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9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

Text to speech apps has been making reading and transcribing texts very easy. It is changing the way we handle texts. We no longer have to type to get words written, and we can now have words read aloud to us in whatever voice we want.

The truth is, not only has text to a speech made reading easier, but it has also impacted our educational system positively.

The text to speech apps has been very helpful to people with learning disabilities; dyslexia and ADHD mostly (The inability to read), this app is a form of assistive technology that makes learning very easy.

The text to speech is an assistive technology that can be used in many ways. It is not very helpful for the kids who struggle with reading but also with writing and editing.

One of the best things about text to speech apps is that they highlight words as they read aloud, making it easier for the kids to see text and hear simultaneously. Natural and human-like voices can read any file format effortlessly.

The text to speech apps has gained huge acceptance by businesses. It can improve the employees’ productivity by allowing them to engage in other activities while listing the text. Rather than focusing on the screen constantly, it is good to use text-to-speech tech which will read the read-aloud text for you.

People who have illiteracy issues can use this technology to understand the text. They can change the language of the text and command this technology to read the text for them.

If you feel difficulty in reading a second language, then a text-to-speech tool is an ideal option for you. This technology allows you to understand the text in the language you know.

TTS offers undeniable benefits to the content makers and publishers who want to understand their native language’s online content. It allows them to get information in the way they want.

All in all, Text to speech can provide a seamless reading experience that combines seeing and hearing at the same time.

Instead of forcing you to stair the screen, we have researched hard and come with the best text to speech apps, which will make your seeing and hearing task hassle-free.

So, let’s begin!

Best Text to Speech Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Narrator Voice

Narrator Voice is a great option when it comes to choosing the text-speech android app. You can use straightforward download this app from the Google Playstore. You will be glad after knowing that this app can convert Text into MP3 and MP4 audio styles.

Narrator's Voice APP

And you can share those converted files on social media platforms. One of the best features of this app is that it enables your phone to read aloud what you text.

When you access this app, you will find a number of language options for converting the text into speech. This app lets you hear the text in some famous voices like Pink sheep voice and Cortana voice. If you are a Youtuber, this app will help you a lot at modulating.


1. If you are looking for some who can narrate the story for you, then the Narrator’s voice might be your assistant. It can read your text in a professional voice.

2. To use this app, simply speak or type the message; after that, choose the language, voice, and other special effects to make your narration experience seamless.

3. This app allows you to create an open text file, read aloud it, and share it on social media platforms. You can save the audio and listen anytime.

4. Many YouTubers use this app to give a clear voice that helps them to offer a seamless video experience. This app also helps poor readers by comprehending every word of the sentence correctly.

5. Many other text to speech apps don’t read the text of graphics. But, the Narrator’s voice supports the illustrations. So, if you are a graphic designer and want to read the text in your native language, this app will surely help you a lot.


  • Unfortunately, you have to pay to access these impressive features.
  • Users have claimed that they feel difficulty in saving converted audio files.

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2. Talk FREE – Text to speech apps To Read aloud

Another user-friendly interface-based talk-to-speech app is talk-free. This app’s sole purpose is to read the text aloud of the third-party apps and enables you to import the context of other web pages to listen to them.

Best Text to Speech Apps

If you are a content maker who wants to read content for references, then this app helps you a lot. You can import any web page and app content and it will read text aloud for you. You have full control over this app by playing/ stopping/ pausing content anytime.

This app is platform-independent means it can run on any platform. I guess you didn’t know, talk free has become one of the best text to speech apps because of its easy-to-use features.

To use the read text aloud feature, simply import the text and tab on the play button. And that’s when your phone will start reading a text for you. This app allows you to read the text in different languages.

Suppose you want to understand the text written in Japanese and you are a native American; this app will read text aloud in the native American language.


1. If you are a book lover and want to complete dozens of books in a month and don’t have enough time, then Text free is an ideal option for you. All you need to import the book content and it will read for you.

