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Top 5 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage


No matter who you are, a film-maker, a student, a designer, artist or anyone similar. Then, you might be interested in having a stock footage. Stock footage is generally copyright free which means you are free to anything to everything you want with it. These stock footage video clips can be cropped, edited stitched together or chopped up or can also be manipulated in any way that serves your purpose.

It has become practically easy to track down stock footage videos with websites entirely dedicated to collecting video clips free of copyright. Fortunately, the internet has made it incredibly easy to get free stock footages and animations for creating a video. We collected best quality stock footage websites where you will get the access to download free stock footage.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage


An online journal and a non-profit project founded in 2011 as a symbol of dedication to showcasing the collection of art and literature. You may come across a few words with no copyright mark on it and hence allowing you to the most noble collections and articles by leading scholars, writers, and archivists. It helps in increasing awareness about values of shared cultural commons. You can do whatever you like particularly on this domain.

stock footage websites

Watch the full-length movies backed by stock footage, experimental shots, and commercial ads.  So feel free to enjoy and share the video without any barrier of restrictions.  The aim of Public Domain Review is to promote the domain so that the users can benefit and explore their rich collections.  They also feature historical work on their public domain.  This was originally a project undertaken by the Open Knowledge International and they too focused on promoting open data and contents in all forms.


Enjoy the B-roll footage of landscapes, backgrounds and aerial shots with Videezy. It lets you discover the Creative Commons stock footage of high definition with an emerging popularity of 4K videos. But you can only avail of this benefit with a paid subscription where you will be able to download your 4K content.

stock footage websites

The credit may cost you around $19 for one credit backed by other equally attractive packages which will provide you value for money. With Videezy you can download some videos for free but make sure to look property for the license so that you don’t get stuck into the legal matters.

Few of the contents available on this platform are restricted for some reasons.  This largest video community provides high-quality footage and has today filmmaking easy and cost-effective.  You can easily share and promote your footage via this website. Here, you also get to create a community of people where you get a feedback for your effort.


The site claims to be 100 % free for every single video that they post on their site. There are plenty of reasons to love this website because of its functionality and easy access. This simple hassle free website allows you kinds of license namely: Videvo Standard License, and the Creative Commons 3.0 license. The Standard license allows you to download any clip that you might need for your project at no cost.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage

You need to make sure that you don’t put them for download on any other place. The other plus point with this standard license is that it is not required to pay credit to the creator of the clip on your timeline.

The Common license allows you to download clips for your project but you will have to pay due respect to the author in your video project. Credit the author of the clip and use the video footage all your life. People generally prefer Creative Common License 3.0 over the Standard Videvo license. When you visit their website the first thing that will impress is you the organized set of list of various categories of videos.  This active community has a new video upload every single week.


This New York-based online marketplace operates an online video library and is regarded as one of the world’s largest content marketplace. It is home to more than 10.5 millions of vibrant video clips with all kind of content and inspiration that you are probably looking for.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage

It is even partnered with Adobe and provides all kinds of the tool which one may require to improve their video. Gain access to hundreds of public domain footage even including few clips from our past decade. Few videos are paid so if you want any different additional clip go for a paid subscription. Visit their massive library which includes more than 60000 experts and encouraging them to show their creativity and hidden potential.

Some other unique features include a visual search for videos and transforming into major editing software. Backed financially and morally by partners like Accel Partners and Stripes Group, Pond5 is easily accessible and a creative place to bring the vision to life.


The Archive.org’s stock footage is a non-profit Internet Archive provides access to royalty free videos. It is home to thousands of free stock videos from New York City time-lapse to a launching rocket. The videos are shared by the internet users of that community.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Footage

These are not standalone clips and hence are meant to be used in other videos too. It beautifully preserves the digital culture and is neatly organized into cataloged subsections. This makes work a lot more easy to handle and faster. You can find tons of stock videos over here which lies under the CC 3.0 attribution license.

They collect the best set of clips from all over the internet and make them accessible for us. The members can share audio, video, and images which can be downloaded anytime for free. It has a huge range of videos so the task is not going to be easy in terms of the confusion which will arise while selecting the best of them. So make sure to have some ample amount of time before you sit to browse this website.