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9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

We come across various Pokemons, which are fierce fire-types, electric-types, and stylish. But this post will take you with normal type Pokemons. 

Usually, these might not be considered the strongest ones, but Pokemon’s design is beautiful. Usually, people get confused with them and think of these Pokemon as real animals. Usually, people believe that normal types are red-headed, but the list we have formed below for the best normal type pokemon will astonish you.  

These are like amazing gems that weren’t out before humans yet. Universally, these are weak Pokemon that are only useful for beginners. They aren’t much super effective to tackle and fight any problem, but surely these are attractive. 

Normal Pokemon has a bad reputation, and some even cannot make very normal moves. Some others are restricted from making fight moves. Thus for beginners, these Pokemon can act as a background to begin building a good team. 

Out of thousands of options available with you for normal Pokemon, we have compiled a list of 10 such normal types. Surely you love these most powerful options, to begin with forming a team of Pokemon.

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times 👌👌

1. Swellow

Swellow got its name from an early bird, which is not good but still respectable. Usually, people did not get inspired by other best normal type pokemon, but still, they like Swellow.

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

This bird pokemon has little more to offer than other best typical type pokemon. However, it is not famous for its attacking power until you are good at it.

From other non-legendary pokemon types, Swellow is known to have maximum speed. People usually are fond of its surprising moves.

However, a few weaknesses of this Pokemon makes it unfit to meet every need. It could not make a good contribution for any team to win over others. However, it can fight thunderstorms very often. 

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • Swellow is a famous early bird which is known for its good speedy movements. 
  • It has good strength to save a team from thunderstorms. In such a case, you would like Swellow to keep moving to protect yourself. 
  • The Pokemon is very conscientious and never fails to keep up its glossy wings. 
  • Swellow moves with focused energy and makes easy landings.
  • With its flying power, Swellow can quickly beat its enemies without any fail.
  • Users love it for its super defensive powers and good move-pool to accomplish its target. 
  • As soon as the Swellow spots its prey, it will dive deep to get it with a steep angle.


  • Swellow is a normal pokemon that can fly like a bird. Hence it cannot easily beat ice, electric, and rock moves. 
  • Swellow fails to show its strength very often. 
  • No doubt Swellow is a defensive pokemon, but it fails to show its power very often. 

2. Exploud

Exploud is famous for its low speed and high strength attacks. It is known for its special attacks that have an extensive move-pool. The specialty of this Pokemon is attack stats, which means a collection of different attacks. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

It is well said that the size of the Pokemon does not matter when it comes to battle. Exploud has proved this fact with its strength attacks. It is like a normal dragon-like pokemon with usually low speed. 

The one biggest advantage to have this normal type of Pokemon is the hostile encounters that it makes. It never fails to move with its constant speed throughout. This Pokemon is famous for Scrappy ability and thus the best normal type pokemon ever known. 

Many people name this Pokemon a Marlboro monster. The name is derived from the Final Fantasy series. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • The Pokemon can keep track to trigger earthquakes before arrival. It raises its voice when used to fight different battles. 
  • It has decent offensive stats, which makes this Pokemon different from other normal Pokemon.
  • This Pokemon is famous for its hostile encounters with low-speed movements.
  • Without a doubt, if the size of a pokemon is small, this Pokemon can attack its prey directly. 
  • It is a versatile and scrappy ability pokemon known for standard and special attacks. 
  • In a battle, you can get natural benefits from these natural pokemon stats. 
  • You have different options for attacks as per your needs to meet.


  • This Pokemon has low speed and small in size to fight a battle. 
  • It generally creates loud noises during battles, which are very harsh.
  • During its ghost-type moves, this Pokemon cannot do great damage to fight enemies. 
  • This Pokemon turns weak when it encounters flying enemies, ghosts, bugs, poison, and fairy. 
  • It makes horrible echoing sounds with high power, which can inflict damage.
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3. Porygon-Z

If you look for the best normal type pokemon with a unique pokemon in the original games, Porygon-Z could be the best choice for you.

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times 2

It is a human-made digital normal type pokemon that is known for its special attacks. It has the potential power to wipe off the floor before its opponents. 

Porygon-Z is famous for a large and diverse move-pool, which includes special attacks. This normal type of Pokemon has different movement attacks, including Tri Attack and Hyper beam. This Pokemon never shows mercy in the battle. 

Porygon-Z has evolved through Porygon 2 when it gets a dubious disc. Dubious Disc is a kind of virus, which makes it quite more powerful in its programming. 

Porygon-Z has won over Porygon2 with its special attacks and higher speed. Also, it can adapt to the changes more quickly than Porygon2. The adaptability even doubles when it goes with Normal-type moves. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • It is a human-made virtual digital pokemon with special attack power than Porygon2.
  • This Pokemon’s higher speed and mysterious ways make it unique in the normal-type pokemon category. 
  • This Pokemon is filled with a special type of TM and TR moves, which makes it super-strong.
  • It is a polygonal normal type critter, which is highly appreciated by the fans. 
  • It works even more impressive when it gets a Dubious disc. It is a special type of programming that makes it even more powerful. 
  • This Pokemon has a special and a large, diverse move-pool available with TM movements.


