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5 Of The Best Projectors Under 500 $ in 2019 ( Reviewed and Rated )


Do you have the curiosity to know about the best projectors under 500 USD To Buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Within the past few decades, we have seen the invention of new and exciting technologies. The cutting-edge inventions have to a large extent affected the way home and office appliances are purchased and used.

More consumers are ditching regular appliances for the new inventions. One of such inventions that we’ve seen take center stage among home and office appliances is the projector.

A lot of consumers have ditched the regular television sets for a larger and more Elegant projector. Projectors are the new trends and they serve their purpose well by beautifying pictures and making them more detail-revealing.

They are gradually growing to become an important part of the essentials of every home and office.

If you’re going to join the trend and pick a projector for yourself, then you should have in mind that you need one that’s durable, functional and most importantly convenient.

This leads to a very important aspect – cost. How can you purchase a projector that offers durability, functionality, and convenience at a budget? A lot of homeowners and workers want to jump into the trend, but most of them are just plain scared of its potential cost and the damage it will do to their pockets.

Note that apart from playing the role of television, projectors are used for other functions at home and around business areas. Imagine holding a conference or seminar with some or all of your staffs – you need to project slides of your new business ideas and company goals, using a screen that’s worth the view.

You want to defend a business proposal to potential investors, or make an academic presentation? A projector stands in as your easily available option to reveal even the tiniest details through a magnified screen.

By implication, you get to simplify a lot of things at home, office, business area, and academic environment, if you have a working projector available. Projectors are obviously the real deal, but they can also sink a deep hole to your pocket.

Take a stroll to the market and you’ll find that a lot of projectors cost up to a few thousand dollars. The question is “do they really have to?” Of course, they don’t.

In fact, homeowners and business operators can grab these amazing appliances without spending as much as they expected. Just like costly projectors, cheaper projectors abound too, although it takes a lot of researches and careful studies to arrive at the ones that efficiently combines price with quality.

Since there are different prices for different projectors, and you may find it a bit difficult trying to sort through all the products that are out there for grabs, we have made a compilation of the best projectors that you can get for as low as below $500 with excellent functionality.

Here is the List of Top 5 Best Projectors Under 500 $ in 2019

1. BenQ DLP Video Projector

best projectors under 500
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With a brightness of 3,200 ANSI Lumens, you are sure going to get more than your money is worth. Although designed for classroom settings and small office presentation, this projector still possesses some outstanding features that bigger and more expensive projectors do not possess.

That means that in some cases, the projector will also deliver according to your needs when used even in bigger settings, although its ideal usage location is in small gatherings and at home.

It is indeed a game-changing item in the industry and lots of users are already rushing to purchase the projector – no doubt, for its very affordable price.

Apart from its relatively cheap price, there are a lot of other reasons why this projector is a standout. An endearing feature is its design to work in a power saving mode, and this certainly means electricity bill reduction.

With a total of five input ports, connecting to almost all video sources shouldn’t be any problem for its users. The projector also uses a 3.5mm stereo mini jack to transmit audio signal, so you are sure of improved video experience. Its remote operation feature brings a different level of convenience and ease of usage.

The features of the BENQ MS524 SVGA projector makes is a major hit among homeowners and in academic environments, while its relatively cheap price, makes it a perfect option for buyers operating under a tight budget.

If you have a projector like this one, then there’s really no need to bother about getting the tiniest details while seeing a video or pictures indoor.

Note that the low price of this projector coupled with its great functionality makes it a standout; hence most stores have their stocks rushed right before a new one arrives.

Assembling is easy, so with a little knowledge about how projectors work and the manual booklet in your hands, you can operate this projector right out of the box.


  • The BENQ MS524 SVGA projector comes with an amazing build that guarantees it to last longer than most other projectors in its class.
  • The projector is energy saving, so its use will not cause unnecessary hype in the price you’ll pay for the electricity bill which makes it to fit in our best projectors under 500 $ 2019 list.
  • The manufacturers have built and equipped it to be ecologically friendly, so it’s usage will not cause further ecological degradation.
  • It is easy to assemble – as long as you can read the operators manual, you’ll be able to install and use it.
  • It is perfect for indoor usage.
  • Relatively affordable.


