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11 Of The Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards To Buy in 2022

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Off Road Electric Skateboards to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 🐱‍🐉

Electric skateboards were created for commuting purposes, and mainly used on concrete or asphalt surfaces. But then, not every road is skateboard friendly, is it?

Some terrains are rocky; some are grasslands, and others are sandy. Some roads have muddy patches, others are dirt trails, and even concrete surfaces get covered with snow to create a somewhat different surface when it snows.

Still, rather unsurprisingly, some riders would take on skateboarding in such environments. Thus, it was exactly for this reason that off-road electric skateboards were invented to cater to the needs and requirements of adventure-loving riders.

You can skate all you want with off-road electric skateboards without worrying about damaging or changing your trucks. They have been specifically constructed to handle rough terrains for every off-road adventure.

However, with the dozens of off-road electric skateboards on the market, it can be daunting and overwhelming to pick the best skateboard to purchase.

To help you out, we have compiled a list, and we will provide a concise review of the pros and cons of some of the best off road electric skateboards currently available on the market.

Best Off Road Electric Skateboards – Our Top Pick

1. Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard – Best electric skateboard 2022

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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Next on the list is the Airwheel M3. This skateboard has a sturdy and beefy build and comes with extremely big all-terrain rubber tires that will let you smoothly run over all types of surfaces with great ease.

The deck is large and equally sturdy, built out of maple, composite materials, and grip tape to increase its performance in tackling rough and tough terrains.

The Airwheel M3 has an incredibly powerful electric motor that can let you go as fast as 13mph. This speed is great because you will likely be riding on rough terrains.

It is powered by a Sony Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 162Wh, which takes just about 🔋 2 hours to charge fully.

Once it is charged up, you can get as much as 13 miles of range before it needs to be recharged. The skateboard also features a rear-wheel motor that will come in handy when you need extra traction on rocky and mountainous terrains.

The board comes in at 4.5 inches in height and weighs exactly 28lbs. Despite its relatively lightweight, the board can support as much as 220lbs on its deck.

Also, the Airwheel M3 is bidirectional; in other words, you can go either backward or forward; all you have to do is press the direction button on the remote to change direction. While still on controls, you will find the remote quite easy to master and use.

Sliding the remote forward accelerates and takes you forward. To maintain a constant speed, you simply keep the remote in place, and if you need to decelerate or brake, sliding the remote backward will do the trick.

The board is also very responsive to rider body weight shifts. If you need to turn right, shifting your weight to your right foot will cause the skateboard to turn right. The skateboard is also relatively affordable, probably one of the cheapest you will find in the market.

However, you should know that the Airwheel M3 is not waterproof, so you might want to keep it away on rainy days and from watery surfaces. The skateboard is great for all terrains, and you will not be disappointed.


  • It is very versatile and can be used for both on and off-road riding
  • It is very affordable
  • The skateboard has one-year and one-month warranty coverage for the rubber tires.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It can accommodate a relatively large amount of weight


  • It is not waterproof
  • The tires run out quickly and are not easily replaced
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AirWheel M3 - Electric SkateBoard
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2. Moorhaus Off-road Master

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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If you need a great electric skateboard that will take you through all sorts of rough terrains, from the greenest grasslands to the rockiest mountainside, the Moorhausoff-roadmaster has you covered.

It has large pneumatic rubber wheels that will trample sticks and rocks as smoothly as you can imagine. Moving onto the specifications, there is a reason the Moorhaus is called the off-road master – the specifications prove it to be so.

The skateboard features an impressive 1000W motor that can deliver up to 20mph. 🤷‍♂️

It was also designed to be very safety conscious with its ABS regenerative braking system, letting you go as fast as possible but bringing you to an instant stop once you apply the brakes.

About the controls, the board has a pistol grip remote which puts the controls made up of a few buttons in your palms.

This design is great because you can easily switch the settings without having to inconvenience yourself while riding. Moorhouse has a range of about 17 miles on it when fully charged.

However, like with most skateboards, the range depends on factors like the weight of the driver and the type of terrain you are riding. The deck has a beautiful blue design; it is very solid and sturdy owing to the wood construction.

