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11 Of The Best Screenwriting Software To Try

Do you need a helping hand in finding out the Best Screenwriting Software to help you in writing an awesome screenplay? 🤔

We are here for you. Let’s get started. 📗

Creativity needs sharpening, more so when you want to change it into a lifelong skill. Such is the case with creative writing too. If you are a writer, you need to practice writing each and every day to improve your skills and move a step ahead towards perfection.

The more you write, the more you will know about your strengths and weaknesses in writing and thus can improve. Screenwriting is also an art of writing for the movies and plays and dramas.

So if you are planning on becoming a screenwriter, then you need to work hard to be a perfectionist in that genre of writing. 

It is not necessary to know the Hollywood industry, along with the directors and producers to be a good screenwriter. All you need is an excellent software that will help you in mastering the format of screenwriting.

You can focus on the words and sentences as well as on the scenario that you are trying to create while the software will help you in maintaining a perfect format. Thus with the help of this software, you no longer have to worry about the styling as well as formatting of your writing.  

This software is specially designed to make writing a more enjoyable platform rather than a tedious one. It helps you in improving your skill along with styling your work.

Screenwriting is a tough task, and you need to pay attention to each and every word that you write.

So it is necessary to focus on that rather than concentrating on formatting your work. Let your creativity flourish with time and be a master of it with the help of this software.

Work Of A Screenwriting Software

As mentioned above, it is a necessity to have screenwriting software if you are really into writing. It helps in editing as well as formatting of all your writings. This would further assist you in producing good content for the screen.

This software also helps in the printing of different scripts which are essential for not only films but even video games. There are always formats in writing a specific genre, and this software helps you in sticking to it. It gives a good impression if the format of your writing is perfect. 

There are certain rules and regulations of writing that the movie industry lays down. To be one of the screenwriters, you need to stick to those formatting and guidelines.

It will help you to keep your language as well as grammar in check. Moreover, this software ensures that you have a backup whenever you need. A writing software helps you to put forth a perfect script without tedious manual formatting.

This software is very easy to use just by using certain keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts help you in writing your dialogues finely and add action to the scene.

Moreover, you can add headings, subheadings, names of the characters and the build-up of plotlines just with the keyboard shortcuts. But you must know that there are various types of software which are available for screenwriting.

Here are some which we have chosen especially for you. You can use the one that would be most beneficial for you.

Best Screenwriting Software: Our Top Picks 👌

Given below are some fantastic software that will help you in improving your writing style for the screens. Go for the one that you need. 


Final Draft was first released in 1990, and now it is considered as one of the finest of all. This is an acclaimed award-winning software for helping you to write your scripts with more perfection.

Best Screenwriting Software

It is software that many renowned platforms use like Netflix, Pixar, ABC, etc. this tool has even won various awards which include the primetime Emmy engineering award.

This software has a tremendous range of useful features like editing, formatting, lining up, etc. thus it helps you to be a step ahead in your writing career and a bit close to the industry rules and regulations. 

Some of its most unique attributes of FINAL DRAFT earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.
  • This software has a high level of visual features as well as brainstorming ability that will help you to work with various other writing groups.
  • It takes care of the standardized rules and regulations laid down by the industry. Thus keeping the formats of your screen write-up in check.
  • It helps you in organizing your write-up by proper siting of characters, plots, dialogues, and place where the action takes place.
  • This tool helps you in building up a story in a proper way so that it can give you visual pictures of it in your imagination.
  • It helps you to plan your plots beforehand and thus weave an imaginary view of the plot.
  • You can write various versions of the same dialogues and store it using this software.
  • You can easily switch between dialogues as well as the action of the scene. This can be done with the help of certain keyboard shortcuts like tab and enter. 
  • Backup data is all time available so that in the time of need you can use it.
  • There is a revision mode that helps you in revising the entire script for the final draft.
  • With the help of this software, you can write in 97 different languages without much of a problem.
  • There are more than 100 templates from where you can choose, and the tool supports audio of the text.
  • It is compatible with all devices having windows, OSX and iOS.
Simon Kinberg - It all starts with the script.


Celtx is one of the safest platforms, which is cloud-based, and thus your screenwriting would be of the next level. This software has a huge number of global users and is known as the best screenwriting apps available in the market.

Simplify Your Complicated Pre-Production With Celtx

If you are a creative writer, then you know the importance of each and every step of writing starting from the script to that of the movie, a writer needs to imagine everything before actually starting to write.

Here is where the software and its features come to help. It not only helps you in the journey of making a script into a movie but even helps in creating better content quickly.

Furthermore, as the software is cloud-based, you can access all your data and even your account from anywhere. Moreover, this software is often an advantage as it gives you the other side of knowledge that is production insight.  

It is one of the perfect tools for professional as well as amateur screenwriters. This platform helps you in combining and putting together all your brainstorming ideas to make a perfect script.

