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Best Trello Alternative For Your Project Management


Trello is a web-based project management application. In our previous post, we discussed How to organize your processes with Trello. With this post, we collected Top Best Trello Alternative that you may try to organize your work.

Uses of Trello

This has a variety of work and personal uses including real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, gaming, and law office case management. An email in as well as rich API capability enables integration with enterprise systems, or with cloud-based integration services.

Best Trello Alternative For Your Project Management

1. Brightpod

Brightpod calls it “gracious” project management software.It has a progress charts tells you the status of each project board and moveable cards are a bonus to re-arrange tasks.

Best Trello Alternative

Each project stands in relation to its deadline and knows the next steps.


  • You can visually track how my projects are progressing.
  • Delegating & tracking recurring tasks is simple.
  • You can automating similar projects.
  • Social media & content strategy in one place
  • Focus on a few things

2. Casual

Casual is the simple trello alternative which is tied to the logic flow, lines and tiers to achieve tasks.It is like a maze crossed with a word puzzle, but you’re getting stuff done.No more frustrating team projects! With Casual, you’ll know how your project is going and who is doing what.

3. Codecks

Codecks inspired by games like Cards for Humanity and the like, projects are arranged in decks and tasks are “hands” that you’ve been “dealt” or assigned. Just don’t gamble all your projects away.

Codecks offers a powerful toolset. And they are developing even more to add!

Best Trello Alternative


4. Dapulse

Need a fulfilling sense of accomplishment!!!

Its big advantage is to re-arrange the colorful layouts that show how you project fit together and overlap, the user can turn things green with dapulse. More green, the more you get done.

You can also re-arrange the pieces to make them fit whims or project plan that is. Its price is $25-$118/month for 5 users

5. Favro

Favro is built for technical creatives just like game developers, software engineers, and UX designers. Game developers or gamers are commonly this types of trello alternatives. Their board stretches horizontally across to help you visualize what’s next in the product development cycle. Its price is $6.80-$12.75/month for 5 users.

6. Kanban Tool

Best Trello Alternative

This Kanban tool provides advanced reporting and analytics really makes this tool stand out from the crowd. This also tells the how projects should advance and help you prioritize.

7. Kanbanchi

This alternative is made for the Gmail and Google Docs users to provide visual board.

This Kanban board tool is tailor-made for G-suite businesses and users with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to maximize your work in Google Docs, Gmail and Google Sheets.

8. Kanbanize

Best Trello Alternative

Built with scale in mind, Kanban software helps you visualize the key initiatives in your company or department and break them down into multiple levels of hierarchical work items. Kanbanize directly deals with the rich analytics and reporting with a cumulative flow diagram, scatter plot chart, cycle time histogram, Monte Carlo predictions, cycle time heat-map, cycle time trends and more.

9. Leankit

Leankit is the optimization and eliminating waste of the leading lean project management companies.  It jumped to the top for their visualization boards, but also because their system scales easily. Its pricing is $19-$49/user/month

10. Nostromo

Best Trello Alternative

If you want clean UX with more options of built-in shortcuts, then try this alternative which is Nostromo as something different than Trello. It includes an innovative time tracking to plan, log and get an overview of hours and advanced user experience. This also simple to turn cards into to-do lists. Its price is $10-$100/month

11. Nutcache

Well, the name of this trello alternative is Nutcache which makes me crack up a bit. Nutcache’s tools are the one for invoices and expense tracking that also includes a Kanban board. The big advantage of using this alternative is available in 8 different languages, which allows interacting with international clients more rapidly if needed. The other benefit of Nutcache is Time tracking along with their collaboration boards. Its price is $5-quoted/user/month.

12. Pipefy

It is directly associative with CRM with your card!! Then Pipefy is for you. It’s a filtering system and card that also includes a document manager, email templates and online document storage. Pipefy has a complete labeling and subtitle system for their cards. Its price is Free-$18/user/month

13. Planio

This trello alternative is used if you are a left-brain thinker Or have very systematic processes.

Best Trello Alternative

This is used for the chat capabilities, issue tracking, version control, and help desk capabilities. Its price is $25-$119/month

14. ProductPlan

ProductPlan is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and communicate your product strategy. Product plan is one of the best alternatives to Trello Feeling stuck when charting a course? You can create and share live roadmaps with just a few clicks. Quickly update your roadmap in real-time as decisions are made.

You can easily avoid static product plans before you sign up for ProductPlan.

It can create roadmaps and a team communication strategy to show project plans visually. Its price is $39/user

15. ProdPad

Prodpad takes the Kanban process to heart. This technique schedule for the setup boards for current, near-term or future, and then sort cards by colors, tabs, and dates.

Best Trello Alternative

It gives visual cues to help teams stay organized and to alert your team to what’s most important. Its price is $90-2499/month

16. Swip

This product management strategy records tasks and gives your tips to take actions on the team to help you stay on a lean strategy. Its main purpose is workflow and product management without a lot of the advanced features. Its price is $1.99-$5.99/user/month

17. Taskworld

Best Trello Alternative

This website describes it as a way for “abstract ideas” to “become active tasks and it feels good to check them off.” You’ve got a great option to check out and join that feeling with a visual task board. It reduces complexity so it is one of the best alternatives.

Its price is $8-$11.50/user/month


Web-based project management tool for small agile teams and large organizations alike. Handle all your projects in one place – from top to bottom. Software developers and programmers will want to dig into this. it is an easy-to-use Scrum and Kanban visualization tool with Sprint, Product Backlog, and Burndown charts built right in.

Its price is Free-$8/user/month


Agile practitioners, listen up. Yodiz is best one is specifically built for you. Monitoring your product backlog, prioritize functionality for each release and an issue tracker, that lets you report bugs via email. Its price is $0-$20/user/month

20. Zenkit


This is serious as a Trello alternative that it features a quick-start video to show you exactly how to import from Trello. It also gives you member-level, swimlanes for your Kanban board and time estimates for tasks or Sprints. Its price is $0-$29/user/month




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