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17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

The demand for digital note-taking tools is insatiable. It’s only natural, too — no one wants to be chained to a desk full of files and documents anymore.

We all want to be more mobile, and with apps like Notion, we can be. The app’s adaptability has endeared it to the general public.  

The notion is one of the top choices for business dashboards, with thousands of testimonials praising its ability to organize information.

However, another reason Notion is so popular is that it’s compatible with the thousands of plugins created by third-party providers.

Indify and Apption are the most popular Notion plug-ins, but developers have created fun and helpful solutions to help your business.   

The notion is a powerful and easy-to-use app for everything from note-taking to task list management. With a simple interface and unlimited list capacity, it’s an essential tool for organizing business tasks and personal goals.

Users can now take advantage of an extensive list of third-party workflows made by other Notion users that will simplify automation and offer new ways to view and interact with the app. 

So if you’re a Notion user and looking for the best way to improve your work with the app, we’re here to help.

We have put together a list of some of the best Notion widgets on the market so you can experience an even more productive workflow in 2022.

Open up the Notion on the side and start reading to try out some of our widgets right away! 

What Are Widgets in Notion? 

Widgets are the perfect way to keep your data relevant and useful without disrupting your content. They’re easy to access, fast to load, and simple to update.

Widgets are a great way to provide information that doesn’t detract from your content or other design elements.  

Widgets are a little different depending on your template, but most come with a handful of pre-installed widgets that let you add things like whiteboards, quotes, or calendars directly to your page. 

Once added, you won’t need to update them frequently as they automatically update.  

For example, if we add a widget about the weather to Notion, we’ll see that it automatically updates with accurate information about the current temperature and forecast for 16 days.

Here is a list of some best notion widgets to make your work a better one.  

Best Notion Widgets – Our Top Pick👌👌

Widgets are the easiest way to take full advantage of Notion’s workspace capabilities. They’re like smartphone widgets but for your desktop, and they let you access information, manipulate files, and share files without ever leaving Notion.

Customize your workspace with these 16 best notion widgets.  

1. Retro Clock Widget  

Retro styled clock widgets have been a popular theme for a while now. Whether you have a website or a blog, adding a digital retro-style clock widget to your layout is an excellent way to pull your design together and give it a polished look.

Widgetbox has a fantastic widget that can be added to any site. The retro Clock widget is one of the best notion widgets that mimics the nostalgic size and style of the classic clocks from the 1970s but is packed with today’s technology.

Best Notion Widgets

With a wide variety of pre-built templates, you can choose from a curated selection of popular designs to put your best foot forward.

But if the template doesn’t quite fit your business’s tone, you can create a custom design that matches your brand.

In fact, Notion supports over 100 languages and special symbols — so you can add any language to the interface. 


  • Pre-built templates 
  • Popular Design Theme 
  • Easy Customisation  
  • More than 100 languages and symbols 

2. Weather Widget – weather widget notion

A weather widget combines a timely weather forecast with a beautiful visual effect. Customers can view the current temperature and the forecast for the next day, week, or month.

Weather widgets are another best notion widgets that are generally available as a part of most e-commerce websites, they show the current temperature and the expected conditions for up to three days ahead.

Although the weather widget isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other beautiful widgets on Widgetbox. There are various widgets for different types of purposes.

Best Notion Widgets 1

A weather widget that allows you to change the color and font of the information in addition to setting custom backgrounds and font sizes is always a useful tool in any home. 


  • Daily Weather updates 
  • Make Plans by schedule 
  • Change location easily 
  • Check weekly forecast 

I will recommend you watch the below video on How to Embed Widgets to Notion which will help you to use these widgets.


3. Spotify Widget 

Are you thinking about doing your work along with enjoying a good song or podcast in the background?

With a Notion Spotify Widget (Get Here), you can seamlessly integrate Spotify into your work environment, giving you unlimited access to music from your favorite artists.