This platform not only helps the movie writers but even the authors and novelists who are working on their new books.

Some of the most unique attributes of Celtx that earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This platform helps you to learn easily with its user-friendly behavior.
  • With this software, you can work offline too with the help of your mobile phone and laptops.
  • It provides you with a single master file that will help you in organizing all your data notes and write-ups.
  • It has a different editor in case you are working on a novel.
  • You can even make tables of production calendars to organize all your plans step by step.
  • It even allows the writers and the directors to add notes in each and every section of the write-up.
  • It gives you a smooth workflow with its cloud-based solutions and its real-time designs.


  • This software is no longer free in its price, and thus you have to buy it to use.
  • It lacks the deep screenwriting process and focuses more on the production part.

3. WriterDuet: Best Screenwriting Software For Beginners

WriterDuet is one of the excellent platforms for all those people aspiring to become screenwriters in the future. It helps in organizing your write-up in a particular format taking care of the grammar and syntax along with editing.

Best Screenwriting Software

Moreover, this tool has advanced features that help you to edit videos as well as games. One of the best things about this software is that it helps the writers to access their accounts from any location and on different devices. This tool provides three free scripts while you sign up, although it is not free of cost. 

This gives you a platform where you can openly challenge your own ideas as well as revise them as you move ahead. During educational tutorials, this software might come in handy as well as be more useful than the rest. 

Some of its most unique attributes of writerduet earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This software helps you in accessing different plugins so that you can get advanced customization. 
  • It not only supports laptops and computers but is even easily accessible through multiple browsers.
  • Signing up for this software is free of cost.
  • This tool allows you to change the customizability and formats, thus giving you a wide range of features.
  • It is highly secured as only the users can access it as well as those guests who have the authorized guest codes.
  • This tool is very smooth to use as it has backup copies of your writing whenever you need it along with the online and offline mode of services.
  • It even allows you to revise and take note of all the editing that you have made.


  • This software is not free of cost and only provides three free scripts after you sign up.
  • Although you can work offline on this platform, it doesn’t give you an opportunity to collaborate while you are offline.


Trelby was basically known as “blyte” and is a full and open source software that can be used in any device like laptop mobiles, android, etc. moreover this platform is licensed and encourages new writers as well as developers to make the platform better. 

11 Of The Best Screenwriting Software To Try

Since it is free of cost, any amateur writer can try their hand in writing without thinking much about it.

Some of its most unique attributes of Trelby earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • It is a user-friendly platform that helps you in improving your writing skills as well as organizes your write-up according to the format.
  • It not on;y checks your syntax but also corrects your grammar with the help of all its editing options.
  • This software is accessible from multiple devices, and thus you are free to use it on any device you like.
  • This provides you with various choices through which you can modify your scene, plotline, dialogues between characters, etc.
  • It gives you various opportunities to make various changes to your write-up to make it interesting and classy.
  • This is a good tool as it helps you in making pdf versions of your write-up and thus giving you more accessibility and flexibility.
  • You can easily run this software even in your old systems without any worry.


  • It doesn’t have any option where you can make the letters bold or italic.
  • Another default of this software is that there is no online collaboration.

At the time of our research on Best Screenwriting Software, we found a video about “Screenwriting Tips from Hollywood Professionals” which is worth watching. 🤴

Screenwriting Tips from Hollywood Professionals

5. Scrivener

For all those aspiring authors and writers out there, Scrivener is one of the finest software for your writing. This is a platform that gives you tremendous opportunities through all its multiple features to make your write-up more perfect and appealing.

Best Screenwriting Software

It helps you in organizing the notes that you have made while writing the script along with a lot of editing options to help you get through.

Moreover, this is a tool that you can use even while you are working on a project. This would help you to make your project look marvelous. 

The best thing about this software is the wide range of opportunities that it offers in its features. You can make notes, refer to and research historical facts as well as write fictional as well as non-fictional kinds of stuff.

Some of its most unique attributes of Scrivener that earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This platform helps you to edit your write-up sectionally as well as a whole easily.
  • It is a user-friendly tool that helps you to customize your writings in the way you want.
  • It even helps you to take out a copy of your write-up as pdf, which gives you more flexibility in working.


  • Learning to work on this software can be tough as well as challenging.
  • For certain updates, you will be charged.

6. Fade In

Fade In is again one of the blessings in disguise for all those professional as well as amateur writers out there. With the help of this software, you can make your creative writing stand out brilliantly from the rest.

Best Screenwriting Software

Moreover, this software is heavily used by some renowned platforms, and it is compatible with almost all devices. Its functionality and features are all rounded in nature that helps you in perfecting things and heading towards the final draft.

This platform ensures that there is a free flow of your thoughts in your written words. Basically, this software is used by those working on motion pictures. 

