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9 of The Best Printer For Checks To Use in Businesses

In today’s fast-paced world, operating a business has become a common trend among youngsters. Many try to become successful entrepreneurs, but only a handful of them are able to make it to the top. 

That is because running a successful business not only needs the right kind of people, but the right kind of equipment and products to run it successfully. In this post, we will read about some of the best printer for checks to use in small businesses. 

A notable aspect of any business is the financial department. It has moved on adapting to the technology that is available today. It becomes easier to hand out checks than using cash. Probably a few decades earlier that is how your grandparents or parents (for some of you) were given their payments. 

Today, the need to use checkbooks is also not required with the use of printing checks through printers. Many entrepreneurs find it a good alternative instead of using the checkbook. Besides, it is safe too as you can take the printout from your home or office. 

This is suitable in today’s working environment with many opting to work from home, it becomes easier to make payments and keep track of them. To help you know more we have researched and compiled a list of the best printer for checks for you. 

Why is a check printer required for printing checks?

Is it required for you to own a printer for checks? This is a common question that many entrepreneurs might be wondering about. The printer for checks comes with several advantages like they use security features to ensure your checks are valid. 

The printers are compatible with software for formatting the checks so you can use them instead of designing the layout yourself. It can be a tedious process. The printer for checks enables you to save time. 

The machines can quickly print checks in a short period of time. Finally, the main difference between the printer checks and others is that they use MICR Toner/Inks. You will be delighted to know that it is recognized by the Federal Reserves.

The above were some of the few notable benefits of using the best printer for checks. As you can see, they are extremely useful and capable of helping you meet your requirements in a work environment that can help run your business smoothly and efficiently. 

Buying guide for a printer for checks 

Below are some pointers that you would want to know about purchasing your printer for checks. Using the guide, you can make your decision wisely and ensure that you are making a worthy investment for your business or organization. 

The compatibility with software:-

This is one of the most important factors for choosing the best printer for checks. Many consumers tend to overlook the pointer and only focus on the price and the features. Unless it is compatible with the software you are using, it may not come in handy for your cause. 

The type of printer you want to go with:-

This is another factor for choosing the printer. Many clients tend to prefer using laser units. Because it gets the job done faster and more accurately. Monochrome printers are good and cheap, but they take more time to print. 

Besides, a laser printer can help you color printer charts and graphs too. The inkjet printer might be useful when you want to print high-resolution graphics. We have done our best covering different kinds of printers in the post. 

The efficiency and connectivity:-

The efficiency and connectivity of the printer for checks are also vital for any business. Additionally, they help you print from a barrage of units like your smartphone or laptop. Entrepreneurs need this kind of efficiency. 

Most of the printers come with connectivity options including a USB port for connecting to the office network or PC. There is Wi-Fi Direct, NFC connections, printing from the cloud, and even your tablet.

The size of your printer:--

Utilizing a printer that comes with a compact size is crucial for your business to run sublimely. Compact size machine occupies less space and does the job effortlessly. Since it is lightweight, you can carry them around with you easily. 

But a bigger machine comes with some distinct benefits when you consider smaller units. For example, a small printer may not have a powerful cartridge.

It boils down to your office space. When you are working in a tight space work environment, then trays opened space is required. 

Customer support provided to you:-

For any machine, there has to be sufficient customer support offered to you. The manufacturer plays a vital role in the running of the printer in the long run.

When you want your printer to work for several years in precision, you should ensure the maker has good customer service. 

As you work on the printer, problems might arise, and you will need efficient customer support under heavy usage. Besides, when your printer is not working, it can cost your business time and money.

Best Printer For Checks: Our Top Pick 👌👌

As we read at the beginning of the post, it is relatively easier to handle checks than use money. Hence the usage of the checkbook is gaining prominence among entrepreneurs.

You can quickly keep track of your checks, but it is challenging to put your signatures on your check.

The printer for checks can easily get the job done. It can help in printing checks using the right kind of special inks that are approved by the financial institution in America. They allow entrepreneurs to print checks economically. 

You can read this post with some of the best printer for checks if you are keen on purchasing a printer. It would enable you to get one for yourself. Since the choices were abundant, we were careful in our decision.  

Without further ado, let us delve into some of the best printer for checks for businesses. 

1. HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Wireless Printer is first on our list for the best printer for checks. When you are looking for a high-performance printer, that comes affordable then you are looking at it. 

Best Printer For Checks
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The main functions of the printer include scan, copy, fax, wireless printing, touchscreen, AirPrint, Instant Ink. Besides, we liked the mobile printing feature to print anywhere. Additionally, it has an LCD display for wireless printing using your smartphone. 