Also, it is worth noting that the Moorhaus has a compact body design, meaning you can easily take it anywhere you want without having to inconvenience yourself.

The motor housing of the Moorhaus, unfortunately, doesn’t seem properly sealed, which kills any potential for water resistance. Nevertheless, it is still an awesome skateboard.


  • A brushless motor with a great step-less throttle,
  • ABS regenerative brakes for safe riding even at maximum speed
  • Long-lasting pneumatic tires
  • It is very compact, promoting portability
  • It can go as fast as 20mph


  • It is not waterproof
  • It has a powerful kick, and you may need to brace yourself before starting it.
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3. Q Dream 25 MPH 2000w mountainboard

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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When it comes to electric skateboards for mountainous rides – the Q Dream is your go-to skateboard. The Q Dream is a more affordable mountainboard version of the more prominent Nine-step 2000W skateboard.

This mountainboard has two motors delivering a combined output of 2000 watts of power. The motor set-up is placed underneath one side of the deck.

The motor is powered by a battery with an 11Ah capacity which can be charged in just 3 hours, with a range set at 21 miles. The Q Dream has an incredible acceleration capacity offering an impressive speed of 25mph.

You should know a skateboard is not joking around with thrilling rides and high speed regarding foot straps. The foot straps are also quite flexible, so you can move them around to support any stance you take on the board’s deck.

The deck, which measures 40 by 7 inches, is raised 6 inches off the ground and is supported on huge pneumatic tires.

These tires will conquer any terrain you ride on, and with the high clearance, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to uneven and rough terrains.

The skateboard is built like a tank, and with an ability to accommodate as much as 330lbs, it is the perfect off-road electric skateboard for relatively heavier people.

As a mountainboard, it can be used to climb very steep surfaces at a 30-degree angle. However, you should know that climbing will likely take a toll on your range and battery level.

Overall, Q Dream is an amazing off-road electric skateboard, and for a relatively new brand in the market, it sure knows how to make a grand entrance.


  • Can go as fast as 25mph
  • It comes with large pneumatic tires
  • Ideal for skating in mountainous environs
  • Built-in foot straps for protection during bumpy rides
  • It is very affordable


  • It is a new brand in the market yet to be tested
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At the time of our research on “best off road skateboard”, we found a video about “10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks,” which is worth watching. 👌📗🏆

10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks

4. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 – Best off-road electric skateboard under $500

Best Off-road Electric Skateboards
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The Moto Tec is one of those classic skateboards that can fit beautifully into any scenario. It is very versatile, and you will find it useful for riding on rough terrains.

The skateboard has a dual motor setup with a combined capacity of 1600 watts.

The board is designed so that each motor is located underneath the deck, placed on each side of the rear wheels to balance out the weight and allow for a stable and smooth ride even when it is in acceleration.

The usefulness of the dual-motor combination is best experienced when you need that extra torque to tackle those rough terrains and steep mountainsides. The Moto Tec is powered by a durable lithium-ion battery with a holding capacity of 14AH and 36 volts.

The battery takes about three to five hours to be fully charged, and it is worth it, considering that you can enjoy it for another one and a half hours with a maximum operating range of 10 miles before recharging.

Regarding speed, the Moto Tec can deliver up to 22mph. The speed, however, is subject to variations depending on the weight of the rider and the type of terrain it is ridden on.

Specifications-wise, this skateboard is incredibly compact compared to its peers in the market, measuring 46.5 inches in length and 11 inches in width; the small size helps in maneuverability.

It weighs 71 pounds and can support riders weighing as much as 260lbs thanks to a very beefy and sturdy 12-ply maple deck and massive treaded wheels.

A very interesting feature of Moto Tec is the built-in LED battery meter on the deck designed to help you keep track of your battery life so it never goes off. It also features an anti-lock braking system to bring you to a stop whenever you so desire easily.

The remote is a cordless, handheld controller that puts you in total control of your ride. Altogether, the Moto Tec performs very well and can handle rough and smooth surfaces.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 Skateboard that earned it a spot in our list of best all-terrain electric skateboard 2022.


