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11 Best PSP Racing Games Of All Time – Reviewed

Hardly has there been anything as interesting and prideful as having a personal handheld gaming console. Though there are several such devices available to you, undoubtedly there’s one that has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Yes, I’m talking about the PSPs. Once in their life, every person desires to have a PSP so that they can play super-amazing and thrilling games on it. 

Also, the privilege of getting to play on a handheld device that can be carried anywhere at any point in time just cannot be described in words at all!

With over 1900 games on their console, PSPs have always been a captivating device for a gamer. Imagine a device loaded with over 1900 games! Well, it’s undoubtedly exciting and fun! 

Games on a PSP are varied depending on their genres or categories and the most liked ones amongst them are the racing games. Fast speeds and terrible thrills have gained much popularity for racing games. Dreaming of a racing car and then being able to drive it over your device is so much fun and amazing! 

PSPs offer a range of different and amusing racing games which can be played super easily by a gamer. Also, with the benefit of the PSPs being handheld, you can carry the pleasure of these games along with you, wherever you go! Isn’t that interesting? Yes, it is. 

Therefore, here we will be bringing to your notice the most enhancing and super cool racing games which you can play enthusiastically on your PSP. Make sure to give them a try!

Best PSP Racing Games – Our Top Pick👌

1. Midnight Club: LA Remix

Midnight Club LA remix brings you to a super cool racing world. It gives you a wide and vibrant experience of several racing cars that know no speed limits! You can choose your favorite gaming vehicle and have fun.

Best PSP Racing Games

With an excellent frame rate and super-enhanced graphics, the game becomes exciting to play. Improved and innovative visuals are an addon to its already modified outlook!

In the game, you are offered a super-sized city in which you can drive your racing car as fast as possible and get to have amazing amusement in no time. 

The game lags in the aspect that it takes longer for the screen to get loaded while playing the game and this might be a point of a hindrance because waiting is no fun!

Having no restriction on the pace, the game reaches its peak and becomes more and more difficult, leaving you raged and agonized. That undoubtedly doubles the thrill.

Not only this, to have more adventure in the game, you will have to face the AI competitors as you roam around the city. Surpassing them is not so easy!

What brings Midnight Club to the extraordinary club is its vehicle customization, that is, you have the advantage of opting for the vehicle in which you wish to take a ride!

Midnight Club L.A Remix PSP.

On every achievement, you earn “rep points”. These points can lead you to a tour of Tokyo if you collect them enough. Thus, you can wander the streets of Tokyo too.

As the game advances and you move ahead of the easier levels, you might be crushed by the AI vehicles due to increased difficulty and pressure, beware of that! 

Other than that, you can have a multiplayer mode on the game wherein you can play along with four of your friends and you can choose between 58 vehicles to race on! In the “Capture the flag” mode, you try to take away the flag marker from your opponent to get points. 

Along with this, you have an option to collect checkpoints by painting the city in a preset period. Therefore, you can have a vibrant amount of fun and a super exciting experience while playing the game. It ensures to provide you with the much-needed satisfaction and happiness of having played a racing game.

2. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is a smoothly crafted online racing game. With a modified and extremely efficient inbuilt structure, the game brings you to a platform that is next to perfect in terms of racing games.

Gran Turismo has well-controlled and enhanced features that make it entertaining for a player to play the racing game.

Best PSP Racing Games 1

The sound quality, the car, and its accessories, especially the wheels provided to a player are seamless and well working.

But, Gran Turismo does not function very well in its single-player mode, and also it does not support acceptable weather effects. Ever since the newer version of the game has been released, it has seen certain advancements which attract gamers to it. 

The most extraordinary and user-efficient feature of the game is that it does not force the players to purchase extra inbuilt tracks or cars, hence, no extra cost is involved in Gran Turismo. 

Overall, the game is super fun. You can not be bored of it. Being socio-friendly, you also get to play with other people online, adding up to the excitement and pleasure!

The driving experience one gets on Gran Turismo is truly incomparable. It does not feel like virtual reality, everything feels and appears to be real in the game!