Its print quality deserves mention here because it is of extreme quality and you can make use of its exceptional size paper. The machine also comes with an automatic document feeder of having close to 100 sheets so that your work does not get hindered. 

A notable feature in this printer is the 2-side printing. It also comes with a Wi-Fi Direct function for working without the internet. Using Instant Ink, users can save more than 40% of their cartridge ink. 

It is priced close to $200 that is affordable. You can purchase accessories along with it for less than the mentioned price. The maker offers you a 1-year warranty on the hardware and phenomenal support. 

A user from California did not want to purchase this printer because of the Inkjet ink. But she is glad she did because it comes with all the features that she wanted. Besides, the user found the pricing to be reasonable for her small business, we quite agree with her on that one. 


  • The unit comes with an auto document feeder and a paper tray for 100 sheets. 
  • There is support for 2-sided and borderless printing.
  • The connectivity on the printer for checks is sublime. 
  • It comes with a quiet mode for noise cancellation.
  • It is priced affordable for small businesses. 


  • Some users may want to utilize the laser printer. 

HP OfficeJet 4650 is a feature-rich printer for checks. When you want a cheap unit, then your search for it ends here. The machine comes with a wide range of printing abilities, a very spectacular print, massive size, and a 1-year warranty. 

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HP Officejet 4650 All-in-One Inkjet Printer and Instant Ink Review

2. Brother HL-L2340DW Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2340DW Laser Printer is the best printer for checks speed-wise and robustness. When you are in search of a durable printer, then it is this make from Brother.

They are popular for designing the ultimate printers and this is taken, the cream de la cream. 

Best Printer For Checks 1
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We will design first. It is compact and sturdy coming in black color that makes it appear sleek and modern. This is a monochrome laser printer. We were quite amazed at the connection aspect as it did a good job. 

It also provides you with two-sided printing that is a benefit. You can make use of mobile device printing. You will be delighted with the speed of the printer at 27prints/minute. The printer setup is quite easy, and you can share data effortlessly. 

Its tray can carry up to 250 sheets and can be adjusted to fit papers of different sizes. There is a single manual feed slot for printing envelopes, cardstock, and labels. It also comes with an automatic duplex print feature that helps you save time and paper. 

Users can print using Air print or the Brother app. You will be glad to know that you can operate it without a router. A user-based in Kentucky said that he is mightily pleased with the printer for checks and feels it was a good investment for his small firm. 


  • It has a robust design along with a sleek body. 
  • The paper tray can carry more than 250 sheets. 
  • It can print more than 26/minutes. 
  • The unit has several wireless connectivity features. 
  • It makes use of automatic duplex printing having a low cost per print.


  • Users felt that it came with connectivity issues. 

Brother HL-L2340DW comes as one of a kind printer that can get the job done seamlessly. Users were happy using it as the unit comes with a decent build, good printing speed, it can take more than 250 sheets, print more than 26/minutes, and wireless connectivity features. 

3. HP Laserjet Pro P1109w

HP Laserjet Pro P1109w is the second machine from HP. They are a reliable manufacturer. Wireless printing has become the norm in today’s world of fast-paced action. Consumers always want a unit that can enable them to get things done faster. 

A notable feature about the printer is that you can connect the printer without using any extra cables. You can get a good print speed of 19print/minute. Yes, it may not be very fast, certainly helping you to get the job done on time. 

Best Printer For Checks 2
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You will like the start and finish printing using the Instant-on technology feature. Besides, this printer is laser and offers you amazing quality prints. Users noted the fact that it comes compact in size. 

You can fit it inside desks or shelves for your home or office. Users commended that it was very quiet in operation and function. It comes with a good resolution and exceptional print quality for printing documents. 

You cannot get prints in color as it is a monochrome unit. Users can use their flexible connectivity with their smartphones and tablets. The wireless printing works sublimely on the printer and the difference between mobile printing options is Wi-Fi direct not needed. 

You can hold more than 140 sheets using the paper tray. Additionally, it does not come with an automatic document feeder for having it cost-effective. On the whole, the machine enables users to receive intense picture quality and stunning images. 


  • The design of the unit is sleek and compact. 
  • It is a laser printer offering quick print. 
  • The machine is monochrome for black and white.
  • Its connectivity is sublime using wireless fast printing. 
  • It has a paper tray managing more than 140 sheets.


  • The machine does not have some features. 

HP Laserjet Pro P1109w is one of the best printer for checks in the market today. It has a sublime design, comes with laser ink, phenomenal connectivity, and a paper tray holding 150 sheets. 

4. Canon PIXMA MG3620 

Canon PIXMA MG3620 is a top-notch machine from the makers of Canon. They are known to produce some matchless devices. You can print flawlessly using your devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. 

