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9 Of The Best Spanish Translator Website and Applications


Looking for the Best Spanish Translator Website and Applications to translate Spanish to other languages? 🤔

We collected 9 of the best one for you.

Let’s get started. 📗

Language is a beautiful thing that helps everyone who speaks the same one understand each other. It is a well-known fact that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Thus, it is a handy tool to be able to speak the language.

So, when do you need to be able to speak and understand languages other than English? A situation like this may arise when you may be visiting Spain or any other country where Spanish is the common tongue.

In most big cities, most people know enough English words to carry out a broken conversation with tourists. However, it is always better to be versed in the local language of a place before heading there.

The problem is that learning a language is not so easy for everybody, and secondly, language learning is not all that accessible for a lot of people as it may be for others.

So, what do you do if you are in dire need to be able to understand and speak in Spanish?

Of course, you may download a Spanish translator app! Spanish translators are one of the essentials to have on your smartphone or smart device when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.

Here is an article for you to select the best Spanish translators for when you need to converse in the language and are not versed in it.

Best Spanish Translator: Our Top Picks 👌

Needing help to converse with someone whose mother tongue is Spanish can prove to be a task when you don’t speak the language yourself. Thus, as mentioned before, here are the eight best Spanish translators available on the internet.

1. Google Translate

For most problems in our lives today, Google has a specified solution. Whether in any questions you might have and the database of answers that Google provides you for it, to your storage, documentation, and communication needs, Google has everything. Of course, adding to this, Google also has translation services.

Google Translate is a website that we all may know or have heard of. It is one of the most convenient translators, and is the first option to show up on your page when you even search the word ‘translate.’ It translates text from any language to any language, local or international, instantly.

Best Spanish Translator

The Google Translate website allows you also to save any of the translations you have tried earlier, using your Google account itself.

While it uses the internet for its translation services, it also gives you the option of downloading the contents of specific languages for offline translations.

Both of these features are perfect for when you are traveling and may not have access to a network connection but need particular phrases and sentences translated.

When looking to translate to Spanish on Google Translate, you can enter your material by speaking, typing, handwriting, or via taking a photo of any text you want to be translated.

Google Translate is one of the best Spanish translator services, as it gets even colloquial phrases verified by real Spanish speakers. 


  • Google Translate offers offline translations and storing your previously translated texts for easy reference for later
  • It translates from 100+ languages from around the world to Spanish, so no matter where you come from, you can easily have a Spanish translation of something spoken in your mother tongue
  •  Google is a trusted company in the world of technology and has over a billion users worldwide, which ensures its worth
  • You need not necessarily type the text you want to be translated, but you can take a photo of it, speak it out loud, record it, or handwrite it for translation; this adds to the website’s versatility.
  • Google Translate also has a free downloadable app for convenience.


  • Google Translate relies on literal translations of sentences and phrases, which can often completely destroy the meaning of the sentence
  • A few features, such as the handwrite, photograph, offline language save, speaking, etc. are not available for all the languages, and this can be a limitation for the people who speak those languages.

2. TripLingo

Here is another one of the best Spanish translator out on the internet for you. The name ‘TripLingo’ is suggestive of your exact requirement – your need to be able to converse in a new language while traveling!

TripLingo comes as a great app that will help you communicate well with the people around you when you are going to Spanish speaking countries.

This app is specially designed for people who travel a lot and need translators to be able to communicate with the people around them.

Imagine that you are at the airport and trying to explain to a taxi driver where you need to go, but aren’t adequately being able to do so. This is where the TripLingo app comes in, with its two-way voice translator that identifies speech-to-text technology for convenience.

One of the best parts of this Spanish translator is that it even provides you with the option to connect with a live translator if you require the same.

Something like this is imperative during emergencies where you are unable to communicate quickly with the people around you due to language barriers.

Since calling with your phone number would incur high charges while traveling, this call takes the same into account and uses WiFi instead.

The app provides a database or phrasebook of 2000+ phrases in a multitude of languages, including one of the most widely spoken Spanish. There are also flashcards, quizzes, and audio lessons for easy memorizing of necessary phrases during your travels.

TripLingo has a wide variety of travel tools that one may need while traveling, including cultural guides, to help you not overstep any unsaid boundaries. The app helps you have a full travel experience by being a fantastic translator and a travel guide app.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the TripLingo that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • Two-way voice translation on the TipLingo app is one of its best features to help you in effective communication without having to involve third parties in the process
  • The app also has a call line via WiFi (to save international calling charges) to a live translator in case of emergencies
  • TripLingo helps you translate your words into Spanish, but it also helps you learn some of the phrases that you will require the most
  • TripLingo provides you with cultural standards that countries follow
  • The app has won a few awards and has been written about in several well-known publications


  • Many users complain about several app crashes, even on new devices whose other apps are not prone to crashing
  • A few of the translations are not entirely accurate.