Gran Turismo PSP gameplay

To increase the thrill and leave you in frustration, the game has a penalty system that is tricky if you get caught in it. All your initial momentum and the faster pace get lost and slowed down if you get a penalty. This leads to real rage! 

Not only this, the game has ratings for you as “sportsmanship ratings” which fall in case you get a penalty, thus, a penalty cannot be worse than this! If you wish to buy a new car or something, you have to play races to earn money, using which you can buy cars of your choice. 

As a handheld game, it is considered one of the best options. The ease of handling the device and the exciting fun that the game offers are everything that a gamer wants!

The races are super fast and even the minutest second matters in the game. Lastly, the game is fun though it does not have very convincing graphics.

3. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge 

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, is a revolution in the usual PSP racing games. This is a completely different racing game as there’s no racing on the road! Yes. This game brings you to a platform where you have to race on ice!

Best PSP Racing Games 2

Doubling the chill and thrill, all that you get on this console is pure enjoyment. Even though the race is off-road, you do not need to compromise with the fast speed. Enjoy being anywhere in a split second. 

Also, getting to play on ice on a handheld platform is amazing. Navigating your way through ice, on variant vehicles provides ultimate pleasure to the player. There’s a super-crafted racing track that leads to a finish line as you proceed with your race. 

The game supports 12 different courses, each having a flexible route to go through and there’s a vehicle specialized for each route, as a result, you get a wide range of experiences while playing the game, that too on ice!

MotorStorm Arctic Edge - My Gameplay(PSP)

Other than this, each vehicle has three options to choose from. Each of these three vehicles has varying speeds, accelerations, pros, and cons. You as a player must unlock at least two of them. Moreover, you get to acknowledge a well-functioning snow machine, modified mud pluggers, and snowcats in the game. 

Don’t have the misconception that being a snowy platform, it might be coarse or something, because you get to experience one of the finest snowy and slippery platforms to race on!

While racing beware of getting attacked by a big rally car, but it makes the competition thrilling. In the game, you also experience cliffs and a giant Eagle Fall, which has its mysteries! 

The AI supposedly functions in a way that you suffer, get frustrated, and might lose! The AI likes seeing you like that! It comes up with choke points to make sure your game gets tougher with each second! All in all, the game is fun and something different when it comes to racing games.

4. Street Supremacy 

Street supremacy is another racing game that a player can try playing on a PSP. As a player, you can explore the streets of Tokyo in the game.

Usually, you as a lone player roam around the streets, but sometimes the screen loading time is more than usual, making the player wait, which is something that makes the game lose its credibility.

Best PSP Racing Games 3

The only good and supportive feature that most users search for in a game, that is, the game being multiplayer, is something which is offered by Street Supremacy. Though the multiplayer does not work very efficiently, it is accountable in that aspect. The game is not much about free-roaming but rather a team race. 

All you do in the game is that you have to buy a car of yours and then join a clique after which you race against other teams as told by your team leader. If you win, you earn territories for your team.

In case you try to use a car more than its actual potential, then you’ll be burning down to ashes in no time. Hence, you can consider Street Supremacy as an online team sport, with long races and supportive team members.

Street Supremacy - PSP Gameplay (PPSSPP) 1080p

Considering a race, you can fight up to two battles in Street Supremacy. They are-

Ranking Battles– These are the battles that are fought just to increase your rank in your team. If you have ranked as top in these battles, you get to become the team leader 

Team Battles– Team battles include a group of five players from each team who get into a race against each other. The member of the team that ends up sanding in the end simply wins.

Street Supremacy is not a very indulging or interesting racing game. Yet, you can play it as a nominal racing game.

5. Burnout: Legends

Burnout: Legends is one of its kind of racing game where you get to experience an immense amount of fun and pleasure as you try your hands on the game.

Being a PSP owner, you must try playing this game! It is the greatest and the most enhanced game in the racing genre that the PSP has ever had to offer!

Best PSP Racing Games 4

The cars and tracks provided by the game are undoubtedly super appealing to a real gamer’s eyes! You get to sense the satisfaction after playing the game. With super paced racing, smooth and seamless tracks, and realistic audio and video visuals, the game ranks as one of the best ones! 