  • The primary weakness of the Porygon-Z type is its fighting ability. 
  • No doubt Porygon-Z has high-speed power, moving ability, and adaptability, but it goes weak while fighting with opponents. 
  • It is not a good defender because of the presence of average bulk. However, it could be difficult for Porygon-Z to suffer under cloudy weather.
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4. Snorlax

You will hardly find any pokemon as Snorlax here. It is a special type of normal classic Pokemon that can put strong attacks. People are big fans of this Pokemon for its defense power and high HP. Thus they list this on the list of the best normal type of Pokemon.  

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times 3

It is an iconic and the best normal type pokemon as a big fat bear that you will find in different pokemon games. The most astonishing part of this normal type of Pokemon is the massive size and sleepy habit that acts as roadblocks. 

Snorlax has the power to eat more than 880 lbs of food every day. Also, it can eat rotten food, which does not turn it sick. However, this Pokemon might go into a food coma, which further needs to Poke Flute to wake up again. 

You will encounter only one Snorlax in the entire Pokemon game, and if by mistake you missed it, you will not get another chance. Hence it is better to pay attention while playing.

People are a big fan of this cute Pokemon and its defensive powers to protect you while fighting. In between, this Pokemon even gets some recovery moves, including rest and training a Snorlax. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • Dealing with Snorlax could be big. Also, people are fond of their defensive powers once they get this Pokemon. 
  • The presence of Snorlax is very iconic, and usually, players play pokemon games to wake up Snorlax to help them further. 
  • Snorlax is as strong as it is lazy in its defensive power. 
  • The most shocking part of Snorlax to impress players is its high HP and massive size.
  • This Pokemon can intake more than 880 lbs of food in one time to begin showing its good powers. 
  • Its high strength power is the reason for caution, and the way it heals after complete rest makes it very adorable.


  • Snorlax does not care for the time and place to sleep. It goes to sleep and rest no matter what the conditions around it. 
  • It needs a lot of food at once to gain energy and show its defensive powers.
  • Snorlax pokemon are very often to go into a food coma once it intakes rotten food. Hence to wake it back, you might need Poke Flute.

5. Blissey

Blissey is a cute and less dangerous Pokemon. Hence it is perfectly classified into the best normal type Pokemon that opponents are generally not afraid of. However, it is quite a desirable and beautiful Pokemon, which is famous for its healing characteristics. 

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times 4

When used appropriately, this Pokemon is the best one that you can ever find. It has base HP but high defensive powers to protect you while playing. 

However, Blissey does not have much attacking powers but can undoubtedly deal with damaging back. Thus it works for durability. 

The defense base stats are of the particular kind that hardly any other Normal-type Pokemon can have. Blissey is not only limited to HP, but also it can heal itself with the signature moves. 

No matter if Blissey does not have good attacking powers, it can, however, exhaust and frustrate the opponents. It is imperative of a kind in the battle to exhaust the opponents.

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times Pros:-

  • This Pokemon has special healing powers to itself while fighting in a battle.
  • It is a special kind of Pokemon that can exhaust and frustrate its opponents in a go. It is a special way to weaken enemies in your way. 
  • This Pokemon has a good defense base to protect you while fighting. 
  • It is a cute and lovely pokemon that proves to have the highest base HP of all Pokemon.
  • Though it lacks in attacking powers, this Pokemon can make it best for its durability. 


  • Blissey is a cute and lovely pokemon of which hardly one could be afraid. 
  • Blissey could not show well in fighting battles against its opponents. 
  • It is not terrifying at all from its looks, and it cannot even deal a lot with the finishing blows. 
  • It has a friendly exterior but lacks in fighting and damaging others. 
  • These are not in the category to act like a monster available in the entire game series. 

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6. Silvally

Here comes the next very popular and the best normal type pokemon- Silvally. However, it is not a very popular choice for many people, but they still use them to play. 

Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times 5

Another name for this Pokemon is Synthetic Pokemon, which is another human-made creature. This creature was invented by gen VII which was further designed as a copy of Arceus. 

As in Arceus, Silvally is a cope pokemon, which is a chimera-like creature. This creature has the power to change its types. Rest the type changing depends upon the item that it holds. 

This Pokemon has evolved from Null, who is the companion from Pokemon Sun & Moon. However, these creatures seem to be a combination of several other types. It is an all-rounder pokemon, of which stats are the same as of a standard type pokemon.

