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11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier


Do you own a Mac? If you do, well you must be having the popular Safari Browser. Now, it is a fact that a lot of users are still using Chrome Browser on their mac. There isn’t anything to be worried about.

But we all know what Chrome does to your Mac. Within minutes it will heat up your system and slow it down. So it is better that you use the Safari Browser that is equally good and reliable too.

Here we are to tell you about the different extensions that you can use on your Safari Browser. If you have finally started to use it or have been using it for a long time. There are some of the best Safari Extensions that we could not resist making a list of.

We too have been using them for ourselves while we prepare this useful content for you. All of these are as good as on Chrome extensions and pretty useful for your work.

Before you make any changes to your browser, make sure your browser is up-to-date. It goes the same for your system as well. The more the better.

There are tons of productivity extensions that you may never know existed and could have saved you so much of time. But her we are now with this list of the best safari extensions and you can get it for yourself as well.

Here we go!

Best Safari Extensions: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus (Download Here) is one of the best safari extensions to block all your ads from the browser. It is very important considering there are several spammy sites and the ads simply fill up your screen.

To get rid of all these annoying ads on the screen, you can add the extension and simply activate it on your browser. All of this will hardly take seconds. You will find over 21,000,000 users on this service.

Best Safari Extensions

This extension is safe in every manner and also secure for your use. Furthermore, to start with any user can easily manage the protection provided by Safari.

You can either choose to remove all the ads or customize it based on what and whose ads need to be removed. Even your personal info is protected by getting rid of trackers that you might know.

As soon as it is installed in your system, you will see the changes. It drastically increases the browsing speed. All of this happens because all the ads are now gone and the site is clean.

Adblock plus has brought multiple updates as well to give you a much better experience. You now have a dark mode that can be switched between the dark mode and automatic mode.

It is super easy to use and just needs you to set it up, and it runs in the background. Furthermore, the extension is free of cost so there isn’t anything that you need to worry about to get started.


  • Block all kinds of ads from the browser
  • Block any known trackers to keep your info safe
  • Get better browsing speeds
  • Block any annoying “likes” on social media
  • Free and Open-source software

2. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket (Download Here) is one of the best producing extensions on Safari. There are multiple such tools with the same functions but this has to be a lot more stable and to the point.

11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

The pocket browser extension allows every user to capture any videos, content, or simply anything else so that you can access them whenever you would want. A lot of times we are unable to find the right content we came through and so we cannot access it later.

With the help of this tool, you can save a lot of time and energy too. Simply click on the pocket sign on the toolbar as soon as you come across a content you wish to access later.

All you need to do is click on the icon and the link of that page will be saved. You can make a list and add to it or rename it.

Furthermore, all the links are available to you on any device. Make sure you create an account for this tool through the web so that all the data is in sync.

Furthermore, all the links are also available offline so you need not look for the page to load. Simply indulge in your work with a personal environment set up by the tool.

You can even use the dark more. Also, you can sort out the tags or use the autocomplete option to do so.


  • Add your favorite links such as a blog, video, etc to view later
  • You can easily add tags and sort them out on this extension
  • Read directly using the tool
  • Access the saved links on any device both offline as well online
  • Dark Mode available
  • Autocomplete available after adding tags

3. Grammarly for Safari

Grammarly (Download Here) is a very popular extension that you might have also used on Chrome as well. Every professional and writer has been using this tool to correct their mistakes for free.

Well, we do have the premium options as well which have tons of features and are worth it. This tool is capable of correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes in the text. Instead of hiring a proofreader, you can get this tool and make the basic changes within seconds.

As soon as you start writing, the Grammarly tool keeps working in the background and checks each and every word you write. It is not necessary to use the tool’s page but it has been integrated with multiple platforms.

Bring Ideas to Life | Find the Words | Grammarly

Such as Google docs, emails, social media, etc have been a part of this and correct any work that you keep on writing. However, rather than correcting yourself, it gives you suggestions so that you can do it by yourself.

Once you click on the icon, you get to choose between the languages as well that need the correction of the test.

As of now the languages available are America, British, and Australian English. Furthermore, if you have a premium subscription, the assist will help you further with an in-depth analysis of the content you have written. It makes sure you do not have any issues including any kind of fragmented sentences.