Click here to download TripLingo for Android.

Click here to download TripLingo for iOS.

3. TextGrabber scan and translate

Often, we may find it challenging to rewrite some text in a different language onto a translator app or website. One little spelling error or grammatical mistake made in the written typing can even change the meaning of the word or sentence altogether.

What if an app that eradicated having to copy text off somewhere to a translator, and captured the text right from where it is?

ABBYY’ TextGrabber scan and translate is the app that you’re looking for if you do not possess the time or the patience to physically type out the text for translation.

This app allows you to take a photograph of the text, and it translates the same for you without you having to do much.

It is one of the best Spanish translators, among translators for other languages. This app provides for straightforward translations, in the sense that you don’t even have to spend much time typing things into a translator. TextGrabber makes the process of translating other languages for you just a one-click job.

All you have to do is take a photo of the text you’d like to translate and allow the TextGrabber scan and translate app to do its job.

Additionally, it also stores all the text that you’ve translated in an archive in the format of a list. Sounds fair and accessible, right? That’s because it is.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the ABBYY’ TextGrabber scan and translate that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • The ease of translating a text without having to physically type out the book is a highly convenient feature
  • You can even scan other kinds of stuff such as maps and barcodes using the text scanner on the TextGrabber app
  • Once you have captured your translation, you can also edit it, copy it for sharing, and have it read aloud for you using a VoiceOver technology.
  • All your previously translated texts remain in an archive for you to check out whenever you want to do so.
  • You can combine various archived manuscripts if you think that they are fragments of a whole that belong together.


  • The TextGrabber Pro app is not free. It comes at a small cost of $4.99
  • TextGrabber Pro does not recognize all languages via photographs; some are only available via text translators, which can be irritating (not the case with Spanish)

Click here to download TextGrabber scan and translate for Android.

Click here to download TextGrabber scan and translate for iOS.

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4. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is another brilliant Spanish translator that works off of its website. When you sign on to the site, it is a reasonably simple interface wherein there are two boxes side by side.

Best Spanish Translator

The one on the left is for inputting the content you would like to translate, and the one on the right for the translated text.

You can either enter the text you’d like translated to Spanish in the box on the left, drag and drop an entire document for translation, and you can even enter the address for a website in Spanish that you want to be translated into the language of your preference.

Aside from this, you can also drop an image with text that the translator picks up and puts it into another language. Yandex Translate is, in this way, rather versatile in the type of content you can place on it for translation.

The process for translation is quick and straightforward – it translates text in the box on the right simultaneously as you are typing in the box on the left. In this way, Yandex Translate is also a close competitor to Google Translate.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Yandex Translate that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • Easy and quick simultaneous translations, which go along as and when you’re typing your text
  • You can upload an entire document onto the Yandex Translate website and quickly translate it into Spanish and other languages for you
  • If you need a webpage translated for you, all you have to do is select the “site” option and paste the site URL, and Yandex will translate the full page for you
  • Image uploads for translations are also a part of Yandex Translator’s capabilities
  • The layout design of the Spanish translator website is effortless to navigate and super fast in its working
  • You can translate up to 1 million characters on Yandex daily, free of cost


  • If you require translating more than 1 million characters per day, there is a small price of $15 that you must pay
  • There’s no app, but only a website for Yandex Translate

At the time of our research on Best Spanish Translator, we found a video about “This is The Hardest Language In The World” which is worth watching. 🤴🏆

5. iTranslate

Here is another one of the best Spanish translators on the web, i.e., iTranslate. iTranslate is a super versatile translator and is one of the leading companies in its field.

There is an iTranslator website, and there are also several translation apps that all serve similar but slightly differing purposes.

The tagline “Reimagining Translation” fits the company’s purpose with its multitude of translator apps that have been created to almost perfection. The following is a list of iTranslator’s apps:

  1. iTranslate Translator: the flagship app, which translates images, text, and voice online as well as offline. It also has dictionaries, conjugations, and other useful translation grammatical tools. This is the one you’re looking for when looking only for translations.
  2. iTranslate Converse: with the click of a button, you can translate anything by voice
  3. iTranslate Lingo: an app to help you learn how to speak another language
  4. iTranslate Keyboard: instant translations while using other apps
  5. iTranslate Voice: enables you to have AI conversations, equipped with translated texts

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the iTranslate that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • iTranslate has a free website that you can use which is super convenient (similar to Google Translate and Yandex Translate)
  • The multitude of apps help you not only translate but also learn the language including its lingo, via predefined conversations and phrases
  • The company has also won iTunes awards for the design for some apps
  • iTranslate offers discounts for educational purposes, i.e., there are special discounts for school and university going students.
  • The ease of use and features offered by iTranslate are merely fantastic.


