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17 Best Snowmobile Goggles You Must Have – Reviewed

Whether you’re a seasoned snowmobiler or a beginner, the right goggles are essential for a successful ride. Find the best snowmobile goggles for all conditions and terrains.

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In picking these Snowmobile Goggles, we have considered many factors like Foam and Padding, Frames, lenses, Straps, Size and Fit, Comfort, and UV Protection.

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Snowmobiling is fun if you have your new winter clothes and the best snowmobile in the game, right? If you answered yes, then we have news for you. The news is that you are so wrong.

Granted, no snowmobiling would be done without a snowmobile; there is a small element that many people do not consider important or always seem to forget. We are talking about snowmobile goggles here.

Goggles are not made so that your photos on Instagram look great. They are far more important than that. They are essential to your gear, protecting you as you glide through the snow. 

While your snowmobile is built to work under harsh weather conditions, your body isn’t. You need all the protection you can get. For one thing, goggles help you see where you are going clearly.

They also help to protect your eyes from bright lights. That is not all; snowmobile goggles also protect you from brain freeze because of the extremely cold temperature on mountain tops.

Surely, by now, you have realized how important snowmobile goggles are. However, you cannot just buy any goggles you see online unless you want to make a terrible choice. That is why we are here.

It is funny how we often forget the most important gear to make the holiday safe and enjoyable when we think of vacating a winter paradise.

The snowmobile goggles are always at the bottom of the list. If you think your pair of glasses would do, think again. Ice in the eyes is not fun; it hurts and can cause serious problems to your sight.

Are you on the lookout for the best snowmobile goggles but can’t go through the hundreds at your local store, don’t worry; we have tested a variety of snow goggles and read too many reviews to count so that you can have the best protection for your eyes.

With so many technology-influenced designs on the market, you will have the best goggles that will enable you to create a new record or break a former one at your next vacation spot.

This guide will look at 17 of the best snowmobile goggles. You will see their features, pros, and cons. We will also discuss what you must look for in the best snowmobile goggles.

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Best Snowmobile Goggles – Our Top Pick👌

1. 509 Sinister X5 Goggle Best snowmobile goggles for night

The 509 X5 Sinister Goggle Black Ops Polarized snowmobile goggles are our number one goggles you can currently find.

Do you want to go skiing while keeping your style at a hundred? You should get the 509 X5 Sinister Goggle Black Ops Polarized lens. The lenses are super dark, protecting your eyes from UV rays.

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The goggles are comfortable to wear. They also provide good visibility no matter the weather when you are in the mood to ski.

The 509 X5 Sinister goggles’ unique selling point is their excellent field of view and the nose piece. The nosepiece allows you to breathe without any restrictions or barriers. Its lenses reduce the effect of bright light on your eyes too.

Still talking about the lenses, they are of the dual kind. This means the lenses are hard to scratch from the outside, and there is limited fogging on the inside.

The padding for this pair of goggles is triple-layered, so you are assured maximum comfort. The adjustable strap is made of silicone and long enough to meet your needs.


  • A unique nose guard allows you to ride in extremely cold temperatures without fear of damage.
  • Dual-pane anti-fog lenses for clear vision.
  • Wide straps help to create a firm hold on the helmet.
  • These goggles fit perfectly with 509 helmets.


  • The dark shade of the lenses makes it difficult to see in the dark.

2. 509 Sinister X6 Goggle

509 Sinister is a familiar brand name for making incredible snowmobile goggles that will enable you to see your way through the white landscape of any winter wonderland.

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However, the biggest problems associated with snowmobile goggles are fogging and ice building around the edges of the frame. If you want a solution to these factors, the 509 Sinister X6 is the ideal goggle for your next white adventure.

The sinister Ignite X6 is an improved version of the X5 goggles that did remarkably well, but the 509 isn’t one to overlook a flaw, hence why the X6 is on the market to tackle simple issues that users had with the X5.