  • It detects the correct spelling of words and helps you fix it
  • Fixes hundreds of complex grammatical error
  • Perfect for students, professionals, etc
  • Compatible with Google Docs, Social Media, and other platforms
  • Easy to use and make changes

4. 1Password 7 – Password Manager 

1Password 7 (Download Here) is a gem when it comes to discussing this tool. It is one of the best Safari Extensions and makes it even more productive. Are you like anyone else, who does not remember every password of their account. You are simply normal.

With so many accounts, it is not easy to remember everything. Hence with the use of 1Password 7, you can manage all the passwords from every account. All you need to know is one simple password for this tool.

Set up 1Password on your Mac

Simply store all your info and passwords from all over the internet and store it here. You have nothing to worry about since there are no issues with the passwords you have. The company has made sure that no data is leaked out no matter what.

You can use your touchID to make changes Not only it is limited to just products but also the bank details such as login ID, card details, etc. You can also create an account for your office colleagues, family, friends, etc so that you can share the secret as well.

For friends and family, you will need a completely different environment so that the sharing of info is kept private. It has the option to create custom fields where you can store your security questions and extra URLs etc. 


  • Helps to create strong passwords for different accounts
  • Access your information on all your mobile devices and computers
  • Notifies you if your password has been exposed on their sites
  • Find accounts that support two-factor authentication
  • Organize your information with tags and favorites
  • Easily move information between accounts

5. PiPer

PiPer (Download Here) is an exceptional tool for anyone who wishes to enjoy the Picture in Picture mode while watching their favorite video or any show. This safari browser extension is an open-source tool and free of cost available on the Apple Store.

Everyone loves to multi-task and PiPer does it for you. It becomes very difficult to slide between tabs or windows. With the use of this tool, you can add your video over the doc that you are working on.

11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

All you need to do is simply add the extension to your browser and get on with it. Some of the sites and videos that are supported are Netflix, Prime Video, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

In fact, with the recent update, this tool has now added support from Apple TV+, DAZN, and Disney+. While you are watching the video, you can turn on the captions too. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages as well depending on which you choose to go.


  • Add Picture in Picture functionality
  • Supports a large number of sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc
  • Supports closed captions
  • Open Source and Free of cost
  • Added support for Apple TV+, DAZN, and Disney+

6. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo (Download Here) brings to you a package that lists out everything you need to keep your browsing private. This tool is one of the best safari extensions since it protects your browser from any attacks.

Best Safari Extensions

There are a lot of hidden third-party trackers that you will not be able to recognize while browsing on the internet. Such trackers are available on certain websites you might use to extract your data and sell them.

With the help of this tool, you can stop such activities from continuing and keep using the site at ease. Also, this tool rates every site a proper privacy grade and makes sure anyone visiting these sites is assured of the safety of their data.

As soon as you click on any site, it will give it a proper grade so that you are always aware and take proper action while sharing any data through it. Moreover, it allows you to get more details on the sites that were trying to track you.

Simply add it to your browser extension and enable Tracker Blocking and the Privacy Dashboard. With the use of the dashboard, you can keep track of all the sites that had been trying to trace you.


  • Best-in-class privacy essentials to keep your browser safe
  • Automatically block hidden third-party trackers
  • Check your protection against other sites you visit
  • Enable Tracker Blocking and the Privacy Dashboard
  • Control your privacy of the browser at your own hands

7. Evernote Web Clipper

You might have already heard of Evernote or at least must have used it. Well, similar to the Pocket tool, Evernote web clipper (Download Here) allows you to save the links to the web pages with a single click.

11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

With the use of this tool, you can clip your favorite site, blog, videos, or simply anything you find useful on the web. In fact, you can save full page screen captures, or simply the part you found useful.

Whether you are online or offline, all your clipped links are available for you on the dashboard. In fact, it is synced with every device you will log into, and can access it from any time anywhere.

Such tools are perfect especially when you have no internet connection and or when you forget to save the source.

With just a simple click you have everything in your hands. Have you used a highlighter in your books to mark important information? Well, similar to that, you can add annotations to highlight info so that you know what you have saved the web page for.

Other than this, the new version of Evernote, it allows you to save articles in the most simplified manner. In fact, you can even clip Gmail threads and attachments so that you do not require to open your emails to view the content.


  • Save web pages, articles, and PDFs
  • Content is always available in your account
  • Take a screenshot of a webpage, then add text, callouts, or annotations to highlight important information
  • Add tags and remarks, edit titles, and save content
  • Clip entire web pages

8. Honey for Safari

Are you a Shopaholic? Well, if you are we have an exciting and one of the best safari extensions just to serve your purpose. Honey (Download Here) is an extension that will help you to get the best deals at any time you choose while browsing the internet.

