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15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

No matter your plans for the upcoming ski season, you can make them even better with some stellar apps.

With smartphones in hand almost 24/7, there’s no easier way to get on-demand access to everything you need, like information about ski conditions or recommendations for restaurants in your area.

Some of the best Ski apps available will help you get the most out of this winter season without breaking a sweat. 

The ski season may only come once a year, but it feels like it does not last even half as long. When the powdery snow and crisp mountain nights get you itching for a slope, there is one thing that will make your time on the slopes even better: apps. 

If you love skiing or snowboarding, you need not just any ski app but some of the best Ski apps that can help you improve your experience in the best way possible.

Ski apps simplify your trip in many ways, like providing accurate forecasts and ski trail maps, keeping track of key stats like speed and distance during your ride, and helping you find the best place to rest after a long day on the slopes.  

Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding 👌

1. OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report – Best ski tracking apps

A great online experience can be a pain to create without a reliable platform for managing inventory. With OnTheSnow, a user-friendly online snow report app for skiers and snowboarders, you can track ski conditions from anywhere in the world.

From snow depth to weather forecasts to ski lifts, you’ll have all the information you need on your phone at your fingertips. 

Best Ski Apps

The OnTheSnow App is the only app you’ll ever need for anything skiing. My resort lets you track your favorite ski resorts, comparing the most important details side-by-side.

You can even check out the weather forecast before booking your trip! 

Stay up to date with the latest powder report at your favorite resorts with OnTheSnow’s Powder Alert. The app alerts you when your slopes are dumping fresh snow so you can hit the powder at the right time.

Powder finders can help users to find fresh and new snow in nearby resorts. 

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2. FIS 

If you’re a big fan of skiing and snowboarding, you’ll love FIS. It’s an app with exclusive coverage of all FIS events, including up-to-the-minute news and information about weather conditions and ski resorts.

Best Ski Apps 1

You can also get quick access to results, schedules, and FIS’s growing videos and photos library. FIS is an official resource for all snowboarding and skiing fans, whether they’re aspiring athletes or just coaches and instructors at the local ski hill.

It’s got tons of information, including competition schedules, course maps, and helpful videos.

And if you like what you see, it can be downloaded as an official app for your smartphone — thanks to FIS’s commitment to mobile-first accessibility. Check out videos, photos, live timing, results, and more. 

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3. OpenSnow 

Let the snow find you. OpenSnow tells you where to go for the best skiing. Our site helps skiers of all skill levels explore the world by providing daily forecasts, reports, historical data, and more.

With an avalanche report that includes information on current conditions, weather, and avalanche danger, we make it easy to plan your day confidently.

Best Ski Apps 2

The OpenSnow app sources daily ski and snowboard conditions from local forecasters and the National Weather Service to comprehensively examine what’s happening on the mountain.

You can even connect with local meteorologists for an inside scoop on powder days. You can access 24/7 live camera feeds from the world’s top ski resorts with an ad-free, real-time weather forecast.

The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for free — but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to subscribe to Premium, which gets you access to 7-, 15-, 30-, or 60-minute forecasts; improved notifications; and no ads. 

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4. Ski Tracks – Best ski app for Samsung watch

Ski Tracks is the best skiing companion on the market. This award-winning app was made to share your ski adventures with friends worldwide.

With Ski Tracks, you can record your entire ski trip, from the time you hit the slopes to making it back to your car.

The app also lets you import photos and video clips, while built-in mapping tools provide an easy way to share where you’ve been on social media.

Ski Tracks have attracted millions of users worldwide. And for a good reason: it has an impressive feature set that helps users accurately track, map, and share their ski runs with data based on sound GPS tracking.

15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

And with 3D maps that help skiers familiarize themselves with new snowy terrains, this app is a must-have for anyone who spends the winter on the slopes.

Ski Tracks is a ski tracking app created by Core Coders, a mobile development company based in Silicon Valley. Ski Tracks is a feature-rich mobile app that accurately records your speed, distance traveled, route, and elevation on a map.

Ski Tracks also has a built-in camera that lets you capture pictures while scrolling through the app. The app stores your favorite trails to easily remember where you’ve been and compare your stats with friends.

