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Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

There are billions of websites have been created.Small business to big companies, freelancers to employees all the people have their profiles and websites to contact them and know better to them online.

Most of the time when we have a query , we are doing a google for particular terms to find out the result. But there are lot’s of New Amazing Websites You Should Know to make your online experience much easier. We decided to collect most useful amazing websites in this article.

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New Amazing Websites You Should Know

1. Google Open Source ( https://opensource.google.com/

This site brings together all the free, open-source projects Google has created over the years. You can discover what they do, learn how Google uses them and grab the source code for yourself (assuming you’re a dab hand at software development). As you’d expect from Google, searching for the projects is quick and easy – there are two list views
and a drop-down search menu packed with categories.

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

You’ll also find lots of documents, information about hosting an open-source event and details of student programs and contests. Be sure to check out the blog, too.

2.The Guardian ( https://www.theguardian.com/ )

The Guardian newspaper recently hit the headlines following its switch to a tabloid
format, and its website has undergone a revamp, too. The most noticeable changes include the new black masthead, red headlines and a color-coded menu for News, Opinion, Sport, Culture, and Lifestyle.

The new custom Guardian font makes the text bolder and easier to read, and there’s better comment signposting on stories, along with picture captions that only appear when clicked. Sections still use the familiar five-column layout of old and all the content that regular readers enjoy remains, but the design is cleaner and looks more like a newspaper.

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3.StartPage ( https://www.startpage.com/

StartPage is a long-running search engine that combines results drawn from Google
with the promise of total privacy. As well as using proxy links that open sites without
leaving a trace, you can set it to automatically highlight your search words on the
page when you click through.

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

Welcome additions include better image searching, which lets you fine-tune results using size, color and type filters; and a new Instant Answers feature, where you can type questions to get answers within the search results. Best of all, because no user data is collected, the results are unfiltered so you get the full web and not just what Google wants you to see.

4.Wishlockr ( https://www.wishlockr.com/ )

Talking about your death is likely to dampen the mood somewhat at family get-togethers
but this new website offers a solution. It lets you quietly create an online
record of wishes and memories that can be accessed by three chosen people after
you die.

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

Building your lockers is intuitive and, dare we say, enjoyable: you can jot down your life’s path, add images and music, detail your last wishes as well as cover the necessities such as listing your financial information. WishLockr is free if you don’t go over 1GB and promises to encrypt your data to protect it from prying eyes. It even encourages living life to the full by letting you create a jam-packed bucket list.

5.Beat Asthma https://www.beatasthma.com/

There are 5.4 million people diagnosed with asthma in the UK so although this website aims to help those affected in the North East, it’s useful information wherever you live. It provides lots of resources for young people and families along with advice on managing asthma, what to do when faced with an attack and information about current and emerging medication and treatments.

The approach can feel a little clinical but it’s undoubtedly authoritative and comprehensive. We love the handy tips and the use of case studies, and the flu jab prompts are a welcome touch, too.

6.Now This News ( https://nowthisnews.com/

Back in 2015, NowThis closed its website to concentrate on providing content directly
to social platforms. Now it’s reinstated its “destination website”, posting a daily
bite-size news roundup, setting videos to music and explaining what’s happening via
captions. Content is presented in a manner that’s slick, smart and accessible, not to
mention popular – given the number of views – but the articles, while well chosen,
clickable and interesting, aren’t particularly authoritative and seem mainly designed
to go viral. Still, if that’s your thing, you can share the articles on social media, view
them full screen and access a host of channels and topics.

7.Keep Bears Wild ( https://keepbearswild.org/ )

Yogi Bear may have loved stealing picnic baskets, but ursine access to human food is a big no-no in real life. You can learn why at this rich resource from officials at Yosemite National Park, California.

As well as photos and videos, there are lots of information about bears, their habits, and threats, as well as an in-depth blog about the latest conservation efforts. Best of all,
Yosemite’s online bear tracker uses data from GPS collars to show each animal’s location and how many miles it has traveled. The map offers case studies of bears, too, including details of how many have been hit by vehicles since 1995.