  • Not an ideal appliance for use in a large space or for a very big project.

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2. Optoma ML750 WXGA 700

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With a bright 3,200 ANSI Lumens bulbs, this projector is certainly a hit in modern times. One of the most promising features of this projector is the incredible life of the bulb.

It lasts for way over 10,000 hours, before the need for a replacement. This means more usage time and less service consistency.

It is equipped with everything a homeowner of office operator will fancy in a system. Some of its most interesting body features include the HDMI connectivity, full 3D output, and an ability to be wired into a sound speaker system.

When you’re in need of a good quality projector that goes for a relatively low price, you know that only a few products can beat this one.

It is built specially to improve home entertainment, so with its high-resolution output, you will be bringing a special 3D to your home in a really inexpensive way.

With all its features and the way it we built, you know that you’re buying a powerful, portable projector, for great video, film, and gaming experience. And at such a cool price, it is the real deal.

On the viewing experience it brings, the Optoma S316 SVGA DLP Projector brings a solid image to its viewers. Its default standard mode is very bright, so we can easily say that it is a great choice for use in any living room, irrespective of how it is structured.

On the other hand, when set on movie mode, where light output requirement is not too severe; you’ll have a better way to use it with a home theater.

The projector is built with a full HDMI 1.4 3D compatibility, so you really can use it with your choice 3D sources, no matter how modern they are.

This projector has a quality 3D image and gives users an amazing way to bring 3D into the home without creating a big hole in the pocket of costumes.


  • The Optoma S316 SVGA DLP Projector id specially built to last very long and to need servicing less often.
  • The projector is energy saving, so its use will not cause unnecessary hype in the price you’ll pay for the electricity bill.
  • The projector is compatible with almost all modern 3D sources, so you can have input from all your appliances, no matter how modern they are or how sophisticated their look is which is good to fit in our best projectors under 500 $ 2019 list.
  • It is easy to assemble – as long as you can read the operators manual, you’ll be able to install and use it.
  • Excellent experience for indoor usage.
  • It offers a great quality projection for a relatively low and affordable price.


  • Very sophisticated appliance for home usage, yet not fit for usage in public spaces.

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3. Celluon PicoAir PicoAir

best projectors under 500
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This projector is not just popular for the quality of images it brings, but for its portable loom and its ability to stream pictures and videos effortlessly from a smartphone, tablets, and computer devices.

The portable projector serves well both as a home and an office appliance. Whether it is for usage in the home, for office presentations, or use around the office environment, you know that Celluon Picoair is your best go-to projector for quality imagery and tailored user experience.

The only downside of this projector is that is not completely compatible with all devices, hence it is only connectible with devices that are equipped with open-source Miracast standard, making it impossible to be used with iPhones and Mac computers.

But the absolute quality projected by the Celluon Picoair covers for this deficiency. Once connected, the PicoAir a special laser display, eliminating the need to have to focus the picture.

Another great feature of this projector is that it produces very little heat, and so can be operated without a fan, improving its energy efficiency and viewing experience.

There’s no more need to imagining a personal cinema in your pocket because you already have it within your reach. With the device, creating a bigger and better screen becomes easier and seamless. Apart from its relatively cheap price, there are a lot of other reasons why this projector is a standout.

One such reason is its ability to bring the content of your mobile phone to a larger and clearer screen. When you’re in need of a good quality projector that goes for a relatively low price, you know that only a few products can beat this one.

The Celluon Picoair is worth every hype its gotten since its first release, and it’s certainly worth a purchase.


  • It can be connected to smartphone devices, thus an opportunity to carry your own personal cinema in your pocket without feeling too weighed down
  • It allows connection to multiple devices, providing clear pictures for each connection.
  • Offers great and very interesting features for a relatively cheap price
  • They are great for use in the living room and small office environment.
  • They have Powerful picture and video quality.
  • Produces very little heat, compared to most other projectors of its class and price.


  • The Celluon Picoair projector is only connectible with devices that are equipped with open-source
  • The projector is only fit for indoor and small space usage.

