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13 Of The Best Offline Racing Games For Android

Are you searching for the Best Offline Racing Games For Android? 🤔There are many out there, We collected 13 of the best ones for you in this post.

Let’s explore this guide. 📗

This era is known for its gaming trends. Smartphones are playing great support in its high-end development. Racing games are highly popular among gamers as a fantastic source of entertainment.

These games prove to be a huge stress buster. In this hustle-bustle of everyday life, these gamers look for some best offline racing games for Android that can support their mental stress. Oh! Are you a gamer too? Does your slow internet irritate you? 

Superb! If you are a gamer, then I think this article can be fascinating for you. Slow internet has always been a problem in everyone’s life in today’s world.

We do everything through the data connection facility, so it becomes impossible to imagine ourselves with the internet.

However, what if we tell you that your entertainment and passion are now no more dependent on your slow data connection, and you can enjoy the best offline racing games for Android. Pretty sure, you would love to listen to this.

Passion and Thrill for Racing Games

There are times when you want to experience the same thrill and adventure in racing games, but slow internet interrupts you.

We have a range of racing games which can delight you. These are the best offline racing games for people who always face trouble with internet speed and can make your time worth investing in. Racing can never be a tedious business for anyone.

Racers are quite passionate about the different types of cars and trucks they drive. They need the world’s best locations too to drive with the most significant hurdles they can test on.

When you race in games, you want to see the rims, wheels, and vinyl you use while racing. However, these racing games, which we are going to suggest you have world-class facilities, and the apps are entirely updated for a better user interface. Let us explore this list to know what best these games offer you.

Best Offline Racing Games For Android 👌

1. Hovercraft Takedown

Have you ever wondered about the thrill of racing and shooting together in a game? If you find it exciting, then Hovercraft Takedown is a perfect game for you.

In this game, you can race and pull together. While you race, there are times when you will have to shoot at your target. This is known as the no.1 racing game of the year.

Hovercraft: Takedown

Let us check out the features of this Best Offline Racing Games For Android:-

  • You can customize it according to your choice. Choose your hovercraft and arm it with missiles, lasers, guns, and many more.
  • If you wish to play it with many people, then you can play it over W-Fi in multiplayer mode with your friends.
  • It has an exciting feature where you can bomb into your enemy vehicles and cause incredible chain reaction explosions.
  • You can grab six weapons simultaneously and choose your loadout from thousands of combinations.
  • Enjoy 360-degree tracking lasers, triple fire-bombing rockets, and long-range sniper cannons at the same time.
  • This game is a perfect mixture of your choice of ammunition. Go on a thrilling ride with a shooting adventure.

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2. Hill Climb Racing 2

Well, many of us, including kids, love to play racing games. Racing games are always hot on-trend. Regardless of our age, it suits us all. Do you think that you are the best driver in hill racing games? Oh! Then you must try this game. 

HCR2 Gameplay Trailer 2 [30sec] [no logo]

Take a look at the exciting features of this Best Offline Racing Games For Android:-

  • There are events held in this game where you can compete and win in weekly multiplayer events.
  • Upon winning, you can unlock cars and choose the best ones as per your racing style.
  • It gives you an option to upgrade the performance of the cars you can compete with.
  • More than 14 different tuning parts are available for your great styling.
  • Customize cool characters and your cars for racing—just self-design your style.
  • Create your racing team and race in different environments.
  • This game has excellent graphics and resolution.

Now kill time racing with the excellent car experience and enjoy your free game. Yes! Your ear is correct. Except for optional in-app purchases, this game is free to download and play without any data usage.

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3. Real Drift Car Racing

It is the most realistic drift racing game on mobile devices. You can enjoy this easy to control game and yet a fun-loving drift mode player. Just be ready to drift your cars on high performance and drift them at high speed.

Real Drift Car Racing Trailer

Now, take a glance at the unique features of this Best Offline Racing Games For Android:-

  • Customize your difficulties level yourself in this game. If you are entirely new or a professional, then adjust yourself accordingly.
  • There are many customization experts like changing body color, rims model and color, tire signature, and many more things to make your game look attractive.
  • Design a photo mode to share your best drifts with your known people and make real-time simulations in every way.
  • It has a specific engine sound for every car with a blow-off valve and turbo whistle.
  • Make your game more appealing with backfire effects with sounds.
  • If you are looking forward to improving your racing and drifting skills, then you have a big training track as well.

Now, earn virtual money by drifting your car and racing with your customized vehicles. Get to know the better version of your skills in this game. Ready to race yourself in the world record.

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4. Drag Racing

This game has attracted more than 1,00,00,000 players from all over the world. It is the originating nitro fuel racing game. The best about this game is you have a limitless car customization option that stands out from everyone and makes your garage unique.