  • The X6 offers better visibility than the X5, and 509 claims you get 10 percent more clarity in your peripheral vision when driving in the snow.
  • The edges have a thicker but softer foam that acts as a sealant around the edges that protect your eyes from ice or snow dust entering into the goggles or disrupting your visuals.
  • The 509 goggle series are OTG over-the-glass ready; you can wear them comfortably over your glasses, and they fit perfectly. Furthermore, 509 has gone further to ensure that their snowmobile goggles are compatible with most glasses except if you wear big ones.
  • The 509 is also compatible with most helmets, but if you can buy the 509 snowmobile tactical helmet, it is the perfect fit for this goggle, and they look so fine it will make you stand out in the snow. They come in multitudes of colors too that fit your overall gear too.
  • Five hundred-nine goggles have a power bank that easily attaches to the helmet’s strap. This little device sends a burst of heat energy that helps clear the google improving clarity and keeping your face warm.


  • The lens is anti-scratch resistant and anti-fogging
  • A removable nose mask allows you to take a whiff of the cool air
  • Better and bolder color choices
  • Very comfortable, and the lens is easy to change or replace 
  • It has enough space to accommodate people who wear prescription glasses comfortably
  • It comes in a beautiful pack with compartments that houses all your snowmobile goggle gears, including extra lenses and others


  • It is pricey

Whether snowmobiling down the slope in Asia or North America, this goggle should be in your bag.

We know they are not the cheapest goggles on the market, but they are one of the best. So we suggest you give them a trial and see the difference with other snowmobile goggles you have tried before.

509 Sinister X6 Goggle (2020)

3. ZIONOR Lagopus Best anti fog snowmobile goggles

If a couple hundred dollars is hard, it is time for something cheaper but reliable. The Lagopus snowmobile goggles are another excellent product that protects your eyes and ensures you reach the base of the snow trail.

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These goggles are comfortable and stylish, sit perfectly on the face, and have superb anti-fogging capability to give you immersive visibility on any slope.


1. The first thing you notice about these goggles is the long adjustable straps. They allow you to attach your google properly, and because Lagopus has goggles made for kids, females, and males, their straps conform to the shape of your head.

Zionor has taken their goggles a step further to ensure they fit with most helmets and over glasses, whether prescription or otherwise.

2. The magnetic lens swap technology is another feature of the Zionor snowmobile goggle. Now you can choose lenses to enhance your visibility and help you manage light levels under any weather conditions.

3. To prevent or limit fogging in the lens, the lens has soft foam around the edges that increases the comfort and style of this lens and limits fogging. It also has multiple ventilation outlets for airflow around it.

4. It is cold doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine. The reflection of the sun on white snow into the eyes of the skier can throw them off balance and cause severe damage.

To counteract this effect, the Lagopus google has a UV 400 coating that protects your lens and eyes from bright light on the slopes.

5. On the lens, Zionor Lagopus has a spherical-shaped goggle lens with REVO finish for better functionality.

What this lens does is that they give you a 180-degree panoramic view of the landscape before you but also maximizes visual clarity with less external interference.


  • Effective, versatile, functional, and high-performance goggles
  • Impact-resistant, scratch-resistant with 100 percent UV-protected coating
  • Very comfortable and well-ventilated goggles
  • Triple foam layer to prevent the cold air from getting to your face but also increase the comfort


  • It has no nose guard

While you need more accessories to make these goggles good on the slopes, it offers maximum protection against UV; it is comfortable, adjustable, and easy on the wallet. Overall, it is a fabulous snowmobile goggles and worth the purchase.

At the time of our research on the best snowmobile goggles, we found a video about “Best snowmobile scenes,” which is worth watching. 🤴🏆
Best snowmobile scenes
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4. Oakley O-Frame MX – Best snowmobile goggles for glasses

If you do not like colored reflective lenses, step into the world of clear snowmobile goggles by Oakley.

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When it comes to clear snow goggles, Oakley takes the crown. With a touch of technology, they have produced very comfortable snowmobile goggles for all weather conditions and are packed with more features than expected.


1. Oakley goggles are O frames lenses; this lens material allows the goggle to remain flexible even in extreme weather conditions; unlike some goggles that freeze out in the cold and start to crack, the Oakley O-frame MX does not.

This design also lets you wear your usual glasses comfortably without pressure on your face or eyes. The shape allows the glasses to sit independently without touching the lens or interfering with your visuals on the slope.

This O shape also accounts for enhancing your peripheral view on the trail. Besides the shape and comfort, it comes with adjustable straps that allow the goggle to stay on your face with less movement during use.