8.Racing Post  ( https://www.racingpost.com/ )

It’s odds-on that racing fans will like this refreshed website, which puts more information at your fingertips while looking much less cluttered than before. Not only is it better designed for mobile devices, it gives the day’s races top billing and lets you watch live with a single click.

Race cards have beenr edesigned to include both the total number of tips per horse and a new Live tab for text commentaries. The data in each horse’s profile is presented in sortable columns, and the search engine is more accurate, drawing on more than
200,000 articles from racing experts.

9.English Heritage

English Heritage has joined forces with Google Arts & Culture to let online visitors nose around thousands of interesting rooms, objects, and artworks.

It provides a dizzying amount of content, telling the stories of 29 historic locations across England. We couldn’t fail to be impressed by the quality of the 360-degree tours, stunning images, and beautifully shot videos.

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

You’ll find yourself scrolling up and down a fair bit to get a sense of its sheer scale, but with lots of articles to read, picks by the curators and a chance to explore English heritage via a detailed timeline, this fascinating site is sure to keep you busy

10.How To Fix A Toilet ( https://how-to-fix-a-toilet.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

Have you ever asked Google how to boil an egg, make money, put on a tie or fix a
toilet? If not, then you’re probably in the minority. This fun interactive essay, created
by a visual-data journalist in collaboration with Google’s New Lab, shows the number
of times such requests are made.

By typing in a country and scrolling down, you can hover over the various “how-tos” and see how often people searched for them. You can also click through to the Google results or simply enjoy the readable commentary and trending patterns. It’s a fascinating insight with some wry observations and entertaining animations, though you are rather forced to read from beginning to end.

12. Allergy Travels ( https://allergytravels.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

If you have a food allergy and worry about triggering it when you are eating out while abroad, then this website may prove invaluable. The idea is that visitors can leave tips about dealing with allergies in specific countries while saying which airlines best cater for
specific needs. At this early stage, the site is still finding its feet – most of the current reviews feel too general and the pages lack a refined structure, making it harder to find specific information.Thankfully, related articles from the web and travel tips are written in-house help bridge the gap.

13.Team Knowhow ( https://www.teamknowhow.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

As well as selling electrical items and phones, the retail group of Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse is intent on boosting its technical support.
Team Knowhow has been rolled out to more than 1,000 stores and this site lets you book a repair. Its step-by-step process is intuitive: choose the kit and see the price. You can only book by phone, although you can track repairs on the site and get a sense of what they involve.

More impressive are the free kit guides looking at setting up gadgets, cleaning them and other tips. There’s also info on support plans, trade-ins and insurance, all wrapped in a cheery design.

14.WhereIWant for Christmas ( https://whereiwantforchristmas.com/)

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

Sick of receiving socks for Christmas and just want to get away from it all? Then steer
your friends and family to Virgin Atlantic’s new ‘crowd-funding’ website and you could be jetting off somewhere warm and relaxing come to the New Year. Simply choose a destination and enter a suitable cost to generate a page asking others to chip in for your holiday. The hope is that you’ll hit your target and get enough cash for a return flight, although you can revise the cost up and down should the flight prices change. It’sanice, well-implemented idea, even if you are restricted to Virgin flights and its list of destinations. We reckon it’s bound to take off.

15.Nature’s Calendar

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

In its bid to study seasonal changes in plants and animals, the Woodland Trust is asking you to help expand its database by recording your own observations. The task is made easy, with a step-by-step process that involves selecting a species group before noting the event, date and location, together with a photo and comments.

All your submissions can be viewed on live maps alongside those of other contributors, and there’sasmall section of recent records to look at. The site also explains what’s being recorded and why, and provides interesting seasonal and research reports, too

16. Film and Furniture ( https://filmandfurniture.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

If you’ve ever spotted an interesting item of furniture while watching a film and thought you’d love to have it in your own home, this site will help you out. Search for a film, director or object, and you’ll see a list of items and the movies they appear in. You can then read about the furniture’s background and, if you decide you want it, click the link to the online store that sells it.

