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7 of The Best Snowboard Goggles – Reviewed

This is a complete Buyer’s Guide to Best Snowboard Goggles in 2022. 🤴

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In picking these Snowboard Goggles, we have considered many factors like the shape of the goggles, quality of the goggles, Field of view, Ventilation and fogging Foam padding and comfort, fit and sizing, and Helmet compatibility.

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Perhaps you are keen on upgrading your snowboard gear. You want to be well-prepared before the cold season starts and look forward to skiing. Whatever may be the reason, you have made the right choice.

It is always essential that you have your ski gear and accessories that are in good working condition. Whether you are an amateur skier or a snowboarder, or a professional, there is no reason why you should not have the best available products in the market.

Thanks to the competition with numerous makers, the best snowboard goggles come in many shapes and sizes. More importantly, they come in several budget frames too. Some brands, like Smith, Anon, and Dragon, keep upgrading their products. 

You can find some of the best goggles available for skiing or snowboarding at less than $100. Those who feel you can ski or snowboard without goggles may not want to do it because it is dangerous. 

Unlike what most masses think, goggles are not for making fashion statements. They help you see the ski slope better and make proper judgments. Not to mention, glasses protect your eyes and reduce the impact of damage on your face due to collisions. 

In this guide, we have listed some of the most popular goggles in the market. We have ranked them based on their features and pricing.

We also highlight the importance of not purchasing glasses merely based on the color or price because they must be comfortable to wear, come within your budget, and offer you a pristine view of the mountains. 

Best Snowboard Goggles – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Smith I/O Mag Best snowboard goggles 2022

We have ranked the Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop first, and we feel it is the best overall ski goggle. The goggles are from the stable of Smith, a producer of classic snow goggles, and have been in the business for quite a while. 

Best Snowboard Goggles
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They know what they are doing, and most skiers and snowboarders prefer their goggles. That only means they are right. This pair of goggles comes with excellent optics, has two lenses, offers a comfortable fitting, and has the best ventilators.

However, the interchange system is slightly slower than others, especially the Anon M4 we reviewed below. Nothing beats the ChromaPop lenses. The ChromaPop provides you with excellent color quality.

You are offered excellent clarity of the view in front and side. This helps you make the right judgment calls when traveling at high speeds.

Even in low-lighting conditions, the lenses are good for skiing or snowboarding. 


  • The ChromaPop is one of the best lenses available in the market. 
  • The lenses are lightweight and do not cause any worry. 
  • It works even in less light enabling you to continue your snowboarding. 
  • The pair of goggles comes in 3 sizes, which you can choose from depending on your facial features. 
  • A reputed brand produces goggles. 


  • The goggles are good enough, but their interchange is slightly slower. 

The Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop is one of the best snowboard goggles on the market. It has excellent features that work in low light; it is comfortable to wear for long hours and reasonably priced. 

First Look at the Smith I/O Mag 4D Snow Goggle

2. Giro Blok Large Fitting Snow Ski Goggle New

The Giro Blok Goggle is one of the cheapest-priced snowboard goggles. Is it perfect, then? Let us find out. The first thing most users note is pricing.

As you know, skiing is never cheap. Almost everything is expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. 

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However, with brands like Giro in the market, some items can reduce damage to your bank account. The goggles come with a medium and large frame. The visibility is also quite useful for viewing long distances. 

Apart from that, it also reduces the tunnel effect that you can feel on cheaper models. You will love the quality of the foam used here. The goggles come with a robust look, and the appearance consisting of a full-frame comes with a cylindrical lens.

It has a few issues. You have only one set of lenses to work with. When the weather changes from bad to worse, your options are limited. If you are alright with that, then the Blok is meant for you. 


  • The Blok goggles are of great value and come with decent features. 
  • It offers you enhanced visibility all around. 
  • The goggles come with a medium and large frame. 
  • The design is sturdy and robust. 
  • It is durable. 
  • The Blok is lightweight too. 


  • The main drawback is an excellent product is you get in one set of lenses. 

The Giro Blok Goggle comes priced cheap, has excellent optics, and works well with a wide range of helmets. If you are alright about the fact that it comes in one set of lenses, then these low-priced goggles are waiting for you. 

3. Anon M4 Toric Best snowboard goggles for beginners

The Anon M4 Toric MFI is one of the best interchangeable lenses. That is the reason it found a place on the list.

You will be delighted with the flexibility that the goggles offer you. Though Smith is way ahead in producing the interchangeable lens, Anon is not far behind it. 

7 of The Best Snowboard Goggles - Reviewed
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The goggles come with an easy twist to the lens, enabling you to pull them away easily. With this model, the frame is also robust, ensuring that it is durable and does not get damaged easily in collision. 