2. The goggles are made with Lexan lenses and have a clear finish, as you would have noticed with most goggle lenses by Oakley. 

This improves visibility but can also fog out quickly. To prevent fogging, Oakley O-frame MX goggle lenses are treated with F2 anti-fog systems that allow you to rock these goggles in any weather condition, including wind, rain, snow, and even in the dirt.


  • Comfortable goggles you can wear all day long
  • It comes with a removable nose guard 
  • Fabulous contoured frames give the Oakley goggles a snuggly fit around the face.
  • Its lightweight triple-layer foam protection seals the edges and prevents cool air from hitting your face.
  • Impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-fog-resistant lens


  • No UV protection

Call them cheap if you like, but this goggle delivers on the trail; they may not have all the allure of other frames and their high-glass specifications, but Oakley has ensured that you see where you are heading too without any interference overall; these goggles are durable, won’t distort colors, fit well, compatible with most helmet and is very affordable.

5. KLIM Viper – Best lens color for snowmobile goggles

If you are looking for a brand that has established its name but at an affordable price, then KLIM Viper is the one for you.

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This goggle is redefining how you spend time in the snow as it is designed to provide the best optical clarity, improve your vision, and be snuggly close to your skin without putting any force on the face. Besides, KLIM is known for using exceptional and high-quality materials to build their goggles.


1. Fogging, lack of proper ventilation, and obstruction to your field of view are the three pressing issues this goggle solves for the wearer.

They have relied on a super-thin material that makes the goggles lightweight to combat this problem. They also treated the lens with the GerminEYe formula, proven to eliminate fog, making it fully fog-resistant.

This treatment offers fog protection on the insides and outside of the goggle, preventing condensation from exhaling hot air, improving airflow, and preventing cool air from settling in the exterior because of the warm interior. Now, you can be sure that your field of view is always clear down the trail.

2. The lens on this goggle is super thin, like the frame, and sports a blue mirror/ dark smoke tint, which is scratch resistant and has a UV400 inner panel that protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

3. Like most goggles, the edges consist of a triple layer of foam materials that prevents the edges of the goggles from digging into your face.

However, KLIM has a medically approved option called Foam3 that is super-absorbent; it soaks up all the moisture from your face and the lens, but it is also anti-microbial to prevent germs could cause skin irritation from infecting your face.


  • Well-ventilated device to prevent condensation and minimizes fogging
  • Compatible with open-face helmets
  • It offers the best peripheral vision
  • Triple-layer foam consists of two anti-microbial layers to protect your skin.
  • The lens is replaceable and comes in multiple colors
  • It also produces frames for small facial structures like kids
  • Adjustable silicone strap with a nose guard available 
  • A durable, solid lens with exceptional optical abilities


  • The bright-colored lens might be too bright on sunny days

Overall the KLIM goggle is an above-average goggles that will deliver on fit, visual clarity, affordability, comfort, and style.

If you want high-quality but don’t have money to burn, these will work well to tackle all problems faced when snowmobiling.

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6. Retrospec Traverse G3 Youth Ski Snowboard

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Are you looking for comfortable, skin-safe snow goggles that your kids can wear in the winter outdoors? Does your spec include lightweight, comfort, durability, and versatility; you have stumbled upon one we know your little angels will love and enjoy being in the snow.


1. This is not necessarily elastic, but the thermoplastic polyurethane lightweight frame fits snuggly against your kid’s facial structure creating maximum comfort for the face.

This elastic frame has layers of foam around the edge that provide extra support, but it also prevents the cold air from hitting their face, impairing their vision, or fogging up the glasses.

2. Now google won’t stay put without a strap, and these come with an adjustable soft strap that is double-enforced as kids in snow are hyper-active, and a single strap can loosen the goggles exposing them to the elements.

3. Regarding fog, the Retrospec uses the Stratus Anti-fog technology with a dual anti-scratch lens to create a clear peripheral view of 180 degrees, preventing fog from building up in the lens. It is also equipped with ten ventilation outlets for unparallel airflow that eliminate fog build-up but also increases the frame durability

4. No kid goggle will lack UV protection; these kid goggle has 100 percent UV400 that offers complete defense against sun radiation.


