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9 Best Streamlabs Alternatives For Professional Streams

One of the biggest things that have taken this generation by storm is the videos. With high internet speed and easy accessibility, we see tons and tons of people creating videos. This started as a way of entertainment recently to help people make huge money just by showing the world what you are good at.

One of the loved categories of videos on YouTube is gaming. There is this vast audience for which one can cater through gamings. Gamers started making a lot of money by live-streaming or uploading their gaming videos. Youtube and Facebook have the basic feature that helped them to stream.

But as the technology grew, many platforms came into play, such as twitch which is a residence of many famous gamers. With so many players in the same field, you need to work on your gaming skills and video quality.

The better visuals and clarity your streaming have, the more audience you will attract, and that’s a thumb rule to go with. All this software is pretty basic. But there are many software in the market that you can use to enhance your streaming experience. This software is easy to use and brings excellent features to make your streaming easy and fun.

Even if you are new to this, you don’t need to worry; we have everything on our best Streamlabs alternatives list. We have done our research so you can find the best software for yourself.

Best Streamlabs Alternatives – Our Pick👌👌

1. OBS Studio

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro gamer. OBS studio is one of the famous Streamlabs alternatives to stream amongst gamers.

The software is designed to be user-friendly, and the amount of features it offers is fantastic. Many tools will take your streaming experience to a whole new level.

Best Streamlabs Alternatives

One of the best things about this software is that it is free, so even if you are new to streaming, you don’t have to invest your money in it. It gives features of free recording and lives to record. The software is not complex, and you need to install it, and you are good to go after a few setup steps.

OBS studio records and streams your video in high quality. You can even create dramatic scenes by using sources such as window captures, text, images, webcams, and many more. With the help of custom transition, you can easily switch between the various screens.

It also has a modular dock UI which allows you to rearrange the layout as you wish. To give your video a personalized touch, you can customize the transitions.

We know that while streaming, you have to perform various actions, and you cannot break your game flow because that will look abrupt. OBS studios have hotkeys that you can set and perform various tasks such as muting audio sources, pushing to talk, switching between screens, and much more effortlessly.

You can also use the studio mode that will allow you to look at how your screen will look to the audience. You can keep an eye on multiple scenes at a time and choose to shift between them.

OBS has a complete package of templates to select from. Once you get the hang of this software, you will stick with it forever.

How to Use OBS Studio - Complete Tutorial for Beginners!

2. Crowdcast

Crowdcast is an excellent assistant if you want to host an event or your live stream. It has all the features that will help you systemise everything under one umbrella. You can invite your audience to a more inclusive and private event and interact with them and have fun while you stream.

Crowdcasts proudly claims that millions of users gather in its events. That surely means that crowd casts deliver a good experience to their users.

Best Streamlabs Alternatives

This platform conveniently handles your event’s work, such as landing page, ticketing event, and recording under a single URL. This saves you from downloading any extra software.

One of the highlights of a stream is how much you are interacting with your audience. The more you interact, the more audience will join you. Crowdcasts help you to interact with your audience in fun ways. You can do audience pol. Bring your audience onscreen and connect with them. You can have QnAs for stream-related questions.

With crowd casts, you can broadcast your event into powerful platforms such as Facebook, YouTube Live, and periscope to be accessible to more and more audiences.

If you want to earn money, you can also host paid events, and you will get to have track of your sales and audience engagement. It is a complete solution for streamers who aim to reach more audiences.

3. Be.live

Be.live is another excellent option to do live streams. It is easy to use and if you are looking for professional software to help you get more audience, then Be.Live does an amazing job. You can hold various streams inviting your audience to join, and they are going to have a great experience; it gives high-quality streaming.

Be.live has more than a 700Million users worldwide, so there is no doubt that you will have a large audience to cater to. One of the highlights is that it is a cloud-based streaming platform.

This means that you do not have to download the software, but you can easily use the browser and start your stream. It looks less complicated.

But one less complicated thing about Be.live is that you can stream through your phone. You can directly download the app on your phone and stream it on the go or while sitting in a metro.

With Be.live, you can reach out to a large audience spontaneously as it enables you to broadcast the stream into multiple platforms. You can stream with a single click on platforms like Facebook, YouTube live, linked in, and 20+ platforms.

If you want your audience to remember you and reach out to you repeatedly, you must add some logo and custom watermark that helps your brand grow.

It prevents any plagiarism of your work. Be.live lets users create custom tags, logos, intros, outros, and many more things that will make your video look professional and entertaining.

