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7 Of The Best Telescope Under 500 $ in 2022 – Reviewed

Are you looking for the Best Telescope Under 500 $ in 2022? 🤔

We got you covered in this buyer’s guide.

This buyer’s guide reviewed the 6 Of The Best Telescope Under 500 $ available on Amazon based on Aperture, Focal Length, Finderscope, Mount, and Tripod.

Let’s dive right in. 📗

Space is the latest fascination, and telescopes are the most advanced gadget that empowers young and old people to see the world above them.

Telescopes come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and construction, so do their prices differ; if your dream is to see what NASA observes, you will have to study well to be on NASA’s team of astronomers.

However, to enable you to see space more, we have compiled a host of night-watching gadgets that will not break the bank and leave you in awe of the world above.

If you have been thinking about which is right for me, we hope we got your option on the list, and hopefully, you can buy it after reading this article.

Best Telescope Under 500 $ – Our Picks 👌

1. Orion 10016 StarBlast 6 Telescope

Best Telescope Under 500
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You will soon discuss your exploration of the moon and other galaxies with the Orion 10016 tabletop telescope.

The 10016 StarBlast 6 is a 6-inch Dobsonian reflector telescope that combines power, design, and portability to enable you to see the skies without hindrance.


1. The Orion 6 has 6 inches aperture that transmits plenty of light into your eyepiece, allowing you to see smaller details excellently with less stress.

If you add a lunar filter to your eyepiece, you should see more details on the moon than any other telescope will allow. 

2. This large aperture combines with a focal length of 750mm to produce 33 percent more light transmission into the device, making the object super-sharp, detailed, and brighter

3. Although this Dobsonian telescope is large and heavy, weighing in at almost 24 pounds after complete assembly, this unit is simple, easy to use, and will make searching for heavenly bodies so much fun it is intoxicating.

However, the StarBlast 6 does suffer from chromatic aberration that tends to make objects drag, but that can be fixed with the right eyepiece.

4. The StarBlast 6 has a simplistic Altazimuth mount that comes pre-assembled and is capable of 360 degrees and up and down movement/rotation.

Furthermore, to enable you to stay on an object in the night sky, it has a tension knob that locks the tube to avoid missing a unique object as it travels across the heavens.

5. Attached to the telescope is the option of two different eyepieces, 25mm and 10mm, that will give a magnification of over 30 times and 75 times the original size of the object by simply adjusting and movements of the lens and tube simultaneously.

The Orion StarBlast 6 allows the addition of a 2x Barlow magnification that increases the size twice the lens’s magnification.

6. EZ Finder is a red dot that lets you easily find celestial objects. Although the finder on the Orion StarBlast 6 is not pinpoint accurate, it will allow you to track objects in the sky.


  • Although a tabletop telescope, it will sit very stable on any flat surface without stress
  • Low-budget telescopes show that a focal ratio of f/5 and a parabolic mirror eliminates spherical aberration on images.
  • Ability to see beyond the moon into planets like Jupiter, nebular galaxies, and even more in the skies
  • Durable and easy to setup


  • The finder could be better

Orion StarBlast 6 is a reliable telescope that will effectively enable you to see the moon, stars, galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters. Its large aperture allows light transmission resulting in better image clarity and sharpness.

Although a bulky telescope, it is a great beginner and pro device to keep your passion for stargazing alive.

2. Celestron 130SLT NexStar Computerized Telescope

Suppose you like scanning the sky looking for new galaxies to conquer but can’t do the work of constantly moving the telescope.

In that case, the Celestron NexStar 130 SLT will enable you to stargaze, locate, track and view up to 4000 celestial bodies, 600 galaxies, 300-star clusters, and a few binary stars.

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The 130SLT would also enable you to see the lunar surface, ice on Mars, cloud belts on Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and many more, all at the touch of a button.


1. The 130SLT comes pre-assembled on a tripod for easy setup; while we won’t dare say this is a kid’s telescope, it is a great telescope that youngsters can use to learn about the galaxies. The 130SLT is lightweight, durable, and easy to use; even a newbie will master it without stress.

2. The Celestron 130SLT uses a Newtonian reflector that relies on mirrors to attract light to a focal point transmitted across the aperture and eyepiece to create bright and sharp objects of the images in question.

