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11 Best Tetris Games of All Times – The Definitive Guide

Brainstorming, intelligence and fun all get combined to form up the Tetris games. Other than being a good source of entertainment, Tetris games also help you to develop and enhance your logical thinking ability and your learning and understanding skills, simply by playing. 

With time passing by, the IQ level of the players increases as he/she continue to play Tetris games. Increased brain efficiency is the best possible reason to try your hands at the Tetris games, not forgetting the amusements they give. 

Tetris games are easy but tricky to play and you can not pause or stop them just after a single game, that’s for sure. The better you play these games, the better you grow and modify!

And the happiness of having completed levels on levels is extremely wholesome and incomparable. It is a puzzle game that is undoubtedly addictive and it will surely keep you busy for a major part of your day! 

Tetris games slowly become a part of your routine as you keep playing them. They get advanced and modified with time, captivating more of your attention.

If nothing, Tetris introduces you to patience at the least. The will and desire to accomplish the task and the wait that has to be done before a task gets done are truly not matched anywhere else! 

Thus, if you have been searching for brain games, or you are a Tetris game player wanting to try different versions of it, you are at the right place. Here, we’ll be addressing the best Tetris games that you can play almost instantly. Enjoy!

Best Tetris Games – Our Top Pick👌

1. Tetris Effect 

Tetris Effect is a strategic tile-matching video game, somehow like other Tetris games, but a lot more different. The game supports more than 30 stages and 10 modes with enhanced music and different audio sounds for each mode.

Best Tetris Games

The background music changes automatically as you pass on to an upgraded level, making the player’s experience satisfactory. As the game gets complex, the music gets appealing! 

The game provides a “multiplayer expansion” which lets you connect with other players of the co-op across the world. The Tetris effect is a platform to interact with various kinds of people. Hence, the Tetris effect is a socio-friendly game with all the fun! 

Giving a realistic view to the player, the Tetris effect allows you to play your game or watch your friend’s game in VR mode on your VR-compatible device. 

Another interesting feature that the Tetris effect comes up with, is its “Time-Stopping Zone”, during which the blocks stop falling and the clear lines move to the bottom. It is like a little rest during your play. 

Apart from this, there is a “Classic Score Attack Mode”, in which better-developed controls and attacks can be used by the player. This makes the game more exciting than usual.

10 Minutes of TETRIS EFFECT Music and Gameplay

You can also get into a single-player competition between you and your friend to know who’s the pro player, all this with AI bosses! 

Tetris Effect is a game that makes you forget your surroundings completely. It indulges you so much in itself, its background, and its music that it leaves you overwhelmed every time you play it. Harder levels and exciting music are altogether more joyous!

2. Tetris (NES)

This game brings forward Nintendo’s name in the world of gaming. Tetris (NES) is an essential element in the series of Tetris games.

Best Tetris Games 1

The game is based on simple yet effective visuals which are truly captivating for a gamer. You can irresistibly play this game for hours and hours. Based on exquisite intelligence and easy functioning, the game is amusing to play. 

The game supports effortless controls and it can be painlessly played by using your PC. With the multiplayer feature, various gamers can enjoy the game on a common platform. This makes the game an interactive one for you. For those who like versatility, this is the most worthy platform. 

The retro tunes offered by the game are soothing and very relaxing. There are three different types of background music choices for you. The game can be played in two different modes. 

With a standard endless mode of the game, you will experience increased speeds after every 10 lines. With the other one, you get into a race to clear the first 25 lines.

NES Longplay [483] Tetris

This version of Tetris accommodates simple yet enhanced visuals. It is interesting to play and fascinating enough to not put a halt while playing it. Tetris(NES) is one of the best-known versions of the Tetris games. 

With super systematic controls on the console, the game turns out to be an amazing experience for the players. For those wanting to go for brain games options, Tetris(NES) is a considerable choice. 

3. Tetris DS

An innovative game introduced by Nintendo in 2006, Tetris DS supports DS stylus. The game allows you to access it in six variant modes, all enhanced and modified.

This all-new model is a revolution in the Tetris games. Each mode is more stylish and captivating than the previous ones.

Best Tetris Games 2

The background and styling features of Tetris DS are adapted from favorite Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros 3. These provide a nostalgic touch to the gamers. It is a prime console to have a strategic battle with your friends excitedly! 

For seamless functioning of the game, you can play it over a built-in Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to have a two or four-player game.

Tetris DS has intuitive controls, which are super easily manageable by a player, once they are understood. With combined efforts of the player’s intelligence and tactics, the game becomes even more fun.

Tetris DS (NDS Gameplay)

Apart from this, 10 DS players can get into a battle at once with only a single Tetris DS card. If you are interested in playing a single one-to-one battle, then you can rely on Tetris DS. You can also get access to your friend’s or opponent’s ratings, to know about their skills, and also to improve yours accordingly. 