Best Notion Widgets 2

It’s the fastest and easiest way to add some pep to your step! Add the Spotify widget to your Notion page with this link.

After you do, read on to learn how to add links for specific songs to the widget. Add the links only to the widget section of this page. 


  • Can add links easily 
  • Fast and easy to use 

4. Pomodoro Widget 

Pomodoro is a time-boxing technique where you alternate between a period of intense work and a period of rest.

During intense work periods, you should not be interrupted – this will allow you to concentrate and get more done in a short burst of time.

In order to maximize your productivity, plan for a 15-minute break during which you can check your notifications and respond to any necessary emails.

And whether you are new to the world of time management techniques or you are looking for a proactive way to boost your productivity, you should definitely try out the Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro apps are an effective way to increase productivity. They compel their users to focus on a task for 25 minutes before taking a break, which allows them to achieve their goals faster.

If you’re looking for Pomodoro apps or an aesthetically pleasing timer app, sign up for the Pomodoro Widget (Get Here).  

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive


  • Time Management Methods 
  • Easy Access 

5. Apple Music Widget 

Reaching out to Apple Music users is never a bad idea. Apple Music is loved by the majority of Apple users, so brands want to be where listeners are.

By integrating Apple Music with Notion, brands are giving them the opportunity to reach this audience legally. To get the widget code for Apple Music, you just need to visit the widget page on the Apple Music website.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

If you’re interested in seeing how it will look on your page, you can click the link (Get Here) to try out the widget on your own web page. 


  • Easy customization 
  • Easy to Use  

6. Twitter Timeline – Best notion widgets for Twitter

Twitter is the best social network for connecting with like-minded people about topics you find interesting.

It has over 300 million monthly users, but it attracts the kind of content sharers that want to connect with like-minded people who care about trending topics, hot news, and the latest entertainment.   

Tracking trends on Twitter would require constant scrolling down your timeline. Instead of picking up your phone, sit back and relax while Notion adds a widget to your platform.

Best Notion Widgets 5

This widget (Get Here) will display the most popular or trending tweets on your website, so you don’t have to search for content.

You can keep up with all the trends on Twitter while you are doing, and you will never have to interrupt your workflow. 


  • Easy to access 
  • With a single click, it embeds user’s feed into your website 
  • Fetches content in a unified form

7. Calculator Widget 

When you need a quick calculation, a calculator will come to your rescue. Having a calculator embedded on your Notion dashboard will ensure that no quick calculation is too much trouble, allowing you to perform it without leaving the website or app.  

Notion’s calculator widgets are specifically designed for your sidebar. They are attractive, well-formatted, and don’t interfere with your blog.

Notion provides a calculator widget that allows you to make quick and easy calculations right on your Notion pages.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

There’s no need to leave Notion to do any unnecessary switching between apps, and it makes budgeting and keeping up with finances easier than ever before. 


  • Well Formatted 
  • Designed for simple usage  

8. Greetings Widget 

Greeting widgets are one of the best ways to personalize websites, blogs, and social media accounts. When customers feel like they’re interacting with a real person, they’re more likely to spend money on premium products and services.

A good greeting widget should be lightweight and easy to add to an existing website or should add a new dimension to an existing interaction.  

Notion’s greeting widget sends information about the weather, regular events, upcoming birthdays, holidays, special times of the year, and more. It’s great for putting on your homepage or any work page you want to spice up a little bit.  

The Greeting widget updates the present time, date, and weather of your location. The widget also welcomes or introduces users to Notion depending on the time of day, and it can be easily rearranged so that it reads from right to left, left to right, or vertically. 


  • Updates on existing events  
  • Offer regular news and weather updates 

9. Whiteboard Widget 

The Notion whiteboard widget (Get Here) is a much-appreciated widget by students and teachers everywhere.

Simply embed the widget into your document and you can draw and write notes on a real whiteboard — much like using actual paper and a dry-erase marker.  