3. The 130SLT is a 130mm aperture with a focal length of 650mm, f/5 focal ratio that uses two eyepieces of 25mm (26X), and 9mm (75X) magnification to allow you to adjust and lock down on object easily.

4. Unlike other telescopes, the NexStar 130SLT comes with the SkyAlign and StarPointer Finderscope, making tracking and locating objects easy and fun.

This 130mm reflector telescope is mounted on a computerized azimuth mount with stainless steel tripod that is sturdy and strong. It allows for less vibration or impromptu movement in a windy environment.

5. Like most Celestron telescopes, the NexStar 130SLT comes with printable astronomy software tagged the Sky that contains all the names and information of various celestial bodies you can refer to when you find any object out there.

6. Probably the most fun feature about the NexStar 130SLT is the automatic computerized control system that gives you access to over 4000 celestial bodies with impeccable zoom to see them as clearly as possible


  • Adjustable tripod with a tray to keep all your pieces organized
  • The large aperture and focal length equal superb image quality
  • Lightweight, durable, easy-to-use, and fun
  • Computerization makes star gazing pleasurable


  • The battery life is brief, and you need an AC adapter or power bank to support the unit.
  • Mount needs to be tightened to prevent shakes during use
  • The color filter is not great; pretty much ineffective

Overall, the Celestron NexStar 130 SLT is a magnificent telescope for beginner astronomers and stargazers alike. Though it has its lapses, this is one telescope that will take you to the moon and back.

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3. Gskyer AZ Astronomical Refractor German Telescope

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Gskyer is German technology at its best; this refractor telescope is of high quality and with more than 20 years of experience manufacturing telescopes.

Whether a beginner stargazer or a pro, this telescope will offer powerful optics and ease of use to make you see objects in astonishing detail.


1. The design of the Gskyer consists of aluminum alloy material that makes the telescope durable, solid, and lightweight, increasing the portability and ease of use.

The telescope easy Azimuth mounts seats on a stainless steel tripod stand to make viewing comfortable and secure.

2. The AZ astronomical telescope has a 900mm aperture with a focal length of 600mm and a focal ratio of f/6.7, enabling you to see the moon, stars, meteors, and planets in the sky.

Also, it comes with three eyepieces at various magnifications, 25mm [24x], 10mm [60x], and 5mm [120x], with impeccable clarity of objects in the distance.

However, if your viewing capacity needs to be extended, the Gskyer 600/900 will give you 3X more magnification with a 3X Barlow lens.

3. To ensure images are sharp and maintain all-around clarity, the Gskyer has a coated anti-reflective blue film that prevents the internal light reflection from distorted images produced during a view.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Gskyer AZ that earned it a spot in our list of best telescope under 500 dollars.


  • A Finderscope of 6 by 30 and 48 erecting BAK7 prism allows for on-point sharp viewing.
  • A great telescope for bird watchers, wildlife, and other terrestrial creatures
  • Barlow lens triples the viewing power of the three lenses on the Gskyer
  • Easy to operate for beginners after set up
  • The wide aperture and focal length produced crisp and sharp images
  • It comes with a manual and map on how to get started with a telescope


  • It doesn’t have a carry case 
  • It is difficult to lock the AZ mount into place – it needs expert hands
  • A misaligned Finderscope is hard to readjust

Overall, the Gskyer 600/900mm AZ telescope is one to buy if you are keen on your passion for astronomy. For the $$$ price, it offers you great value for the money and can be used by professionals and newbies. 

Also, it is durable, reliable, and will survive the outdoor weather, whether in your backyard or the wilderness; you will get stunning images and the blue film coating protects your eyes from excessive light.

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A Man-Made Object in Front of the Sun, Just Wow!

4. Celestron AstroMaster 102 AZ Beginners telescope

The AstroMaster combines science and pleasure to give the newbie in star gazing a good starting platform.

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If you are interested in celestial or terrestrial viewing and need an affordable, durable telescope that offers high-quality images with a stylish design, then this is for you.

Beginners who opt for this telescope will find it especially useful because of its minimalistic function, ease of use, and surface area for maneuverability. 

Below are some of the features of The Celestron AstroMaster 102 AZ that earned it a spot in our list of Best Telescope Under 500 $.