You can also compare your everyday activity level with your weekly or monthly averages and see how your routes and intensity have changed over time.

One can get this app easily by paying just $0.99 in android and iOS stores. You can check out other best ski apps here. 

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5. Avalanche Forecasts 

As many powderhounds know, the Avalanche Forecasts app offers incredible insight into snow stability across the Pacific Northwest.

For skiers and snowboarders alike, this app provides vital information to safely navigate the white stuff — instantly showing snow stability for 24 hours at a glance.

15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

Whether a professional or an amateur, the app has saved lives and made days on the slopes safer than ever. Avalanche alerts and information is constantly updated and available on your mobile.

You can tap on a region and get all the details: snow conditions, avalanche probability, and expert advice from Avalanche Canada and other organizations.

Downloading data on Wi-Fi before you head out on the trail is a good backup plan, but you won’t need it — the app caches weather data so that you can always check conditions on the go, even when you’re offline.  

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6. Bergfex /Ski – Ski resort Skiing Weather Snow Powder

Bergfex is one of the best Ski apps for traveling skiers seeking adventure in Europe. With detailed listings of resorts, maps of slope locations, and picturesque imagery of the resort, Bergfex offers a wealth of information to skiers on their next big trip.

15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

Users can even buy tickets to the nearest slopes from within the app, reducing hassle when they’re eager to hit the snow. Bergfex is the must-have app for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

Get detailed information on the most exciting spots, including topographical maps and weather predictions, accommodation bookings, and recent snow conditions. Bergfex provides you with plenty of options to see how your trip is going to pan out.

In addition to the 5,000 webcams and 1500 ski-resort cameras, you can check the weather and snow report for each resort, find out what kind of accommodation and equipment rental each mountain has, and browse through other useful information like live streams and photos. 

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SNOCRU is the best snowsports app in the world. It’s the only app for skiers, snowboarders, and snow sport aficionados.

Using performance tracking to keep track of statistics, ability levels, and progress over time, SNOCRU allows users to create a social network of friends and family — sharing moments and locations with only the people they choose. It’s built for skiers, by skiers.

Ski Tracks has all the standard features you’d expect from an app of its kind, including top speed, distance covered, altitude, and more.

Heat-mapping technology allows you to see where you went the fastest and where you slowed down.

Real-time GPS tracking updates allow your friends to know your current location on the mountain. You can download SNOCRU for free on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, but you will have to pay for some of its features.

For $0.99, you can buy a special feature that lets you post snaps on your story, while $27.99 will give you access to filters and stickers. 

Download App Here

8. Skiresort.info ski app – all ski resorts worldwide

Ski resorts are all over the world, many of them in obscure locations that are hard to find. Skiresort has all the information you need on over 5,700 ski resorts from 41 countries, with maps and photos to help you find even the most remote locations.

15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

An app is a must in the backcountry, whether a ski professional or a beginner. Skiresort is the largest, most comprehensive ski resort app on the market.

It can provide information about ski lessons and rentals in more than 20 European destinations. The app even lets you book skiing classes or equipment in advance, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your winter vacation. 

On top of that, it offers over 3,300 different piste maps that display the layout of each slope and current lifts and slopes — they also show weather conditions and snowfall, enabling skiers to make sure they keep themselves and their families safe—bringing it all together. 

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9. Slopes – Best ski apps for apple watch

The Slopes app gives you the stats you need while skiing or snowboarding without checking your phone. With its simple design and efficient dashboards, the app works on any Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad.

The app also integrates with Siri, so you can start recording with a simple voice command on the lift or in the middle of a slope.  

Slopes Google Play Promo Video

However, the Apple Watch integration might be the best one yet. With almost a quarter of its user base using the app solely on its Apple Watch, Slopes has already proven that it’s ready for the future.

And with options to monitor heart rate, calories burned, and more, it’s one of the most encompassing apps on the market today. This app can be found in the App store freely.

You have the option of upgrading to other versions, including a version with in-app purchases starting at $1.99 and another at $29.99.  

Slopes have over 50,000 active users who love its ability to easily track and map ski runs and verticals.