  • Reliable straps ensure the goggle stays put no matter how much play they get.
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Dual-layer spherical lens for maximum visual clarity
  • Available in different colors that a kid will love
  • Affordable and high-quality


  • Some feel the goggles are too big for kids

Overall, these are durable and sturdy goggles made for kids. If they are too big for your child’s face, they can keep them for as long as possible because of their build material.

However, it is a good buy and will enable your kids to enjoy the snow and partake in snow activities, including snowmobiling.

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7. AKASO OTG Ski Goggles

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These are not your regular goggles; these high-powered interchangeable lenses are the stuff for professional snowmobile users.

With all the features these goggles possess, they are affordable and will allow you to change your lens to any color you want.


1. The AKASO is a striking goggle with some unique features; the lens practically allows you to switch your lenses with the help of 8 magnetic buttons and four external anchors around the edge of the goggle frame.

This magnetic feature is also a disadvantage for the Akaso Goggles, as not all lenses have that magnetic attachment on the frame.

2. The Akaso strap is wide and thick, like the lens. It also has a sticky interior that allows the band to stick to your helmet, keeping the helmet and the goggles in place.

To ensure you don’t get a frozen face, Akaso has added a free balaclava ski mask to their package.

This offers extra protection to your face and head, keeping you warm and cozy as you snowmobile in extreme temperatures. It also helps to absorb moisture build-up in the lens as you snowmobile down the path.

3. The lens detaches and attaches to the goggle frame easily; Akaso offers a variety of lenses for different snow environments, which attach to the frame when you are ready to use it.

The original frame comes with your regular everyday google, but you can buy an extra night vision lens if you are in the snow at night to improve your visuals.

4. Akaso also sports thick foam around the goggle frame and an anti-fogging layer that prevents fog build-up within the lens.

To ensure your vision remains crisp and sharp, this lens has a double coating of hydrophilic coating that works with the vents to reduce fogging through efficient air circulation within the frame.

5. Being out on the snow means there are chances of high flashes of sun rays reflecting off the ice hitting your lens and impairing your vision; Akaso has taken care of this phenomenon by ensuring all their lenses are 100 percent UV400 protected to keep your eyes safe.


  • The spherical-shaped lens offers a wide-angle field of view
  • Available in all colors for all ages
  • Compatible with most snowmobile helmets
  • The lens is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, triple-layer foam with tough but flexible frames.
  • Large frame inserts for people that wear glasses
  • Enjoy crisp and sharp vision on the trial
  • UV400 protection


  • The frames are huge, especially for a kid

Overall, this interchangeable lens is unique, and although there is the fear of wear and tear of the anchors and magnets growing weak, they are pretty firm and durable. Besides, it allows you to change your looks without extra snowmobile goggles.

8. KLIM Viper Pro Snow Goggle

The Viper snowmobile goggles from Klim come second in our list of best snowmobile goggles. Skiing enthusiasts have known Klim to be a brand that produces amazing products with low price tags.

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Although small, the Viper snowmobile goggles offer a wide range of vision. They come in different vibrant colors that have either yellow or bronze lenses. The lenses’ tint makes them not too ideal for sunny days.

These goggles also come with a nose guard and adjustable silicone strap. The lens is dual-layered, which makes them great for dealing with fog.


  • You’ll enjoy great value for your money—great quality and low prices.
  • Dual-layered lenses with anti-fog properties.
  • Wide angles for good visibility.
  • Strong lenses that are resistant to scratches.


  • It might not be the best goggles for snowmobiling on a sunny day.

9. Smith Optics I/O 7 Snowmobile Goggles

Smith is another very popular brand with ski enthusiasts and instructors alike. The Smith Optics I/O 7 is one of the company’s best goggles.

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The frame is strong and flexible. The foam and padding also provide maximum comfort, so all you have to worry about is how much skiing you can do. Smith’s design on their goggles is one of the best in the industry.

If you are a fan of colors, it will interest you to know that these goggles come in different shades.

 The lenses are usually double-paned for fog-proofing and are made with polycarbonate. The lenses can also be interchanged depending on the day’s weather conditions. The I/O 7 package comes with one light and one dark lens.


