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11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

It is 2022, and literally, everything is virtually available, only a finger tap away! The ever-increasing need for picture-perfect makeup and flawless skin has slowly but steadily spurred the emergence of different types of skin care apps.

These amazingly smart apps have surely transformed your smartphone into a beauty expert you can turn to anytime and anywhere. It becomes a lot easier as well as quicker but takes care of your skin without much effort, and only in a matter of few taps with these apps.  

Whether you want to slightly amp up your skincare routine, look your ultimate best all the time, or simply want to give that “oomph” factor to your beauty regime, here are some of the best skin care applications of 2022 for Android and iOS, and get you covered for everything you need to take complete care of your skin.  

Best Skin Care Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Skincare Routine 

Creating your personalized skincare routine becomes a lot easier with this wonderful skincare application.

With the app, you can effortlessly create a routine to suit you the most, check out the best possible ways of using different beauty and makeup products, and do a lot more. All you have to do is to add your favorite products to the routine.  

And, the app will automatically place them for both morning and evening routines as recommended. In the app, you can even add custom skin care products from different brands, and get the best suggestions on how and when to use them.

Best Skin Care Apps

The products are perfectly listed in the app to help you use them in the right order following the best advice on how and when to use them.  

If you have been finding it difficult to keep track of the usage of products, you can effortlessly do that with the app. This way, you can easily prevent any conflict by knowing you have already used them.

Additionally, the app also keeps you aware of all your skin’s progress, noticeable changes, and other important aspects. What else? You can even add photos of your changing skin to the diary tracker. 

Features of Skincare Routine:-

  • Enables you to create a healthy skincare routine 
  • Easy to add custom beauty products 
  • Avoid conflicts by keeping a track of usage 
  • Diary tracker to effectively track your skin’s progress 
  • Powerful reminders and timers  

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5/5

2. Skin Bliss: Cosmetics & Beauty

Skin Bliss is right up there with some of the top skin care apps available! If you have tried different types of skin care products and cosmetics without much effect, you can rely on this app for sure.

It is a game-changing beauty application, that uses artificial intelligence to learn about all the requirements and limitations of your skin, and supports you with the most suitable skin care products. The app can be the perfect way for you to determine which skincare and cosmetic products you should use for your skin. 

Best Skin Care Apps 1

 For the very first time, it is more than just possible to discover beauty products and cosmetics based on the nature of your skin. Whether you have been annoyed with oily skin, dryness, or wrinkles, or it is something different like eczema or rosacea which is haunting you for a long time, you can find the ultimate solution for each of them.  

The innovative system of the app smartly identifies key ingredients and matches them according to the nature and condition of your skin. Then, the app suggests the best possible skin care products, exclusively for you!

And the best part is, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding the best products for your skin. Simply download the app, and keep your personal skin care expert in your pocket!  

Features of Skin Bliss:-

  • Get access to all your favorite skincare brands 
  • Check out the ingredients of products simply by scanning them 
  • Learn in detail about skincare ingredients, routines, and more 
  • Professional skin care tips hey exclusively for you 
  • Additional tips for pregnant and breastfeeding moms  

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 

3. FeelinMySkin 

FeelinMySkin is one of the most loved skin care apps offering a wide range of features in a very simple and sophisticated user interface. It is a very special skincare app your skin deserves.

From creating healthy skin care routines to staying consistent, checking out ingredients and expirations, tracking product usage and skin changes, accessing ingredients purposes, and professional skin care tips, you have everything you require to take care of your skin properly.  

With the app, you can now effortlessly plan your morning and evening routine. Journal your skin changes, and stay on top of your beauty regime without any problem whatsoever.

11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

For effective tracking, the app also allows you to upload photos of your skin changes over time. What else? The app also informs you about different relations between your skin and other daily life factors.  

If you want to avoid misuse of a product, you can rely on the app to get an accurate calculation and product usage repetitions for each day. You can even track opened, finished, as well as expiration dates for each product.