Along with this, you also acknowledge top-screen gameplay footage while playing a game. All in all, Tetris DS is a well-designed puzzle game giving you all the entertainment and fun!

4. Tetris Battle Gaiden

Another similar one to Tetris is the Tetris Battle Gaiden. This version of Tetris was specially developed for Super Famicom in Japan. The game is over pleasing for the gamers. You cannot resist the temptation of playing it for hours.

Best Tetris Games 3

Tetris Battle Gaiden is an addiction that is hard to let go of! Like others, Tetris Battle Gaiden comes up with a multiplayer feature, wherein you can play against your friends. Moreover, you can connect with various friends to get a wide-ranging experience of the game. 

The puzzle-fighter gameplay feature is very innovative for its players, making it different from the usual Tetris games. 

Another interesting aspect of the game is that it offers a wide range of multiple characters which can be switched on according to your choices as you play the game, it can be a pumpkin, princess, Aladdin, or a dragon, as per your preferences.

Tetris Battle Gaiden - Full Gameplay

Overall, there are 8 characters, each having 4 attacks. Each character has its special abilities which can be benefited from while being and playing in that character. Using the story mode, you can play against a computer, in case you have no friends to play with! 

All in all, the game supports three different modes. 

  • To experience a more hyperactive version of the game, you have the “Rensa mode”. 
  • Then there is a “Battles mode”. This is the standard game mode.
  • Lastly, there is a “Tetris mode”. The player gets no special abilities or magical effects in this view. The preview remains the same in this mode.

Concluding, Tetris Battle Gaiden is a Tetris cum battling game, where you can enjoy the benefits of both.

5. Tetris (Game Boy)

Tetris(Game Boy) is a block placing puzzle game that is an ultimate source of entertainment for the players. The most enhancing feature is its portability. It is one of the best Tetris games that can be carried along to places with absolute ease. 

Best Tetris Games 4

This game can serve to be your source of fun in unknown places. Wherever you are, you can enjoy and have fun with this Tetris game instantly. 

With a handheld console, you will undoubtedly be reminded of your childhood days when this game was not given enough consideration, but now, the game is an addiction in itself. 

Placing blocks, one over the other, with the old nostalgic tune is very captivating for the players. If you plan to play something old school, keeping your cell phones away for a while, then Tetris GameBoy is a definite source of amusement for you. 

Amongst your groupies or cousins too, you can count on this Tetris game for a whole lot of fun and excitement. The black and white or black and green screen and hand-sized device take us all back to the less troublesome days. You can get access to the game on your computers as well. 

Game Boy Longplay [157] Tetris

This Tetris game console has game cartridges that are exchangeable in case one of the cartridges finishes or does not work. This makes sure that the fun never stops! Tetris Game Boy is a drive back to your childhood, enjoy it whenever you like!

6. Tetris 99

Tetris 99 introduces you to 99 player clashes, therefore it is named Tetris 99. It is another revolutionary game brought into the list of Tetris games.

It works primarily on twin objectives- speed and strategy. With both being balanced, the game turns out to be super exciting and fun for the players. 

Best Tetris Games 5

Tetris 99 is free to play for online members of Nintendo Switch, making itself accessible to various people. It is a game for the people who enjoy their own company! 

With a “Big Block” pack, you can play offline as well as single-player games super easily. The pack has to be purchased separately. To keep your spirits high, the games unlock vibrant themes as you accomplish the missions with time. 

The most innovative factor of the game is its super-enhanced modes which you can primarily access during the online mode. The styling and themes of the game are extremely modified. 

If you like sticking to the neutral Tetris, then you got a theme for that too! Tetris 99 is tricky yet simple to manage. The game becomes more pleasing as you understand it well. You just cannot resist it.

[Tetris 99] 51 KO game

Other than this, without a DLC pack, you cannot play too many games(probably 3), which in turn is a forcible necessity to purchase the pack to enjoy playing the games. 

To outshine the 98 players, you need to develop a strict strategy along with logical ability and then execute it accordingly. But considering the toughness as well, the game is still an exciting and exceptional one. Overall, you can opt for this game as a super effective pastime!

7. Tetris Twist

An adventurous twist to your normal Tetris game, Tetris Twist is a thrilling game to play! On Tetris Twist, you travel across different virtual cities, discovering them as you solve the puzzle, thereby moving to the next one. This achievement is gained once you reach over 100 levels.

Best Tetris Games 6

The puzzle-solving part of the game is truly amazing and requires a rational amount of logical thinking to put your best foot forward! Playing the game is not much easy, but undoubtedly it’s surprising and full of adventures! It is your way out from a traditional Tetris game. 

With advanced features, the game becomes super exciting for the players. Also, if you wish to have an experience of the traditional gameplay then you can instantly go for the “Marathon Mode” of the game. 

Tetris Twist keeps you absorbing and busy amidst your boring schedules! With a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can also play the game with loads of other players online.