  • It is very versatile and suitable for both commuting and off-road rides.
  • It has a LED battery meter to monitor battery usage
  • It is very compact, allowing for maneuverability
  • It has a stiff 12-layer maple deck
  • It can accommodate a rider of up to 260 lbs
  • It uses a strong lithium-ion battery


  • The wireless remote control can be quite flimsy sometimes.
  • The design is pretty standard.
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5. Evolve Skateboards GTX All-Terrain Electric Longboard

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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If you are a beginner skateboarder looking for a high-quality best electric skateboard, then you will find all the answers to your skateboarding dreams in the Bamboo GTX.

A key feature of this skateboard is the battery – a strong lithium-ion capable of delivering a yet-to-be-matched 31mile range. The battery can be set to an optional eco mode to help you save battery which takes around 3 to 5 hours to be fully charged.

The speed is also equally impressive, reaching 25mph, especially because it can go fast even while climbing hilly terrains as steep as 25 degrees.

About the wheels, the bamboo GTX comes with huge 97mm off-road tires built to resist and torture of hardened and rough terrains.

The batteries on the Bamboo GTX are built into the deck, which is great for balance, not forgetting the fact that it essentially puts the battery out of the rider’s way.

The build quality of the bamboo also guarantees a smooth and stable riding experience on any terrain. The skateboard comes with a Bluetooth speed remote control with different speed modes.

The remote also has a backlit LCD which shows the battery level, range, speed, and current speed mode.

The skateboard gives the rider total control of the riding experience to help you get the best out of every ride. Overall, with the Evolve Bamboo GTX, you can be assured of a great skating experience.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Evolve Skateboards that earned it a spot in our list of Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards.


  • It is relatively cheap
  • Can achieve top speeds over 25 mph
  • Great battery range capable of delivering up to 31 miles
  • An optional energy-saving battery mode
  • Can easily climb up hills with a 25 percent gradient
  • Features a remote with LCD readout
  • It comes with a built-in battery


  • It has relatively low weight support compared to other models in the market.
  • It is more suited for light off-road trails.
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The BEST Electric Skateboard EVER! Evolve Bamboo GTX
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6. Ninestep Electric Skateboard – fastest all-terrain electric skateboard

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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The Ninestep Electric Skateboard is perfect for riding on mountainous surfaces; it is essentially more of a mountainboard.

The board comes with huge chunky pneumatic tires perfect for tackling the rocky and tough mountainous terrains of up to 30 percent gradients.

However, despite being a mountainboard, the Ninestep can just as well be used on any off-road or road surface, for that matter.

The skateboard has two high-performance brushless motors, each carrying 100 watts of power to give a combined total of 2000 watts. They also deliver the top speed of 25mph, but you do not have to worry about falling off the deck with the skateboard going that fast.

It has built-in foot straps to keep you in place while riding on the bumpiest of trails. The skateboard is powered by an LG battery which takes about 3 hours for a full charge. However, with a maximum range of 20 to 25 km, waiting for 3 hours is worth it.

The Ninestep has a regenerative braking system that allows for a bit of energy recovery when decelerating.

The skateboard is also bidirectional, allowing you to move either forward or backward, all at the flick of a button. It also has multiple riding modes, saving energy or using more power on rides.

The entire setup is somewhat lightly built, weighing just about 29lbs. The Ninestep has shock absorbers to help absorb and lessen the effect of riding on rough and hardened terrains.

The performance is great and considering its versatility for both on and off-road trails, it makes for an amazing product.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Ninestep that earned it a spot in our list of Best Off Road Electric Skateboards.


  • It is versatile, and suited for riding on all surfaces.
  • Uses shock absorbers
  • It comes with foot straps to lock in the rider for bumpy rides
  • Great range with impressive hill-climbing ability.
  • It has tall and treaded pneumatic wheels to provide extra grip


  • It is somewhat expensive.
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7. Atom Longboards Electric B10X All-Terrain Electric Longboard

Best Off-road Electric Skateboards
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Just one trial with this Atom longboard skateboard will have you redefine what an awesome skating experience entails.

The Atom is a popular and well-respected brand among skateboarders so you can trust their expertise and experience accumulated over the years regarding skateboards.

This product comes with a powerful 1000-watt motor powered by a large Samsung 25R lithium-ion battery. The battery has a 90Wh rating designed to store energy for extended periods.

