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Best Portable Blenders In Terms of Self Safety


I love my blender. With him, I can make a lot of recipes, like smoothies and healthy soups. Maybe you did not know, but Best Buy offers many appliances, including blenders. In this article, I will present six models that are among the best mixers you will find this year at the buyers trend.

  1. Vitamix Professional Vitamix 1.89L 11-Speed 11-Speed Stand Mixer

If you are looking for the ultimate mixers, you should seriously consider buying the Professional 200 from Vitamix. These 11 speeds give you the flexibility to mix, cream, chop and puree your food.

Some models have difficulty mixing foods, especially when they are hard. This is absolutely not the case with the Professional 200 because it has a motor with a high peak power of 2 HP.

But what does it mean concretely? This means that with this engine, the blades are capable of turning at a maximum speed of 240 mph. They make a mouthful of most of the ingredients you put in it.

In short, if you are a lover of very smooth creams or shakes free of large chunks of ice cream, this is the device you need. Ah yes! I forgot! Washing the Professional 200 is a breeze! Just put a little hot water with a drop of soap in the container and start the mixer at high speed. After about 30 seconds you will have a clean device!

  1. Boss Breville Super Boss 2L Stand Mixer

I always liked the Breville brand. These appliances have a very sought-after design, so that you can install them both in a freshly renovated kitchen and in a kitchen that is half a century old.

Personally, when I lived in an apartment in Montreal, I had a Breville microwave oven. He added elegance and modernity to my old kitchen. When I moved out and installed it in the kitchen of my modern condo, I was surprised to see how much it also blended into the decor.

In my opinion, this Breville Boss 2L Super Stand Mixer is one of the finest in the field. It’s not just fun to watch because it can do a lot of things too! In fact, if you’re a techno lover, you’ll love using it!

Its LCD screen with backlight makes use very easy. It has several interesting features like a timer, a timer and a pause. Thus, you do not have to stay in front of your mixer (it’s still recommended not to be too far) when it works. For example, you can tell him to stop after one minute.

  1. Breville 1.5L and 750W Stand Mixer

The Breville model that I just presented is not for all scholarships. I’m aware. Fortunately, the Australian manufacturer offers a more affordable model: the 1.5L and 750W stand mixer.

As you can see, the large LCD screen has been replaced by a smaller screen that serves as a timer. By cons, like his big brother, it comes with interesting features like pre-programmed settings. These help you, for example, crush ice cream and make smoothies, by pressing only one button. Simple, but really effective, otherwise, you will find the same contemporary design unique to Breville. I think that with time, it has become a bit of a trademark!



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