You can simultaneously connect with your audience and interact with them through comments and many more. Positive comments can boost your audience range. Be.live highlights all the positive and good comments on the screen.

This helps your audience to acknowledge your work. You can also earn money through it as it is integrated with PayPal and other companies, so you can access the money your viewers donate while streaming.

To make your stream look more presentable, you have several video editing tools and layouts. It would be best if you gave this one a try, and we know you will not be disappointed with the experience.

How to Stream with Be.Live - A Complete Tutorial

4. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is another excellent option when it comes to living streaming. Just like other apps, it has multiple features that will make your streaming interesting and less complicated. It adds significant value to your stream and provides high-quality results.

Whereas their app drops the quality of the recording, Vimeo does a great job in dealing with the quality of the stream. You can stream heavy HD games here.

9 Best Streamlabs Alternatives For Professional Streams
Reach your audience on every social channel

Vimeo also provides the facility to personalize your videos by enabling adding graphics and brands directly from the browser. You can download a lot of elements and add them to your live stream to make it more engaging.

You can do carefree streaming while focusing on the game. The software will create a backup of your stream. You can even have a preview to know how your stream will appear to your audience. Moreover, you can stream with a hundred percent confidence with total control access with SSO and many more.

Interaction with your audience is very important when you are streaming. Whereas there is the option of interaction through comments, there are also fun interactive ways that you can have in Vimeo. You can do an audience poll or start a QnA. You can even receive donations from your viewers safely and securely. 

5. Bandicam

Bandicam is a pro-level game recorder software and amongst the best Streamlabs alternatives. It has multiple features that take your gaming and streaming experience to another level. There are numerous things through which you can change your stream into more appealing and interactive.

First of all, the software is not device restricted; you can select to record from any device such as webcam, IPTV, smartphone, or Xbox.

The highlight of its capturing feature is that you can capture a particular scene or a position. You can make a montage later. One thing to note is to record the games, and you need to have software such as OpenGL/Vulkan/direct graphics technologies.

The software commits to the high quality of the video recorded. You can record a video at 4k resolution and HD that gives a better presentation to your customer.

While recording, one of the things that matter the most is FPS, which is a frame per second. the software records the video at 480 fps, which is pretty high compared to what other software offer.

Bandicam Screen Recorder - A high-performance video recording software [Official Spot]

You get tons of features to make your stream interesting such as you can record your voice while playing the game in order to stream it later. We know that YouTube is filled with videos where people play games and give it voiceover while discussing some content or any trendy topic.

While streaming, you can record yourself through a webcam and the game, which helps reach more audiences because this develops more intricate relations. It is, in fact, the fact that streamers who show themselves while playing cater to a large audience.

Bandicam also supports various sound sources such as audio from the game, speaker, microphone, and many more. You can change your background and layout from the software’s multiple options.

Bandicam is one of the best Streamlabs Alternatives and has a lot to offer for a free version. But in case you seek a better experience, you can go for a premium option.

6. Streamshark

Streamshark is as powerful as the name suggests. It gives a legit high-quality streaming experience. Once you try this software, we can bet you will get hooked on it.

The features are simple and easy to use. It is user-friendly software and lightweight as it does not need ample space for installation. If you are new to streaming, this is a go-to software. You will love streaming.

9 Best Streamlabs Alternatives For Professional Streams

You can create a fantastic video archive as soon as your video ends. You can save it to the folder and edit it later. You can stream games directly from the software without the need for any extra software.

It delivers high-resolution performance. You can take screenshots without any compromise on the quality. It has hotkeys that enable smooth and fast work while you stream.

We know that while you stream, a part of the audience joins late. To make sure that your beloved audience does not miss anything you are working on, stream shark has a rewind option where your viewers can look at your content from the start.

A streamer needs to keep track of your comments as it gives feedback on how your viewers like your stream. Streamshark saves the whole chat in a particular folder from where you can access all the comments and interactions of your audience.

You can stream on multiple platforms such as YouTube live, periscope, twitch, Facebook at the same time and end your stream at the exact time.

Streamshark helps you to make your streaming performance more professional. This app will make a significant change in the way that you stream the games online, and we bet on it.

7. Boxcast

Boxcast is a one-stop solution that provides the streaming option for various business, school, party, and gaming events. Boxcast has all the things you need for the smooth streaming of games. It can be operated on multiple devices, so if you don’t have your PC, you can stream from your iPhone too. 