2. If you are a web developer or a content writer and reading web pages is your daily to write content, don’t waste your time reading references, importing web page content, and order this app to read text aloud for you.

3. One of the significant benefits a content writer will get from this app is reading content written in some other language. This app’s convert language feature can convert the text for your first language and then read it.

4. As Talk-free is a built-in TTS engine, you can modify this engine’s set to change the voice. Along with that, you can save the content and share it offline as well.

5. This app is very helpful for visually impaired people who cannot view the content. It will read text aloud for them any time effortlessly. Children who cannot speak and see can use this app to enhance their study level.


  • Since Talk free makes use of the built-in TTS engine, in case if you uninstalled a disabled it, you need to install it before you can use Talk-free.
  • You need to subscribe to the premium plan to remove ads.

Download on Google Play Store

3. Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

Voice Aloud Reader is a house of more than 5 million downloads. It is one of the most convenient text to speech apps.

One of the best things about this app is that it supports different file formats like PDF, DOCX, TXT, PDF EPUB, AZW, DOC, FB2 ebooks, PRC, OpenOffice Documents, and AZW.

@Voice Aloud Reader - Lesson 1

Furthermore, it allows you to increase and decrease the narration speed as per your suitability. If you love to read blogs, books, and news at night, then you can use its night mode feature.

After knowing that it comes with a sleep timer, you will be glad that you will stop the app automatically. All in all, it’s an amazing app for people whose reading task is daily.


1. If you are looking for the app that can read text aloud like a podcast, then Voice Aloud Reader might be your ideal option. You can listen to online articles, news, blogs, thesis, and app content with this app’s help. The voice of this app is awesome and far better than Google’s voice engine.

2. When you update this app, you will see amazing changes in the interface and features. It allows you to read all types of files. You can set the voice and speed in the application as per your choice.

3. The interface of this app is user-friendly that offers you a seamless read-to-text experience. If you have tons of assignments and want to learn in one week, you can use this to read assignments for you.

4. If you are an ebook lover, then download this app right now. It reads ebooks on screen with their original formatting, images show, and gives you a human reading experience.


  • Users are expecting more from this app.
  • It becomes scuffed when you update this app.

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4. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

It is one of the most amazing text to speech apps. It allows people to save the articles to read them later. If you have a habit of reading online content, then this app is a must-have.

9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

However, there are so many texts to speech apps on the Google play store, but the pocket app is good for people who love to read blogs and articles. You can lay on your favorite place, tap on the headphone icon, and start listening to articles.

The kindest thing about this app that people appreciate is that it shows a lot of articles from several sources based on the users’ interests. If you are an online reading article lover and looking for an app that makes your reading experience easy and peasy, then install it.


1. If you love to read content on wildlife and geography, then you will love this app. The numerous articles on pocket belonged to the national geographic: the verge, the Harvard business reviews, and a lot more options.

2. It offers you a smooth reading experience that you hardly get from other text to speech apps. The voice is amazing, which will take you to a world where reading is only acceptable. If you want to fuel your mind with reading without stressing your eyes and hands, install it right now.

3. The best part of this app is that it allows users to save the latest stories, videos, news, blogs, and PR to read them later. The clean interface of this app offers you a relaxing reading experience. The pocket typography and voice keep you engaged in reading for a longer time.


  • To use these amazing features, you need to buy a subscription plan.
  • Don’t know whether it supports multiple language features or not.

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5. T2S: Text to Voice – Read Aloud

If you are seeking an amazing text to speech app that makes your reading experience engaging, then download this app. It is designed for people who procrastinate when it comes to reading.

Best Text to Speech Apps

Its built-in web browser feature allows users to access web pages, articles, blogs, and newsletters without any hassle of copying and pasting.


