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9 Best Tablet For Programming [ Recommended By Pro Coders]

If you are a programmer or gamer in search of the best tablet for programming, then you are reading the right post. Today, we will discuss some of the best tablets in the market that are most ideal for programming, coding, gaming, & even browsing.

You see, generating programs is not something that ordinary mortals can do. It needs a lot of thinking, intense research on the data, and stupendous capabilities. Hence, a programmer is under constant pressure to deliver sublime capabilities.  

PCs and laptops can restrict you from moving about freely, and that is when a tablet comes in. Besides, they come with similar features. Most of the tablets that we have mentioned in the list come with a keyboard that can be detached as and when you want.  

At times, you can remove the tablet from your backpack and get started. You could be walking in your park and come up with a code or program. Sometimes, you may be sitting in the coffee shop, and your mind starts working. 

You can instantly take out your device and start typing code or use it for other purposes. Besides portability, the tablet can serve different purposes for programmers & gamers as well.

Tablets are almost on par with the PCs & laptops. They come with similar kinds of specifications and performance, along with a keyboard for smooth typing capabilities.  

Not to mention, you can place the device in your backpack and move around anywhere you want. They do not weigh much, and you won’t even know that you have a tablet inside your bag. 

We have compiled a list of the best tablets for programming, just for you. These devices are infused with top-notch features that can bring you a new dimension in programming & coding. It is something that you definitely do not want to miss out on the convenience provided by it.  

Best Tablet For Programming – Buying guide  

Below are a few pointers that you would want to keep an eye on for purchasing the best tablet.  

Display:- This aspect is crucial for any task as you need to see what you are coding, designing, or even browsing. Perhaps a 10-12″ monitor would do. The tablet can be used for programming, designing, browsing, and reading; hence it is vital to ensure its image quality is stupendous.  

Portable:- The device needs to be portable because that is the main reason you are transitioning from the PC or laptop to the tablet. Usually, most of the tablets are lightweight & portable.  

Memory & storage space:- The RAM and storage space of the device should be good. This ensures that they perform quite well and exceed your programming capabilities. You want to work efficiently and without lag.  

Keyboard:- This feature is the most important for any tablet because most of the units do not have a keyboard barring one or two. So, please make sure that the tablet comes with a keyboard or is sold separately so that you can get it for your coding tasks.  

Price:- The price of the best tablet for programming does not have to exceed more than $1500. Of course, we have mentioned Apple’s iPad Pro & Air; you also have some other models in there. But we have also given you budget models as well.   

Best Tablet For Programming: Our Top Picks👌

Below are some of the best tablets that are most ideal for programming & coding. You can use them for other purposes as well, like gaming, reading, browsing, and so on. Our top pick would be the Apple iPad Pro for its sublime features and capabilities infused in it.  

1. 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro 

The 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro is the first product on our list. It comes with a monitor of 11″ in size, offering you eloquent image quality. That is possible because of the liquid retina in it. There is also the True Tone and P3 wide color. 

Best Tablet For Programming
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It is pretty simple to use. You can perform anything you want using the multi-touch monitor. The device is powerful and enables you to operate apps that include programming languages, MS Office, Photoshop, and top-end games if you want.  

The device is portable and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use it as a notepad, film studio, scanner, canvas as & when you want to.

The model has the Apple M1 chip infused in it, giving you next-level performance, and the TrueDepth camera system comes with a decent front camera.  

The camera can work splendidly because of the 10MP ultra-wide camera and 12MP wide camera. Its connectivity is not a problem at all as it comes with a barrage of them, including displays, external storage, and docks. 

This way, you can connect to your device during meetings, conferences, seminars, and the like. There is also a particular security feature in place, the Face ID. You know that besides you, nobody else can log in to your system.  

You can make use of the secure mode of payment from Apple, the Apple Pay using the device. There are also 4-speaker audio and 5 microphones that offer you top-notch sound quality. It provides you with adequate support in the form of the Apple Pencil (2nd generation). 

You can also work using the Smart Keyboard Folio & magic keyboard. A user has written that this is the best iPad he has used in a long time. The M1 chip works like a charm. He is quite satisfied with the front camera on it, and the 120Hz refresh rate is acceptable.  

