both up and down. Its mount head has 180 degrees rotation, and you can use it in either landscape or portrait angles. 

A distinct feature on it would be the quick release tab, which enables you to install it immediately within a few seconds. The built-in cable organizer helps you to connect the CPU and the screen effortlessly. 

We felt that the hinge found on the VESA bracket needs some effort when tightening on an otherwise remarkable product.

Nothing else we could complain about on this outstanding product that is priced less than $95 making it affordable and has a 5-year warranty. 


  • It comes with a desk clamp and a grommet base.
  • The tension is adjustable and includes an Allen wrench.
  • The product can be set up or removed instantly. 
  • It comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and one audio port.
  • The manufacturer has provided a 5-year warranty on it. 


  • Few users thought that the setup was time-consuming. 

Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm is your go-to product when searching for the best ultrawide monitor arms in 2022.

It is affordable, reliable, and has a barrage of specifications that make it suitable for home and office usage. 

3. WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount

Next on our list of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors is WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount. This unit is from the house of WALI a household name in the United States of America. 

WALI is known to produce some stunning products as far as monitor arms go. Hence, we thought we would have mention of one such product on our list. It comes with multiple adjustments and can withstand 14.3 pounds and 27″. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 2
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We wanted to give our readers the option of a wall-mounted unit. You can effortlessly install it on your wall as it comes with a VESA plate suitable for brick walls. The design is detachable, which makes it ideal for taking up compact space. 

You must attach a single arm to the monitor and set the other on the wall. The need for balancing the monitor when you want to screw in the VESA plate is not required. We liked working on the gas spring arms with a movement of 13.5″.

The mounting head can be tilted up to 75 degrees. It also comes with a 360 degrees rotation, which you can adjust depending on your ergonomic position. A cable manager can be integrated on the arm’s rear as it conceals wires for a neat presentation. 

Most monitor arms seem to have a similar issue of figuring out the assembling. It was very much the same here too. Maybe you can take the help of a professional repairman or a friend who knows how to handle such things. 


  • The product is designed for carrying 27″ monitors. 
  • You can make use of landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Its adjustment is tension featured and sublime to use. 
  • It comes with a VESA plate that is detachable. 
  • The unit is affordably priced for all. 


  • Besides a complicated installation, the instruction manual was not useful. 

WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount is the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors when looking for a durable wall-mounted unit that comes under your budget.

The features are remarkable and worth your time if you are OK with a rigid installation.

4. Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm

In our fourth spot, we have the Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm. It is another worthy mention in the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors section.

It has a robust design using an aluminum construction, as it can withstand 30 pounds. 

7 Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors in 2022
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That is delightful, and besides, you can easily attach it to any desk you want effortlessly. Ergotech Heavy Duty removes the unwanted mess of cables and monitors piled up on the desk. You can stretch the aluminum arm 27.6″ to have a hunch-free position for prolonged hours.

We found the product is immensely flexible for positioning it according to your comfort. This is something in most of the monitor arms in the market. The product has a 360 degrees rotation similar to the WALI unit we read above. 

It also has a 180 degrees pan offering a wide-ranging tilt in both up and down directions. Besides, it comes with the ability to support both landscape and portrait modes. It also has a head mount compatible with two VESA patterns.

Users felt that it is quick and straightforward to set up. You can also find an integrated cable manager that enables you to have your workstation clean. However, we thought that the quality of gas springs on the arms was of poor quality. 

That is suitable for heavyweight monitors, but the lightweight monitors had some drops using the lowest setting. You may want to use the monitor arms for less than 20 pounds. It is priced at less than $96, making it affordable and cheap. 


  • The monitor arms can hold 35″. 
  • It comes with a reliable design. 
  • There is a 90 degrees tilt on the up and 45 degrees down-tilt too. 
  • It is a one-touch height adjustment feature. 
  • Ergotech Heavy Duty has a 3-year warranty period. 
  • best monitor arm for 34” ultrawide


  • Few users thought that it might not work for lighter monitors.

Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm is the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors in the market for 2022. It is durable, can hold 35″ monitors, and comes with 90 degrees tilt and 45 degrees tilt on the up and down, with a one-touch height adjustment and a 3-year warranty period.  

(Best Monitor Arm?) Ergotech Freedom Monitor Arm Review

5. StarTech Desk Mount Monitor Arm

StarTech Desk Mount Monitor Arm is another exceptional and stable option for using your monitors. It comes with a flawless adjustable height mechanism and can hold a maximum of 30 pounds providing you with a sublime viewing capability. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 4
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We also thought the mobility is flexible, offering you optimum customization quickly. StarTech Desk Mount is almost similar in appearance to the Ergotech Heavy Duty. The performance is on par with it. 

It has a pole that supports the monitor arms designed for maximum stability. It can easily carry monitors that are 30 pounds. The unit comes with both C-clamp and grommet mount for a simple installation process that does not take too long. 

It has a head design that enhances its use with flat and curved VESA mounts. We happily used the 360 degrees rotation that can be effortlessly done in landscape and portrait settings. The product has an upward and downward tilt at 90 degrees and 15 degrees. 