  • The interface of this app is attractive and user-friendly. You can open text and PDF files and read them aloud it. Its ‘Type to speak’ feature speaks the text you typed. Very easy to use and customize.
  • It runs on an Android app smoothly and offers a seamless reading experience. You can use the ‘copy to speak feature’, which allows you to copy the text from any app and website.
  • This app is highly recommended for people who cannot speak and write text efficiently.
  • One of the best things about this app that you won’t find in any other app is that it pronounces symbols as well.


  • The only downside of this app is that it takes a lot of time to open PDFs
  • You can also access its advanced features after availing its premium version.

Download on Google Play Store

6. TTS Reader

TTS Reader is a one-stop solution to all your text and speech requirements. It comes with a unique feature that is hardly available in other text to speech apps in that it allows you to sync your google drive with the app and then read text aloud.

9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

Let’s say, if you are in a hurry and want to read your important documents, you can read them easily with the help of this app.


1. This app is compatible with Bluetooth headphones and can read the text aloud, which is available in different tabs, including a library, folder, favorites, networks, and preferences.

2. This app allows you to read any book which is available in the following formats EPUB, MOBI, TXT, FB2, PDF, DJVU, RTF, AZW, HTML, RTF, ODT, and even web pages.

Furthermore, you can save books to read them later in the WAV format. And one more thing, you can convert an ebook into an MP4 format with the help of this app.

3. It’s easy to tab playback control that allows you to play/ stop/pause reading anytime. Along with that, you can easily adjust the pitch, volume, and speed of the reading.

4. One of the best things about this app is that it takes a break when punctuation comes in the reading that will help you understand the text better. If you are an enthusiast reader, then use this app.


  • This app is generally good for reading ebooks and online content. But, if you are looking for an academic purpose, then it might be not for you.
  • Sometimes the formatting of the page makes you annoyed.

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7. iSpeech Translator

If you are looking for a decent text to speech app that offers you a modern reading feature, then iSpeech Translator is designed for you. The app can be used to translate the text into different languages.

9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

For that, you need to type the world, and it will convert into another language instantly. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can share your translated work with your friends and family.

It’s an effective tool for people who are learning new languages like Spanish, German, Italian, etc.


1. This app allows you to translate a text into different 18 languages by typing and speaking. Once you type or speak the text, the translated phrase will appear in the text box.

2. You will be surprised after knowing that this app supports 50 languages. Which means you can learn and understand a single text in 50 languages. If you are a literature student and learning a new language, then download this app. It will make learning a new language practice easier.

3. It allows you to copy and paste the text from other resources and translate them at one click.

4. The interface of this app is user-friendly, which offers you a seamless translating experience.


Download on Google Play Store

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8. Voice Access

The interface and features of this app are much like the Pocket app. Basically, this app is designed by Google for impaired people. If you are looking for an app that offers you a seamless and hassle-free reading experience, then download Voice access.

Android presents: Paul + Voice Access

It lets you control and customize features as per your suitability. One of the best things about this app is that it is free to use with no ads.

It’s a non-profit initiative launched by Google to help impaired people who cannot write and read content effectively. So, if you are impaired and want to listen to online content, then download this app.


  • This app is designed for people who feel difficulty in using a touch screen. This app’s navigation is user-friendly, e.g, go back and go home, click next, and scroll down.
  • This app lets you access on-screen by using the “What I can say?” feature. To view more voice commands, you can head over to the voice access settings and select commands effortlessly.
  • It offers total hands-free interaction, to access the voice feature, you can say “Ok Google.” In case if your phone doesn’t access this, the app will show a blue voice access button.
  • In order to stop voice access, you can say “Stop listening” and then all the commands get disabled. Furthermore, you can use a microphone to speak voice commands.
  • Since this app is an accessibility service, it can observe your actions, fetch content, and read aloud for you.


  • Many users claimed that this app crashed or closed after 20 minutes of using it.
  • When taking up to the next command, the performance slows down.