However, the user feels that it is not worth upgrading if you own the iPad Pro 2020 model. The unit does not come with the liquid retina XDR screen present on the 12.9″ tablet. But when you are keen on using the M1 chip and note the performance, then why not. 

It is priced at less than $1482. When you want to work on a larger screen, then it is not a problem. You can always use the 12.9″ iPad Pro that is also available. It sells for a higher price than the one we read about. But the features & specifications are almost the same.  


  • It is lightweight and portable.  
  • It is feature intense.  
  • The models are quite flexible.  
  • The storage space is up to 2GB. 
  • The tablet offers 10 hours of battery working.  


  • The unit is quite expensive. 

The 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro is the best tablet for programming that comes with many sublime features. You can make use of it for programming, coding, gaming, and a host of other activities. The unit is portable, offers you remarkable storage space and decent battery life.  

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2. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet is the best tablet for programming. Just like one programmer said that he accidentally pushed his laptop by mistake off the bed. This was when he realized that he needed a smaller device to enhance his programming tasks.  

Best Tablet For Programming 1
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If you are keen on working on the PC, you can make use of DeX mode. The tablet has an expanded trackpad and an optional keyboard. The keyboard has to be bought separately and is produced from plastic.  

Thanks to the large 11″ monitor, it provides you with edge-to-edge displays. It also comes with an LCD monitor along with the Dolby Atmos feature. The stylus pen is one of the main reasons we decided to have this gem of a device on our list. 

It comes with enhanced 9ms pen latency and can help you control your presentations effortlessly. The unit is also ideal for gamers because of the Wi-Fi connectivity and the Bluetooth-enabled controller. 

It comes with a decent battery life of 15 hours, and the device also charges pretty quickly. The model can be charged using the USB-C port. You can experience fantastic clarity with the camera that is infused with a rear 13MP and a front 8MP camera. 

The storage space of 128GB lets you save your work files and documents seamlessly. It can be upgraded to 1TB memory if you want. It comes embedded with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  

A user-based in California says that he purchased the device because of its smooth design. He has the bronze color and is amazed by the elegance of it. Besides, he finds the pen extremely useful in his programming work.  


  • The unit is relatively lightweight and portable.  
  • It has a massive 128GB storage space upgradeable to 1TB.  
  • It comes with an edge-to-edge display screen. 
  • The tablet has a functional stylus pen for enhancing your programming and design work. 
  • The product has a colossal battery life of 15 hours.  


  • The plastic keyboard is not something all users will prefer. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet could be the best tablet for programming. It comes to light and is feature-rich.

This model could be the best alternative for the iPad Pro or Air if you would. However, they need to work on improvements on the keyboard & the stylus pen.  

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3. Google Pixelbook 

The Google Pixelbook is next on our list. The tablet is more of a Chromebook with good performance. You will be delighted to know that it is the first device with the Google Assistant infused in it.  

You need to press the Google Assistant key and say “ok Google” to begin. The laptop comes with eloquent features like the phenomenal Intel Core 7th gen i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and close to 128GB storage space.  

9 Best Tablet For Programming [ Recommended By Pro Coders]
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The battery works for more than 11 hours and can get charged in under 2 hours. This model is highly recommended for programmers as they can use it as a tablet, laptop, tent, and even other modes if they want to.

Coders can do plenty of things using the model besides programming. You can browse your emails, do light painting, and make use of a host of Google apps if you want. It measures only 2.4 pounds and comes with a monitor that is flexible for 360degrees.  

Besides, you can also work peacefully at night using the backlit keyboard. The bootup of the model is very quick, coming in at 6 seconds. The maker has given it an automatic software update. A user who is located in the USA said this about the tablet.  

Though he prefers iOS, he was stunned by the performance of the device. The consumer is a programmer who mainly uses the unit for reading, browsing, and watching videos.

However, he is extremely satisfied with the tablet’s functionality and feels that it is much better than the MacBook.  

It is priced at less than $651. This price point makes it quite affordable, ensuring that you can for a barrage of activities like programming, designing, & gaming. The unit is most suitable for programmers & gamers.  


  • The product is lightweight and easy to use.  
  • It has sufficient Google apps to work with.  
  • It comes with a powerful processor.  
  • The unit is quite affordable.  
  • The tablet has a decent battery working life.  


  • Being a Google product, it is more inclined towards Google apps. 