Does it come with a flaw? Yes, it is slightly expensive compared to most of the monitor arms on the market. But when you want exceptional features infused in it, then be prepared to pay for the same. 

It is priced less than $141, which is costly, but with robust construction and eloquent performance, you may not mind paying those extra dollars. On the whole, it will be a remarkable product in 2022. 


  • It has a durable construction. 
  • The mounts can be used for Apple monitors as well. 
  • You can make use of curved monitors of 34″.
  • The silver matte finish is glossy and elegant to look at. 
  • It has a simple height adjustment feature. 
  • best monitor arm for 49” ultrawide


  • The StarTech Desk Mount is expensive and will cost. 

StarTech Desk Mount Monitor Arm can be expensive, but that should not put you off because it has some very exceptional qualities that you do not get to see often in monitor arms. The best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors come with staggering features that you may want to use. 

At the time of our research on the Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors, we found a video about “If You Spend Hours on a Computer, These Tricks Are a Must,” which is worth watching. 😎😎🤴

If You Spend Hours on a Computer, These Tricks Are a Must

6. VIVO Heavy Duty 

VIVO Heavy Duty Articulating Single Pneumatic Spring Arm has a wide-ranging motion that suits anything you need. The best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors find themselves in sixth place on our list. 

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 5
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It is an adjustable arm that comes with dual mounting. This helps quick and enhanced installation either in your home or office. We were taken aback by the sleek appearance of the monitor arm. 

This is something that you do not get to hear often. It also comes with a central pole, which makes the design. Consumers can use it for 0.4″ to 3.5″ thickness. It also has a sturdy C-clamp and grommet mounts for several tablet surfaces. 

Its gas spring mechanism works flawlessly, enabling the arm’s tension on the monitor’s weight. There is a top-notch height enhancement on the unit. The product has a maximum height of 12,” and you can place it on the level you are comfortable with. 

You can also tilt it to 35 degrees. The unit can support 180 degrees, and like most other monitor arms, it has a 350 degrees rotation. The unit can hold a minimum of 4.4 pounds to 26.4 pounds. 

We found that the C-clamp mode may leave marks on your desk. So, you may want to be careful about using that. It is priced at less than $79, which is quite affordable and reasonable. 


  • It has a steel body that is sturdy and durable. 
  • The unit has an 18.5″ lateral extension on it. 
  • It comes with an in-built cable routing.
  • It offers the required hardware for installation. 
  • The unit has a 3-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • The surface may get scratched and marked. 

VIVO Heavy Duty Articulating Single Pneumatic Spring Arm has an exceptionally durable steel body, in-built cable routing feature has a 3-year warranty. The product is affordable and comes priced ideal for students and working professionals. 

7. Amer Mounts LED LCD Monitor Arm

Amer Mounts LED LCD Monitor Arm is at the seventh position. Please do not be swayed by the low rank of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. The unit can carry more than 17 pounds and comes infused with an LCD/LED monitor arm.

Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 6
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It is compatible with 17″ to 32″ wide monitors. The unit is complete as it comes with a screen tilt and rotation mechanism feature that is a value-for-money deal. Consumers can make use of the topside for installation as it is simpler that way, to do. 

The grommet mount or C-clamp can be used for installing it, which is quite robust. It is user-friendly and infused with a quick-release VESA mount. You can detach the plate and then fasten it to the monitor. 

After that, you can attach it to the arms. It is quite simple. If you use the monitor arms for the first time, you can use the manual. You can set the arm’s height between 7.6″ to 17.7″.

You can also rotate the monitor to 90 degrees. The 180 degrees of swivel of the monitor arm offers you immense flexibility and ergonomic design. It also has an integrated cable manager with a good design that hides the wires inside. 

Yes, there is a minor flaw in it. The plastic joints can be substituted with a durable one. Hence, users must be gentle in handling the tension, as tightening it too much can cause it to get damaged. 


  • The product has a gas spring tension adjustment.
  • The unit has a 180 degrees base rotation.
  • It comes with more than an 18″ extension.
  • The VESA mount can be removed. 
  • It is affordable and suitable for all. 


  • The plastic joints were feeble and had to be gently used. 

Amer Mounts LED LCD Monitor Arm is an exceptional product, except that it comes with plastic joints that need to be handled gently. This is gas spring tension adjustment, 18″ extension, a VESA mount that can be detached and is reasonably priced.  

How to choose the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors?

The best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors can improve the ergonomic benefit of using a large viewing monitor and is relatively cost-effective. Besides, they also offer you ample working space rather than having several monitors cramped up in your working table. 

Instead, your mind can be entirely focused on a single monitor that enables you to make profitable decisions and be productive in your work. You do not have to overburden yourself with the video card and have the power-up along these lines. 

  • The movability of monitor arms

The monitor is usually rigid and cannot be moved around, and when you want to make it flexible for movement, you might want to consider using monitor arms. When you are purchasing a stand, it gives you flexibility. 