1. The AstroMaster 102AZ is a 4-inch refractor telescope that offers crisp, sharp, and bright images. Whether you are celestial or terrestrial watching, it’s 102mm aperture combines with a focal length of 660mm and a focal ratio of f/6.5 with coated optic glass to produce high-quality and impeccable clarity on all images, whether in the heavens or n earth.

The company has gone the extra mile to produce a galaxy map with over 10,000 celestial bodies to enable you to note and track every new star you find.

2. A great aperture, focal length, and focal point are nothing without the lenses. The AstroMaster has two eyepieces at different magnifications. 

3. The 10mm and 20mm with a maximum magnification of 240X. The Finderscope with a red dot makes locating and tracking a celestial body easy, especially if you observe during the day.

4. Although you might not discover a new galaxy, with an aperture of 102mm, this refractor telescope stays true to its name by offering spectacular surface details and clarity of the object in view, including the rings of Saturn, the craters on the moon and a lot of stars in our galaxy.

5. Setting up the Celestron AstroMaster is very simple; the Azimuth mount seat comfortably on the durable stainless steel tripod and allows for easy movement of the telescope in all directions as you watch for a view to pop up.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Celestron AstroMaster 102  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Telescope Under 500 $.


  • Budget-friendly telescope
  • Made with durable material
  • Produces high-quality and crisp images
  • Very easy to assemble, even for a novice
  • Excellent for celestial and terrestrial watch
  • Panhandle aids easy movement of the telescope


  • Not a professional telescope
  • The mount is shaky

This model is ideal for everyone, except you are a professional astronomer with your eyes set on something deep into space. See the galaxies and other planetary bodies up close, and then the Celestron AstroMaster will satisfy that need to the fullest.

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5. Meade StarNavigator Next Generation Telescope

7 Of The Best Telescope Under 500 $ in 2022 - Reviewed
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If you are searching for a powerful telescope that will allow you to scan the length and breadth of the universe, see old and discover new things, then the Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope by Meade is ready to go.

At below $500, this telescope has features that others in the same range lack.

Below are some of The Meade StarNavigator features that earned it a spot in our list of Best Telescope Under 500 $.


1. Ideal for astronomers who want a powerful but portable telescope, the Meade observation platform can provide high magnification detailed views of celestial bodies and even reach beyond space for a cluster of stars.

It uses a frontal corrector plate with a convex lens to correct chromatic aberration and a coma to produce crisp, sharp, and colorful images.

2. Furthermore, the telescope is fitted with a secondary lens that restricts light obstruction, increases contrast, and stops collimation narrowing the field of view to enable faster tracking with precision.

3. The optical performance of this telescope is fantastic. It uses the Maksutov-Cassegrain optical configuration and 127mm aperture and focal length of 1900mm and f/15 focal ratio with a convex lens to create impeccable clarity on all images with less obstruction and off-axis aberrations.

4. The mount is a single fork motorized Altazimuth mount with a vixen style dovetail saddle. The motor runs on 8 AA batteries to provide smooth and accurate movement during tracking or locating a foreign body. This mount is seated on an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod with leg locking plates for extra stabilization on any surface.

5. The Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope comes with two eyepieces with a 1.25-inch filter. Each eyepiece is also 1.25 inches in diameter; the 9mm has a magnification of 211X, and the 26mm has a 73X for viewing objects in the distance. It also has a finder that aids easy location of objects and fast alignment.

6. The hand controller is an LED display unit with 20 alphanumeric keypads powered by an 8MHz processor. You also have access to a database of over 30,000 celestial objects with built-in voice command that gives you a detailed description of the history of over 500 objects.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Meade StarNavigator Next Generation Telescope that earned it a spot in our list of best telescope under $500 2022.


  • Database easily updated via the internet
  • Easy alignment system
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • User-friendly devices, including names of celestial and terrestrial objects
  • Ability to see over 88 constellations, galaxies, nebulae, and quasars, including an asteroid and other objects in the solar system
  • A single-speed internal focuser with a resolution of 0.9 arcsec
  • It comes with a tray that holds all your accessories
  • It comes with a traveling bag that holds all your piece in one place
  • If you are into astrophotography, you can create magic with this computerized telescope


  • The alignment system needs some getting used too
  • The space parts are difficult to find
  • Lack of date and location memory means entering each use’s date.