11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

It is integrated with multiple e-commerce stores and compares multiple aspects before you can check out and buy any product for yourself. From furniture to ordering food online, this tool is perfect every step of the way.

Not only will it help you find the best deals, it directly applies coupons on 30,000+ sites over the web. Furthermore, you can be a part of 17 million members that have been using this tool for a very long time now.

You must have been wondering the number of deals your friends are able to get but not you. This could be the only reason. Well, you know a way out now as well.

Honey uses every possible aspect such as comparing sellers, delivery status, and even the benefits so that you face no issue in the future.

Furthermore, this tool even has an option where you can earn Honey Gold points and use it further for more offers and apply it to your products. It is also available for Chrome users and you can now get it as your Safari Extension as well.


  • Automatically search for and apply coupons
  • Compares seller, delivery status, and benefits
  • Earn Honey Gold when you shop millions of items
  • Lets you know when is the right time to buy
  • Helps to find you promo codes and best offers

9. Turn Off the Lights for Safari

Turn Off the Lights for Safari (Download Here) is a very useful Safari Extension that is available for free on the App Store. As soon as you install it, click on the necessary option to add as an extension. It supports multiple video sites such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.

In fact, it is not very difficult to learn the features, and super easy to use as well. With a single click, you can fade away the background sites while watching a video to focus on only one. 

Also, if you click it again it will be back to normal. This tool is pretty lightweight and easy to understand as well. Your system will have no issues of lagging behind as it does not take up a lot of space.

🔵How to install the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension in the Apple Safari web browser?

As soon as you click on the play button, you can make the background even darker so that you can have a better movie-like experience.

To add further, the tool also protects your eyes from high brightness levels on the screen. You even have an option to turn on/off the fade-in and fade-out effects.

In fact, you can check out several keyboard shortcuts as well which makes it even easier to take action. It may take a little time to get a command on those but it works pretty well.

The best part is that everything is free of cost and there are no ads too. Any user can add it as an extension and make good use of it.


  • Turns of the entire background to fade such that you can focus on one window
  • Turn the lights back on, by clicking on the black layer
  • Provides an option to protect your eyes at night
  • Option for Speech Recognition and Camera Motion
  • Supports multiple video sites: YouTube, HTML5 video,… and more
  • Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts are available

10. Mate: Universal Tab Translator

Mate (Download Here) is an exceptional tool for your Safari Browser. You might have used a language translator on your Chrome browser that comes up automatically as soon you land on any page that is not default set to English.

11 of The Best Safari Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

Here the same purpose is served by the Mate tool and a lot of other features as well. There are over 550,000 users worldwide that have registered on this platform. However, it is not free of cost and you have to pay a small amount i.e $29.99.

It has the ability to understand over 103 languages and even teaches you to pronounce the words correctly in multiple languages. Furthermore, some of the languages that you can easily get translation from are Spanish, French, etc.

Not only this, it even helps you to learn the correct accent of each word while trying to learn the language. If you are a traveler, you can create your own phrasebook and add word lists as you travel along. You will not need any other app for this and use it as an extension itself.

Using the app for Mate, simply click on the button that says “Translate with Mate“ and get the translation within seconds. The best part is that it can be synced to all your devices and you can access it anytime anywhere.


  • Understands 103 languages and translates them easily
  • Some of the languages that you can get translations for are Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and more.
  • Translate selected text and clipboard contents
  • Easily create and curate word lists that are available even offline.
  • Create custom word lists for each language
Final Verdict

Here we are with the list of Best Safari Extensions for mac you will find on the web. It is not only for your work and productivity but also can be used for a good personal experience.

We have add-ins to keep your browser private and protected, get your best shopping coupons and deals, tab translator, password manager, etc. All of these are very useful for your everyday life and you can wonder about it. If you haven’t already been using it, make sure you do it now.

Some of these are available on your Chrome browser as well but we all know how chrome works and it becomes difficult. Hence it is time to switch to something better and have a good experience altogether.

All of them are free of cost so you can add all of them if you need them. However, the Tab translator does cost you some money but it is worth every penny.

A small amount gets the most beneficial tool worth a lot. If you feel you have any queries do let us know in the comment section below.