You can also consider comparable flexibility for using the pivot of the mounting arms around the stand to enable it to turn the way you want. You can make it go right or left. Besides, you can also have it reverse and move forward tilt also. 

  • The stature of the monitor arms 

The stature of the arms is proportional to the monitor’s distance from your eyes. This is important, especially if you do not want to be looking up at the screen. But instead, you may wish for the screen to be slightly reduced in height to your eyes viewing.

It ensures that your eyes do not strain or your shoulder or neck gets stressed due to the monitor’s viewing. This is something that many users tend to forgo when installing their monitors in their desks or work area. 

  • The monitor arms must be compatible with your screen size.

Please make sure that the monitor arms are compatible with the screen. You may have a large screen sometimes, but the monitor arms might not adjust or be consistent with the monitor. When that is the case, then your purchase is in vain. 

Besides, you do not want your monitor falling or getting damaged because the monitor arms cannot withstand the weight. The monitor arms can specify the compatible size range, which is the first thing to look out for. 

  • The assembled material of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. 

You can find many types of material for the monitor arms. They come made in the likes of aluminum and steel. Few mount stands come with a mixture of them. It is essential that the material can hold the monitor’s weight and is durable. 

This point may not be crucial because the products mentioned in the list come from strong materials. But you do not want a monitor arm to experience wear and tear within a few months of installation. 

  • Linking the board 

Linking the board enables you to ensure that the wires are all safely tucked inside and not outside. You do not want your wires hanging out and making your desk appear bad. Besides, you do not wish to have any electrical accidents to occur. 

  • Make use of adjustable gas spring mechanism.

We have ensured the best ultrawide monitor arms come with an adjustable gas spring mechanism. Of course, you can always use the mechanical spring; however, using the gas spring gives you more control. 

  • The mounting base of the monitor arms

Invest in the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors that come in a desk arm. Choose the products that have both C-clamp and grommet mount. It prevents your monitor arm from appearing if your table is changed shortly. 

  • The cable manager of the monitor arms

Most of the ultrawide monitors come with a built-in cable manager. But you may want to ensure that the unit can hide the cords. It enables you to keep the table clean but also has an elegant appearance. 

You also make sure that the wires do not get damaged easily. You never want to work on a table with wires dangling dangerously outside. We also would mention that few monitors have additional clips for securing the wires safely. 

FAQs on the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors 

(Q) Can monitor arms fit into all kinds of displays?

These days monitor arms manufacturers ensure that their products fit into all monitors. Monitors come with a mounting plate at the rear, making it simple to install the monitor arms. The need for using a lot of workforce and tools is not there. 

Once you have purchased the monitor arms, you must fix them onto the monitor or display. This is a simple process; at times, however, you may need to use tools for installation. The old monitor can also be installed using the monitor arms manufactured today. 

(Q) How many years do the monitor arms last? 

It depends on the brand and the budget of the monitor arms. If you purchase some of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors, it can easily last 5-8 years or more. Typically, users do not keep installing and uninstalling the setup. 

That may cause some damage to the monitor arms. If you are sure about your monitor’s position and install the monitor arms once and for all, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Please avoid using cheap or low-quality products because they will not last one year. 

(Q) Can you tighten the monitor arms on the monitor? 

Yes, you can tighten the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors flawlessly. This can be done by placing the tension to a neutral position and pressing the end of the arm downside. By doing that, the hex wrench clears it, and then you can adjust it using a screw. 

Once done, you should turn the hex wrench in the counterclockwise direction. When you do that, the tension between the monitors is significantly reduced. This can be done for large screens and small monitors that must be fixed securely. 

(Q) Do monitor arms save space in your working area?

They not only help save space but also allow you to adjust your monitor depending on needs. Users can work from home or a traditional office without hassle. The need to take a lot of space is not required. 

That is because the monitor arms enable you to deck out the office area effortlessly, offering you sufficient place. You can also have other stationery work on the desk. The primary use with monitoring arms area they immensely decrease stress on your eyes. 

(Q) What must be the ideal height of the monitor? 

The best height for your screen should be 20″. You may want to set it such that the monitor height is not less than 20″. Using a lower height adjustment can cause your eyes to fatigue and tiredness. 

Your eyes should downwards and not upward when viewing the screen. Hence, we recommend using 51cm from eye contact and an arms-length when working for prolonged timings. 


We hope the information we offered you through this post was useful in searching for the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors. You may want to choose an arm compatible with your ultrawide monitor. 

We highly recommend the Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Gas Spring, Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm and WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount for your use. They are elegant in looks, robust in build, and come affordable; you do not miss out on them.

The other products mentioned on our list of best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors can also be considered. They are unique in their way. At least, that is what we thought when we were preparing the options. 

We also encourage our readers to spend some time online in their research. This way, you ensure that nothing went off your radar. At times, you may find some models that we missed out on in hindsight.

These were some of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitors in the market for 2022. Confidently, you can now pick up any one of the products from the market without any fuss. We have ensured that you are not challenged as we went through. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one before it is too late.