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Best Open Source Django Projects


If a person is interested in the life of the Open Source community and wants to join open source projects. Django framework might come in handy if the person is strongly sure about working with Python code. Learning Django is far from a piece of cake, especially for those who earlier dealt with other programming languages like the Java or C♯.

Above all, one of the most complicated elements when starting to work with Django is getting used and understanding of the URL routing. Organizing the project files and the apps are also is not as easy as some might think.

There are some Django open-source projects, however, which can help to train yourself with the Django setup and dive into the source code. So, how to make things done with Django.

First of all, it is better to take a closer look at the Bootcamp project. It represents the concept of the social network for the enterprise. It was initially developed to help company employees and colleagues to share with experience and collaborate in closed company’s community. The core of the project is centered around the idea of sharing and spreading useful information and tracking the development of the company’s projects.

Woid – is a web crawler capable to collect most popular stories published on different websites. It gives an opportunity to track all the up-to-date news other people are interested in and also archive them in order to be able to look back and check what was the most gossiped topic in past days.

Pinax – is the open-source platform created on the Django Framework consisting of different Django apps, templates, and many others. Its main advantage is that it is capable to make coding easier when it comes to quite regular and common parts of coding. This helps coder concentrating better on more important things and things that make the website different from any others.

Wagtail – is the popular content management system (CMS) created in Django. It is popular among such world data mastodonts like NASA, Google, and the British NHS. This Python-build CMS offers an extremely fast development environment. Websites constructed in Wagtail are cheap to build and quite easy to extend them – a feature essential for agile development. As most of the projects created on Django, Wagtail has one of the most strong security systems. Wagtail is currently regarded as the number one open source Python CMS.

Django Oscar – open-source e-commerce Django framework created for the payment issues, budget management, and for building domain-driven applications. Flexible and able to meet complicated requirements this framework gives an opportunity to pay for an order with multiple payment sources like bank cards, vouchers, gift cards, and points account.

Review Board – is a collaborative code-review tool also created of Django and coded in Python. This code reviewer is capable to be installed on any server be it Apache or Lighttpd.

Since Django’s primary goal is to ease the creation of complicated websites dealing with databases, most of Django projects more or less deal with processing a large amount of alike information. The principle “Don’t repeat yourself maintained by Django’s team around the world saves priceless working hours, which could have been spent on monotonous routine. Django’s dynamic interface is easy to be used and configured via admin models. Among the most famous sites that used Django are Instagram, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Bitbucket, Nextdoor, Public Broadcasting Service and even Pinterest. However, the last one now moved to a framework built over Flask. Most of Django’s open-source projects are more familiar to people under some brand names. Many could not even imagine that brands of software they know were created thanks to Django open-source framework.


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