  • More than two lenses are included when you first buy.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • Comfortable and strong goggle frame.
  • They come in different colors.


  • Goggle’s design does not accommodate a nose guard.
  • Straps might be tight when paired with large helmets.
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10. Ewin G11 Goggles

The Ewin G11 goggles are one of the best when looking at spherically shaped lenses. The shape of the lenses gives you a very wide view and vision. This allows you to see your surroundings clearly without hindrances.

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The goggles come with dual lenses that offer UV protection to protect your eyes. The anti-fog and anti-scratch properties of the goggles make them an instant sweetheart in the heart of buyers.

Its design is gender neutral and works well with helmets of different kinds. The design prevents cold from getting to you, and the touch from the 3-layered foam on your skin is soothing.

The frame is strong, flexible, and tough to withstand harsh snowmobiling conditions. Finally, there is the adjustable strap that every google has.


  • Strong and flexible frame.
  • Anti-fog design for better visibility.


  • The goggles are not so great on bright and sunny days.

11. Zionor Lagopus X4 Snowmobile Goggles

Regarding design, the Zionor Lagopus X4 snowmobile goggles are one of the best around. Not only do the goggles have a great design, but they are also highly functional, protective, and versatile.

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For protection, the lenses are made with materials resistant to scratches. It also provides UV protection for your eyes.

In terms of versatility, these pairs of goggles allow you to interchange lenses depending on the weather conditions.

Functionality is featured in the wide view of the goggles. The design allows for maximum vision and enhanced airflow. An adjustable strap also ensures the helmet fits in with the goggles.


  • High ability to resist shock
  • Complete protection from UV rays.
  • A new technology that allows lens interchange.
  • 3-layer foam for maximum comfort.


  • Goggles might scratch easily.
  • The build makes it a little too big for young ones.

12. Anon M4 Toric – Best heated snowmobile goggles

Anon M4 Toric should be at the top of your mind regarding snowmobiling goggles that have it all. Zeiss makes the lenses on this; as expected, they are top-notch.

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The first series of Anon rolled out in 2012 with the Anon M1 name. Over time, the quality has increased until the latest product – M4. 

What is particularly interesting about the M4 is that it can work with different lens shapes. The Toric lenses the goggle comes with can be interchanged with cylindrical lenses and vice versa.

Aside from the interchangeable lenses, the goggles have 3-layer foam and padding, a low-light lens, and minimum vision interferences. 


  • Magnetic face mask
  • Tough Toric lens.
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • The design makes for maximum vision


  • They are considered expensive

13. AKT Snowmobile Goggles/Mask

This is one of the most versatile goggles available in the market today. The AKT snowmobile goggles are easily recognizable because of their trademark multi-colored lenses.

Not only are these lenses beautiful, but they are also functional. The lenses are scratch, wind, and dustproof.

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The composite carbon frame on it ensures that its decay is slower than that of other goggles. The package comes with an adjustable strap, as expected.


  • It is not expensive
  • It comes with a nose mask/guard
  • More resistant to wear and tear.
  • Dust and windproof.
  • 100% UV protection
  • Soft frame for maximum comfort.


  • Fogs sometimes

14. Copozz G1 Ski Goggles

Herein lies one of the cheapest snowmobile goggles you can find anywhere. The fact that the product is cheap means it is of inferior quality.

So many improvements have been made to these ski goggles that they can now stand alongside the bigger brands.

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The improvement made a wider spherical lens, anti-fog properties, and better fitting. The lens offers 100% protection from UV rays and can be interchanged easily.

The customary adjustable strap is there to help loosen or tighten the goggles, as the case may be.


  • Interchangeable lenses for varying weather conditions
  • Wide lens for better vision
  • UV protection
  • Prescription glasses can be worn underneath.


  • It might be uncomfortable when worn with prescription glasses.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog properties are not long-lasting.

15. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

If there is, one thing the Bolle Carve snow goggles do better than is rest is their ability to fit right into your head.

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This is accomplished thanks to the super soft padding and flexible frame. The straps also play their part, allowing you to adjust the goggles until they are fully fit and look great on your face.

These snow goggles also come with anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, making them durable. The protection of your eyes from UV is also assured with these goggles.


