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9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

Reddit is one of the most popular and highly engaging social media platforms. If you are still unfamiliar with this social media platform, you miss out on some pleasurable internet stuff.

One of the best things I like about Reddit is that it asks me anything. Another significant reason why Reddit is famous is that it’s an incredible source of information on pretty much everything.

My recommendation, never skips, “Today, I learned Reddit.” It contains a lot of fun, enlightening stories, and sometimes useless trivia bits. 

Because of some weirdo and trollers, Reddit has a bad reputation. In contrast, these users are not representatives of the majority. You will interact with the people who advise legal, financial, writing, and business issues.

I love when one user confronts the pain of another user. If this seems too random for you, then don’t worry; you will become familiar with Reddit over time. 

Once you find your people on Reddit, you need to create a healthy environment in which they can interact. At Reddit, you will find stuff that you care about. Along with that, you curate experiments with the stuff as well.

The organic engagement you will receive on Reddit is remarkable. So, whether you are a Reddit lurker or spend hours a day on this platform, a seamless experience on Android and iOs is important.

With the best Reddit app, it is pretty easy to surf your favorite subreddits. In this article, we will tell you the best Reddit apps that offer you a better experience than a Reddit website. 

Best Reddit Apps For Android & iOS: Our Pick 👌

1. Apollo for Reddit: Best Reddit app for iOS

If you use an iPhone or iPad then Apollo might be the best Reddit app for you. If you ask anyone for a third-party Reddit app, Apollo is the most common answer.

One of the significant reasons to choose Apollo is its “Supercharged media viewer. ” As we all know, Reddit is the one-stop place for viewing images and movies, and undoubtedly, Apollo offers you a seamless media experience.

Best Reddit Apps

If you are a markdown fan, then you will love this app. Apollo takes full advantage of markdown capabilities like link, bold, italics, and so on.

Another significant reason to install Apollo is that it enables you to “favorite” your subreddits and jump to them on the front page. That means finding the favorite content is very simple on Apollo. 


1. According to public opinion, Apollo is the best Reddit app for iPhone users. It is intrusive, engaging, and straightforward. It comes with many impressive features that are unable to be found on other apps. 

2. Its jump bar feature allows you to navigate through subreddits quickly. With the help of amazing media viewers, you can experience all kinds of entertainment on Apollo. 

3. If you want to use Reddit to share your thoughts, then it’s a full, marked-down feature that allows you to write and share hassle-free. If you enroll in Apollo Pro, you can take advantage of icons, blocking capabilities, and filters.

4. All in all, the Reddit client will get a lot of information on the screen in a single glance. The interface of this app is responsive and designed, keeping iOS users’ expectations in mind. 


  • To unlock its advanced features, you need to purchase a plan. 
  • This app is only designed for iOS users; android users cannot access it. 

 Download on Apple App Store

2. Boost For Reddit 

Another popular Reddit app is Boost for Reddit. Users love this app due to its customization options. You will be glad after knowing that this app offers you eight views.

Best Reddit Apps

And the eight variants include two image-centric views, one swipe view, and three-card views. This app also allows you to collapse all the buttons that will collapse all the threads to a parent comment while browsing Reddit. Of Course, it is only for Android users.


1. Boost for Reddit comes with tons of features, including in-app media reviews, switching per Reddit, filtering, color-coded commands to improve readability, and even widget support.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

If you are looking for the best Reddit app that offers you remarkable flexibility in using Reddit, then download it. 

2. You can easily access your saved posts, upload images in the comments, save drafts for later use, and preview text formations.

If you are the one who wants to use Reddit to share your thoughts, interact with other users via content, then Boost for Reddit might be your ideal app. You can enjoy the awesome content from the best social news site. 

3. The interface of this app is highly customizable. There are thousands of color themes and combinations available on this app that offer you a seamless reading experience.

Along with that, you can filter the content by links, images, gifs, keywords, subreddit, author domain, and text post. 

4. You will love its split-screen modes for tablets and automatic saving options. It is one such app that offers OAuth2 login.

5. Its filter feature makes your navigation hassle-free. There is a variety of content available on Reddit; sometimes, it is very frustrating for the users to find the one they want to read.

With a content filter feature, you can find and hide the post based on images, videos, gifts, and so on. You can also access a button to navigate between comments. 


  • The async read post feature is only available for gold users. 
  • iOs users cannot take advantage of this app. 

Download on Google Play Store

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3. rif is fun for Reddit

Rif is fun is another exceptional choice among the best Reddit apps. The interface of this app is modern, intuitive, clean, and offers you a standard Reddit experience.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

That means you can easily switch between links to comments, customize the text fonts, change the theme, and filter the content by links, images, titles, and subreddit. If you are looking for a fast but sharp-looking Reddit app, then Reddit is fun for you.

The media-viewer is top-notch, and navigation is hassle-free. One of the few Reddit clients that offer a Sidebar option. Along with that, it notifies you when someone comments or ping you in the inbox.