You do not have to be a Google fan to get the Google Pixelbook for yourself. The best tablet for programming comes with spectacular features & specifications. Not to mention, the processor, battery life, and functionality are pretty good.  

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4. Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) 

Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) is a fantastic product from the makers of Microsoft. You know instantly that this is a product to reckon with. Don’t be surprised if you find the best tablet for programming in the hands of most programmers around the globe.  

Best Tablet For Programming 4
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The connectivity of the device is outstanding as it comes with a powerful Wi-Fi infused in it. Surface Pro has a decent flexible capability providing you to work, study, and games. It is not only beneficial for programmers but also for a wide range of other users too.  

You can work on most of the Windows operating systems that have been released in the market, like Windows 8.1, 7, XP, and 10. The keyboard’s design is one of the best in the market, offering you excellent writing capabilities.  

Your typing becomes smooth. Most of the units sold in the market do not have keyboards. The processor on the device is the Intel Core i5 offering you sufficient power for working on several tasks efficiently.  

The storage space on the device is 8GB RAM and 256GB capacity. Its benefit is that the model offers you the incredible ability to work and provides you with Windows experience. You can utilize the Surface Dial and Office, Surface Pen, and it can operate on the 3D creation tools.  

You can work on it with the tablet, laptop, and studio modes. Besides programmers & coders, designers and video creators can make use of it with the studio mode. It has a battery life of more than 14 hours.  

The model weighs 1.7 pounds. It means that you can place it inside your backpack and move around quickly. You won’t even know that your tablet is inside there. It is priced less than $700. This is a flexible device that can offer you stunning capabilities.  


  • It is exceptionally light and easy for travel purposes.  
  • The model has a powerful Windows working ability.  
  • It comes with a dazzling processor & storage space.  
  • The Surface pen provides you with a fantastic writing experience.  
  • The battery life of close to 14 hours is exceptional.  


  • The features are not powerful compared to devices in the price range. 

Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) is an exceptional device that is ideal for programmers. You can also do other tasks like browsing, reading, and typing with it. Though it inclines too much on the Windows tools & apps, Apple fans can consider using it if they plan on getting the unit.  

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5. 2020 Apple iPad Air 

2020 Apple iPad Air is the second iPad that we are going to read about. There is something special about the iPad, is it not? It comes as no surprise that programmers, gamers, and users prefer the iPad for professional and personal reasons.  

The iPad Air is almost on par with the Pro, except that the performance is a bit lower. However, the features and the specifications are quite good. The unit is relatively light and durable. Not to mention, the device comes cheaper than the Pro.  

9 Best Tablet For Programming [ Recommended By Pro Coders]
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It comes with a big monitor, powerful sound effects, and a splendid processor. Besides, there is the pencil that has superior build quality. The unit comes with the A14 chip in them, and that can be relatively faster than the Android devices.  

You can breeze past your programming and designing work. Most programmers & coders like the speed and power of the device, which makes it extremely attractive. You can upgrade the storage space and RAM accordingly.  

It has a 10.9″ monitor that has breathtaking image quality in them. The pictures offered by the device are almost on the same level as the Pro. They also come infused with the wide color gamut that is laminated and has an anti-reflective coating on them.  

You can use the keyboard that includes a magic keyboard from Apple or the other keyboards of your preference. Using the Apple keyboard gives you a clear advantage. Cameras are pretty good and have sufficient power in them.  

Unfortunately, the battery working is only for 5 hours. That was a huge blow. Otherwise, the device is simply magnificent and something that any programmer would delight in using for tasks. It is priced less than $870, which can be on the expensive side of things.  


  • The unit is extremely fast.  
  • It comes embedded with a stunning processor and storage space.  
  • It has a good build quality in them.  
  • The cameras are splendid.  
  • The unit is quite affordable compared to the iPad Pro.  


  • The battery life needs to be enhanced. 

The 2020 Apple iPad Air is the best tablet for programming because it comes with a robust specification, processor, and storage space. You would like it because of the keyboard, image clarity, and camera; however, the battery life is relatively low.  

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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the best tablet for programming, without a doubt. When you are on the lookout for a cheap device for your programming or reading needs, then you can choose this option.  