Fast racing becomes easy on Burnout Legends because the game has to offer extremely enhanced controls and features. 

For instance, there is a “boost control ” which allows you to race impatiently over cars or other vehicles on the road. With the fact that the AI tries controlling a major part of your game, the boost control adds the actual adventure to your game. 

The game is all about smashing your opponent’s car in the most ridiculous way that you can! The contentment of seeing the opponent’s car getting crashed by your hit is unmatchable. The broken parts, sparks, and fire you get to experience during a crash are the kind of actual peace that a racer yearns for!

Burnout Legends PSP Gameplay HD (PPSSPP)

If you cause enough damage, you get an additional crash breaker as well. With crash breakers, you can slow down your car in traffic or you can cause more damage to other vehicles. Moreover, on your way, you can always collect special cash bonuses. 

The only task you are assigned is to create as much havoc as possible and dive into the busiest traffic and enjoy the thrill. 

Apart from this, you can also play “road rage races”, the prime objective of which is to take down as many cars as possible in a set amount of time. Concluding, the game is the best racing game to be played on a PSP.

6. Burnout Dominator

Another interesting racing game in the Burnout series is Burnout Dominator. Focusing primarily on racing and not additional advancements, Burnout Dominator is a super fast and frantic racing game.

The game is captivating. It is going to keep you engaged for a major part of the day. Hardly any of your time will be left for anything else.

Best PSP Racing Games 5

This game will be keeping your fingers busy in having some of the super cool races that you might have ever experienced. With an enhanced track design and prominent graphics, the game has been its attention gainer.

If you get your boost meter filled, you can run your car on a supercharged boost. This assists you in gaining multipliers, which can help you in increasing your score and also improving your gameplay. 

There is no limit to the times you can fill up your boost tank, the better you play, the more your boost rises. If you drive ruthlessly over the traffic and across other vehicles, you are more likely to get boosted up and earn a multiplier. 

The game comes with a “Maniac Mode“. In this mode, the game goes like a challenge wherein you only have to surpass heavy traffic risking yourselves, and ensure that you do not smack any other vehicle or hit it first.

Burnout Dominator ... (PSP) Gameplay

With the gradual leveling up of the game, it becomes tougher to play. An innovative advancement in the game is that if you bang onto a car in certain special zones, instead of earning a point will create a new pathway then and there that will help you to shorten your race time, thereby increasing your chances to win. 

You can also play the game in multiplayer mode and compare your scores on the leaderboards online. Sometimes, you might crash a car but the AI must not show it. This accounts for the only drawback of the game.

7. Crash Tag Team Racing 

This game is an enjoyable and funny experience as a racing game. Do not mistake it to be a single racing game on the go.

As a player, you get to play kart racing, combat racing, and sometimes combination and mix and match two or more races, all on a single platform. 

Best PSP Racing Games 6

The gaming features and difficulty levels are not much enhanced or complex, but overall the game is acceptable to play. The game also offers a multiplayer mode but that isn’t very efficient in its functioning.

In Crash Tag Team Racing, you are introduced to eight different characters with whom you can race. Moreover, there are various track options available to have your kart race on.

Primarily, the game is set inside a park and the race is all about searching for some stolen power crystals. This accounts for a lot of amusement and fun for the players. 

The game is not as easy as it sounds! To create your way through the races you have to face obstacles and hurdles and you have to fight with ninja penguins. Having done that, you get ahead in your wandering race. You get to collect coinage in your journey through these hindrances.

Crash Tag Team Racing PSP Gameplay HD

Along with coins you also collect hidden items which are then to be delivered to the hackman of Von Clutch(who’s stolen the treasure you have been looking for!), as a reward for which you will get crystals. You get crystals by completing races as well.

The good thing about the game is that the racing in the game is not as violent and ferocious as it is in many other games. It is a cute, simple, and enjoyable racing game. 

Even the weapons in the game are attached to or kept up as hens or monkeys. In the game, there’s a racer with a giant gun and others have the weapons that help them to get through their race. 

Apart from the usual races, there are other time-oriented ones too that create excitement in playing the game. All in all, it is a less violent and more fun kind of racing game.

8. Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer is much appreciated and liked the racing game on the PSP console. The graphics and visuals offered by the game are super-enhanced.

You have to be playing this game being a racer. This game brings handheld to extreme power. As an arcade game, Ridge Racer is pretty enjoyable.

Best PSP Racing Games 7

With super-tight controls and a varied range of vehicles, you can be sure of experiencing most of the fun by playing Ridge Racer. The sound quality provided by the game is top-class.

Any race happening in the game sounds real and lifelike, such innovation is its features. The game offers variety in terms of its modes. You can either play as a single-player or else you can get onto a world tour and play with other players online. 

Races in the game are undoubtedly tougher than usual. One major drawback of the game is that it mostly offers the same tracks to race on! As a player, you get fed up running along the same tracks always! 

You can also opt for a multiplayer mode where you can play with local players and have time-bound races. This creates a better amusing experience than playing with the AI. You can have the benefit of playing your customized background sound while being in a race. This increases the fun somehow.

Ridge Racer PPSSPP Gameplay Full HD / 60FPS

If high-speed thrilling action is your call, then Ridge Racer is the game for you! Additional nitro boosts can speed up your vehicle in no time! You can then roam around like a maniac! 

Overall, Ridge racer is a well-designed and prominently built game meant for racing purposes. It is tough and violent accounting for a better user experience in terms of a racing game. Moreover, the enhanced graphics and sound quality make the game credible! Give it a try!

9. Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

Another super cool racing game on the list is here! Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars is like an addiction that you can not get rid of! It has the superpowers to consume your minutes and even your hours.

Precisely, the game has prominent sound play and visuals. Adding to this list is the advantage of getting your gameplay footage.

Best PSP Racing Games 8

Along with this, you get to have a customized soundtrack, so playing your own choice of music is what makes the game worthy! The game works smoothly and seamlessly for as long as you wish. There is no issue with the gameplay. This game works a bit differently.

As a player, you have to collect fares by picking people as their cab drivers. You drive to pick up as many people as possible and therefore you can collect more fares but in a limited time frame. The fares are colored providing a bit of a vibrant look to the game. Your total finalized score gets saved up in the records. 

Being a handheld game, it is quite impressive. You also have a chance to increase your fare, by diving into the air, making risky moves, and surpassing other vehicles on the road. The better you do this, the more will be the fares that you are going to get in the game.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Sony PSP Gameplay - Gameplay Montage

The cities are super-sized and fun to explore. Your targeted location is viewed to you in a three-dimensional manner, making it almost realistic. Moreover, directions are provided for your destination to make your journey easy.

With the multiplayer feature, you can play with four different players at a time. This doubles up your fun and adventure as a player. 

If talking of the controls, you are offered the most promising ones by the game. Along with the enhanced and modified graphics, another thing that the game can be boasted of is its controls! Overall, the game is super thrilling and fun!

10. Wipeout Pure 

Wipeout Pure is a super-fast racing game that brings all the fun excitement and enhancement to a single platform. The sound quality offered by the game is beyond any comparison. The gameplay provided by the console is worth appreciating.

With super speeds and terrible tracks, you get to experience one of the most thrilling racing games ever! 

Best PSP Racing Games 9

You roam across tracks and you dive and rush and all kinds of ferocious violence can be seen as you play the game. Initially, you are provided with 8 tracks in the game, more of them get unlocked as you grow in the game and fight and play races. 

By accomplishing your races, you can unlock 8 more tracks, which account for up to 16 tracks. 

You also get to acknowledge various modes in the game. They are-

Single race– This is the soberest mode of the game. Here, you get to race on any of the tracks that you’ve unlocked easily and efficiently.

Tournament race– In this mode, you play a series of races at different and varying speeds This makes the game a good pastime for you. 

Time trial: Easily understood, this model has a definite period in which you have to finish your race and collect as many points as possible. 

Free play: This mode is fun and easy to race through. It does not take up much of your efforts.

Zone: This is the most interesting mode of all. This mode is the real test of your patience! Here, you play for as long as you survive with your speed getting constantly increasing, adding an element of thrill and fury to your race.