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4. Epson 730HD PowerLite Home Cinema

best projectors under 500
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Do you fancy an outdoor gathering that’s unique and memorable? Then there’s just enough time to host an outdoor movie with an Epson 730HD home theater projector.

If you’re on the look for an outdoor home theater that offers great viewing experience, then there’s absolutely no way you’ll go wrong with this projector.

What’s interesting about the projector is that it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes built-in with its own speakers, reducing the need for more add-ons before you can enjoy a movie.

This projector would work perfectly in an indoor media room, but you’ll also want to test the tailored experience it brings in an outdoor setting.

At $439, the Epson 730HD is certainly good enough buy, considering all its amazing features and its great functionality.

The projector brings a lot of features that are available in bigger and more expensive projectors to you at a way lesser price.

Being built in with its own speakers signifies that the 730HD is not exactly designed to be a high-end home theater, but to be fair; its specs are really great for its price. Its added USB connectivity and remote functionality increase the level of convenience a user will feel.

Once out of the box, the projector is smaller and less complicated than most other popular projectors you’ll see around. Its compact size, combined with its light weight makes it very easy to be carried around.


  • They are designed with USB and HDMI ports, making it connectable to multiple devices. So, you’re sure to be able to have videos play from your computers, game consoles, and DVDs.
  • The lightweight and compact size of the projector makes it easy for users to carry the projector anywhere which is perfect to fit in our best projectors under 500 $ in 2019 list.
  • Great for usage in the living room and in other compact spaces
  • It is equipped with remote control, which makes it more convenient for home usage


  • Limited features
  • The projector is only fit for indoor and small space usage.

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5. Acer H5380BD

best projectors under 500
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When you’re looking for inexpensive projectors with very good quality, only a few companies can offer products as good as what Acer will offer.

For a while, the PC giants have had a number of excellently performing home entertainment projectors and this projector is no different.

The Acer H5380BD has been receiving a great level of attention from consumers that are budget conscious.

The projector is specifically built for home entertainment and comes with a native 720p resolution which makes it a readily available option for people who want to bring 3D into their homes in a not too expensive way.

The contrast ration of the projector favors it when being compared to other types of projectors.

Overall, the quality of the projector, when compared to its price makes it a nice buy for users that want to have bigger screens.


  • They come with an amazing build that guarantees it to last longer than most other projectors in its class.
  • Great for usage in the living room and in other compact spaces
  • They are built with Powerful picture and video quality.
  • It offers more for a very little price.


  • The projector is only fit for indoor and small space usage.

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Categories of Projectors

Having discussed a lot about projectors, their functionalities and the best products you can get on a budget, it is also very important to know the how they are classified.

Projectors come in different types and classification, and knowing the different classifications will help you during purchase to get the right fit for your specific need.

Their difference in types and classification determines the availability of certain functions, their image quality, their usage, as well as how they can be assembled.

Being equipped with the knowledge of the classifications, will not only help you buy the best fit for your need but will also help you easily maintain them.

Here, we will be looking at five different classifications of projectors, although there are quite a few other alternatives. The five categories we will be looking at are:

  • Portable Projector (LB Series)
  • Installation Projectors (VX Series)
  • Short Throw/Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • Large Venue Projectors
  • Home Cinema Projectors.

Portable Projectors (LB Series)

This is one of the most popular categories of projectors you will get at this price. The category of a projector is great for use in a small and medium size living rooms, offices and meeting rooms.

They normally come in very lightweight, with compact looks and offer very easy to use functionalities.

Depending on products and manufacturer, their brightness will normally range between 2800 and 3700 ANSI Lumens, and their resolution ranges between XGA to WXGA.

Most projectors under this category are laced with a variety of useful features like PDF file projection, Memory viewer function for text files and JPEG images.

They also have USB display functions where you can display a presentation or anything by just connecting the USB cable to the USB port.

Installation Projectors (VX Series)

This category of projectors are medium-sized and are mostly used in seminar/lecture rooms, boardrooms, exhibition centers, and museums.