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

The widget comes with an eraser that lets you erase your drawings just as you would an actual piece of paper. With the whiteboard widget, you can quickly jot down lecture notes, and ideas from a brainstorming session, or explain a concept to a colleague in a meeting.

You can even add a drawing of a diagram or process flowchart to illustrate your ideas! And when you want to erase everything at once, choose the ‘clear’ button in the top right corner of the screen.  

10. Google Calendar Widget 

A Google Calendar widget (Get Here) is a free, simple way to keep track of your schedule without having to open up an app or your computer screen.

It’s particularly useful for busy people who are on the go but still need to reference upcoming events.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

This Google Calendar Widget for Notion is a simple way of adding your Google Calendar to the left sidebar of the web app.

Make sure to sign in to the Google account and enable permissions to add the widget properly.  


  • Quickly create and schedule meetings 
  • Manage and create a task 
  • Easily view and join events 

11. Quote Widget – notion quote widget

Notion features the quote widget (Get Here), which lets you view inspirational quotes every day to help you focus on accomplishing your daily goals.

The quote widget comes with carefully curated backgrounds and the ability to adjust each background’s color and wallpaper — so that you can create a unique and inspiring atmosphere for your home or office.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

The Quote widget lets you store your favorite quotes right on your Notion page, so you can access them instantly.  


  • Beautiful Backgrounds 
  • Daily quotes updated  
  • Can store quotes on the Notion Page   

12. Checkli Widget – notion widgets free

The perfect way to track your goals is by giving you a progress bar that visualizes your lifespan. The approach of this widget is it takes into account all the time metrics you might need, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals.  

By assigning different colors to different bars, the app helps you visualize how close you are to achieving your goals. To keep yourself motivated, you can use the Checkli widget (Get Here) designed for Notion’s Open Source Notes.

This widget can help you visualize goals and chart your progress, so you’re more informed about how much time you’ve put into your goals.  


  • Assigns different colors on different bars’ 
  • Chart your Progress 

13. Astro Charts Widget – aesthetic notion widgets

Whether you’re a fan of astrology and check your horoscope chart every day, or if you’d rather spend the time reading the news — the Astro Charts widget (Get Here) is for everyone.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

For those who check their horoscopes in the morning and find it to be an essential part of their daily routine — the widget will be a great addition to their Notion page. 


  • Daily horoscope information 

14. World Clock Widget – Best notion widgets For World Clock

Notion offers world clocks for your teams. With Notion, you can keep track of how time zones affect your team’s day-to-day conversations. Just click the world clock widget (Get Here) to display the current time in different regions, or type a location into the search bar.  

The World Clock Widget is one of the best notion widgets and is a fantastic way to stay in touch with friends and family from all over the world.

It features a beautiful clock that displays the exact time in up to three different locations from around the world. In addition, it also tells you what time it will be there later, making it easy to plan your day accordingly. 


  • Display of Beautiful Clocks’ 
  • Check time at anytime 

15. Giphy Widget 

An attractive and interactive widget that saves you time and can inject a little humor into your project management process, the GIPHY button (Get Here) is a fun way to kick off your day — or help spark ideas in a meeting.

We all know the Internet is filled with GIFs, but it’s still fun to find one you like and add it in — and doing so is easier than ever with this button.

This Giphy Widget is one of the best notion widgets that brings you the power of GIFs (and their fun and humor) right to your social media feed.  


  • let’s upload and embed 
  • clip your own GIF  

16. Buy me A Coffee Widget 

Creatives need help to get their work noticed. Whether you’re a graphic designer looking for an easy way to connect with other talented professionals or an art lover out to support your favorite creators, Notion is the perfect place to promote your skills, help others, and get seen by everyone who matters.  

The “Buy Me A Coffee” widget (Get Here) breaks the barriers down between you and others.

