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Making Use Of The Best Photo Editors for Android


With the current generation having a larger population of youths, taking photos has become part of the day-to-day fun with no issue of the surrounding or rather where the photo is taken.

In addition to it, the advancement of technology has given the opportunities of taking photos using mobile phone cameras, as they tend to avail those with the best quality. Besides having fun, many people keep the pictures on different networks on their personal accounts for future reference.

However, the best fun comes in when you have to edit the photos taken I different areas and turning them to your desired perspective. Creating the best photos will make you comfortable to share with your friends and family or complete strangers for that matter. Some of the few listed photo editor for android to try out are as follows;

4. Snapchat

It is the most popular app that works comfortably for both photo editing effects and messaging factors. Selfies taken through snapchat are augmented, as other photos are viewable by the selected number of friends and afterward they self-destruct. This ensures a sense of privacy when using the app as a photo editor for Android. New special features such as facial are added periodically.

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Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

3. Facetune 2

Making Use Of The Best Photo Editors for Android

This highly specialized app is designed to provide a finer quality and great editing precision as an appealing photo editor for Android. It also has the ability to retouch a portrait in the camera just before you take the picture. The original version of face tune made it easy and enjoyable taking selfies. With the coming up of this second version, many changes were made to fix the problems that were with the previous version. This version came with a 3D meshing built in which makes it possible to advance or improve our level of editing and skills at our fingertips. For a professional with Photoshop Facetune should not be a match. Majority of people have many photos of them in their mobile phones making it much better to edit the photos and sharing it on social media within no time. The app scans photos of the face and automatically detects facial features making it possible to fit or reshape the whole face. There are tools to remove blemishes and making your face appear smooth but the most interesting part is the live editing that involves editing of a photo before taking the photo.

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2. Photo Lab Pro

Making Use Of The Best Photo Editors for Android

It is easier to enhance your photos using this app as it has numerous features alongside the high-quality artwork. However, this app works effectively when using the internet. On the positive side editing your photos online has to be the best way so far as it limits your device from getting full where you may be forced to delete some of your artworks. Some tools found in photo lab are not common in other editing apps. This makes this app a great photo editor for android as it gives a photo a stylish effect making some pictures appear vintage, using filters to turn into elegant drawings. There is also the human to animal effects that you can consider on your face. The photo lab received an award recently as the hottest app in Russia and as a sign of gratitude; they chose to update the app into more fun and more stylish. They also added templates to their advancements.

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1.Photo Mate

Photo Mate R3 - What is new?

This app is an image viewer and a photo editor for Android. Unlike other apps, photo mate can edit and display images of high quality. The app has a free version and a paid one, you only settle for what you are comfortable with. Regardless of your Smartphone camera, photo mate will always ensure it delivers you with the best-advanced editing results. The mode of editing can be simplified for easy usage on the Smartphone. It will also allow you to work with your raw images for adjustments and extended dynamic range. With photo mate settings, you can always change an image and revert to your original image. It is advisable to use templates to save your preferred processing options. Unlike the first version of photo mate, this one is straightforward and does not get in the way of your editing but has live visualization of the photo. Photos can be easily stacked up to enable you create a real HDR image from several shots. This emphasizes on the capabilities of future mobile editing applications.

My take on Best Photo Editors for Android

The selective list of photo editing apps is outstanding compared to others that are unmentioned as of now. You can use the choice to pick what describes your taste and requirements when it comes to photo editing. This does not mean the approved are minimal neither does it mean this are the only ones perfect…There are quite several options that may suit your needs above these and you may not be in a position to know unless you do some research or inquire from those who have had experiences with your interest. This will help you avoid making the wrong choice that could change your view towards photo editors due to disappointments. The best experience will make you enjoy every bit of it and will have fun as you become a professional in editing photos.