What else? There are so many professional skincare tips provided by the expert, and you can check them out whenever you want!

If you have the tendency to get confused about different products, you can organize them according to different categories to organize them according to various purposes and even timing.   

Features of FeelinMySkin:-

  • Easy to plan your morning and evening routine 
  • Start journaling your skin changes 
  • Track product repetitions to avoid misuse  
  • Organize your skin care products according to different categories 
  • Discover exclusive skin care tips 

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 

4. Think Dirty – Shop Clean

Ingredients of your skin care products play a very important role in maintaining your skin health. If you are not good enough at using products with safe ingredients, you may have to deal with different types of adverse effects.

And, if you are looking for an app specifically to track the ingredients used in your skincare and makeup products, you can check the “Think Dirty” app out! The app makes it surprisingly easy for you to track potentially problematic or dirty ingredients simply by scanning the barcode.  

Best Skin Care Apps 3

It carefully checks out and verifies the ingredient labels, and helps you with a rating from 0 to 10 using a powerful “Dirty Meter”. The app can be the easiest and most reliable way to learn about the potentially harmful ingredients in your personal care and beauty products.  

The best part about the app is, that it is an independent source, and there is no chance of conflict with any skincare brand. The database of the app includes more than 350,000 personal care and cosmetic products majority from The United States and Canada.

So, if you are not sure about the safety of ingredients used in a particular product, you can check it out with Think Dirty!  

Features of Think Dirty:-

  • A comprehensive rating system with Dirty Meter  
  • Barcode scanning for more than 350,000 products 
  • Innovative shopping list to make your shopping easier and faster 
  • Allows you to search products by ingredients 
  • Easy to visualize your skincare progress 

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3/5

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5. The Derma Co 

The Derma Co. is one of the most methodical skin care apps backed by science. The app offers a complete range of skincare products formulated with completely safe, highly effective, and potent active ingredients.

With these products, you can finally fight against different types of skin conditions like acne, acne marks and scars, open pores, pigmentation, as well as dull skin. With these expertly prepared products, you can now live a filter-free life!  

11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

The app ensures complete transparency along with authenticity by accurately mentioning the exact percentage of active ingredients in all products. You can effortlessly shop for products like moisturizers, serums, cleansers, masks, toners, sunscreens, and a lot more.

Having these products in your beauty and skincare kit, you can finally give your skin the care and love it deserves.  

The Derma Co. application also gives you a pleasing and hassle-free shopping experience. You can explore a wide range of affordable deals on more than 50 skincare products.

Ordering on the app is as simple as it gets, and you can even track your orders effortlessly, return the orders you don’t want, and even track your refund.  

Features of The Derma Co:-

  • User-friendly interface offering more than 50 products 
  • Products are designed only by dermatologists 
  • Prepared without using harmful chemicals 
  • Transparency in disclosure of the active percentage 
  • Exclusive offers on various skin care products 

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 

6. The Moms Co. – Skin Care Shop 

Are you in search of natural, dermatologically tested, effective, and toxin-free products to take care of your and your baby’s skin? You can surely have a look at The Moms Co!

It is one of the most unique skin care apps offering a complete range of products for both moms and babies. Products like skin care, face care, baby care, hair care, and home care are easily available on the app at highly competitive prices.

The app has already been loved by millions of mothers across the world, and it’s time for you to have a try!  

11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

Products offered by the app are only prepared with natural and toxin-free ingredients and meet the highest standard of recommended safety levels globally. All the products are dermatologically tested and are completely safe for both mothers and babies.

In addition to a wide range of skincare products, the app is also known for offering hassle-free shopping with exclusive discounts. You can check out your favorite products whenever and wherever you want, and order them at the best prices.  