17 Best Notion Widgets To Make Your Work More Productive

You can make use of this widget to collect small donations from your readers or create a paywall that spikes purchasing activity on your site. Furthermore, you can integrate this widget into your own products to sell more of them. 


  • Support creators 
  • Collect Donations from readers 
  • Easily assessable  

and finally, I will recommend you to watch out for “Top 14 Notion Tips for Productivity” which is really helpful to improve your productivity on the notion.

Top 14 Notion Tips for Productivity!


Is there a widget for Notion? 

Yes, a few very useful widgets for Notion are designed for various purposes. You can try out widgets like Retro Clock Widget, Weather Widget, Spotify Widget, Pomodoro Widget, Apple Music Widget, etc., according to your requirements and preferences.  

Are Indify widgets free? 

Indify is a free web tool with several widgets that are intended to work well with Notion. You must first create an account in order to access and modify the widgets they have stored in their database. You can save your customized widgets in this way for later use. 

You can establish an account by providing your email address and logging in using a unique URL or logging in with your Google account. 

Once everything is ready, you can begin gathering widgets. Here are a few components that you really must include on your pages. 

Can you put a clock in Notion? 

Yes, it’s simple to add a clock to Notion. However, there is a better option if you frequently check your phone for the time or dislike straining your eyes to read the small numbers on your computer that display the time. 

Some Notion users might benefit from having quick access to a clock because they spend a lot of time managing tasks and lists.

With the Indify analog Clock widget, you can adjust the clock’s boundaries in real time and select the time zone. 

How do I add a music widget to Notion? 

All you need to do in Notion is type “/embed.” But, unfortunately, typing “/” and then scrolling to the bottom of the page until you find the Embed section is another, more time-consuming way to get there. 
You’ll get this box after selecting “Embed,” where you must paste the Apple Music URL. After that, it’s simply a matter of pasting it there and clicking the “Embed link” button in the blue. 

Can you add Spotify to Notion? 

On the desktop version of Spotify, click the horizontal three-dot icon next to a song, album, or playlist title, then choose Sharing > Embed code. You will receive a section of iframe> code as a result. 

Last but not least, in Notion, enter /audio and then put your code into the Embed link field. Your Spotify playlist, album, or song will be displayed on your Notion page in a resizable window. 

You can only play 30-second snippets of the music from your Notion site when using a Spotify embed.

This means that while including your favorite Spotify playlist in a post would be entertaining, it wouldn’t be very helpful. 

Can you embed a Pinterest board in Notion? 

You can, indeed. Simply copy the HTML code from the pin and paste it between two “#EMBED” tags inside a Notion Code block. I’m done now! 

How do you make a Notion aesthetic? 

8 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Notion Setup 

  1. Pick a color scheme. A color scheme is essential for creating a coherent and aesthetically pleasant page. 
  2. Choose an icon. The emblem acts as your page’s profile picture. 
  3. Add images. 
  4. Break Up Your Sentences. 
  5. Dress Up Your Text. 
  6. Apply embeds. 
  7. Play Around with Blocks. 
  8. Insert Dividers. 

What can you embed in Notion? 

Numerous additional tools for increasing efficiency and fun can be added to Notion. As follows: 

  • In order to add a new line, click the + that appears to the left of the line. Select Embed or one of the popular embed formats detailed above. Enter the key. 
  • You can also enter /embed or /, the service’s name (such as /Figma or /maps), and then type. 
  • Paste the URL or embed the link for the material into the menu that appears. 
  • You can upload and show your own picture, music, video, or file with the /embed command. Simply click Upload and pick the desired file from your computer. 
Wrapping Up on best Notion Widgets

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best Notion Widgets that will make your life easier. Some are more recreational, but all are necessary.

A great way to customize and optimize your Notion pages is by getting widgets from outside sources.

Popular options include the clock, weather, and music streaming services. But there are other excellent options too, depending on what you need.

With Notion’s Widgets, you can display anything you want anywhere on the page, including making new pages for each one of them.