With automatic tracking of lifts, maps that automatically replay your tracks, and detailed stats about speed, distance, and vertical, there’s no better app for your winter adventures. If it’s going to snow tomorrow, you’ll see it on Slopes. If it’s not, you’ll still see it on Slopes.  

Slopes are also integrated with AccuWeather, giving you seven-day forecasts that factor temperature and precipitation into the forecasted data.

The Slopes application, available on iOS and Android devices, helps track your daily jogging or hiking routes.

The app’s GPS collects real-time figures for distance traveled, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned. It also features a buddy system so you can form groups to compete against one another. 

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10. SkiLynx 

With SkiLynx, you can make your next trip to the slopes a social and convenient event.

Using the app’s location-based messaging and tracking features, even newbie skiers can easily find their way around the mountain without getting lost in the crowd.

15 Best Ski Apps For Skiing and Snowboarding

Or, keep track of your friends and family when on the slopes. SkiLynx lets you make a virtual meeting place for your friends and family, no matter where they are.

Even if you aren’t together in the same place, a location-aware chat group helps keep everybody up-to-date on one another’s whereabouts.

You can even set a series of hashtags to use as location-specific reminders! SkiLynx keeps its users informed on a real-time basis by providing information and updates ranging from weather, chairlift, trail counts, and other relevant information that users need for an enthralling experience.

Social integration lets you post updates on Facebook and Twitter, and a MySki Day email summary keeps you posted on your group’s ski history and runs. The SkiLynx app is available on both Apple and Android for $2.99 per download. 

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11. Snow2day 

Snow2day is an app that cares about your winter experience. It tells you about the newly discovered powder at your favorite ski resorts, lets you locate other skiing spots, and notifies you of any relevant news.

The app goes mobile-first, keeping you updated on the go with relevant information for a better time on the mountain. Snow2day has several features that make it a productive tool for winter sports enthusiasts.

Top snow reports app for Android and IOS !

First, it provides social reports by the community. These allow users to see the snow conditions in the regions they care about most.

Additionally, Snow2day provides information regarding the quality of snow a user can experience in their skiing adventure. Get a quick snapshot of ski resort information with StreetView, or enjoy a virtual tour from the comfort of your home.

Find out how to get to us from your place on our app, Snow2day, which includes a weather forecast for the day and guides to get around the resort. 

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12. FATMAP: Hike, Bike, Ski Trails – 3D Outdoor Maps

FATMAP has just made it easier to take on the uncharted territory: the app allows you to plan routes and navigate through 3D maps of mountains, forests, and trails — whether you want to go hiking or biking, or skiing.

This app has map download functionality. Therefore, one can move freely without worrying about getting lost, even without internet connectivity.

 It’s also easy to use: select your preferred route and go! FATMAP is an advanced tool for mountain bikers, hikers, and skiers looking to access topographic maps and custom terrain tools.

With it, you can get an overview of the area you’re riding or trekking through before heading out. Even better? You can scroll ahead to see what’s coming up along your route, so you know just how far you have to get where you’re going.

FATMAP can thus be your next adventure partnerWhether you’re looking for an easy hike or a mostly flat hiking trail, you’ll find it on FATMAP’s custom-built platform.

With detailed maps built upon real-time information, multiple online resources, and hundreds of routes worldwide, you must choose your destination and get started. FATMAP is easy to download in Android and iOS stores without annoying in-app purchases. 

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13. Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding

Jollyturns is the most comprehensive and the best ski apps for tracking your ski resorts. With its ability to find your friends on the resort map and greet them, you can enjoy your morning runs in perfect peace of mind.

Best Ski Apps 8

With more than 2700 ski resorts across the US and Europe, Jollyturns has everything you need for a great trip — including maps, lodging information, weather data, and snow data.  

Jollyturns is the most advanced ski tracker on the market. It uses the latest GPS technology to create a map of your skiing routes with detailed statistics, top speeds, fastest times, most visited places, and many more features that will help you improve over time.

You’ll know where you started and finished for the first time on the slopes. 

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14. PeakFinder 

PeakFinder does more than just show you the mountains around you. It is one of the best ski apps that gives you an interactive way to see your surroundings, whether finding out about the tallest peaks in the area or finding spots for skiing.

