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11 Best Quillbot Alternatives To Rewrite & Enhance Any Sentence

It is not an easy task to get a particular piece of content rewritten at once without any hassle as such. Rewriting a text, especially the large ones, can be a big challenge for most of us, and still not be 100% sure about the accuracy.

Often, we write something and contemplate whether it is error-free or grammatically correct, or even about the writing standard we have put forward. Also, the website or blog ranking on the search engines is also a matter of concern for many.

To end these confusions and constant worries, the spin and paraphrasing tools come in handy in uncountable ways. One such app is QuillBot. 

QuillBot is software that will end the struggles mentioned earlier and aid you in delivering the finest quality content. Unfortunately, many users seem to look for alternatives to it because of its pricing structures and the limitations on the number of characters that can be put in for rephrasing. 

Well, don’t worry! In this article, you are about to discover some efficient alternatives to QuillBot that will be a boon to you.

Best Quillbot Alternatives – Our Top Pick


One of the best Quillbot alternatives that one could speak of has to be Spinbot. Spinbot will provide you with the best experience, especially when dealing with larger articles. This platform will help you grow your content creation momentum and give you numerous ways of expressing yourself. 

Spinbot strongly believes that content is crucial in the era of concepts like Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. This application helps anyone market their website or product efficiently with its ultimate innovative and quality textual matter.

Best Quillbot Alternatives

Developers can have an added advantage: integrate their website, application, or another web-connected platform through the Spinbot API.

Spinbot helps you get to the top of the marketing world by helping you take some old marketing posts and paraphrase or even rewrite them to create an entirely new post as a whole. 

This software is well-known and ahead of others in intelligence, human readability, speed, and convenience. Apart from entering the text, you need to re-write; you also get the option of pasting such an article. This enhances usability and user experience on the platform.

Spinbot allows you to rewrite up to the limitation of 10,000 characters on the free plan, automatically letting users feel free on the platform without worrying too much about the premium payment initially.

The best part where Spinbot gains the upper hand compared to QuillBot is that the premium QuillBot plan has the same character restriction as the free Spinbot program!

This is a huge advantage that users on Spinbot experience. Signing up for an account here is not a critical factor, unlike QuillBot, which requires its users to sign up for writing more than 400 characters. 

However, Spinbot comes with a premium subscription plan that will give you an experience where you can rewrite content without facing any turbulence from the ads or even filling up any Captcha.

Hence, your time gets saved. As far as pricing is concerned, it starts at $75 per year or $10 per month. 


Earlier popular as Conversion AI, or even Jarvis, Jasper AI can be considered one of the best out there in the market to help you create innovative, realistic content.

Jasper goes beyond the mainstream methods of rewriting given content and aids you to generic generated content right from the beginning, chiefly focussing on the keywords or the topics you have entered.

It is a trusted platform that has worked with renowned companies like Google, Airbnb, Autodesk, IBM, Keller Williams, and many more to deliver quality content at its highest strata.

Jasper guarantees its users to create original content that is sure to rank up high for SEO, make your work 10x quicker, boost your ads with the help of a better copy of the text, be able to write in 25+ languages, and scale up your content marketing skills at the quickest pace possible.

Jasper 10 Min Demo ✍️ How Jasper.ai Works

If you are confused about how to go through the platform, Jasper brings its solution to you with the help of a 10 minutes demo video. Also, you can get an Agency Course, an SEO Course, and a Web Copy Course for absolutely free of cost, right here. Explore through the Expert Videos to be a master at this.

The usage of templates is explained clearly and crisply through a step-by-step explanatory video. Fifty various kinds of templates are given for you to choose from, some of which are Paragraph Generator, Company Bio, Google Ads Headline, Amazon product Feature (bullets), Blog Post Intro Paragraph, Real Estate Listing – Residential, SEO- Title, and Meta Descriptions, and many more. 

As far as pricing is concerned, you can choose between three packages, viz. the Starter (35,000 words/month) at $29 estimation, Boss Mode (100,000 words/month) at $59 assessment, and Business, which comes with Custom Plan and Service. 