It also has a theme, support for pretty much any file type, and widget support. Reddit for fun also stands out for its capability to restore mail notifications on device boot. 


1. The dark mode of this app is incredibly fresh and smooth. This app is totally free and supports multi-accounts. It’s a super easy tool for the users who usually spend half of the time on Reddit.

2. It works awesome for regular Reddit users. Right from the scrolling feeds, posting articles, uploading images on the comment to loading videos, here you can do everything effortlessly. 

3. It is a perfectly usable app that allows users to read comments and then switch to links hassle-free. Not all apps offer you incredible gestures; you can vote comments up and down with a swipe. Along with that, you can hide your post at one click. 

4. The Rif is fun is an app that allows you to browse the Reddit feeds without facing crashing issues. The interface of this app is minimal and clean, and every feature works perfectly.

So, if you are looking for an app that includes subreddit management, Reddit gold support, comments, and posting tools, then Reddit is fun is an ideal app for you.

5. This app is well-designed, intuitive, and extremely well-done in providing a seamless Reddit browsing experience. Whether you are a power user or a casual user, this app’s features help you a lot. 


  • It doesn’t offer you unlimited scrolling flexibility. 
  • Images, gifs, and videos take time to load. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal is the best Reddit app for ios users. It is somewhat similar to the Apollo app. It comes with many powerful features that can make your Reddit browsing experience smooth and seamless.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

With the help of a jump bar, you can navigate between the subreddit quickly. Furthermore, by taking the help of media viewers, you can enjoy lots of media content. You can also customize the interface of this app by selecting your favorite theme.

The users will pack a lot of readable content on the home page in a single glance. If you spend your time on the iPhone/ iPad then download this app. It is probably the best Reddit app that comes with advanced features and is completely ad-free. 


1. It is a fast and gesture-based app that allows you to browse Reddit comfortably. All the features of this app are designed to keep iOS users in mind.

You can see the link and comment at the same time. With the help of a simple swipe, you can upvote the comment. And hiding and saving links can be done in one click. 

2. In my opinion, this app is one of the best ways to browse Reddit content. It makes it very easy and intuitive to browse the stressful and overwhelming content available on Reddit. 

3. One of the best aspects of choosing Narwhal over other third-parties Reddit apps is a stressless browsing experience. It is much less of a headache than other Reddit apps.

The swipe-based controls are simple to use. And I also appreciate its customized options as well. As far as I can figure, it is the only app that offers you a seamless Reddit browsing experience. 

4. This app is used to be amazing because of its ad-free experience without comprising full-fledged features.

It lets you customize every way, right from the theme, text fonts to swipe gestures. All in all, the whole app is very easy to handle and offers you a personalized Reddit browsing experience. 


  • This app is efficient but gets frozen when you load the videos. 
  • The custom video feature is terrible. 

Download on Apple App Store

5. Relay for Reddit 

If you are looking for the best Reddit app that offers you a card-based interface and has lots of impressive features, Relay for Reddit is your answer. Relay is an engaging way to access the news and other entertainment sites.

The interface of this app is clean, beautiful, and inspired by the material design. Its amazing animation enhances your browsing experience. One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to simultaneously load links and comments.

Its advanced comment navigation allows you to thread comments and preview them effortlessly. The upvoting of the comment and post is also very simple. It comes with plenty of useful features that make your Reddit browsing experience hassle-free. 


1. Relay is so easy to use. It has multi-window support, the media-viewer is top-notch, advanced comment navigation, and Hi-resolution thumbnails. All in all, this app is very solid and highly recommended for Reddit clients. 

2. Its comprehensive moderator features like sticky posts and bans users help stay away from the stuff that we don’t need in our Reddit circle. Along with that, we receive a notification on our emails so that we can respond to every post instantly.

If you are a content writer and using Reddit for enhancing your visibility and its notification feature helps you a lot. You can respond to comments instantly. This app gives you the flexibility to reply straight from the inbox.

3. This app supports multiple accounts, so if you are handling more than three brands and want to do branding on Reddit, you can create multiple accounts and share posts, youtube videos, and gifs from the respective accounts.

4. A selection of themes as well as relaxing night mode ensures that everyone can customize the interface effortlessly. If you are an android user who wants a more true-to-life Reddit browsing experience, then download this app. 


  • Sometimes this app causes problems in editing and creating multi-threads. 
  • The gif and videos take time to load.

Download on Google Play Store

6. Readder for Reddit 

If you are an iOs user, then Readder for Reddit may be the best app for you. It’s a clean interface, and lots of good usability features make navigation 10X easier.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

The cleaner spacing on the home page offers you a smooth and seamless Reddit browsing experience. You can easily upload a gif and image on the comment.

Switching between links and comments is hassle-free. This app fully supports landscape and portrait device orientation. You can use multiple Reddit accounts at one subscription. 


1. It is yet another popular Reddit app that is supported by a material plan interface. If we talk about the features, they are genuinely remarkable.

