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Best New Easter Eggs You must try in 2018


Tech companies love to sneak hidden features – known as Easter Eggs – into their sites and software. Here are some new ones you might not have discovered.

Here is our Collection of our Easter Eggs You must try in 2018

1.Feed cats in Android Nougat

If you’ve got the latest version of Android, open the Settings menu, swipe down to ‘About phone’ and tap ‘Android version’ until an N appears with a cat emoji underneath.

Best New Easter Eggs You must try in 2018

Pull down from the top of the screen twice to open the quick-settings menu, tap Edit and drag the ‘Empty dish’ icon to the notifications bar.

Tap ‘Empty dish’, choose the food you want and a cat will eat it.

You can name your pet and share it with friends.

2. Visit Skull Island on Google Maps

Kong: Skull Island hit the cinemas earlier this year, and Google has added the
location of the fictional island to Google Maps. It’s in the Pacific Ocean, just south
of the equator (Visit Here). You can’t explore the island (there’s a marker, but nothing else), but you can leave a review.

Best New Easter Eggs You must try in 2018

3. Siri thinks you’re Lego Batman

If you have an iPhone or iPad, summon Siri and say “Hey computer”, and she will
respond to you as if you are Lego Batman.

Best New Easter Eggs You must try in 2018

Try it several times to get different responses. This was added to tie in with the recent Lego Batman Movie and may be removed eventually.

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4. Google’s Chrome smileys

If you open more than 100 tabs in Chrome on iOS or Android (hey, some people do), the tab counter will switch to show an old-school smiley face – 🙂 on iOS and 😀 on Android. However, if you open over 100 tabs in Chrome in Incognito mode in Android, you’ll see a winking face – 😉

4. Listen to animal sounds in Google Search

If you ask Google: “What sound does a cow make?”, the search giant
will respond with a mooing noise.

That’s not the only animal sound available to listen to, either. The rest of the menagerie includes sheep (baa), horse (neigh), lion (roar), tiger (grr) turkey (gobble gobble),
dog (woof), cat (meow), and ape (ooh ooh eeh eeh).

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5. Play games in Google Search

To play Solitaire, just search for solitaire in Google.

Best New Easter Eggs You must try in 2018

just click on it to play it.

Or search for tic-tac-toe if you fancy a game of noughts and crosses instead. This works in both the web version and in Google’s mobile app.

6. Settle an argument using Google Search

If you can’t decide between two possible choices, the easiest solution is to flip a coin.
If you don’t have any loose change on you, Google can help. Go to Search and type flip a coin and Google will tell you Heads or Tails.

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