The site’s articles are in-depth and very well informed and include information on the why a certain style of décor or piece of furniture was chosen for that particular film set. The site also suggests movies to watch for inspiration. A Hollywood home beckons.

17. Google You Owe Us ( https://www.youoweus.co.uk/ )

Determined to prove that Google unlawfully collected personal data from as many as
5.4 million iPhone users between June 2011 and February 2012, this new campaign
group has turned to the web to spread the word. Its website explains the situation
and the group’s aims using a combination of video and text, and the content includes
a comprehensive FAQ. While you’re reading, you can decide whether or not to join
the campaign, and discover how to protect your data. There’s also information about
consumer-rights champion Richard Lloyd, who is representing everyone in the claim.
If you used an iPhone between those dates, it’s well worth a look.

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18.Windows Insider ( https://insider.windows.com/en-us/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

The website for Microsoft’s Windows 10 open software-testing programme has received an attractive overhaul, with better content that’s updated more frequently. You can read stories about the Insider community, keep up with news of global contests and find articles on forthcoming updates and glimpses behind the scenes. Details of how to join
the programme and help shape Windows’ future are easy to find, and there are how-tos to help you if you run into problems.

Joining is a great way to try features before they’re released, but simply keeping an eye on the site helps you keep abreast of new developments

19.kaspersky Earth 2050 ( https://2050.earth/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

We can never be sure what’s around the corner, but some people make a living by predicting the future. This stunning site gathers fascinating forecasts from prominent futurologists about the years 2030, 2040 and 2050. Navigate the globe, choose a city, object or event and read predictions about what to expect in them. You can indicate whether you agree, see how many people support your view, leave comments and share the page on social media. Many entries are accompanied by striking 360-degree illustrations and you can rate the artists and the graphics. When more entries are added, it’ll be truly out of this world.

20. The Big Tech Question ( https://bigtechquestion.com/ )

This site from a group of tech journalists (including our columnist Barry Collins)
could save you a lot of head-scratching in front of your PC or phone. Spanning five
categories – Smart Home, Hardware, Software, Gaming and Reviews – its neatly
presented pages provide authoritative answers to multiple conundrums such as
‘What does the AltGr key do?’ and ‘Why does my BT Smart Hub keep disconnecting’?
You can also comment on articles and share them on social media. We like the mix
of short and long reads, the wittily written content and the lists of popular and most
discussed topics. It’s a great bookmark to visit for some daily advice.

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21. Musician Go ( https://www.musiciango.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

It may seem that musicians merely need to rock up to an X Factor audition to gain
publicity, fame and fortune, but the truth is that most struggle to find an outlet for
their talent. By registering with this site, artists, bands, teachers and anyone
associated with music can advertise their services for free, while those seeking
to hire session musicians or find local tuition, a local shop or studio can connect easily.

You can browse the site by category or search for a location. Profiles can include audio and video, and there’s a great built-in messaging service. You can also leave reviews and
check out the informative blog.

22.Imagine Peacebook ( imaginepeacebook.com )

Imagine there’s a website that allows you to share messages of peace with the world. Well, imagine no more, because the Imagine Peacebook – inspired by
John Lennon’s famous song – not only lets you write 101-character messages
but also read those left by others.

Created to mark both International Day of Peace on 21 September and the launch of Amnesty International’s new fundraising picture book, the site lets you filter the messages by country and read those written by celebrities. You can also watch a video, listen to snippets of the song and buy the book itself.

23.Go Skip Compare ( https://www.goskipcompare.com/ )

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

If you don’t fancy wasting your time phoning skip-hire companies for a quote but still want the best price, this beautifully presented comparison site could be the answer. Enter your postcode and the dates you want the skip to be delivered and collected, then
indicate the type of waste and whether or not a permit is required, and choose a skip size.