An overall comparison with a few discounts is also available on their official website. Be sure to check them out! Along with the number of words mentioned, as the pricing increases, a number of features like user support, chat support, content lookback, and many other features keep on getting added to the list.


Another worth-mentioning QuillBot alternatives is the Paraphrasing Tool (Visit Here) which simplifies your job.

Here, you can rephrase words up to the limitation of 10,000 characters without going through the hassle of signing up for an account. The best part about this tool is that it is completely free.

The software makes the utmost effort to rephrase the text in the most appropriate style possible. The platform’s various English language interpretations are well comprehended and give you back absolutely refreshed, compelling content. 

With the help of a paraphrasing tool, you can easily escalate the SEO ranking of your blog or website with the quality content you will deliver. This app is an amazing paraphraser that will polish your intellectual gears and create content at its ultimate level.

You also get an ad-free, captcha-free version of the app for better usability. Typing your text or pasting the required text will solve your problem and give you back the rewritten matter.

The paraphrasing tool lets you check a box if you intend to rephrase the capitalized words. By default, it is considered by the app that capitalized words are the particular nouns that are essential to remaining unchanged in your content. Examples of such words could be the name of a person, place, animal, etc. 

By ticking out the box mentioned above, you agree to rephrase the capitalized words. We could say that the Paraphrasing Tool functions a lot like a Thesaurus, rather better than the latter. 

4. Paraphraser.io

Another one of the best QuillBot alternatives that we could talk about is Paraphraser.io. Here, you get the opportunity to rephrase up to 1,000 words without creating an account.

This is more than the limitation that QuillBot poses to not being able to cross 400 words at the time when you are not signed in.

The software has multiple features like rewriting essays, removing plagiarism, and even rewording the given matter. The final result you will get is readable, sensible, and plagiarism free as well.

Best Quillbot Alternatives 1

Fundamentally, on this platform, you can select three modes, two of which are free, and the other two can be accessed only with the Pro version of the app. The Fluency and Standard Modes are accessible for free, while the Creative and Smarter modes require a Pro version of the software to function. 

Through Paraphrase.io, you can get rid of duplicate content, rewrite the sentences, get a fine quality of the content even after paraphrasing, replace proper synonyms, and put forward content that would just feel like written by professional writers. Paraphraser.io is an AI-based platform that supports several languages, such as French, Spanish, German, etc. 

Both Android and iOS operating systems can support the app version. The pricing is rated for two different packages, i.e., monthly, costing $20 per month, and yearly, costing $150 per year.

Increased imitation of words for plagiarism, rewriting, no ads, creative modes support, and faster and more accurate results are some of the advantages you will experience in the premium versions. 


The next one on our list is Rewriter Tools (Get Here), which gives the advantage over QuillBot in case of character limitations.

Rewriter Tools, too, just like many other apps, do not essentially require you to create an account and are accessible to all its users. Through this platform, you can get in touch with six various tools: Article Rewriter, Paraphrasing Tool, Article Spinner, Grammar Checker, Word Counter, and Writing Blog. 

Some of the basic functions performed by each of these tools are mentioned below:-

11 Best Quillbot Alternatives To Rewrite & Enhance Any Sentence


By using this tool, you choose to make your article richer with better-suited words and phrases, which make it seem more readable and to the point. Enhancing the readability makes it understandable to a greater audience and attracts more people to the platform.


In case you have got a big project in your hands that you are bound to not miss out on, at any cost. However, you sense the absence of peaked-level writing in your content that will impress your superior ones at once.

In such cases, manually making corrections will be a heavy task for you. Thus, you can seek the aid of Article Spinner, which will add or subtract words and phrases to make the content more appealing and eye-catching.


As quite evident from the name itself, this tool helps you get your article free of any sort of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and even gives you suggestions for improving it.