  • Very easy to fit
  • Durable frame and padding


  • The goggles fog up sometimes. 

16. Spherion Gear Ski Goggles + Detachable Amber Lens

Finally, the Spherion Gear Ski Goggles are on our list. The major talking point here is the lens. The lens is made with polycarbonate and shaped in a spherical manner.

The lens protects your eyes 100% from UV rays while providing a clear vision of the landscape in front of you as you snowboard. 

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The triple foam layer provides comfort and shields the cold from getting onto your face. The package comes with an adjustable strap and a carrying case.


  • It is best for night skiing
  • Anti-scratching and anti-reflective properties
  • Lightweight


  • Amber lens is sometimes difficult to detach and attach.

What To Consider Before Buying:-

Effectively choosing a snowmobile goggle that will work for your facial structure is daunting if you don’t understand the purpose of each component of the goggle. You need to know these to help you buy the best for your face.

Foam and Padding:-

Have you ever sat on a cheap chair before? How comfortable was it? Imagine the kind of discomfort that you felt, but this time on your face. Cheap snowmobile goggles with little or no foam and padding would not cut it.

When shopping, look for goggles with foam paddings up to 3 layers. These layers provide a cushion or support for your face. The foam would be able to take the shape of your face to provide maximum comfort.

Make sure to keep your goggles well. Direct sunlight would cause the foam and padding to decay faster, regardless of quality.

Most modern goggles have triple-layer foam that protects your face from the firm edges of the frame, but these three-layer foams are seated around the edges of the frame and offer support and softness to the face. When buying a frame, ensure the foams don’t obstruct your vision.


The cold winter air can dry up anything, including the frames of your goggle. Today most companies use flexible materials that can withstand the freezing air to keep them flexible.

The frame is one of the key features of snowmobile goggles. Without the right frame, everything else would fall apart. 

The best frames in the market are soft and flexible ones. Contrary to what you might think, soft and flexible frames offer better protection than rigid ones. They are also more comfortable.      

The material used in making most frames is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or ABS plastic. These materials are strong while still maintaining flexibility. 

You might wonder how a flexible material is safer than a stiff one. For one, in the unfortunate case of an accident, a rigid or stiff frame is more likely to break in your face than a flexible one, which would cause further injury.

The frame of your snowmobile goggles will be of importance to you if you are the kind that uses an interchangeable lens. These brands – Scott and Smith Optics – are the best in making frames for interchangeable lenses. 

When choosing frames, you also need to think about visibility. The wider the frame, the better the visibility.


From clear to the photochromatic and polarized lens, the one you choose makes a difference on the trail. Some reduce glare and absorb it but ask questions when buying a lens.

To be able to see as you ski, you need great lenses on the frame of your snowmobiling goggles. Many factors can be used in differentiating lenses for your snowmobile goggles. These factors include materials used, types, shapes, and colors.

The best lenses are made from Lexan, carbo-glass, or polycarbonate. The quality of these materials is assured as they provide clear visibility and have anti-fog properties.

The two most common types are polarized and photochromatic lenses. 

Polarized lenses are usually dark, greatly reducing the effect of bright light or glare. These kinds of lenses are more expensive.

It is also sometimes difficult to find original polarized lenses because of the number of sub-standard manufacturers that have flooded the market.

One test to know if you have your hands on original polarized lenses is to check a digital watch through the lenses. The lights on the watch would go invisible at some point in the test.

Photochromatic lenses are the ones that get darker once they are exposed to light. Because they get darker only after exposure to light, many prefer polarized lenses. This type costs less but looks fancier too.

For aesthetic purposes, you might consider the optics of the lenses to be important. Many goggles come with mirror coatings on the exterior of the lenses. While some come with blue optics, and others are black or grey. 

In terms of shape, lenses can either be spherical or cylindrical. Spherically shaped lenses are better than cylindrical ones because they provide a wider view for users.

Another factor to consider when choosing lenses is whether they are single or double-lensed. Double lenses are better because they control fogging better.

Lenses can either be tinted or clear. Tinted lenses filter light in different ways. Brightly colored tints like blue and red are great in low-light situations, while dark tints like black and grey are optimal in bright-light situations.