However, compared to other models, the B10X offers a disappointing operating range of 7 miles with a top speed level of about 15mph.

On the good side, the skateboard is extremely lightweight, weighing just 14lbs, and perhaps most impressive; despite its light body build, the B10X can support a rider weighing as much as 275 lbs. It is also very compact, measuring 36 inches in length and just 10 inches.

The deck is crafted from stiff and tough wood, while a laser-cut aluminum casing covers the battery and electronics. This amazing bodywork enhances the sturdiness of the skateboard on all sorts of surfaces.

It also comes with two-speed modes, making the B10X a great skateboard for beginners who want to start out at a slow speed until they have improved their riding skills.

The B10X also uses regenerative brakes, allowing the battery to save energy and recharge when braking or decelerating.

There is also a battery level indicator that helps you keep track of your battery level to help you know when you will need to recharge. Also worthy of mention is that this skateboard can tackle hills of 12 degrees.

It is also very versatile and will work just as great on dirt tracks or concrete. Altogether, with this off-road electric skateboard,  Atom has once again proven its reputable brand in the skateboard market.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Atom Electric B10X that earned it a spot on our Best Off Road Electric Skateboards list.


  • It is relatively affordable.
  • The height of the skateboard has been considerably reduced to provide more stability during rides.
  • It uses an energy-conserving regenerative braking system enabled by a FOC sine-wave technology.
  • Features a high-performance Samsung 25R lithium-ion battery
  • It is very lightweight
  • Great skateboard for beginners looking to enhance their skateboarding skills.


  • It is not exactly suitable for grasslands
  • The wheels are on the smaller side compared to other models on the market
  • The range is very low at just 7 miles.
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8. eGlide GT PowerboardOff-Road Electric Skateboard

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards

This is another skateboard from eGlide. Like its sibling on this list, the GT Powerboard is a top-of-the-line skateboard suited for all terrains.

The skateboard’s deck is crafted from military-grade black anodized aluminum making this board one of the toughest and most durable in off-road electric skateboards.

Spec-wise, the board measures 45 × 11 × 0.75 inches and weighs a whopping 72lbs. The low clearance means it is closer to the ground, which is great for stability as the center of gravity is also slightly lowered.

The GT Powerboard is powered by an 800 watts, 36V motto to push you along at a maximum speed of 25mph. This skateboard had quite a kick to it capable of going from 0 to 23mph in only 5 seconds.

Moving onto the tires, the GT Powerboard has 9 inches-high wheels with tires made out of reinforced rubber to ride through all sorts of terrains without stress. The trucks have sprung as shock absorbers to dampen the effects of the rough terrains.

The ends of the deck are raised so that they serve as braces to provide maximum safety while accelerating.

The skateboard also comes with very powerful brakes capable of bringing you to an instant stop even when you ride downhill.

Overall, the GT Powerboard brings great value, and although it might be somewhat expensive, you are paying for a quality product, and it is a purchase you will not regret.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The eGlide GT that earned it a spot in our list of Best Off Road Electric Skateboards.


  • It has a black anodized body construction
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Provides top speed of 23mph
  • Low clearance to enhance stability and safety during rides
  • The very powerful and efficient braking system
  • It comes with shock absorbers to dampen the impact of rough terrain


  • It is expensive
  • It is considerably heavy
  • The single motor is unlikely to efficiently distribute the torque
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9. Munkyboards SK-900BL

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards
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If you need a high-quality, stable, durable skateboard, the SK-900BL is what you are looking for.

The skateboard uses all-terrain rubber tires built to conquer and withstand any type of off-road terrain, from dirt trails to rocky tracks. Powered by a 36-volt, 900watt motor, the skateboard allows riders to travel at high speeds at a maximum of 24mph.

The skateboard comes with high-performance batteries, which can take 4 to 6 hours to get a full charge. Nonetheless, a single charge can cover a range of 12.5 miles and will last for 100 minutes before the next recharge.

The SK-900L is also great for heavier riders who love off-road adventures. A notable feature of the skateboard is the Bluetooth remote control which gives complete control to the rider.