You can interchange between the toric and cylindrical lenses. The MFI in these goggles is outstanding. It creates a system where the snow and the harsh wind do not hit your face with force. 

You can concentrate on your skiing or snowboarding. Of course, you will want to make sure that you do not use it for climbing because when you are breathing deeply, it may get sucked inside your open mouth. 

Otherwise, this is a force to reckon with as it comes with a triple-layer foam and many lens options, all at less than $300. 


  • This is one of the quickest changes in the lens in the market. 
  • It also gives you a good depth vision for better skiing and snowboarding. 
  • The frame comes built very sturdy and robust. 
  • The goggles are durable and do not get damaged in a collision. 


  • However, this is priced slightly on the higher side at less than $300. 

The Anon M4 Toric MFI is your ideal pair of goggles when you want a stylish, quick, interchangeable lens for your physical activity. The goggles enhance your activities in the snow, making them memorable. 

Anon M4 Goggle Long-term REVIEW! | SportRx

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4. Oakley Flight Deck Best ski and snowboard goggles

The Oakley Flight Deck Prizm is a large ski goggle that provides your eyes and face with ample protection. When you are new to skiing or snowboarding, you may want to consider the goggles. 

The Prizm stands out in terms of optical visibility and quality of depth for the snowboarder. Please note that this is a rimless pair of goggles. Its vision is the best, beating even the likes of Smith. 

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The lens is priced at less than $100, and it must be comforting to note that it comes with only one lens. Oakley is one of the best brand names for goggles and snowboard gear. The height and weight are 15 centimeters and 30 centimeters in width.

It is ideal for wearing even in a harsh climate because the goggles can protect your entire face. The pair of glasses comes with three layered foam material that provides ample comfort and polar fleece lining for durability. 


  • The goggles are imported and come made from a plastic lens. 
  • The fitting is good at 15 centimeters high, providing an adequate view. 
  • The goggles are 30 centimeters wide, which is wide enough to protect your eyes and face. 
  • The frame design comes without the rim for improved visibility. 
  • The rimless frame also helps in providing you with compatibility with the helmet.  
  • Even in harsh climatic conditions, your face is covered, leaving you comfortable and warm. 
  • The goggles offer you comfort due to the face foam in 3 layers. 
  • It also comes with a polar fleece lining that helps in its durability. 
  • It comes in more than 12 colors for you to choose from. 


  • It comes with only one lens, which might cause issues with changing it. 

The Oakley Flight Deck Prizm is one of the cheapest pairs of goggles on the market. The glasses come with a wide range of features that you will find useful. The only drawback is that it comes with one lens. 

OAKLEY Flightdeck Goggles on the slopes

5. SPY Optic Ace Snow Goggles 

The Spy Ace Goggle can be considered better than the others on the list, even though it is ranked in the 5th spot. The pair of goggles comes in the retro style many users find inspiring for skiing and snowboarding. 

Best Snowboard Goggles
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These goggles’ main highlight is that they are priced quite cheaper than other popular brands like Smith and Anon. You get the same features, like two lenses, a three-layer foam design, and a medium fit. 

The shape and design are robust and sturdy, giving you ample flexibility on your helmet and the clothing you plan to wear for skiing and snowboarding. However, you will find that your fingerprints are all over the lens when you interchange them. 

It comes with HD+ technology that offers you excellent visibility when skiing. You are provided with color and contrast to your surroundings. You also notice improvements in your concentration, which is a distortion-free optic.

The goggles are anti-scratch and also work well during poor visibility. The shape of the lens is ideal for UV protection. The airflow is increased thanks to proper ventilation, and the three-layer foam comes with fleece that is resistant to sweat. 


  • The retro style seems to be in the trend as people of all ages prefer wearing it for skiing and snowboarding. 
  • The goggles come in 10 colors of your choice. 
  • It comes with excellent value for your skiing and physical activity purposes. 
  • The lens technology offers excellent visibility for you to see with color and contrast. 
  • The design of the goggles is robust and well-built. 


  • The goggles come with excellent optics, but you cannot call them a standout.  

The Spy Ace Goggle is a well-priced pair of goggles with decent features. You will admire the retro styling and robust build of the glasses.

Not to mention, they also come in more than ten colors of your choosing. 

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6. POC Retina Clarity

The POC Retina Clarity comes spherical and is available in medium and large sizes. You can choose it according to the size of your face. This is a unisex goggles. Both men and women can wear it without any discomfort. 

7 of The Best Snowboard Goggles - Reviewed
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It has a classic and framed appearance for comfort and a sleek look. The lenses come with a sharp retina that offers a clear vision of the landscape ahead of you.

It enables you to make quick decisions, especially when unsure about the person behind you. 