Wipeout Pure PSP Gameplay HD (PPSSPP)

Overall, the control of the game is extremely simple and manageable. In terms of looks, the game is captivating and eye-catching. You get to have a lot of fun and adventure in the game. The only drawback of the game is that it has long loading times, making the user wait. Other than that, the game is a good one!


As a consumer, we must be fooled by anyone or any misguided information when it comes to buying PSP racing games. Before finalizing a deal, there are certain important aspects that you as a gamer or as a buyer of these games might bring into consideration. 

These factors will lead to an in-depth understanding of the game and provide you with much-needed insight about any of the games that you wish to purchase. With better knowledge, you will automatically be investing your time and money both to good use. 

Following are certain factors that you must be thoughtful of if you are willing to buy a PSP game.

1. Features

Since the PSPs offer a vibrant variety of games on its platform, it is necessary to shortlist the games that suit your needs and preferences. Buying a game precisely leads to a better user experience. 

Otherwise, many times, people end up buying a game that does not satisfy their gaming needs completely. Sometimes, the game does not match a player’s expectations at all.

Hence, one must look at the features of the game properly and accurately before spending money on its purchase.

2. Value For Money

Usually, in haste or in the rush of having to buy a racing game, gamers forget to bring the “value for money” factor into notice and consideration. As a result, they end up making a bad choice. 

Being a gamer, you should be aware of the fact that whether or not a game is worth the purchase. If not, then buying it is nothing but sheer waste of money. If a game cannot be amusing and joyous for you, then you need not spend a penny on it.

3. Budget

Another interesting and most important factor that requires your immediate attention is your budget. No matter what game you purchase, if it is out of budget, it is useless for you! 

Keeping your budget in mind, you should then be looking for the features that you demand from a game. If there is a suitable game available in your budget then you should buy it, otherwise, spending too much on a game just for some vivid features is not a wise option at all!

4. Brand

Undoubtedly, brands are way more reliable than other substitutes. After attaining enough knowledge about the features of a game and managing your budget you must try to go for branded purchases. This ensures greater credibility and durability of a product. Hence, it will be a good one-time investment for you. 

5. Warranty and Customer Support

Purchasing a product and having to face the terrible moment of it getting broken or damaged the other day is extremely horrible! Isn’t it? Thus, it is advised to go for a product that comes with a proper warranty, in case there occurs any kind of mishap!

Moreover, you should consider having brands that offer prominent customer support. This customer support, if good, will surely be a boon for you in times of utmost need. 

6. Product Reviews

To have just and fair information regarding any product, you must at least go through a few product reviews as updated by the users. This ensures that you buy a desirable and reliable product and you do not have to repent later. So, before concluding buying a PSP racing game, a gamer must always have a look through the reviews of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand has the most reliable customer support service?

To my knowledge, there are the five most reliable brands in terms of PSP racing games. They are- PlayStation, Extreme Simracing, Square Enix, we too, and Rockstar Games. All of them have a trustworthy and reliable customer support service. You can effortlessly get in touch with them during an emergency.

2. Do these products have deals on them?

Sometimes deals are provided to the customers depending upon the company’s own decisions or you can also get deals via the online sources you purchase from. Other than that, you have to keep yourself updated with the information regarding whether or not is a product at a discounted price.

3. Which is the best PSP game in the budget?

Accordingly, the Midnight Club: LA Remix is the best-suited PSP game with enhanced features, that too in your budget. You can try having that as a racing game on your PSP.

4. Is it better to purchase PSP racing games online or is it suitable to buy them offline?

Buying the product online might provide you with the privileges such as discounted prices and home delivery, but if you want an instant physical exploration of the product, then you should go for the offline purchasing option. 


With enough information and data about the products, in-depth knowledge, and better insight, you can easily choose the best PSP racing games according to your choices, needs, and preferences.

Being within your budget can also get you some of the good features of PSP racing games. You can have access to them anytime and anywhere.

These PSP racing games are undoubtedly a source of extreme fun and amusement for the player. In Conclusion, you can always go for a satisfactory game with this brief description. I hope that it helps you!