Munkyboards have been around in the market for a while; after all these years, its products still bring something to the table. Although the SK-900L is somewhat pricey, it is a great deal for its specifications and features.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Munkyboards SK-900BL that earned it a spot on our Best Off Road Electric Skateboards list.


  • Can go as fast as 24mph regardless of the terrain
  • It comes with a Bluetooth remote control
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • The skateboard can go on for at least 12.5 miles


  • It takes a bit too long to charge
  • It was a bit expensive.
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10. eGlide AT (All Terrain) Aluminium Electric Skateboard

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards

The eGlideAT (All Terrain) Electric Skateboard is undoubtedly one of the best off road electric skateboards you would find on the market today.

The skateboard has a strong and dependable body construction, its performance is top-notch, and it is fun to skate with if you want an amazing skateboarding experience.

The skateboard can go on for about 15 miles on one single charge, a range big enough to satisfy whatever adrenaline rush you get from skateboarding.

The eGlide also has a very powerful 800w motor; we are talking about acceleration from 0 to 24mph within 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest skateboards available.

About the body construction, this skateboard is made out of high-quality military-style aluminum to provide a superior and durable body build for safer rides.

The tires are huge pneumatic ones specially designed to withstand any off-road environment. The deck has a large surface area measuring 14 inches in width to provide a more stable and smoother ride.

The controller is attached to the board via a cord, and while this may seem like a flaw in the design, it is quite brilliant.

The controller has a kill switch, and if you ever get separated from the board while skateboarding, all you have to do is hold on to the controller.

The cord will first detach itself from the skateboard before bringing the board to a stop. The eGlide AT Electric Skateboard is an awesome skateboard; you will get the true essence of it once you step on the deck.

The only downside here is that it is quite pricey compared to other skateboards. However, what are a few extra dollars for all its great features?

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The eGlide AT that earned it a spot in our list of Best Off Road Electric Skateboards.


  • Currently, the fastest skateboard available
  • It has a very powerful motor
  • The skateboard has a strong and well-built aluminum body
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Features a wired controller
  • Provides 14 inches of surface width


  • It is expensive
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What is the best electric skateboard in the world?

Here are some of the best recommendations for electric skateboards: Ninestep Electric Skateboard, Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard, Q Dream 25 MPH 2000w mountainboard, eGlide GT PowerboardOff-Road Electric Skateboard, and Atom Longboards Electric B10X.

 Is it worth getting an electric skateboard?

Yes. An electric skateboard enables you to reach anywhere quickly. Unlike non-electric skateboards, you don’t need to put much effort while using the new-age electric skateboard. Thus, you will enjoy a comfortable ride without sweating.

How long do electric skateboards last?

With daily use, the Li-Ion battery of your electric skateboard can last around 2 to 3 years if maintained properly. Besides, avoid overcharging your e-skateboard for longer life.

Per the International rating cycle life standard, the battery usually works for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching its 80% capacity.

How fast is the fastest electric skateboard?

Generally, the speed of the fastest e-skateboard models can go up to 62mph (100km).

 Can you go downhill on an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can use electric skateboards to go downhill. Stance and braking play a crucial role when riding an e-skateboard downhill. So make sure to bend down a bit when riding the board. It will allow you to absorb the bumps while you go off-road.

What voltage are electric skateboards?

Usually, the Kv (constant velocity) ratings can be between 140Kv and 220Kv in an electric skateboard’s outrunner motor. Kv implies the number of rpm (revolutions per minute) made by a motor in 1 volt.


Finally, having reviewed The best off road electric skateboards currently available on the market, it is important to understand that while the above skateboards were all designed for all-terrain purposes, not all boards are created equal.

Moreover, as a rider, you may have your own special needs, and you need to do thorough market research of your options before making a purchase.

The “best” board depends on your skill level and what you want from a skateboard. Would you take speed over a range or vice versa?

Would you rather have foot straps, or do you prefer to ride without restraints? Would you prefer a smaller, more compact board to a bigger one with larger pneumatic tires? Wired or wireless remote controls?

Overall, whatever you buy should be something safe and efficient that you can work with. We can confidently assure you that the skateboards on this list will deliver great performance on every off-road terrain you intend to ride.

We hope this article will provide valuable insight to help you search for the best off-road electric skateboard.