Download on Google Play Store

9. TK Solution Talk Free App

Another amazing talk to the speech app that comes with impressive read-aloud features is TK solutions. This app interface and features work well and support different file formats like PDF, DOCX, TXT, PDF EPUB, AZW, DOC, FB2 ebooks, PRC, OpenOffice Documents, and AZW.

9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

It also offers a unique feature that warrants inclusion in the list: vocal list. This feature allows you to tap on the microphone button, speak on the phone, and listen effortlessly.


  • This app allows you to customize the settings like speed of reading, voice, and language as per your own choice.
  • It’s engaging and user-friendly interface allows you to navigate from one feature to another hassle-free. One of the best things about this app is that it won’t crash after long hours of use.
  • This app allows you to increase and decrease the playback speed. I have tried to listen to some ebooks and articles with TK solutions. Talk free, and it works fine. You can pause and play audio anytime.
  • If you are looking for an app that gives you full audio control, then download this app. You can type your own text and make the app read aloud in various supported languages.


  • You need to purchase a premium to remove ads.
  • People hate the large space given in this app that has no use.

Download on Google Play Store

Best Free Text To Speech Tools

If you can’t – or don’t have time to – read lots of text on the screen, get your PC to read it aloud for you.

1. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is available as a desktop download, an online tool, and a Chrome extension, but whichever version you choose, you’ll find it well designed and easy to use.

The screen is dominated by a text box, into which you can paste or type any text you want the tool to read aloud. Dyslexic users also have the option to switch to a specially designed font that’s easier to read.

NaturalReader Text to Speech Commercial

A simple control panel at the top of the screen provides play and pause buttons, an option to upload files, and a huge variety of voices, including some familiar names from Microsoft’s text-to-speech services.

NaturalReader is keen to help you find a voice that’s right for you, with US and British accents, as well as a range of European voices. You can also change the reading speed.
Automatic closed-captioning is another clever feature, which displays the text at the bottom of the screen and highlights sections as the software reads them aloud.

The range of file formats you can upload is limited for users of the free version, but once you’ve uploaded a file, you have a good selection of options available.

You can search and bookmark your document and, if you don’t want to hear the entire text readout, change the reading area. Just remember to click the file once you’ve uploaded it – bizarrely, neither the site nor the software automatically opens your imported files.

You don’t need to sign up for an account to use NaturalReader, but you gain access to a handful of extra options if you register. These include a library, which keeps all the files you’ve previously listened to in a Document History area, as well as a Pronunciation Editor.

We like the fact that you can access NaturalReader in several different ways, but the lack of a mobile app feels strange. Otherwise, this excellent text-to-speech tool is hard to fault.

It’s just a pity that some of its best features, such as translating audio files to text and reading PDFs and images, are locked behind a Pro payment plan, which costs $99.50 (£74.70).


NaturalReader is a near-flawless text-to-speech tool that’s accurate and easy to use. Its clean design, cross-platform support, and file upload options all go in its favor. However, the free version is missing a few of its best features.

2. Capti Voice

Capti Voice was originally designed for use in schools, so it’s more than good enough for most home users.

The program’s educational heritage means it offers an excellent range of useful extras, too, including a wide range of options for uploading files. Capti Voice can import text from all the main cloud storage platforms, URLs, your phone’s camera, and even Project Gutenberg ebooks.


Playlists on the right of the screen keep all your texts together. For longer documents, you can consult a table of contents and jump to different sections.

While the sidebar offers a few options, the main controls appear in the playback bar at the bottom of the screen.

Here you can play and skip tracks, replay the last segment, change the reading speed and search the text for particular words. You can even use the playback slider to jump to specific segments of a text, just as you would on a music player.

Capti Voice’s major stumbling block is that you can’t copy and paste text into it. Anything you want it to read aloud must first be uploaded as a ‘track’.

Some features are reserved for paying customers, as you’d expect, but annoyingly, this includes additional voices. Similarly, many of the options in the right-click menu, such as translation services, require a subscription.