Tetris Twist Free Game Tutorial(Walkthrough)

Arrange the blocks as precisely as possible and pave your way to more magnificent levels and modes! All in all, Tetris Twist is completely different from a usual-looking or a usual operating Tetris game. 

With an exciting gameplay technique, you get bound to play it for sure! It is fascinating and addicting as it provides a much-needed change to its players. Thus, for a change of mood, you can try playing Tetris Twist.

8. Tetris Axis

Tetris Axis is another interesting and revolutionary advancement in the Tetris games. If Tetris games are good, then playing Tetris games in 3D is the best! Tetris Axis is a platform that allows you to experience the puzzle-solving Tetris games in a three-dimensional format.

Best Tetris Games 7

It is more or less of a reality to the players. Each movement that you command and every click you make seems surreal and even better enhanced with the background sound effects

With Tetris Axis, the blocks appear to smash your head too with a big bang! With sleek, smooth, and magnificently crafted features, Nintendo has taken Tetris to a whole new and different level! 

Not to boast of the game, but you get a wide range of over 20 variants and super-built modes of the game to play through. For instance, in the “Stage Racer” mode, you have to move and flip flop a block through a scrolling maze downwards. 

The most liked mode of the game is the “Bombliss” mode, wherein you tactically place blocks with planning to trigger explosions that would help you to complete your stage).

Classic Game Room - TETRIS AXIS Nintendo 3DS review

Amongst these modes, two support Augmented reality, doubling the fun and tripling the excitement! But, Augmented reality might not function very well at times! 

Being a multiplayer game, you can always play against your friends, local or online. Eight of you can team up or compete with one another super easily. This makes the game amusing and the player boisterous!

9. Tetrisphere

To bring about a change in the causal block puzzle game of Tetris, Nintendo developed Tetrisphere. Everything’s round on this platform! Fortunately, the game operates from a 3D perspective, providing an element of fun in the player’s gaming experience.

Best Tetris Games 8

Unlike the usual Tetris games, you do not have to remove blocks in this game. Rather, you have to eliminate the layers of tetromino shells which are more or less like peeling an apple, and then you have to aim at the inner core of it, like the seeds of an apple. 

The blocks are gathered circularly and they have to be got rid of, layer by layer. This Tetris game was brought up to change the normal in-line block way of playing the Tetris game. Replacing blocks with circles is quite innovative and so, it attracts players because of that.

Along with its completely different outlook, the game has a variety of different features. You get to acknowledge amazing sound and audio effects.

With a realistic feel, you hear explosions of pieces with better accuracy, and not to say, it seems life-like! And like a normal Tetris, you have to put in a lot of effort and brain of yours to get going in the game! 

Lastly, Tetrisphere is an acceptable change that has been brought up in the series of Tetris games. It is worth a try.

10. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a game of a huge collision between two giant forces. It is a culmination of Tetris’s wisdom and the super cool Puyo Puyo series. It is an overall experience of immense fun and extreme excitement for a gamer!

Best Tetris Games 9It is simple yet vast in its outlook. It is easy to play a game that can keep the whole family involved on a single platform! It is modernized and super sleek in its enhanced graphics and features. Being a combined effort of both Tetris and Puyo Puyo, the game functions accordingly. 

You have to effortlessly match the same colors which lead to ultimate action in the end! Not only this, but you can also compete with other players, thereby making the game even more amusing. 

In case you have no one to play with, you can switch to the “Arcade mode”, wherein you can still enjoy playing the game, all by yourself. You also get to choose from a vibrant range of characters as you play the game, this makes the game well suited for its players.

Puyo Puyo Tetris Gameplay {Nintendo 3DS} {60 FPS} {1080p}

The game works on an adventurous story that can be followed and explored by using perfect strategies and best tactics! All in all, this game is a prominent entertainment source and it can keep you engaged for longer than you could imagine!


During your pastimes or on your not so busy days, you can rely on these Tetris games for fun and entertainment. Some of them have finely built graphics that will create an exciting platform for you. 

Others are simple yet appealing! Such Tetris games will take you back to your old days and they will surely remind you of your old days of childhood when you had that handy Tetris game, which you could never understand how to play!

But now, as a grown-up, you can always try your hand out at these games! They modify your reasoning ability and provide you unlimited amusement for free! 

Of all, the Tetris twist is better than your usual Tetris game. It is a platform for all the adventurous people out there who love to travel and explore!

Certain Tetris games support 3D and AR visuals, which makes it a modern-day yet old-school game. Along with that, some Tetris games have their backgrounds matching those of our favorite game-Super Mario! Again, this feature takes us on the ride to our memorable childhood! 

Furthermore, these Tetris games increase our intelligence quotient. So, be it for the sake of just a game or a brain development tool, you can give a shot to these Tetris games whenever you like! If nothing, these games will give you an immense amount of pleasure for sure.