Drag Racing Trailer (Google)

Here are a few attributes of this game to have a look at this Best Offline Racing Games For Android:-

  • You can customize different things in this game to look completely different from others. 
  • Collect different styles of stickers and designs specially created from Sumo Fish and CIAY Studio.
  • Your imagination can gain no boundaries. Just combine all options to make your unique car designs.
  • Racing your way can be great fun, so try and look for the correct balance between power and grip.
  • Accelerate the engine to conquer others, and in between racing, you can even add nitrous oxide for more fun.

One of the Best Offline Racing Games For Android games ones can ever play.

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5. Asphalt Xtreme

Now break the ordinary rules and enter the territory with no policies. Just wipe out everything you know about racing from your mind because a real skill and a fearless desire are all you need here. 

Asphalt Xtreme - World Premiere Trailer

Let us see the unique features of this game:-

  • Customize your game endlessly. Pick up different vehicle types and explore a unique flavor of gameplay.
  • Regularly discover a new and challenging experience. 
  • This game is updated regularly, and there is always something you can try.
  • Now, make your inner beast free in its monster truck and ride it through different locations with a musical passion. 
  • You get multiple driving options.
  • Unleash all your biggest brands here like Dodge, Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and many more. Just follow your inner thrill and passion. 
  • Race in multiple locations, including all exotic ones around the globe. 
  • Gain full off-road experience. Just enjoy new obstacles in your racing way like hills, deserts, and more than 1100 mastery challenges.

If you are passionate enough to handle all these things, then this is the right set of games for you, which has no boundaries for your adventure tour.

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6. Asphalt Nitro

This 35 MB, monster pack, can take your passion to the next level now. It has a unique jumping velocity, which you would love to the core. The world’s best luxury cars are at your services like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many breathtaking crazy vehicles. 

Asphalt Nitro: Welcome to Italy!

Here are a few attributes of this game to have a look at this Best Offline Racing Games For Android:-

  • Hold onto your amazing speed machines and push them as far as you can like beyond their limits.
  • Showcase yourself through the air and pull off mind-blowing stunts.
  • You can take your racing to new heights. Just hit the ramp.
  • Make yourself a champion for multiple modes.
  • If you are playing online, then challenge your opponents in different game modes and make the best use of your time to showcase your skills.
  • Beat your partners in different races.
  • Race in some of the wildest locations across the globe and see its marvelous graphics recreated to rejuvenate you.

Now, discover yourself in this game with lots of hidden gems and shortcuts, which will help you to wipe off the competition among other players completely. Enjoy your racing passion now.

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 7. Real Car Race Game 3D

Best Offline Racing Games For Android

If you have a passion for car racing games, you feel handy while drifting, then this game is meant for you. In this free racing game world, this game is a real addiction to players.

Let us carefully watch its unique features:-

  • Taking you through this adventurous game is a pride for its creators.
  • This car racing involves an abundance of free modes.
  • You get endless car racing mode for your lovely cars.
  • Now compete with your friends in a completely challenging mode with its 3D features.
  • The best part about this game is that the offline mode allows you to enjoy endless online mode games with its seamless experience.
  • Once you take a look at its sharp and stunning graphics, you will be delighted to see them.
  • These high-performance racing cars have easy driving controls and keep you free from complexities.
  • Real Car Race Game 3D is entirely free to play and download. You can enjoy this free game with your friends and family.

Start playing for endless fun and make your no Wi-Fi race club.

Racing Ferocity 3D | Mobile Game | Official Pre-launch Teaser Trailer | GAMEXIS

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8. Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is not just a game in the racing league, it is the new trend of racing. You can race among the hottest and the high-performance dream machines ever created in history. It is the new beginning of a racing era. 


Here are the unique features of this Best Offline Racing Games For Android games that will mesmerize your mind:-

  • Get your real-time dream and luxurious cars in this game.
  • As the name, if the game itself is quite strong, so is its feature of the cars that drive you into another world of startling graphics.
  • You get over 220 high-performance bikes and cars to drive and push beyond your limits and imagination.
  • If you love audio immersions, then this game has a feature that possesses unique high-fidelity motor sounds.
  • Customize and upgrade your rides in the choice of cars you want.
  • Fly into the air with this airborne game and give a cheat to the physics gravity. This takes you high into the sky with your cars and bikes. 
  • Enjoy great barrel rolls and wild 360degree jumps.
  • Race on any track in the mirror mode and customize your paths as per yourself.
  • You can get through plenty of shortcuts mentioned at different locations, which you would have to sneak into while playing the game and discover the blowing factors for yourself.

So, now from Desert to Tokyo, find the world’s most challenging rides in your games and thrill yourself with this mind-blowing racing era.

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9. CSR Racing 2

Best Offline Racing Games For Android

This game has set a new standard of graphics that delivers high-tech drag racing till your last move. This game is all about the celebration of different cars, just a click away. Racing games are quite real. 