Meade has gone up and beyond to create an awesome design. Although the price is less than $500, it is steep for some.

However, if you want a reliable instrument to boost your astronomy passion and are willing to explore the universe in all its finesse, this is the telescope for you. It is an astonishing telescope for beginners and easy to use too.

Meade Instruments | How To Setup & Align Your StarNavigator NG Telescope

6. Celestron NexStar 4SE Computerized telescope

Celestron is a very familiar brand. It’s innovation, and powerful design have telescopes that will trigger the love of space in skeptics and make professionals continue the search for a new galaxy. 

7 Of The Best Telescope Under 500 $ in 2022 - Reviewed
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As with all Celestron telescopes, it gives you access to over 40,000 celestial objects. With the wifi update feature, you will get periodic updates of any new development in our universe.

So aside from seeing the rings and moons of Saturn, other galaxies, stars, clusters, and objects in our solar system, the NexStar 4SE produces amazing images that are easily captured with the computerized device if you are into astrophotography.

Below are some of the features of The Celestron NexStar 4SE that earned it a spot in our list of Best Telescope Under 500 $.


1. This unit combines the high-quality optics of Maksutov-Cassegrain with XLT optical coating and SkyAlign features to create an all-around telescope powerful enough to view beyond the darkness of the universe.

2. This reliable telescope combines a 102mm aperture with a focal length of 1325 and f/13 focal ratio to produce crisp images that will make you want to jump to space. It only comes with one lens, a 25mm, with a magnification power of 53X.

3. The 4SE uses SkyAlign technology and a StarPointer Finderscope to make alignment fast, easy, and on-point accurate.

All you need to do is to point at the object, and the computer aligns it for you. This makes using the NexStar for navigating, locating, and tracking celestial bodies very easy.

4. A sturdy computerized Altazimuth mount is seated on a stable steel tripod with movement in all directions for smooth viewing.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Celestron NexStar 4SE that earned it a spot in our list of Best Telescope Under 500 $.


  • Compact, durable, and portable
  • Tired of stargazing, the tripod folds easily into the bag for another day.
  • Accessories included
  • Great for astrophotography
  • Compatible with most Celestron Parts
  • Fully automated mount


  • Not a very easy telescope to get used to; it needs some getting used to
  • Battery life is too short
  • The alignment is slow

Overall, Celestron knows how to make a durable and simple-to-use telescope; the NexStar 4SE is not your average device.

Whether you want to view using the computerized mechanism or the internal flip 90 degrees mirror, you can get crisp, sharp, detailed, and beautiful images of the world around you.

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Best Telescope Under 500 $: What To Consider

There are so many telescopes on the market, and while gazing at the skies and looking for faraway objects is fun, buying one isn’t that pleasurable.

However, here are five must-know tips that you should have in your wallet or purse if you are shopping for a telescope.

The telescope listed here is below $500; hence the price is not a consideration. If you are buying one above the price tag, these tips will also help you out.


This is the eye of the telescope, the larger the aperture, the more light enters, and the brighter your objects are. So a wider aperture means you can view objects in the distance with impeccable clarity.

Focal Length:-

The distance between the points where the object in the mirror becomes clear in the mirror is the focal length.

It is also the term that describes how much magnification your telescope is. Remember that the focal length and aperture work together to create crisp images, if the focal length exceeds the aperture, the object becomes blurry and unpleasant.


It can be annoying looking for an object in space, but with finder scope, it eases the process and enables you to find them more quickly. Some telescope uses red dot technology, creating a dotted path that helps you find your way around the solar system.


The most popular mount is the Altazimuth. This mount is sturdy and reliable and allows for easy movement. This system makes some telescopes rotate 360 degrees, up and down, for easy tracking of space objects.

The Tripod:-

Even if your telescope is a tabletop, you need a tripod stand for better viewing. The stand should be sturdy and made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. An adjustable tripod is extra for viewing the sky.

Conclusion on the best telescope under 500$ list

With these five tips and the telescope above, we are sure you have a fresh perspective on what choices to make and how.

Space is a fun subject for most people; the everyday new object is discovered, and you could be the next astronomer with your name on a space object.