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The model has a 10.4″ monitor that is capable of offering you eloquent pictures. It comes with a metal body. The model has a thickness of just 7mm and weighs only 1 pound. You can now travel along with the tablet as you wish.  

The audio quality is tremendous and is infused with the quad-speaker system with Dolby Atmos surround sound. The battery life is good, and you can charge it quickly with the USB-C port. Users can effortlessly multi-task using the device.  

It has a quick processor and memory that enables you to stream, read, browse, and do a wide range of activities. It comes with an internal storage of 32GB and a microSD card of 1TB storage space. 

It is priced less than $250. This unit is extremely affordable and an ideal option for individuals looking for a cheap device. Probably, you can be somebody beginning your career or a student who plans to become a programmer.  


  • The unit is very light and ideal for traveling.  
  • The device is flexible, offering astonishing performance.  
  • It comes with a decent specification embedded. 
  • It is available in 3 attractive colors.  
  • The product has a cheap price point.


  • For the price, programmers cannot expect top-notch features infused in it. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a decent unit that you can consider for your coding needs. Though, it may come with the specifications present on top-end models, like no fingerprint reader. It is good enough for beginners and those learning the basics of programming languages.  

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7. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is priced similar to the Tab A7 that we just above. The device is most suitable for programmers who are looking for a cheap and low-priced. But it comes embedded with decent features and weighs only 1.7 pounds making it light. 

The device comes with a decent 10.1″ screen that has a good image quality. Users have commended the unit for its ergonomic capabilities. The processor given is phenomenal with the 2 GHz Snapdragon. 

9 Best Tablet For Programming [ Recommended By Pro Coders]
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You can find the storage space of 64GB helpful in keeping your files safe and secure. There is a battery life of 10 hours. That should help you cover for a day, and then you charge it up. A user-based in Carolina had to say this about the device.  

He had been using a cheap tablet for a few months, and it broke. So, he decided to purchase this unit on the advice of a programmer friend. He is extremely satisfied with the performance and the functionalities.  

Its image quality is astonishing, and the audio is fantastic. He also feels that the device is relatively quick and responsive to his programming needs. He also does a bit of browsing and reading. The camera quality was also good for his needs.  

We completely agree with him on that. However, you might want to update your device to Android 10.1 because it came with Android 9 only. It is priced at less than $220. You will be delighted to know that the product comes with 5 years of warranty on it.  


  • The unit weighs only 1.7 pounds and is relatively light. 
  • The processor and storage space is good.  
  • The model comes with an ergonomic design.  
  • It is cheaply priced.  
  • It has a 5 years warranty period.  


  • A user found an issue with the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is a terrific device that has it all. The unit comes with splendid specifications, a processor, and storage space. Besides, the price point is relatively low, only at $200, and has phenomenal battery life. All these make it the best tablet for programming, period.  

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8. ASUS Chromebook Flip 

ASUS Chromebook Flip is the best tablet for programming. We can say that because it comes from the makers of Asus, but also as it has some incredible specifications infused in the unit. This model has a 14″ touchscreen that has a 4-way NanoEdge display. 

It also has a resolution of 1920x1080 that comes with ultra-narrow bezels measuring 5 mm only. The size is also suitable for programmers looking for a small but handy laptop.

You will be surprised to find out that the 360-degree hinge lets you rotate the device effortlessly.  

9 Best Tablet For Programming [ Recommended By Pro Coders]
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That means you can use it as a tablet, stand, tent, and laptop, depending on your purpose. The model comes embedded with the powerful Intel Core m3-8100Y processor for quick performance.  

If you are somebody who likes to work with 20-40 tabs open simultaneously, then this is your ideal choice. Typing must not be a hindrance because it has a backlit keyboard. Besides, the connectivity options in it are tremendous.  

It is designed using an aluminum body that is durable and provides an elegant appearance. The battery life of the device can run for 10 hours. It weighs only 2.9 pounds, making it suitable for travel.  

You could be a programmer or gamer looking for a portable device that you keep in your backpack. It is priced at less than $580. This price is reasonable, and it is indeed a feature-rich product and has a brand attached.  


  • The laptop has stunning image quality.  
  • The model comes with decent specs.  
  • The unit has powerful battery life.  
  • It is a brand for value for a product.  
  • It is pretty light and ideal for travel.   


  • The keyboard is not light and responsive. 