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • Silvally dramatically increases its speed from the heavy mask. It forms a strong bond with its trainer. 
  • The Pokemon might not be preferred by many due to its looks, but they simply like to have it while playing. 
  • It is an all-rounder pokemon that has the same stats that a normal pokemon has. 
  • It is known for destroying its opponents with its high strength of power. 
  • Silvally has the power to change its type according to the thing it is holding in its hand. 
  • It never fails to be a legendary pokemon, no matter if it has the best stats or not. 


  • Stats of Silvally are very common that are easily found in any other pokemon. 
  • It does not have some specialty as that other Pokemon have. However, it has evolved from many other kinds. 
  • The move-pools of Silvally are not very good. No move made by this Pokemon is strong. 
  • It can only go with average fights and offenses. It is not very strong to defend in battle.

7. Slaking

Here is another ugly option for you before searching for another best normal type pokemon- Slaking. This non-legendary Pokemon is famous for its base stats. However, it has some different powers that hardly any other standard type of Pokemon has. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

For sure, this Pokemon is a powerful normal type pokemon with high HP and base stats. Also, players are fond of the good attacking power and defense that it provides them. 

High speed is another factor that makes this creature unique from others of the same kind. 

However, it has come up with a downside, which has got it listed among normal ones. The major downside of Slaking Pokemon is the signature ability known as Truant. It allows the Pokemon to use its moves for every turn it makes. 

If you use Slaking correctly, then there could be no other better option than having this for your help. It is a heavy hitter once you start using it. Also, it knows very well to cover the weaknesses. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • Slaking is the strongest Pokemon that you can hardly find among the list of best normal type pokemon. 
  • People are mad about this creature for its heavy hitter ability, high speed, and good base stats. 
  • It is a mighty creature listed among standard types. 
  • Slaking has good defensive powers to protect you from enemies for long.
  • It might be an ugly creature but has notorious features of presenting incredible power.


  • Slaking, no doubt is the best Pokemon that everyone would love to have, but the only drawback that it has is its signature ability known as Truant. 
  • For every other turn it makes, the move for Pokemon is counted. 
  • It is an ugly creature that one might not like to have until he knows its ability to be a heavy hitter. 

8. Arceus

Here comes another legendary and the best normal type pokemon is the list. Usually, normal type pokemon are less powerful until one looks for Arceus in their list. These are definitely to be the best normal type ones for their strength and high hitter power. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

We know the mythology of Pokemon turns out to be very weird, but it is entirely science-based. You can fit Arceus to different change types and is known as a PokeGod. 

However, this other name of PokeGod is not enough for this creature. Incredible high stats and the powerful move set makes this Pokemon entirely different from other best normal type pokemon. 

Usually, people believe that this God Pokemon is known to have created the entire game’s universe in the gameplay. 

People also call it an Alpha Pokemon, powerful in fighting battles on the go and defeating its opponents. It has the power to crush enemies within a heartbeat with its most powerful stats. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • It is the God Pokemon that is believed to create entire Pokemon gameplay. 
  • Along with its God abilities, this Pokemon is a highly competitive pokemon that is believed to defeat its enemies. 
  • The only similarity between Silvally and Arceus is that they both can change their type. 
  • All other Pokemon are believed to have evolved from one another. However, Arceus is the one that evolved from within Arceus. 
  • It is the most powerful normal type pokemon with high speed, best base stats, and power to defeat its enemies.


  • The prevalent reason for people having Arceus is the only drawback of Arceus. 
  • It is a mighty pokemon that can crush any creature within a heartbeat. Hence, it does not make sense to use this as a normal type of Pokemon during gameplay. 

9. Regigigas

We are introducing you to another legendary and the best normal type pokemon- Regigigas. It is also known as the trio master of Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times

This creature is known for incredible stats that has topped with its 160 attacks and has incredible move-pools. It is a powerful titan who can even overtake Arceu’s limitations to play in the game. 

This Pokemon is also known as an enduring legend that is worth having by your side while playing. However, the power to defeat and crush its opponents only hinders the ability to consider Regigigas during gameplay.

It will give a slow start but speeds up after five minutes, and that player cannot quickly adapt to it. After the five turns of high speed, this pokemon moves to the most powerful signature move called Crush Grip. 

9 Top Best Normal Type Pokemon Of All Times


  • It is a normal type of legendary Pokemon that one would surely like to have by his side. 
  • It is the master of three other legendary titans- Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. 
  • This Pokemon is famous for its powerful stats and excellent move-pool.
  • Another powerful feature of this Pokemon is its detrimental signature ability called Crush Grip.
  • This legendary Pokemon increases its speed for the first five intervals of five minutes each. Thus it keeps showing its incredible power every passing interval. 


  • The incredible power of Regigigas is the only drawback of its use. It becomes unfit for regular power increment after certain intervals.
  • The slow start ability of this Pokemon will halves its stats in the beginning only. 
Wrapping Up

One would try and find them during their gameplay among all the top-listed best normal type pokemon. These are all legendary Pokemon that will help at different moments and situations. You can choose the one that suits your needs during the gameplay.