  • It is a paid app
  • Unpaid versions have some ads which can be irritating.

Click here to download iTranslate apps for iOS.

Click here to download iTranslate apps for Android.

6. SayHi

SayHi, as the name suggests, is one of the best conversational translators out there. The app enables you to have the same conversation in two different languages at the same time.

Now, this begs the question of how you can do this, but in today’s world of technology, one must remember that anything is possible.

The message you type goes as it is, and under it comes to a translated version of the same as well. In this way, you not only have a conversation with easy Spanish translation but also get a hold of the language as you go along.

By conversing, it means conversing, meaning that SayHi uses excellent voice recognition tech to transcribe your words accordingly. You can also adjust the AI voice to your preferences – speed of speech, male or female voice, etc.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the SayHi that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • SayHi is a conversational translator, different from the usual insert-content-and-translate type apps and websites. Thus this makes for a diversified and pleasant experience
  • AI conversations with translations written under the messages add for a fun change to regular translators
  • The voice recognition technology on SayHi is excellent with accurate recognition of your sentences
  • The app is fully customizable to your preferences and choices
  • SayHi is a company by Amazon, a trusted brand, and hence the quality is assured to the users


  • The voice rec feature sometimes is not all accurate if your device is slightly slow
  • The “detect end of speech” button often stops detecting your speech too soon (sometimes before you have finished what you were saying)

Click here to download SayHi for iOS.

Click here to download SayHi for Android.

Click here to download SayHi straight from the Amazon App Store.

7. Speak and Translate

Speak and Translate is an app that has been created by app developers Apalon, who are famous for a lot of other toolkit apps, such as Fontmania, Eggzy, Scratchable, Clipomatic, etc. Their translation app, Speak and Translate, is one of the best Spanish translators.

9 Of The Best Spanish Translator Website and Applications

This app is a voice and text translator, where you Speak, and then the app Translates for you. It is an award-winning app for translation; Speak and Translate has won the 2015 App Design Award and The Love Award of 2015 as well. There are 100+ languages for text translations and 50+ for voice translations.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Speak and Translate that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • It has several Apple-supported features such as iCloud integrated storage support and Apple voice recognition
  • There is a language detection feature for a text-to-text mode of translation
  • You can customize the translation settings such as male/female voice, speed of speech, etc. on the app
  • There are unlimited free translations, but there is a paid version available for 
  • You can translate what you’d like to in offline mode


  • Speak and Translate app is only available for iOS and takes Android devices entirely out of the question.
  • This app does not store your previous translations.

Click here to download Speak and Translate.

8. Waverly Labs Translators

Waverly Labs Translators are different from most of the translators that we have talked about. It is not an app or a website, but it is the kind of translator that is a technology game-changer. Waverly Labs have created two in-ear devices that act as the best real-time translators that one could wish for.

They have the Pilot and the Ambassador, both of which have their unique designs, but follow the same purpose.

These go in your ears like headsets, and the translations provided are in real-time. While this can be quite strange to get used to, it is one of the coolest translators out there.

Waverly Labs’ products are towards the expensive side, but they are an essential buy if you are required to or generally travel a lot to places where foreign languages are in abundance.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Waverly Labs Translators that makes it add to the Best Spanish Translator list.


  • Extremely different from all the other translators out there, because it is like a headset and translates real-time and fast, straight into your ears
  • Waverly Labs can choose out of different designs, i.e., between the Pilot and Ambassador, both of which have some excellent features
  • It is versatile: you can use it either only to listen or to translate what you say for others (using a separately connected speaker) or both (conversing with others).
  • The device comes in different colors, so you can choose whichever you like best.
  • Connects and works via your smartphone – you must download an app to accompany the device.
  • Many well-known international publishing houses have written fabulous reviews about the Waverly Labs translation devices.


  • The Pilot headsets are extremely expensive, with a price of $249
  • The Ambassador headset is not yet out to the entire market, and you have to reserve one beforehand if you’d like to buy it.

Click here to download on Google Play Store

Click here to download on Apple App Store

In conclusion.

You must download a Spanish translator when you need to communicate with somebody in Spanish, whether a Spanish man has come to your country or you have gone to theirs.

Hopefully, this list has helped you decide which of the translator apps and websites is the most suitable for you. We hope that this list helps you enjoy your trip to Spain and allows you to more than just hola! and como estas? your way through it!