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5 Best Sci-Fi games for you to play


5 Best Sci-Fi games for you to play

Science Fiction games are often the games with the most creative freedom on their hands. They are mostly set in a distant future, and that’s what gives them the right to pretty much do whatever they want. We can’t know the future, and we can’t even begin to imagine what things we’ll discover, or what will happen in the world of tomorrow.

So basically, as long as they stick to what makes sense, they have a freedom to do anything. A lot of games like this had a potential, and they ended up ruining everything. Sometimes it is the bad plot, sometimes it is the entire game that’s just completely wrong. However, we do have quite a lot of games that did everything (or at least most of it) right, and those are the ones that we’ll be talking about today. Let’s start.

1. Portal

5 Best Sci-Fi games for you to play

Portal is a good example of a game that did things perfectly. It had an idea, and it decided to stick to it. It resulted in one of the best Sci-Fi games of all time, even though many would argue that it’s a bit short.

Be that as it may, the game had everything that it needed – a story, good graphics, great puzzles, and best of all – PORTALS! This entire concept is something that each of us wanted to experience at least once in our lives. Sure, the game doesn’t explain how the portal gun makes the portals, but them being there is good enough. The physics of the game is great, and it makes sense, which is not something that all Sci-Fi games like to deal with.

You even have an enemy – an insane AI which is trying to kill you on pretty much every step of the way. Exploring the game’s lore is also pretty interesting, even after you realize how dark it truly is. It’s really a great game, and every second of playing it is worth it.


2. Prototype

5 Best Sci-Fi games for you to play


Now, Prototype handles things a little bit differently. The plot isn’t set in some distant future, but instead, it hits a bit closer to home. You start the game as a superpowered mutant that’s destroying the city and fighting all kinds of weird things with your giant metal claws and other crazy features. Of course, we are then sent back in time, to the moment where it all began. We learn of the virus, experiments on our protagonist, Alex, as well as the infection that spreads throughout the city.

As the game progresses, more and more of the city is infected, and the game handles this progress pretty well. Still, not many people really cares about that. What we really like is running and jumping off the rooftops, absorbing people, and unlocking new insane powers. Of course Alex is an overpowered god at this point, but who cares? The game is so much fun that you’ll definitely find yourself revisiting it multiple times.

3. Deus Ex

5 Best Sci-Fi games for you to play

It is not easy putting a label on Deus Ex since this game combines pretty much every gameplay known to man. Multiple things are included, even RPG’s, and that’s exactly what makes it so incredible. Your choices make an impact on the world around you, and that is something that everyone appreciates. Providing a character with choices that don’t have consequences doesn’t give us a feeling that we truly exist in the game.

The game itself takes place in a future version of Earth, that has become a dystopian, cyberpunk society. Multiple different societies are trying to take control over the world, and you are the one who gets in between all of that. You, or more specifically, your character is a thing called Human Augmentation, which is basically a cyborg.

After realizing and fully grasping everything that is going on, you get to choose which faction to join up with, which leads to different endings of the game.


4. BioShock Infinite


The entire BioShock franchise has a very interesting, and pretty complex plot. Most of it revolves around the flying city of Columbia – a technological wonder with its own population and culture. The main character, Booker, gets transported to Columbia, without realizing what is happening, with one single task – to bring the girl and wipe away the debt.

Soon, he realizes that his scar in shape of the letters AD marks him as a false shepherd from Columbia’s prophecy. Because of that, everyone starts hunting him down, while he is trying to complete the task given to him at the beginning. After that, the things start to get really complicated, and include traveling to parallel universes, and more often than not – simply trying to stay alive.

The game is pretty complex and deep, and it deals with some pretty complicated questions. At the same time, however, it provides us with many hours of amazing plot twists, and even more hours of great fun.

5. Prey


The name of the game says everything, and from it, you can instantly realize that you are being hunted. Of course, an explanation like that would make you think that this is a horror game instead of a Sci-Fi one, so I’ll add that you are being hunted in space.

You start as a human by the name of Morgan Yu. Now, the game features a lot of RPG elements, so Morgan actually gets to be any gender, in accordance with your wishes. Your decisions throughout the game will also influence it a lot, and even provide multiple endings.

So, as I mentioned previously, you are being hunted by several different alien races, all of which are very hostile towards you. As you progress through the game, you manage to get some of their abilities, which makes things much more interesting. Apart from that, you are constantly navigating through the space station, finishing different tasks, and trying to avoid getting killed. The game is pretty interesting, it’s a lot of fun, and definitely worth trying out.

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