You should get a range of quotes and be able to sign up and book one online, though some areas had no results and others only one or two skips.

Still, the site is easy to use and there’s a comprehensive FAQ. It also promises
to recycle as much waste as possible.

24.Drivetribe ( www.drivetribe.com)

Not content with rave reviews of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have launched what they’ve dubbed “YouP#o#r#n for cars”. This lively community invites you to join motoring “tribes” (think Facebook groups) to discuss driving topics with like-minded folk. Annoyingly, you can only sign in via Facebook but you’re quickly treated to great photography and enthusiastic

You can show your appreciation for posts by commenting on or ‘bumping’ them (the equivalent of ‘liking’), share items on other social networks and create your own tribe from scratch.

25.Rocket Builder ( https://www.rocketbuilder.com/)

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

If you have a spare $109m, why not build your very own space rocket? Created by
the United Launch Alliance (ULA) – the organization responsible for sending Atlas V, Delta II and Delta IV rockets skyward – this site lets you specify a launch date, preferred orbit, payload and service plan before giving you a price estimate and allowing you to download your creation as a 3D model.

The site is clearly aimed at wealthy aspiring astronauts, but it’s fascinating fun for the
casual user, too, and we love how it explains the various parts of the rocket so you know what you’re getting.

26.Thrive Global ( https://www.thriveglobal.com/

Created by Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, Thrive Global is a
health and wellbeing site, packed with self-indulgent advice about ways to relax
and work smarter, with star-quality contributions from the likes of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. We like that you can see .how long an article takes to read and download an app that deletes new emails when you’re on holiday. But it’s mainly a cash-cow, encouraging you to enrol on a six-week ‘e-course’ to “move from surviving to thriving” and buy a
phone charger that looks like a bed – complete with satin-clad mattress.

27.PlayStation Gear ( https://www.playstation-gear.com/ )

The PlayStation console made gaming fashionable back in the mid-Nineties, so it seems apt for this site to sell an official range of trendy PlayStation-related clothes and accessories. You can find t-shirts, jumpers, caps, bags, mugs and more, with the ability to filter the products by type, price range and brand as well as size, gender and colours for wearables. Each item is accompanied by a large photo and a brief description, and you can share products with friends or save them to buy later. We like that you can use PayPal at the checkout and track orders once you’ve set up your account.

28.Jeremy Tankard ( https://typography.net/)

Best New Amazing Websites You Should Know

Jeremy Tankard was one of the first companies to offer a digital-font database, back in 1998. This relaunch makes it easier to sift through the huge collection of original type designs. You can view each font and use the built-in test tool to see how it looks in different forms and sizes. You can also download watermarked demos to evaluate the fonts further or take a peek at how they look in a magazine-style context at the sister
site studiotype.com. With detailed design notes and info, and the ability to license
fonts individually or as part of a package, it’s certainly one to write home about.

29.Bypass Censorship ( https://www.bypasscensorship.org/ )

This new site supported by BBC Worldwide raises awareness of global censorship issues while helping web users bypass restrictions and get full access to news and information.

The site links to circumvention tools and resources for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, and answers a list of frequently asked questions. While these won’t be entirely useful to most of us in the UK, where net freedom is high (albeit still lower than in seven other countries), the tools may come in handy when you’re abroad or if you simply want
to browse the web anonymously.

30.Onefootball ( https://www.onefootball.com/ )

This site’s goal is to cover football in as many ways as possible. It kicks off with lots of news articles and also delivers podcasts, scorelines, tweets and plenty of mobile apps.

Onefootball is arranged like a blog, with story after story in a series of boxes, some larger
than others. Clicking these open the articles, which are interspersed with images and usually rounded off with a video, podcast links and suggested stories. Use the search facility if you’re only interested in news about your club or a particular competition. Otherwise, you need to select tags on each article to access specific sections



With this article we want to bring all Best New Amazing Websites to you, however, we required your help to if you found some amazing website to let you know. just comment your new website, we will update that website in this article.