This otherwise handy program is let down by the lack of an open text field for typing or pasting text. But if you’re happy to upload everything you want to hear and don’t mind the default voice, it gets top marks.

3. OneNote Immersive Reader

OneNote is one of the best note-taking apps that is coming pre-installed with windows that have the feature of an immersive reader that you can use for text to speech and their conversion is pretty impressive.

To use the immersive feature, open the one-note app on your PC or Mac and navigate to the “View” tab and select the text that you want to speak, and click on the immersive reader option.

9 Of The Best Text to Speech Apps For Android & iOS

Kevin has an awesome video on this that is too useful to watch.

💬 Text to Speech Converter - FREE & No Limits

4. Panopreter

There’s an admirable simplicity to Panopreter’s interface. It has a text box on the right of the screen for pasting or typing text and a section for uploading files on the left.

Below this, you’ll find the program’s voice options, including sliders for adjusting the speed and volume, with playback controls at the foot of the screen. No one could accuse Panopreter of being cluttered or confusing.

Text-to-speech is accurate, and we love the progress bar, which shows how far through the text you are as a percentage. There’s also a counter for timing the text-to-speech output.

The ‘Save as Audio’ option is a nice touch, allowing you to create WAV files of your text for offline playback.

If you’re feeling playful, head into the settings, where you can set Panopreter to play music once it’s finished reading your texts aloud. Here, you’ll also find options to customize the color scheme, should you find the garish neon-green buttons a bit much.

This tool doesn’t pretend to be anything but basic. There are few features to play with beyond its multiple voices, and even those are something of a letdown: very few languages have their own text-to-speech voice, so the program falls back on the default voice instead.


Panopreter has everything the average home needs and nothing they don’t, which keeps things simple, at least. The only advanced feature is its audio-save option, but it’s a good one to have.


What is the most realistic text-to-speech app?

The most realistic text-to-speech app would be Google's text-to-speech app. You can make use of the app on most Android devices. If you own one, you can do so. The Natural Reader and Speech Central can be used on your iOS devices.

What is the best audio text reader app for iPhone?

Some of the best audio text reader apps for your iPhone include Text to Speech!, Speechify, Voice Dream Reader, and Voice Aloud Reader. You can download them and begin to use them on your iPhone.

What is the best text to audio app?

The best text-to-audio apps would be Speech Central, Voice Dream Reader, The Rest of the Pack, and Motoread. You can use them as and when you want to on your devices. Please just ensure that they are compatible either with your Android or iOS devices.

Is there a text-to-speech app for iPhone?

Yes, there is a text-to-speech app that can be used on your iPhone. It is Text to Speech! which is quite simple to work with as you can make use of 95 different voices and 38 languages. Besides, you can change the pitch of the voice.

What is the most advanced text-to-speech?

The most advanced text-to-speech app would be Speechify & Amazon Polly. They both make use of the latest technology infused in them. Besides, you can find artificial intelligence in them that generates neutral sounds like human beings to read aloud any document.

Is there a totally free text-to-speech app?

Yes, there is. You can make use of the Talk Free app, which is a text-to-speech app. It comes with close to over 5,000,000+ installs. It speaks any language you want, has several language options, and imports text from different apps.

What is the best voice to text app for Android?

The best voice-to-text app for Android devices would be Dragon Anywhere, Google Assistant, Transcribe - Speech to Text, and Speechnotes - Speech to Text. You can utilize them on your Android devices with ease.

Is there an app that will convert text to voice?

You can make use of the app present on your Android device. It works with other Google apps for the reading-aloud feature. You need to enable the select-to-speak present in the settings menu. You need to go to settings, choose accessibility and then select the to speak option.

Final Say:

So, these are some of the best text to speech apps for you to try. Overall, almost every app has gained huge acceptance on the internet by providing easy-to-use features and a seamless user experience.

Hopefully, you have got your ideal app that will take your reading experience to the next level. We would love to know how you will utilize these apps; you can share your comments.