Features of The Moms Co:-

  • Bestseller skin care products in one place 
  • Effective, natural, dermatologically tested ranges  
  • Exclusive rewards and gifts on every order 
  • The hassle-free online shopping experience 
  • Convenient tracking of orders  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

7. forYou: Face Massage, Skin Care

If you are trying to build a healthy skincare routine for dreaming of healthy-, young- and good-looking skin, or cannot afford frequent visits to cosmetologists, or you even don’t have enough time to spend on your skin, forYou is the app you should definitely have a look at!

The app ensures you follow a regular and effective skincare routine to ensure your skin is at its best all the time.  

11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

With the app, you can finally master the complete range of facial massage exercises and you stimulate even the deepest layers of your skin. Just like facial yoga, face building can be highly effective at improving the overall texture of your skin!

And, the app makes everything super easy for you and requires you to spend only up to 20 minutes per day for three weeks, and you will notice the difference!  

The app can help you to save a lot of money on plastic surgeries, expensive cosmetic procedures, and even electric massagers.

You even don’t have to think about those painful facial injections anymore! Simply follow the facial exercise routine suggested by the app, and completely transform your facial skin. 

Features of forYou:-

  • Facial massage powered by augmented reality 
  • Easy, convenient, and effective exercises 
  • Powerful water tracker for skin radiance 
  • Personal, customizable massage schedule 
  • Useful skin care content by dermatologists

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

8. Charm: Skincare Routine 360° 

If you have been finding it difficult to follow a healthy skincare routine, here is one of the most effective skin care apps for you!

With the app, you can’t only track your skincare routine with the power of artificial intelligence, but can also check out the complete range of skincare articles, DIY home treatments, and more! The app can be immensely helpful for you to create a healthy skincare regime.  

Best Skin Care Apps 7

Simply by downloading the app, you can be a part of the largest skincare and beauty community of females worldwide. You can now get the best routines and personalized care, and stay on top of your skin health without putting in a lot of effort!

As many as more than two million women are using the app for their daily skincare regime. You can get a complete range of products along with an accurate routine according to the type of your skin as well as concerns. 

There are more than 100 step-by-step guides used and proven by well-known celebrities and are exclusively created by beauty professionals.

Additionally, it has 50 plus beauty tips not only for your face but for your body, hair, lips, nails, as well as feet. Additionally, the app features 20 exclusive reminders to ensure you are always on top of your skincare routine.   

Features of Charm:-

  • Makes it easy to create, analyze, and track your skincare 
  • Complete range of safe skin care products 
  • Effectively logs and measures your progress 
  • Easy to follow DIY treatments  
  • Skin diary to understand your skin  

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5 

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9. CureSkin: Skin & Hair Care App

CureSkin is also one of the most trusted skin care apps you can try to improve your skincare regime, and ultimately your overall skin.

If you are worried about common skin problems like dark spots, dull skin, pimples, excessive facial growth, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, rashes, blemishes, dark circles, etc., you can get some much-needed help from the app.

You don’t need to experiment any more with your skin as the app supports you with a scientific, trusted approach backed and recommended by as many as 5 million users! 

Getting rid of your skin problems with the app is as simple as it gets. You simply have to download the app, select the problem from a long list, and give a bit of detailed insight.

And, the app will help you with the best suggestions. Based on your report, you can also get a personalized treatment kit prepared by one of the expert dermatologists. And lastly, you can easily order your personalized kit to get it delivered right to your doorsteps! 

One picture is all it takes for Clear, Glowing skin | CureSkin Reviews #MyCureSkinStory

Features of CureSkin:-

  • Effective help from certified dermatologists 
  • Intelligent skin analysis with a detailed report 
  • Monthly follow-up reports of your skin progress 
  • Step-by-step guide by professionals 
  • Personalized skin care kit delivered to your doorsteps

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 3.9 / 5  

10. Luvly: Face Yoga Program

Facial exercises are also very effective at taking care of your skin in addition to a wide range of skincare products. And, Luvly is your one-stop destination to find science-based, proven, and effective exercises to deal with different types of skin problems.