Boxcast was started as a one-stop solution for streaming because it provides both software and hardware that will enhance your live streaming.

5 Minute Demo of How BoxCast Works

The software delivers high-quality performance, whether it is a presentation, a meeting, or a streaming game. It records HD videos with high FPS and 1080p, so your audience enjoys clear and high-resolution videos.

So Boxcast has a streaming app that is called broadcaster. You can download it from the app store and directly stream your game from your phone with the cellular data.

You can also make your streaming easy by using broadcaster features such as simulcasting, ticketing for a paid event and scoreboard integration, and many more.

Boxster is an easy-to-use video encoder. If you want your videos to be high quality and need dedicated hardware, you can go for a Boxcaster. It is intelligent that does a lot of work for you while you stream effortlessly. You can monitor your stream as it is very easy to set up and has a Boxcast dashboard. 

Boxster pro is the most advanced level 4k60 HEVC encoder from Boxcast. It has high functional features such as adding professional audio, and you can monitor the status, a high frame rate, and many more.

If you want to take streaming as a profession, Boxcast will be a perfect package of much-needed hardware and software.

8. VMix

Editing is very important to streaming as you cannot just present whatever is going on your screen. You want to give your viewers a dramatic experience that keeps them hooked to the screen. Editing helps enhance a few details that will make your videos ten times better.

Vmix is a perfect package; it allows live streaming and creates professional live video production. You can easily stream on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube live, and many more.

With Vmix, you can capture video through various types of cameras. It also supports webcams and capture cards. The video can be recorded in high quality, such as 4k, HD, and SD. Through NDI, you can send and receive high-quality videos. It is compatible with any NDI source. You can mix the videos and add audio to those videos.

Best Streamlabs Alternatives 3

It supports video files in formats such as AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, and MXF. You can also use audio files in the formats such as MP3 and WAV. You can also do the recording of your live stream with the chatbox.

To make your videos more impressive, you can use editing tools like fade in and out, Zoom, fly rotate, cube, and many more. You also get four customizable buttons for easy access.

Vmix claims to be the most efficient video production software that works fine on a primary PC. Most people perceive that this software depends on high processing power, but Vmix does not affect your CPU at all.

If you think that these all features make the software complicated, you’re mistaken. It is pretty easy to use, and you can add a lot of animations too. Overall your experience with the software is going to be great.

9. Restream

Restream is yet again one of the best Streamlabs alternatives that are used by many gamers for live streaming.

Through restream, you can simultaneously broadcast your stream in many popular apps such as Facebook, YouTube live, twitch, along with more than 30+ social media platforms. It helps the gamer to reach a larger audience and showcase their gaming skills.

9 Best Streamlabs Alternatives For Professional Streams

Restream is integrated with software such as Elgato, Streamlabs, and Xsplit, and you can stream in this software alongside. If you want your gamer friends to join in for your stream, the software allows that too. You can send an invite to your friend or guest and present an exciting gamers battle to the audience.

It has a large number of templates and layouts to select from. There are different graphics you can add to your videos.

You can freely interact with your audience by using features such as call-to-action and many more. The app is perfect for streaming as it allows you to do multiple things at a single time.

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs desktop is not much far behind OBS when it comes to performance. It is a choice for many gamers due to its smart features. Again the software is pretty suitable for beginners and pro gamers. There are a lot of options to choose from. The software is going to take your gaming level one step ahead.

The software connects fast with a platform like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and you can start streaming anytime you want. The speed is one of the things you will appreciate about the software.

We know that for a gamer, it is essential to emphasize the design and layout you select to present while streaming. Streamlabs offers many free overlays that will make your stream look pro and professional. If you go for the premium option, you can get hundreds of overlays.

You will get a different audience on different platforms. To check what your audience likes and which platform will work for you, you can use the multiple platform streaming feature of Streamlabs. This enables you to project your live stream into multiple platforms at the same time.

You can also earn money through viewers’ tips. The people who enjoy your game can now donate money in the live stream. What could be better than making a living out of your passion?

There are a number of apps inside this software which has various tools such as video editing and audio mixing to make your video much better. So if you are all set to take your gaming and streaming to the next level, this software is worth a try.


So these were the best Streamlabs alternatives. These are highly functional software that provides high-quality streaming. You get multiple features to enjoy alongside.

We have done thorough research on our part, and now you can select the perfect software that fits your needs. We hope that this article helped you to find a Streamlabs alternative.