9 of The Best Printer For Checks To Use in Businesses
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Users felt that the installation was quick and good. Besides, the print quality of the unit is peerless thanks to the resolution of 4800x1200 for documents. It also comes with several wireless connections for you including AirPrint, Google cloud print, and NFC support. 

Users do not need to use an internet connection for printing checks. You can print checks using your devices. Additionally, the auto-duplex printing feature enables you to save paper printing two-side of the document. 

The print speed is a good 9print/minute. This is an inkjet printer and offers users more than 5 images/minute in color. Its color quality was excellent, and you can work using the quiet mode. Within a short while, you can begin your work besides the customer support is awesome. 


  • The machine comes with a brand name.
  • It has auto duplex printing allowing you to print two-sided documents.
  • It ably supports wireless printing. 
  • The unit comes with a resolution of 4800x1200 for printed documents.
  • It is an affordable machine for users. 


  • Few users felt that the print quality could have been slightly improved. 

Canon PIXMA MG3620 is a matchless printer that comes with everything that you could have wanted. Its setup is quick, the color quality is stunning, print speed is good, and the connectivity is acceptable, what more can you actually want. 

Check Price on Amazon
PIXMA MG3620: Setting Up the Paper for Printing

5. HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn 

HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn is another excellent printer on our list of the best printer for checks. Yes, it is the third printer for checks that we are reading on the review. HP seems to have mastered the segment. 

Best Printer For Checks 4
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Having been in this industry for a long time, they understand the client’s requirements and make their devices affordable. These two stands out features have made their products in great demand in all sectors. 

Its connectivity is exceptional, and you can work on it using your smartphone and tablet. The P1606dn can print at a speed of more than 25print/minute. You can also make use of Instant-on technology. 

Users will love the automatic two-sided printing option enabling printed documents to have the texts on both sides. The need to replace the toner cartridges are decreased. The unit will consume less energy with the auto-on/off technology that is infused with the printer.

The printer comes with a colossal paper tray that can carry close to 250 sheet capacity. It ensures that users can print many documents when they want to purchase the material. Consumers also liked the quiet mode included in this printer for noise cancellation.


  • It comes with a high printing speed of 25 pages per minute.
  • This is a monochrome printer for black and white texts.
  • It has exceptional wireless networking capabilities.
  • The unit comes with a quiet mode. 
  • The printer is cheaply priced. 


  • Sadly, users cannot get color print from it. 

HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn is your ideal best printer for checks. Though it is affordable, you can’t use color images. That should deprive you of other phenomenal features like good print speed, wireless networking capabilities, quiet mode, and cheap pricing. 

You may like to read our guide on Best Printer For Waterslide Decals.

6. Samsung M2020w W/ MTI MICR Toner 

Samsung M2020w W/ MTI MICR Toner is another exciting product that we will read about. Samsung is known for its reliability among its devices. The printer is no different and you can ensure that it provides you with everything that you want. 

9 of The Best Printer For Checks To Use in Businesses
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The single toner unit offers you 1000 pages or you can make use of close to 3000 checks. It is an amazing thing to know and find out. The unit also has a MICR toner from MTI. We found that the machine was able to offer an instant wireless connection. 

You can connect through it using a wired or wireless connection without hassle. It comes with the NFC feature that enables you to connect with your smartphone immediately. This feature is useful when you want to take prints from anywhere. 

The unit can print more than 20 pages in a minute. We were immensely surprised at the number of positive feedback about the printer. A user-based in Los Angeles set this up for his client who was on the lookout for a new printer for checks.  

He felt that the installation was sublime, and the print quality was exceptional. The wireless connection worked smoothly and the software compatibility was powerful. Overall, it is a phenomenal device that you can own for your small business. 


  • The design and color are good. 
  • It comes with a splendid print speed per minute. 
  • The quality of the print is exceptional. 
  • The check printing capacity is acceptable. 
  • It offers you stunning wireless connectivity with NFC.


  • Some users thought that it is slightly off compared to a traditional printer. 

Samsung M2020w W/ MTI MICR Toner is an exceptional printer for checks. It has the design, printing speed, color quality, connection for wireless, and price factor that works well for it. You need to order it today itself.

7. Epson TM-H6000III Multistation Printer 

Epson TM-H6000III Multistation Printer is the best printer for checks using the software. When you are in search of a printer that can help you operate using software, then it has to be this one. This is one of the most trusted brand names in the market. 

9 of The Best Printer For Checks To Use in Businesses
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They have been for years manufacturing some of the exceptional printers in the industry. TM-H6000III Multistation printer is a classic from the maker. It comes with everything that any small business owner would want to have in it. 