Let us look at some of the unique features:-

  • Now, customize your cars and drag your race against the players all over the world and the city. Indulge yourself in the most amazing cars on the planet. 
  • You can compete with players across the world with your customized supercars, including Ferrari, McLaren, and many more.
  • Prove your worth by owning a few renowned and legendary cars ever made.
  • Dominate the event in global events that participate in the race.
  • Enjoy the crucial details in your loving cars with the most amazing features.
  • If your childhood dream is racing, then enlighten them by following the race through various modes.
  • Bring your cars to track and prove who is the best racer around you.
  • CSR2 has redefined your thoughts, which you can never imagine.
  • The best feature is you can change the paint of your car and the design of your wheels to make your racing worth enjoying as per your needs.
  • You can keep an eye on the events and updates on your gaming app and participate in that. Win extra cash and bonus.
  • You can see the impressive augmented reality feature.
  • Experience sitting behind the wheels of that car and share it with your known people.

Just slide yourself in the driving seat and be ready for racing.

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10. Racing Fever

13 Of The Best Offline Racing Games For Android

This game is quite addictive for driving simulations and arcade racing. It is going to make you a crazy racer. 

So, let us look at the fantastic features of this game:-

  • Just pick your car and join the fantastic challenge.
  • You can join six different rooms from the basic level game to the pro one.
  • Now race with your friends and challenge them to beat you with their best scores.
  • You can race at high speeds and drive with the most horrendous traffic and cars.
  • Nothing is a blackout in this racing fever. You can enjoy the league with the most amazing cars.
  • Enjoy the 3D pictures and graphics with real-time environments and super awesome detailed cars. 
  • Upgrade your cars with paints, rims, and vinyl.
  • Just make it stronger, clearer, and better.
  • Control your car the way you like by controlling the steering wheels and joystick.
  • You can experience smooth and realistic driving.

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11. GT Racing 2

Best Offline Racing Games For Android

The real-life car experience you can get in GT Racing 2. This automotive journey lets you feel the most prestigious cars in the world. This game is known as the best-selling game for free of cost, and you need not worry about the internet problems any further.

Here are the unique features of this Best Offline Racing Games For Android games that will mesmerize your mind:-

  • This is the wealthiest driving simulation game of the year. You get 71 licensed cars on 13 different tracks, including real Mazda.
  • You can find a fantastic collection of more than 30 cars from the world’s renowned owners like Nissan, Audi, Ford.
  • Test your driving skills by participating in events and knockouts for the thrill and adventure and earn more points to be top on the leaderboard.
  • This new physics model offers you the most realistic game you must have even heard of.
  • There are no repair times as well while racing. People quickly come and help you out.
  • The best feature of this is you do not get the sun always shining while racing. You can experience different weather conditions.

No other game can offer you such a realistic experience that you are looking in this one. Hold yourself and get ready for the most fantastic ride ever.

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12. Horizon Chase/Race

This racing is for all the retro racing fans. It is a classic tribute to the arcade racers as it is the time to bang on towards the horizons.

Horizon Chase - Hawaii Cup

Glance over its amazing features to know more about it:-

  • It is an updated game for a better user interface with the remodeled version.
  • A free game to experience the most thrilling rides.
  • When you log in to the app, you regularly get the updates and events in it to participate and top the leaderboard.
  • This is a paid game, but you do get the opportunity to try and experience it before you buy it.
  • The best feature is, of course, you can play in offline mode and be stress-free about the data speed.
  • This game has won numerous awards like Metacritic 88, Best game of big festival 2016, and many more.
  • You can entirely rely on its quality and seamless experience for its user interface.
  • It lets you race around the world’s top location and takes you through all the roughest rides as well.
  • It has 16-bit graphics for better picture quality.

Just hit the floor and get ready to play this game. As said, try before buying, and if you love playing the same, then the game if yours. Showcase your skills to the core.

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Importance of Racing Games

These racing games, which we have described above, are the best ones on the list of offline racing games for Android. You do not have to worry about anything while playing them.

They provide you top-class facilities and events to participate in. Few of them are paid, and few are free of cost. So, you can choose the best one for yourself by taking a glance through their unique features. Racing always tempts you to be on top and lead the world.

In today’s era, it is not just boys who love racing; in fact, many girls are a fan of them too. So, these games are not at all gender-biased. Enjoy your racing with significant customizations


Don’t wait further, just dive into the magic of racing games without worrying about your data connection speed or anything. These are the remarkable games that, with a certain level, your thrill and excitement.

Racing has always been the favorite game among the youth. With these games, you can ride in different cars and enjoy the uncontrollable speed.

You get to see so many stunning 3D graphics and braking options to control your car on your way. Come on! It is the right time to make the most out of these games. These games are overwhelming for your android device. So, Just Gear Up!