All you have to do is to spend only 15 minutes a day to finally get rid of the problems you have been dealing with for a long time.  

The app is more than just suitable for people of all ages with all types of skins, and can make you look more confident, younger, relaxed, and happy!

11 Best Skin Care Apps To Take Care of Your Skin

With experts’ insights at every step of your beauty regime, you can finally achieve all your skin care goals quickly as well as safely. You can get personalized facial exercise programs tailored to your skin type and problem areas.  

There are so many video courses for relaxing, lifting, de-puffing, as well as anti-aging on the app. As far as the effectiveness of these exercises is concerned, they are prepared only by certified dermatologists.

Additionally, you can also explore a massive collection of meal plans developed by nutritionists. In short, Luvly offers everything you need to transform your skin once again!   

Features of Luvly:-

  • Personalized face exercise programs 
  • Informative video courses for various skin conditions 
  • Meal plans developed by nutritionists 
  • Effective facial massage techniques  
  • Easy to track your skincare progress 

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 

11. TroveSkin: Skincare Coach

I’ll close out my review with the last app on my list – TroveSkin. If you have tried different methods to get healthier and clearer skin without much success, it’s high time you should give this app a try!

Don’t know if a particular skin product is suitable for your skin? Wondering how various factors like sleep, diet, stress, etc. are triggering your skin problems? TroveSkin will answer all your questions with some logic. That’s not all! The app also supports your skincare regime with personalized recommendations. 

With the app, you can finally get access to some of the best product suggestions based on your skin type and condition. You also get access to a wide range of skincare recommendations depending on your dietary preferences, routine, and skin conditions.

Additionally, the app also makes it easy for you to track the usage of beauty and skin care products. What else? You can even check out the product expiry dates and receive timely skin care reminders by the app!

There are various powerful tools along with a progress tracker to track all your progress and compare the changes. 

TroveSkin All-In-One Skincare Tracker Intro

Features of TroveSkin:-

  • Suitable skin care product recommendations 
  • Easy to track product expiry dates 
  • Receive timely reminders to stay on top of your beauty regime 
  • Selfie comparisons to effectively track your progress 
  • Different methods to identify your skin triggers 

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.9 / 5 

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✅FAQ For Best Skin Care Apps

Which app is best for clear skin?

Skincare Routine is the best app for clear skin. Skin bliss is another decent app to get fair, clearer skin.

Which app is best for face beauty?

Skin bliss is right up there with one of the best apps for beauty and cosmetics.

How do I keep track of skincare?

There are several apps like The Derma Co, The Moms Co, and forYou to help you keep track of your skin care.

What is the best acne app?

The Derma Co is the best application particularly for dealing with acne and acne marks.

Is there an app for skin care routine?

Yes, forYou can be a reliable application to follow a healthy skin care routine.

Is there a skincare app?

Not one, there are so many of them! And, Skincare Routine, Skin Bliss, The Derma Co, and The Moms Co are some of the most prominent ones.

Which skin care brand is the best?

The answer depends on your skin type, preferences, and budget. Skin bliss and Think Dirty are among the top skin care brands for all types of skin and skin problems.

Is the cure skin app safe?

As there aren’t many reviews available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, it's hard to say if it's safe. You can go with some other alternatives like FeelinMySkin, Think Dirty, The Derma Co, etc.

What are the 5 basic skin types?

Normal, dry, oily, combination of oily and dry, and sensitive are the five most commonly known skin types.

Should your skincare products be the same brand?

Yes, for better results and safety of your skin, you should use products from the same brand, especially if you have sensitive skin.


That’s all about the best skin care apps. You can try any of these wonderful apps to elevate your overall skincare regime.

From managing different types of common skin conditions to getting some much-needed expert tips, to even checking out the ingredients of skincare products before using them, you can find everything on these apps.

Hopefully, I have helped you with more than just enough options as far as skincare applications are concerned.