With the help of its features, you can perform lots of things, like, switching between links to comments, hiding posts, upvoting comments, filtering by keywords, links, subreddits, and videos that can save your time.

You can even customize the interface, for example, themes, font sizes, colors, and thumbnail sizes. 

2. Readder for Reddit lets you view your feeds, preview content, images, movies, and videos, and follow comments and discussions effortlessly. If you are looking for an app that fully supports landscapes and portrait device orientation, then download it. 

3. This app allows you to explore trending topics by using filters. You will be glad after knowing that this app lets you cast the media to your Chromecast.

Furthermore, its reader mode offers a full-screen immersive reading experience. Its adjustable font size makes your writing experience smooth

4. Want to preview the 3D images on Reddit? If yes, then Readder for Reddit is an ideal app for you. You can easily preview videos and gifs. All in all, It is an excellent full-featured Reddit client and works well on the ios platforms. 


  • After refreshing, you may lose the comments. 
  • To avail of advanced features, you need to avail of a subscription plan. 

Download on Apple App Store

7. Infinity for Reddit 

Infinity for Reddit is another amazing-looking and better functionality-based Reddit app for mobile users.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

It comes with all basic and advanced features like multi-account support, a dark theme, and you can do usual things like commenting and filtering the post by images, gifs, keywords, and subreddit, and saving the post for later reading and so on.

It comes with an amazing feature called Lazy-mode, which auto-scrolls the subreddits until you get your favorite content to read. However, it is not the best Reddit app, but it’s basic and rich features will never annoy you. 


1. Infinity for Reddit is a highly engaging and beautiful app that offers you a smooth and seamless Reddit browsing experience. You will be glad after knowing that it is an ad-free app; that means you can browse Reddit without facing any interruption. 

2. This is a nice Reddit app, where everything is perfectly fine. It allows users to be visible on the home screen without opening the post. The parent comment can be collapsed, and switches in the sidebars make your navigation hassle-free. 

3. The interface of this app is quite clean and declutter. It comes with tons of options like the option to import/ export settings, the option to open all comments with a single click, and more customizable options. 

4. It’s a great Reddit alternative. This app can load videos, whereas Reddit gets stuck. You will love the way it organizes the comment threads with color. And all the features and functionality are fluid and crisp. 


  • Many users have claimed that sometimes it is difficult for them to upvote the comments. 
  • The app is pretty good, but it crashes every time. 

Download on Google Play Store

8. Slide

If you are an iOS user and looking for Reddit that is far different than other Reddit apps, then download Slide. It’s a card-style interface that keeps an eye on images and previews as you scroll through the subreddit.

Best Reddit Apps

The interface of this app is highly responsive, engaging, clutter-free. It is the best Reddit app which is famous for many good reasons. It comes with so many exceptional features that you are unable to get from other third-party Reddit apps.

The customizable option of this app is fantastic. Sync it integration, live thread support, and shadowbox supports make this app unique and engaging. You will get so many impressive features in a pro account.


1. Slide app is for both Android and iOs users. It’s another exceptional choice among the best Reddit apps. If you want to scroll down the feeds of Reddit with no wifi, then no worries, Slide can make it happen. 

2. Slides allow its users to sync their cloud data with the app to get a personalized Reddit experience. Along with that, this app allows you to customize the theme that enhances your engagements. 

3. Want a zero interruption Reddit experience? If yes, then avail its pro version, where you can enjoy ad-free on the website. This app may be one of the Reddit apps that customizable features are outstanding and easy to use. 

4. This app is a great option for users who need a unique, seamless, and engaging Reddit experience at an affordable price. 

5. It’s a great open source for Reddit; many users have claimed that they haven’t found any bug in this app. After updating, it runs smoother and offers a seamless Reddit experience.

Right from the post, videos to comments, everything runs smoothly. All in all, its sleek design and broad array of features have taken this app out of the crowd. 


  • If you use this app on an iPhone, it offers only one column to search from, while the iPad users will get multiple columns to see on the screen at once. 
  • If you don’t want to see ad-again, you need to purchase its pro plan. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

How To Check the accuracy of subreddits

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it owes much of its success to its 1.2 million dedicated subreddits, where users can post about everything from hot political topics to Star Wars memes.

The problem is that its r/politics subreddit is a hive of biased, incorrect, or just made-up news.

To combat this problem, Stopaganda (Download Here) scans the news links on r/politics, then decorates each post with two colored badges.

9 Of The Best Reddit Apps For Android and iOS 

These let you see at a glance whether a source is typically accurate in its reporting, and
which way it tends to lean politically.

It’s a useful tool when you’re looking for current affairs updates on the increasingly wild social network


There are many Reddit clients for both android and iOs users. But, we have listed the one which has gained huge credibility on the internet. If you plan to browse the Reddit experience and look for the best Reddit app, choose any of them from the list. 

Of Course, the ultimate choice of the app depends on your preferences. But, we assure you that the Reddit mentioned above apps are fast, responsive, advanced-features based, and offer you a hassle-free Reddit browsing experience.