PeakFinder App v3.6 (en)

With an elevation model of the entire globe at their fingertips, users can scope out their surroundings and visualize what they see through the camera on their phones.

PeakFinder lets you tag your favorite photos with a location in a fun way. By giving each place a name, you don’t have to tag the photo with the longitude and latitude coordinates; apart from that, it will be written automatically in your caption when you send it. 

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15. Trace Snow

Trace Snow is a ski app that lets you track your stats as you rip down the mountain. Real-time tracking of your speed, airtime, and vertical distance helps optimize your skiing time on the slopes.

Already one of the most popular ski apps on the market, Tracé Snow is recognized as one of the best sports apps by Men’s Health magazine.

Trace Snow is your skiing and snowboarding coach: it records all of your runs on the mountain and lets you compare them to other skiers worldwide.

It gives you recommendations for exercises and tips for better runs and can notify you about upcoming events you might want to attend. The Trace Snow app gives you essential information about your snowboarding or skiing performance.

The app allows you to create training programs based on the stats from your runs and view your performance over time. However, using the app continuously will drain the battery of the phones. The Trace Snow app is limited in areas where there is no service.

One can get the app in the G Play Store and iOs store. There is a £4.99 monthly fee or a £39.99 one-time payment to access the premium features. 

Download App Here


Is Ski Tracks app free? 

Slopes track your runs, vertical feet, speed, lifts, and all the other usual stats in the free edition.

In addition, you can access the 3D trail maps, run replay, connectivity with health indicators like heart rate and calorie output, and performance analysis if you buy an annual subscription or a day pass.

Cost-wise, free basic tracking is available, and premium versions start at $3.99 for passes or $24.99 for annual plans. 

Is slopes a good app? 

Fantastic app for skiers and snowboarders who want to keep track of their skiing or snowboarding day. The app’s information is still cool and useful, even without a subscription.

For example, on a 2D map, you may display your top speed, longest run duration, a timeline of all lift rides and runs, etc. 

With precise lift and run times for every run, instantaneous speeds on any run, a 3D google-earth-like view of your day on the slopes, a graph showing your heart rate and speed along the timeline, and many other features that would take too long to list here, the premium pass somehow improves it tenfold. 

Is there a ski app? 

Yes, some great ski apps are available on both the Apps Store and Google Play Store, and they are more than just suitable for both skiers and snowboarders.

For example, you can try out apps like OpenSnow, SNOCRU, OnTheShow Ski & Snow Report, FIS, Snow2day, etc.  

Does the trace snow app still work? 

You may still get your recordings out and save all your memories even though Trace Snow is no longer updated.

Recordings from other ski and snowboard apps, including Trace Snow, can be imported into Slopes. 

You won’t need to worry because the days you import from Trace Snow will have all of Slopes’ excellent characteristics.

So, you won’t miss out on anything, including the extensive timeline view, the in-depth stat breakdowns, or competing with your friends on the seasonal leaderboards. 

Does Slope cost money? 

Yes, Slope does offer a variety of paid options. Basic Plan: $15 monthly per user ($18 if paid annually).

When invoiced annually, the Premium Plan costs $30 ($25 per user per month). Enterprise Plan = Special price, quote requests.  

How accurate are ski tracks? 

It will be reasonably accurate if you have good coverage. It will get less accurate if coverage is lost or drops below a certain level.

Since it isn’t radar, using it as a precise speedometer is probably not the best use for it. But a nice way to use it is to compare relative speed to earlier runs. 

Does Apple Watch have a ski mode? 

If you have Watch OS 6.2 or higher installed, the Ski Tracks Watch App is compatible with series 1, 2, and 3.

However, it would help if you made sure that All Categories are enabled in the Health App or when you launch Ski Tracks before the Ski Tracks Watch App can store your skiing activity data. 


There are many skiing apps in the market, meaning that brands and developers need to step up their game to stand out.

Apps and brands must provide users with unique experiences to be categorized as the best Ski apps. There are several alternatives to this best ski apps list.

As with any technology, new downloads are constantly being created, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for great new releases. The problem with some products is that they are unregulated but are still widely used massively.