It offers you effortless transaction flexibility from cash to checks. As it is a multifunction printer, the processing is fast, and the validation of the check is instant. You can easily make use of the printout of the receipts received from the machine. 

The interface between the printer and the POS terminal is good in the unit. The traditional printers have a USB or serial interface. Luckily in the Epson model, there is more juice, and the unit has wireless technology-infused inside it. 

You would be delighted to know that it comes with a 90-day depot warranty. A maker who is confident about their product only offers you a warranty. The other notable features like print speed and ease of use. 


  • It comes with wireless connectivity. 
  • The metal frame makes it reliable.
  • Users can seamlessly print the receipts and checks. 
  • The front access lets effortless paper roll change from any location.
  • It is covered under their 90-day depot warranty. 


  • Few users thought that the device could have come with more features. 

Epson TM-H6000III Multistation Printer is a second to none printer for checks. When all you need is a printer for enabling you to print checks, then you have it through the product. It is durable, has effortless paper roll change, has wireless connectivity, and comes with a 90-day warranty. 

8. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer

VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer is one of the best printer for checks. When your needs are less and so is your budget, then this one could be the ultimate machine.

We felt that the unit is ideal for small businesses and want to do other tasks besides print checks. 

Best Printer For Checks 7
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First things first, it comes with the magnetic (MICR) VersaInk. You can seamlessly now print checks that are bank compliant. It comes with the VersaCheck Presto software enabling consumers to print the check paper without hassle. 

We were delighted to know that you can print different size prints using the printer. Some of them include A4, A6, B5, and DL envelopes. Its design is compact helping you to keep them where you want to. 

The unit can offer you 7.5ppm black, which is quite good enough. A user who runs a small business in San Francisco says that the VersaCheck is a gem of a device. She is highly impressed with it and the multi-pack of check style is good. 

But she felt that the device does not come with the plug-in cord that was a slight disappointment. 


  • Its design is compact and can easily fit inside any work area. 
  • It has a printing capacity in full color. 
  • It comes with a duty cycle of 1000 pages/month. 
  • It works with software operating on Windows and Mac OS.
  • It includes the magnetic (MICR) Versa ink for check printing.


  • Unfortunately, it does not have wireless capability. 

VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer is meant for you when the requirement is less. Besides, your budget does not take a beating. Yes, it does not come with wireless connectivity but has a barrage of other phenomenal features that make it worthy for your small business. 

FAQs on the best printer for checks 

What is the MICR ink used for printing checks?

The MICR is for magnetic ink character recognition and it is a special toner, which is suitable for printing characters. The printer can get the job to be used on the bottom of the check and papers. 

The printing checks must have MICR on them. In the United States of America, the Federal Reserve ensures that the checks are printed with MICR toner. Your checks stand to get rejected if they are printed in normal ink.

What kind of printer do you need to print checks?

The printer that adequately supports MICR inks can be used. It is mandatory to use ink. Otherwise, your checks are going to be deemed unworthy and unfit for use. The MICR inks and the fonts are a requirement for printing checks.

If you are new to printing checks, then it would be helpful if you visit vendors including RT, VERSACheck, and MTI and find out if they provide you with MICR ink. You can find out whether your printer can be compatible using the ink. 

Is the software needed for formatting the checks?

In today’s market, the printers for checks do not need software for format. However, you may ensure that you invest the design and time. That is because using the software for formatting enables it to become simple to use. 

But you can use account management applications like QuickBooks, which lets you print and format checks. There is software that helps you to design checks. Users can utilize Xero that lets you customize the checks and also update your bank details in the MICR format.

What is the best printer for checks? 

From the above post, it is quite clear that using your printer for checks saves you time. Besides, you can also manage your bank account effortlessly. Using the right software can help you do that. 

However, you must see that you use the right software for managing your printer. This ensures you are not doing anything illegal. Where there is a technology for usage, you might as well make use of it in making payments.

In conclusion 

In conclusion, it is going to be difficult to point out and tell you which one is the best. We felt that the best printer for checks we saw in the above post, were good. They have some flawless specifications and pricing. 

We were also highly impressed with the feedback given about them by consumers in the US. But few printers can come useful in specific circumstances. You do not want to purchase a printer without knowing what its actual operations are. 

It becomes like an incentive for enabling yourself to get a printer talked about in the review. The best printer for checks need not be the laser units, but you can make use of inkjet as well.

We highly recommend the HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Wireless Printer. It comes with all the features that any entrepreneur would need. It is priced reasonably also for small businesses. Most of the printers for checks can be differentiated by volume and the MICR toner. 

As always, we would want our readers to spend some time in their own research. It helps you to understand the different kinds of printers for checks in the market today. Perhaps, you may have already made up your mind by now. 

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