The most interesting thing about this category of projectors is the brightness most of them have, which can sometimes get up to 5500 ANSI Lumens.

A good number of the projectors that fall under this category are designed to offer “Miracast Wireless Projection”, and with this feature, it is possible to project from cellphones and laptops.

So if you are looking to have a projector that supports wireless presentations, you know this is the right category to be looking at. They are also mostly compact, but their functionalities are very great.

Short Throw/Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Looking for a projector that’s great for meeting rooms, classrooms and any space with a few gathering of people, then this category of projectors could be the right fit for.

You don’t need to set most projectors under this category from afar, so the size of space will really not cause any limitation for its usage. However, despite their ability to utilize limited space, they are still able to project very clear pictures.

Most of them are also designed to have USD display function, memory viewer function, curved screen correction feature, and corner keystone correction.

Large Venue Projectors

Projectors under this category are mostly expensive and available for larger venues, although you can still get some products below $500.

The projectors are best fit for rentals, auditoriums, churches, staging, large venue digital signage, and venues for large events. For the size of these venues, you can easily tell that the projectors project very high lumens.

Quite a lot of manufacturer offer produce different projectors in this category, so you’re sure to have numerous options when you want a product in this category.

In some models, you’ll even get a wide selection of lens options for the projector to be able to easily adapt to the site where it is being used.

In most products under this category, you’ll most likely be seeing useful features like color matching to support special applications, dual lamp system with a duty to prevent image installation, high readability level, and color edging.

Home Cinemas Projectors

Looking to have a projector that can be used for home cinema purposes? Them you should be looking at models that fall under this category since most of them offer a resolution in full HD.

They are often manufactured to have very good picture quality and can run on seven picture modes. This is the best projector you should have if you want to enjoy an incredible cinema experience.

Projectors in this category are mostly highly priced, but with a careful search, you can still get products that are priced below $500.

How to Properly Maintain Projectors

A projector is a sensitive appliance, and for every appliance that is as sensitive as this, maintenance is key to long-term usage.

If you are buying an appliance at such cost, you will want to use it for a very long time and to achieve this feat, regular maintenance is a must.

There is a list of ideal projector maintenance tips and tricks that every projector owner should know. Irrespective of category or product. A highlight of some of them include:

Always Read the Manual

Like in most other appliances, you’ll get a manual in every new projector that you purchase. The manual is not meant to be dumped. It is the best resource you have at your fingertip, for proper use and maintenance of your projector.

Take your time to read every detail in the manual before operation. You will get specific instructions on how to use and maintain the particular brand of projector.

It doesn’t even matter how much experience you already have in handling projectors, there’s still need to read and understand the manual because each device is built with its own unique features and settings which may sometimes be different from what you are already used to in other devices.

Apply Wisdom in Choosing Projector Location

Proper positioning of a projector is not just about finding out where the image looks best from. It also contributes to make or mar the functionality of the projector.

Best practices suggest that between 6 and 12 inches be left around the units as a way to allow proper cross ventilation.

Lack of proper ventilation may cause heats to build up, and for sure, this can cause a lot of damage in the internal parts of the laptop. It can be also dangerous to expose the projector to direct sunlight or to place it close to a source of intense heat.

It is also not advisable to use a projector in an enclosed space that’s filled with smoke, as this can possibly cause damage on the projector optics.

It is also important to place your projector in a dust free location because dust and other forms of dirt can cause possible damage on the filters of the projector.

Clean your Projector Filters

Most projectors produce an intense amount of heat when they are in use and there is a need for the heat to be vented as a way to prevent overheating. These vents are opening that slightly exposes the sensitive parts of the projector and possibly, dust and other dirt particles can make their way into the projector, potentially insulating that projector if left unchecked.

To ensure that this doesn’t cause major damage and that your filters keep performing optimally, the filters must undergo regular maintenance.

Clean the filters at least once in ever 3-4 months. Whenever you notice too much of dust on the exhaust vent of the projector’s fan, then the best maintenance tip is to clean or replace the filters.

You can either clean the filters with a small vacuum cleaner that will pull out the dust, or blow the dust away with a can of compressed air.


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