Users have complimented the sturdy build of the goggles when they wear it. This is a perfect thing for a pair of goggles that are priced under $150. The foam is a three-layered one for additional comfort. 

You will also notice that the strapping comes with a silicone grip. This gives the goggles additional support and durability. However, ventilation is the only drawback of an otherwise excellent product.

You may want to wear it for several hours at a stretch or feel stuffy. You might want to think about this in an otherwise excellent product. It is anti-scratch and anti-fog-resistant goggles. 

It means your fingerprints will not be all over it when you interchange the lens. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the POC Retina Clarity that earned it a spot in our list of the Best Snowboard Goggles.


  • The goggles come with a clarity comp lens that offers you excellent vision for an enhanced view of the ski slope or mountains you are snowboarding. 
  • This is an anti-scratch pair of goggles for better reliability. 
  • You will also love its fog-resistant feature of it.  
  • The face foam comes in 3 layers for added protection and comfort. 
  • You will find a silicone grip at the inside strapping for sufficient comfort. 
  • The mirror coating ensures that this pair of goggles is durable. 


  • It comes with only one pair of lenses.
  • You may not be pleased with the ventilation on the goggles. 

The POC Retina Clarity is a good pair of goggles you can think of purchasing for under $150. It has useful features and provides an excellent view of the landscape around you for better judgment. 

7. Dragon Alliance X2 Ski Goggle

The Dragon X2 Goggle is one of the priciest goggles on our list. Though it comes with decent features, the pricing may not be justified. Nevertheless, we have left it up to you to decide. 

Best Snowboard Goggles
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The goggles are on par with the Smith, Anon, and Oakley. The features are noteworthy, and the glasses come with two lenses and a hard-sided case. You can easily interchange the lens by pushing the lever on the side of the frame. 

You can do so without removing your goggles when you want to put back your lens. Many users have been surprised at the lack of excellent visibility. That comes as a huge surprise for many consumers. 

Tunnel vision is known as quite obvious when you are wearing goggles. The nose cushioning and foam around the nose restrict your view too. Some have even claimed that the plastic frame feels and looks cheap. 

The design is reliable and robust. It can last you a good 5 years or regular use. Small collisions and accidents should be tolerable for the pair of goggles. 

You do not have to worry about your fingerprints all over the lens when interchanging them; that seems quick. The pair of goggles use frameless technology for a better view of the landscape you are surrounded by. 

The pair of goggles come 5 inches in height and 6 inches in width. That is adequate for you to wear during any climatic condition. Not to mention, it protects your face from snow, winds, and other elements of the climate. 

Though expensive, it comes in more than 20 colors for your delight. You can choose the one that blends your personality and ski or snowboarding clothing. It entirely depends on your choice. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Dragon Alliance X2 Ski Goggle that earned it a spot in our list of the Best Snowboard Goggles to get in 2022.


  • The interchange system is something that catches the eye of many users. 
  • The goggles come with a large fit and are ideal for long hours.
  • It comes in more than 20 colors for your choice. 
  • It is resistant to sweat and dust. 
  • It comes with armored venting. 
  • The goggles have a strap that is made from silicone.


  • The limited vision may not be inspiring for you to take a run during adverse weather conditions. 

The Dragon X2 Goggle is expensive, but it has many features you may not find in other branded goggles. You would want to think about this next time you decide to ski or snowboard. 

Dragon X1 vs. X2 Goggles | SportRx
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Best Snowboard Goggles: What To Consider

The shape of the goggles:-

The shape of the goggles is the first thing to know. Did you know that the shape of the lens comes in cylindrical, spherical, and toric? The cylindrical form is the most common shape of the goggles and is preferred among most snowboarders. 

The shape of the cylindrical goggles quickly takes the form of your face. They are vertically flat and do not disturb your view on the ski slope. It is cheaper to buy and more comfortable for manufacturers to produce them. 

The spherical shape of the goggles is also preferred among skiers and snowboarders. The lens curves in both directions for your comfort and well-being. It quickly takes the form of your eyeball to provide you with a superior view of the ski slope. 

It gives you a taller look due to its bubble-like shape. Thirdly, the toric shape is a mix of both cylindrical and spherical goggles. It is mainly aesthetic and comes round. It should outperform the previous two shapes thanks to minimizing distortion at the edges.

The quality of the goggles:-

The quality of the goggles is the second factor to be thought about. The makers Smith and Anon are ranked above most goggle manufacturers because of their build and design. Apart from that, the goggles also provide vibrant color and contrast. 

Even minor details that stand out when snowboarding play a significant role in ensuring that you can have a clear view of the slope. You are saving yourself from certain collisions. These lenses offer you adequate lighting that is worth having. 