Some of its most unique attributes of Fade In that earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This software gives you automatic formatting of your script without much of your labor.
  • With this platform, you can unite with other writers from various other places.
  • You can upload an image directly in the script without any complications.
  • It supports various formats like HTML, text, and many more and even offers storage in clouds.
  • The software updates are free of cost.


  • The free version of this software bears the watermark of its company.
  • There may be some compatibility issues working in the industry as well outside it with this software.

7. Kit Scenarist

Kit Scenarist gives you a beautiful scriptwriting experience and is one of the best of the lot. Moreover, it is free of cost and still gives you super customizability. Many writers worldwide use this software while writing a script for movies as well as books.

It is one of the best platforms where you can explore your talent in writing a script for a movie or series. Moreover, it helps you to write in multiple languages and thus is versatile in nature.

Some of the most unique attributes of Kit Scenarist earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • It is compatible with almost all devices like windows, android, MAC, etc.
  • It organizes your write-up well according to the standard formatting pattern.
  • This tool offers you visualization opportunities in order to build up your story.


  • Only after you pay for the subscription, you can collaborate online.
  • The compatibility of this software with other devices is not free of cost.

8. Movie Magic Screenwriter

Movie Magic Screenwriter is one of the finest ones for improving your creative writing skills as it has won a lot many awards. With this, you will get a platform to work on your book, comics, scripts, and even musicals.

In order to know how to use this software properly, you must go through the online videos available. This software has been used for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. 

You can work on your project and assignment with the help of this software along with scriptwriting.

Some of its most unique attributes of Movie Magic Screenwriter earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This software is quite flexible and gives you creative ideas to make your work look attractive and appealing.
  • It organizes the whole write-up and even formats it in a standard format.
  • It has color codes that help you in organizing things in a better way. 
  • It has multiple customization options that even allow your text to transform to audio.


  • The cost is very high, and thus it is difficult for small organizations to use it. 

9. Highland 2

Highland is the perfect and finest screenwriting software available in every platform but is only compatible with MAC. It has a lot of functionalities and features that make it beneficial for the users. 

If you are a MAC user, then you should go for it as it is customizable only with mac. It provides a lot of shortcuts that help content writers to make their content perfect and better.

Some of the most unique attributes of Highland 2 earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This screenwriting software checks your syntax and formats your writing according to the standard formatting.
  • It even allows you to know the time span that you took while doing the work.
  • With all its updates, you are always in tune with the newest features.
  • It’s easy to take notes and organize them with the help of the scratchpad feature.


  • This software can only be used by mac users.
  • It is expensive, and the free version has watermarks on the pdf.

10. Studiobinder

Studiobinder is modern in its design as well as applications and features and is the most popular in today’s world. Furthermore, it gives you customization skills for the videos and pictures that you want in your work. One of the famous users of this platform is Spotify.

11 Of The Best Screenwriting Software To Try

This software is basically for those industries which are big and massive as it is expensive. This is one of the best platforms to create motion pictures of high quality and advanced features.

Some of the most unique attributes of Studiobinder earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • This software helps you in creating your personalized call sheets for better performance.
  • It helps you in dividing the write-up into sections and organizing it further for a smooth flow.
  • You can easily send messages and collaborate with other groups and clients for better functioning.
  • It has a free version that you can use for as long as you want to.


  • It is expensive and thus is not appropriate for small groups and industries.
  • Sometimes too many options and features that it provides can be confusing.

11. Page 2 Stage

Page 2 Stage is one of the most acclaimed screenwriting software on the list which appeals to a large range of audiences.

Its resources are available in 30 different languages and thus are easy to work with. So get along with your creativity and refine it using this software and its amazing features.

This is software that is multidimensional in nature as you can use it not only to write scripts for movies but even for educational purposes. You can demonstrate your project and lessons using this platform.

Some of its most unique attributes of Page 2 Stage earned it a spot in our list of Best Screenwriting Software.

  • It is very safe for all its users as no one can plagiarise your content.
  • It puts before you multiple angles to your story from which you can choose the best one.
  • There are amazing features in this software that allows you to edit your content for making your final draft the best.
  • It auto-corrects grammar as well as formats the content without much labor from your side.


  • It is only compatible with those users who have windows.
  • Support is not available 24×7 as it is free software.

Creativity lies in each and every one of us, but the only way to make it skill is through guidance. The same goes true for creative writing which includes screenwriting as a sub-genre.

In order to have mastery over screenwriting, you need guidance and proper channeling. This screenwriting software mentioned above is a step towards perfection in writing.

It will help you to have a wholesome view of what you are writing and thus giving you various angles to judge. This software helps you to challenge yourself each and every day and make yourself better at what you do.

So if you haven’t used any of this software yet then it’s high time that you try one. Go ahead and grab the one which will lead you towards perfection.