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The Best Social Media Aggregator for 2019 -Taggbox


Social proof is what people buy.

In today’s digital world, providing your users with social proof is the best way to hike up your brand’s social status and a social media aggregator and display tool is the most voguish way to do that.

So, What Is A Social Media Aggregator Tool?

A social media aggregator tool, one like Taggbox, discovers and collects social content for you from multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others and displays it in an impressive and engaging manner to your audience.

This helps you to collect and curate user-generated content for your brand all at one place where you could moderate it, filter out the irrelevant content and forbid it from being displayed, beautify the content to be displayed with beautiful themes and layout options, and finally display it to your users in an engaging manner.

What Makes Taggbox The Best Of All?

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool which does exactly what I explained above but in a way no other social media tool does.

Believe me when I say it is the best social media aggregator and display tool in the market that there is.

Well, even if you don’t agree still, I am sure the following benefits given below will make you believe my words.

Come, let’s learn what all features and benefits make Taggbox the best social media aggregator and display tool for 2019.

  1. Real-time Content

Taggbox aggregates social content in real-time from multiple social media channels simultaneously. This keeps your social wall updated in real-time as soon as a post is made online.

This helps to uphold the authenticity of your brand as real-time social content cannot be fabricated. So, users know that the content being displayed is original and real.

2. Highly Applicable

Taggbox finds it’s applicability anywhere and everywhere. You name the occasion and Taggbox fits just like peanut butter and jelly goes together.

Taggbox is highly preferred for corporate events, trade shows, conferences, product launches, concerts, graduation ceremonies, weddings, digital signage applications and many more like these.

E.g.- On the occasion of Gay Pride Week, Facebook deployed the Taggbox’s Social Wall to initiate a sparkling conversation about the issue over the Instagram channel.

And not just events, Taggbox is used even for website embeds, blogs, e-commerce businesses, API Projects, shoppable posts for E-commerce websites, hashtag campaigns, and many more.

3. Great Customization and Personalization Features

Taggbox comes with beautiful customization features that help you make your social wall really beautiful, attractive, engaging, and interactive.

It comes with advanced CSS options that help you personalize your social media wall in the colors of your brand theme. It enables you to tell your brand story your own way.

4. Powerful Moderation Panel

User-generated content is created by the free will of your satisfied and happy customers. The content they generate for your brand might not always resonate with your brand theme and ideals. Hence, user-generated content needs to be moderated before being displayed.

Taggbox comes with a powerful moderation panel that lets you curate and moderate the irrelevant content and prevent it from being displayed. This helps you to maintain the quality of your content.

5. Robust Analytics Report and Sentiment Analysis

Having applied all your marketing skills for your social media marketing campaigns for your brand, it is always necessary to analyze the report card of the performance of your marketing strategy.

Taggbox allows you to analyze your marketing strategy with the help of robust Analytics reports and deeper insights into customers behavior and sentiments attached to your social posts being displayed with the help of it’s unique Sentiment Analysis.

6. Highly Responsive and Robust Technical Support

Taggbox is easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Also, it is highly responsive to multiple screen layouts and displays user-generated social media content very comfortably from jumbo screens to mobile screens without any distortion.

Along with that, it’s all-time active robust technical support is always at your service in case you face any doubt or query while installation and usage. This helps you to aggregate and display social content with ease for your events and websites.

7. Addon Features

Taggbox comes with a long list of add-ons features like full-screen announcements,  hashtag highlighters, custom posts, autoload features, banners, tickers, and many more features like that.

This helps you to make your content more dynamic, fresh, engaging, and interactive making your audience go wow!

For websites, it enhances the dwell-time of the visitors, click-through rates, and decreases the bounce rate of the website, thereby improving the overall performance of your website.

Final Words

These were just some of the major features of Taggbox social media aggregator and display tool.

Taggbox helps you to create a strong brand image and deliver a strong message by showcasing user-generated content in an amazing way to your audience, thereby displaying social proof.

This helps to generate brand trust, credibility, and authenticity around the brand and expand the customer base beyond your target audience.

So, what are you still waiting for! Go, and take a free 14-day trial and check it for yourself how awesome social media aggregator and display tool Taggbox actually is.


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