The paraphrase generator is incapable of comprehending content with too many grammatical errors, but the possibility of such an incident is less probable, thanks to Grammar Checker.


The world counter tool turns out to be handy when you have restrictions on how many maximum or minimum words you have to use in your matter.

Going against the same can even destroy the quality of your case and sometimes even make you land up in unwanted issues. To avoid such circumstances, the Word Counter is responsible for keeping your article crisp and per the frequency of words asked.


The Paraphrasing Tool comes to your rescue when you might have to deliver s speech within a short period or when you are known to have only a few facts regarding a particular topic.

In such cases, the tool alters your content by changing various words and phrases and replacing them with better synonyms or rearranging the sentences to add a better feel to the entire text but convey the exact message it did earlier.

In this way, you will succeed in creating outstanding, flawless content by clicking on particular buttons.

This is a free tool, and anyone can easily access it easily.


Grammarly has now become a renowned app for making your content error-free and keeping up the standard of the matter. It will be somewhat incorrect to call Grammarly a spinning tool, but we could use it for rephrasing sentences and putting up better words and synonyms.

With Grammarly, you could upload your document and the app, within a couple of seconds, starts its job to make the content better to read and understand.

Even on the free plan, this software highlights all the spelling and grammatical mistakes and provides suggestions on making some sentences even clearer by rephrasing them for you.

11 Best Quillbot Alternatives To Rewrite & Enhance Any Sentence

The premium version brings you more features like engagement, replacing them with synonyms, suggestions, and more. Having a premium version of Grammarly automatically indicates you have the upper hand over QuillBot in case of grammar checking.

Synonyms suggestions are available in cases when you have been using the same words and tones over and over again. Synonym suggestions are also available by just making a double-click on some specific term. You can easily choose from the various synonyms that Grammarly provides.

The Chrome extension feature is a helpful feature that can be accessed on any site you visit. Thus, users can save up time and work more efficiently. Chrome extensions function just like the application itself, so no worries!

The advanced grammar and sentence restructuring tool is available only for the Premium plan, but if you plan on sticking to the free plan, that will also serve you with a few features.

Grammarly is a smart choice that makes your work 10x simpler and clarifies which fields you have to stress more about.

How to Use Grammarly - Beginner's Guide


One of the most effective QuillBot alternatives that we could discuss is SpinRewriter which will support you with both bulk uploads and bulk export. 

Sadly, this feature is unavailable on QuillBot; thus, SpinRewriter makes the difference here. SpinRewriter is an apt tool for SEO specialists searching for human-quality content to be ranked high on Google search results. 

Apart from doing all the basic tasks that a paraphrasing tool is expected to do, the app also comes with some added advantages. Here, you can get a live demo and try out the app.

ENL Semantic Spinning & Features of Spin Rewriter

A side-by-side comparison of the original and the rewritten content is feasible on SpinRewriter. This helps clarify what changes have been made and glances at once to check if the entire content is error-free.

Furthermore, the app can adapt to whichever device you want to work on. Be it a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone — SpinRewriter will work on all of them, and you will face zero hassle while doing so.

Another amazing and unique app feature is the Stock Photo Integration feature, in which you can select the pictures you want. The app shall automatically add related images to the news articles. Detailed video tutorials help you know how to go about the app and what features you can expect to look out for here. 

SpinRewriter supports all five famous spintax formats to make your job less hectic.  You could choose one of your choices and comfortably work on it.

SpinRewriter can handle all the articles at once and hence allows you to create unlimited content within no time. The app also checks out for any kind of grammatical errors before heading out to rewrite the content.

Additionally, SpinRewriter uses Emulated Natural Language technology to ensure that the articles spin and deliver themselves as natural-sounding, just as it would seem if a human had written them. 

The app has integrated with many companies like Link Emperor, Cloud BPN, Rank Toptimizer, Socividz, and others. Spinrewriter is a continuously growing platform that has been here for around a decade, and as days pass by, better features are constantly added.