They hold the goggle in place on your head or the helmet. Some straps are the usual thick materials that are adjustable, while some have silicon insert that sticks to your helmet to reinforce the strength of your frames, ensuring they don’t fall off as you ride your snowmobile.

You would not get value for your money if your goggles kept falling off your helmet. This is where straps come in. The straps help to keep the goggles and helmet in place.

Most goggles come with an adjustable, long, and wide strap. The wider the strap, the better. This is because a wider strap puts less pressure on one part of the helmet. 

Make sure the strap can be easily adjusted when wearing your snowmobile gloves.

Size and fit:-

Heads and faces come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should expect that snowmobile goggles come in different sizes too. However, many manufacturers make universal sizes that fit different people the same way.

The fit is mostly dependent on the straps that we talked about earlier. The straps allow you to adjust the goggles and helmet to fit perfectly.


No matter how long you look forward to skiing, you will not have a good day out if your gears are uncomfortable. Comfort is often the fine line between having a memorable skiing experience to tell your friends about and one where you sulk all night at dinner.

 Your goggles need to be comfortable. This can be achieved with the 3-layer foam padding, good straps, and a flexible and strong frame.

Many goggles also have a ventilation system that prevents fog from blurring your vision. The system allows cold air in while it sends hot air out.

UV protection:-

Since UV intensity is higher at high altitudes, your goggles must protect your eyes. This is a necessity. Throw out any google you have that does not offer UV protection.

📗 FAQs

Below are a few queries on Best Snowmobile Goggles that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What color lenses are best for snowmobiling?

A copper-colored lens usually works best during overcast situations. However, a mid-toner amber lens radiates a blue light and enhances the shadow definition. Hence, it is considered one of the universal choices for majority conditions.

What lens is best for snowmobiling?

Orange is suggested as one of the best options. It is one lens that you can grab to ride the entire day.

What snowmobile lens color is best for bright days?

Gray is usually recommended for bright days and yellow for overcast days.

How do you keep goggles from fogging while snowmobiling?

Ensure the goggles fit correctly, avoid turning them off, leave specific space between the Goggles and Balaclava, and check the vents for moisture. Keep them moving, and always carry a soft microfiber cloth.

What lens color is best for snow?

If you want to reduce glare during snowy conditions, wear blue. You can perfectly enjoy water sports and leisure activities in the sun by wearing them.

What are yellow snow goggles for?

They are great for flat light. They are excellent at enhancing the details to ace eye jumps, ski moguls, and prevent rough spots. They can also be optimized for snowy days.

Why should I use snowmobile goggles?

The reason is simple – for protection. Rugged mountain tops are usually the sites for skiing or snowmobiling. These areas are known for strong winds, trees, snow, and debris that cause obstruction and low visibility.

Snowmobile goggles protect your eyes from the light; they help you see clearer and offer protection in case of an accident.

Why can’t I wear my sunglasses?

Sunglasses are fun, but they are not built to handle or protect your eyes from the extreme conditions you would face when you go snowmobiling.

Does the color of my lenses matter?

Not really. You can use any color of lens for snowmobiling. However, you should note that lighter lens colors are great for bright sunny days, while darker colors are better on days where everywhere is especially white.


We understand that choosing the best snowmobile goggles can be relative. We also know you would not get better snowmobile goggles than the ones listed here. This list includes snowmobile goggles with different prices, types, and lenses. 

A good pair of snowmobile goggles should protect you as you adventure through the mountaintops. It should fit well, have anti-fog properties, and offer protection from dangerous UV rays. The padding and frame should also be multi-layered and flexible to provide maximum comfort.

If you are still unsure of the pair of goggles to choose from, you could ask the local ski instructor to help you or buy online from a store with good return policies like Amazon.

It is not enough to buy a snowmobile goggles based on online reviews; you must be hands-on. You need to touch them, feel them, and try them on.

However, if you are shopping online for a goggle, it pays to ensure they have excellent customer service that will address your worries if defective goggle stares you in the face. The snowmobile goggles listed here are some of the best on the market. 

Snowmobile goggles are essential to protect your face and eyes, and the best ones must have the anti-fogging and UV400 features that will ensure you see where you are going but that the lens is not absorbing harmful rays from the sun that can affect your eyes or hamper your field of view on the trail.

Happy Skiing.