ASUS Chromebook Flip is an outstanding choice for any coder. It comes infused with some stunning specifications. The unit has a powerful processor and decent specifications produced for efficiency, portability, and affordability.  

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9. 2019 HP Chromebook

The 2019 HP Chromebook is an astonishing device from the makers of HP. The Chromebook comes with an 11.6″ monitor that is embedded with outstanding features for stunning picture quality. It has a resolution of 1366x768, providing you with an eloquent image. 

Best Tablet For Programming 9
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It has a diagonal HD PS eDP bright View touchscreen. The processor of the device comes infused with Intel Celeron CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz. It is ideal for ensuring that you can work with your programming efficiently. 

The memory of 4GB and the storage space of 32GB is sufficient for providing you with fantastic performance. It comes infused with a Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth. Not to mention, you can also find the headphone jack and microSD card reader in it. 

The unit works with the Chrome OS. You can expect a decent performance from it. The battery working is quite good at 14 hours. It entirely is up to the usage. However, we don’t see any problem as it can easily last you an entire day.  

It weighs only 2.7 pounds for its size. You can place it easily inside your backpack and move around with ease as it will not cause a problem, be it at your university or office. An ideal companion during those conferences and seminars with your clients too. 

It is priced at less than $410. The price is just fine for the features that we read about. This model can be the best tablet for programming. It is reliable, durable, and importantly affordable for coders, designers, and users. 


  • The unit is ideal for travel as it is lightweight.  
  • The model comes with powerful features.  
  • The battery working is good at 14 hours.  
  • It works just like a tablet.  
  • It is priced affordable for a wide range of users.  


  • Unfortunately, the Chrome OS is not ideal for programmers.  

The 2019 HP Chromebook is an ideal option for light programming. The unit comes with splendid features infused in it. You can make use of it for other purposes like gaming, browsing, reading, and designing. The Chrome OS is not designed for everybody, so you might want to look elsewhere if you are into heavy programming or coding.  

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 (Q) How is a tablet suitable for programming?   

A tablet is a handy device that can be useful in programming, coding, video designing, content writing, and a host of other things. It depends on how you want to use it. With laptops, programmers can find it extremely challenging to travel to the client’s region for a meeting extremely challenging.  

During such situations, the tablet is helpful. You might want to make sure that the tool comes with a keyboard attached, decent battery life to back it up, and a top-notch processor for enabling you to work flawlessly.  

(Q) What are the programming languages that you can use on tablets?  

You can just about work on any kind of programming language that you want to. The most common language on the best tablet for programming would be Python. The apps include CodeToGo, Pythonista, and the like to operate on iOS devices.  

(Q) Why is the iPad better for programming?  

Based on the user’s reviews, we found that they prefer the Apple iPad suitable for coding. Because it comes with higher specifications and capabilities, they are also practical learning for those who are initially programming.  

 (Q) What is the best Android and iOS tablet for programming? 

The best Android tablet would be the Microsoft Surface Pro. It comes with immense features & capabilities helping you to perform your tasks. The best iOS tablet for programming would be the Apple iPad Pro. 

For example, you can find the right kind of device, the screen keyboard, and a pen with it. Not to mention, you can also find the processor and storage space on them splendid. These can help you capture what you are looking for.  

(Q) What should be the price range of the tablet?

The best tablet for programming does not have to cost more than $1500. Yes, we know that it can be on the higher side. But programming & coding is a task that requires the device to have powerful specifications to enable you to perform your tasks up to the mark. 


We have ended our discussion on the best tablet for programming, coding, & gaming. These devices come with intense features embedded in them. Choosing the best device at times takes some planning, waiting, and may seem quite tricky.  

Probably that is because you can find an abundance of devices in the market for you on sale. However, most of them may not be ideal for your programming needs. They are quite capable. That is when our post might come in handy for you to choose the best tablets from among them.  

We highly recommend the use of the Apple iPad Pro & Air. You also have got the Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel book & the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Of course, your choices do not have to blend with ours. 

We encourage our readers to do their own research in finding the best tablets. You never know what small research on the internet can do. Remember to have the factors in your mind before purchasing them.

You cannot go wrong with these devices. Did you feel that we have missed out on a device, then? Do you know? Please do write to us about your experience.  

Have a jolly time programming!