Even though the app is not free, you can try out the 5-day free trial and then sign up for either the monthly plan, which costs $47 per month, or the yearly plan, which will cost you $77 per year.

Both the plans come with identical features, and as evident, taking the yearly plan is a wiser choice if you plan on using it for a long time.

8. WordAi

WordAi uses artificial intelligence to produce content that will extend your budget and make a good place in the readers’ hearts with its superior-quality content.

WordAi comes with a handful of features for its users to get the taste of success wherever they go. It is a fast ad intuitive app that quickly comprehends the text on being entered and gives you back freshly-brewed content in no time.

The app uses various ways to present a single sentence and eliminates duplicate content with their natural matter. According to the platform, the turnaround time on WordAi is 10x faster than others and, thus, prevents you from missing out on deadlines.

On WordAi, you can create up to 1,000 rewrites per original article to get the best possible choice from the list. This widens your choice and helps you come up with only the most suitable one for you.

This app even supports code view and, thus, allows you to rewrite your HTML and coded content as well. It also lets you create bulk rewrite and be able to bulk download to enhance the efficiency of work.

If you do not have the text to rewrite, you can import the entire unique article based on any random topic with the help of just one click.

The app does not call for a high budget for creating a complete SEO content pipeline for going up in Google rankings. Using WordAi, you can scale up your business in no time and be ahead of others in the game.

WordAi comes with a free three-day trial, after which you can choose between the two plans provided by them — in case of monthly, you need to pay a subscription fee of $57/ month, and for the yearly package, pay $27/month annually is required. However, the latter needs to be paid annually to get your hands on the app. 


Spinner Chef can be an excellent choice to talk about when QuillBot alternatives are discussed at the table. 

This app comes with both a desktop as well as an online version. This is a benefit as only a handful of paraphrasing tools are found to have the facility of being downloadable as well as being available online. This makes work easier for those crowds of people who prefer to avoid the usage of working in the cloud. 

Being integrated with an automatic Grammar Checker, this app flags any sort of errors in syntax and morphology. Also, it provides you with the best solutions possible to grow the quality of the content.

11 Best Quillbot Alternatives To Rewrite & Enhance Any Sentence

Spinner Chief helps you with synonym substitution and sentence reconstruction, like the other paraphrasing tools. A diverse range of sentence patterns is used to express similar ideas and concepts. The app even allows you to set up keywords ranked high and most preferable on Google to work better on the SEO rankings.

Through Spinner Chief, you can process several articles at the same time and get hundreds of content generated at the same time and, as a result, save time for other tasks. With the help of appropriate settings, the users can easily insert, protect or even clear the HTML tags in your content. 

This platform also lets you compare the articles to understand better the changes and modifications that are still needed. 

The app has got its free version with which you can get your basic rewriting requirements solved. If you need better precision, it is advisable to take the Premium version for better SEO techniques and quality content. 


Project Topics (Get Here) is one such tool with a spin bot tool and a paraphrasing tool. One of the most amusing parts of using Project Topics for your work is that it does not pose any kind of word restrictions, unlike the other apps we have discussed, where a certain character limitation is levied on the users.

This enhances the usability of the platform. The free availability of this app without paying any kind of subscription fee is like a cherry added to the top, which adds to the beneficial features of the app. 

Project Topics comes with an exclusive feature called the exclusion field, where you can add words that you do not want to be changed in the rephrased content. Entering the desired words in the exclusion field makes the bot understand that those words are not meant to be replaced with any synonym or rearranged.

Another feature that makes the platform handy is the availability of more than 100 languages in which you can rephrase your document. The tool has a grammar checker that helps make all the necessary corrections in your write-up, as error-free content can make an impression like no other.

Project Topics is a simple platform that makes the software usable by people of all ages. Give it a try for sure!


QuillBot is undoubtedly a valuable platform for rephrasing your content in the best structure possible. Well, these other substitutes to it are no less as well.

Rephrasing and spinning tools have made our work much faster and less time-consuming. These are really good options to consider to stay ahead of others in the race at all times.