Field of view:-

Using large-frame goggles gives you a clear view of the ski slope. It is no wonder you notice skiers or snowboarders wearing those vast goggles. Though they might look weird for us on a regular surface, for skiers, it makes a world of difference. 

They do not disturb your view. They enhance the peripheral vision that prevents you from having limited sight of things. You can make better decisions when you have a clear sight of the slope or the mountain. 

Ventilation and fogging:-

The type of goggles you are wearing does not matter. Hence, you will want to make use of double-lens goggles. They do not fog up quickly and also offer you adequate ventilation. The airflow takes place on the side as well as the bottom.

You need to ensure that you wear the right size of goggles. If you are a woman, your facial features will be smaller than a man’s. So, you will want to choose a pair of goggles ideal for women and wear them. 

Foam padding and comfort:-

Another factor to verify is the foam padding and comfort. The padding differs from the different kinds of brands that are available. Hence, you will want to choose a goggle priced at a minimum of around $200. 

That is because they come with adequate padding for protection and durability. The goggles are also comfortable to wear for long hours without any discomfort. Whether you snowboard once a year or frequently, the goggles must take the contour of your facial features. 

Fit and Sizing:-

Echoing the above lines, the fit and sizing of the goggles must also be seen. They come in sizes of small to large. Few of them are suitable for men, and some of them are ideal for women. Most goggles are unisex, meaning both women and men can wear them. 

It is always better for you to try them on before purchasing them. The goggle needs to fit you perfectly. When it is too small or too large, it can cause problems with the view. 

Helmet compatibility:-

Finally, the goggles must be compatible with the helmet that you are wearing for skiing and snowboarding. It is best to ensure that the ski helmet and goggles fit together. That way, you know you will not have problems when snowboarding. 

Some exceptions, like Giro, and some made by slightly larger Smith. However, most premium helmets are compatible with goggles of different makes and sizes. Of course, you will always want to wear a helmet and goggles when skiing or snowboarding. 

📗 FAQs on Best Snowboard Goggles

Below are a few queries on Best Snowboard Goggles that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

(Q) Do goggles go over a helmet?

The snowboard goggles make a great combination with the helmet. It complements your looks and gives you the ideal view of the ski or snowboard slopes. Usually, ski or snowboard goggles are worn with the help of a strap on the outside. 

You can also wear the goggles with the strap on the inside. This way, it remains intact throughout, and you do not have to worry about the goggles falling off and getting damaged in the process. 

(Q) Apart from goggles, what to wear like a pro snowboarder?

Having the right dressing gear and accessories is vital for ensuring that your snowboarding experience is one of a variety. You must wear the right type of jacket, hold your poles correctly, and have the correct fitting helmet and goggles. 

At the same time, you might want to avoid using the punter gap, gimmicky equipment that does not add value, facemasks, and novelty hats. This way, you are prepared for an exciting snowboarding experience. 

(Q) Can you wear clothing under your helmet?

Yes, you can wear a beanie under your helmet, though it may not make any difference for your goggles. However, when the clothing is too stuffy, you might feel uncomfortable and sweat, which can affect your view when wearing goggles. 

Whether it is a bright sunny day, full of snow, or bad weather, you may not want to go with clothing underneath the helmet.

It can affect your goggle-wearing experience. An excellent-fitting helmet and perfect goggles will be sufficient for your snowboarding. 

(Q) What color goggles are the best to wear?

The goggles are worn on both bad weather and sunny days. The usually brown colored and green colored lens can be worn. But it would be best to have better depth and contrast on the ski slope for the right judgment. 

So, brown and green goggles are ideal for a bright or bad weather day for snowboarding or skiing. Always see that the lens does not increase the glare on the glasses, as it will hamper your view. 

(Q) How to place your hair when using goggles?

Apart from wearing the right goggles, you must ensure you put your hair correctly when snowboarding. Some popular styles include ponytails, buns, and braids that work just fantastic when snowboarding on the slopes. 

You may want to leave your hair loose when skiing or snowboarding, as it will block your view. Apart from that, you do not wish to use a top knot inside your helmet, as it will most likely fall apart and fly all over your face, blocking your view. 

Summing up

As you can see, the best snowboard goggles come with several features you need to know about before deciding. The high pace sports like snowboarding and skiing require you to wear the right accessories. 

You also need to keep an eye on the cost of your equipment. If you don’t, then they can cost you a small fortune. Using excellent snowboard goggles ensures you can improve your performance, experience, and safety.

You need to make sure that the goggles fit you well, they are comfortable to wear for long runs, they offer you excellent visibility with good breathability, and they come with ample durability.

Since you now know what to do to choose the best snowboard goggles, purchasing them is the only thing left. Few good online retailers offer you reliable products and excellent deals on them. 

You may want to choose your goggles from them. 

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