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13 Best Twilio Competitors For Better Customer Communication


Are you in a search for Twilio Competitors For Better Customer Communication? 🤔 We collected 13 of the best one for you in this list.

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To create, host, and deploy some communication applications, the developers and companies require a specific interface, and Twilio is the go-to provider for such an environment. Custom applications can be built using Twilio.

Companies majorly use Twilio to integrate communication functions like Voice Calls or SMS messaging facilities in their existing app or website. The building of custom communication platforms was made easy and fast by Twilio.

 The popularity of Twilio ranges worldwide. The sturdy backbone behind Twilio’s voice call and SMS services is made by utilizing around 1000 mobile carriers of 150 different countries.

And their massive network helps them prioritize the network so that they can choose the best carrier to handle clients’ data. Twilio’s customizable features made it easy for customers/users to avail of the seamless network as per their requirements.

Twilio has reached such epitome of excellence by rigorous evaluation of carriers so that they can rule out carrier filtering and SIM farms. The quality and adjustment of their network routes are made by active monitoring of excellence using a unique feedback API.

The level of popularity that Twilio reached made it an inspiration for many other companies. Some of the most popular brands using Twilio services are Netflix, Airbnb, Lyft, etc.

The customers are at ease using Twilio because of their predefined pricing as per the selectable SMS plans and their per-minute basis charging of incoming and outgoing calls.

The 24/7 support service is one of Twilio’s commendable features, but they also offer support plans that prioritize customers with costlier packages. 

Twilio’s features made it highly reliable according to customers, and henceforth, the reach and fame of Twilio as a provider for cloud communication API increased.

But before we move on with the list of Twilio competitors, we should know about what are the capabilities of Twilio.


Twilio revolutionized the global telecom market as it turned it into a cloud communication platform with its features. The network connection for the incorporation of voice calling functions within the web and mobile apps were established by Twilio using several APIs and SDKs.

Twilio Competitors For Cloud Communications

After this establishment, multinational call centers were able to reach out to customers, and the clients also were able to make calls from apps.

Clients also used the APIs and SDKs of Twilio to send and receive messages from across the world, be it SMS, MMS, or IP messages. The intelligent message delivery feature of Twilio ensures that the messages of the client get through seamlessly.

The real-time video infrastructure of Twilio pulled in a lot of clients’ interest. This infrastructure took care of signaling, registration, and media context relay of clients globally.

To strengthen and replace the old traditional authentication process sites, Twilio adapted the two-factor authentication process.

Operational details of Twilio accounts and applications can be monitored; therefore, clients can admin the services.  

Twilio Competitors For Cloud Communications

The market is now booming with several cloud communication API providing companies that might as well have overshadowed the once-mighty Twilio.

The strategies that these new companies adapted other than following the footsteps of Twilio were cutting down middleman and wholesale carriers and directly providing cloud communication APIs to customers.

The competitors that did take inspiration from Twilio’s methodologies also partnered with Tier-1 existing network providers. If a user is planning to compare Twilio and its leading competitors, then it is suggested to note the criteria like network availability, reliability, pricing, customer service, and worldwide reach.

List Of Leading Twilio Competitors And Their Description

1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth was one of those network providers who were the original carriers for Twilio before they decided to dump the middleman factor and enter the market themselves.

The cutting down of middlemen saves the network carrier a high number of costs, and that is what Bandwidth did with their company.

Hello! We're Bandwidth.

Many users might not know this, but Bandwidth is the pioneer in providing cloud API services to telecommunication providers for messaging and voice functionality. Bandwidth, therefore, provides the same APIs as Twilio and that too at a lower cost.

And Bandwidth, as a network provider, maintained its robust network quality without having to worry about partnering with other carriers. The services of Bandwidth are available in Canada and the US.  

And the best part is that being a Twilio competitor, Bandwidth provides the same services at a lower cost. Bandwidth charges $0.35/month for the same plan that Twilio charges $1/month. Some of the prominent names in the cloud network industry like Google, Skype, etc. use Bandwidth services.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Bandwidth with Twilio are:

  • Bandwidth provides better support services.
  • The services provided by Bandwidth are more accessible to admin by a client.
  • Bandwidth has gained credibility and reputation among customers as an easy to do business with the company.
  • The incoming SMS charge for Twilio is $0.0075/message, whereas the incoming SMS for Bandwidth is free of cost.
  Bandwidth Twilio
Dedicated number $0.35/month $1/month
Incoming message charge Free $0.0075/message
Outgoing message charge $0.005/message $0.0075/message
Toll free #s $0.75/month $2/month


2. Nexmo

Nexmo is a cloud communication API provider, which has recently acquired Vonage. Nexmo is considered one of the largest worldwide communication API providers.

The global presence of voice numbers offered by Nexmo is in more than ninety countries, whereas the SMS numbers provided by Nexmo are in more than thirty-five countries.  

13 Best Twilio Competitors For Better Customer Communication

In the growing market, Nexmo chose to operate on a direct carrier network. This helped Nexmo gain an enormous customer base so that they can provide numbers and services.

Having multiple carrier networks at hand like Twilio, Nexmo also makes sure that its customers receive no traffic and so that they can ensure the best possible route for their customers delivering messages.

The per-second basis payment of Nexmo is one of the most mention-worthy features because in the per-minute basis, payment methods most times the customers run at a loss for paying money for the service they didn’t require.

And the best part is that being a Twilio competitor Nexmo provides the same services at a lower cost. Nexmo charges $0.75/month for the same plan that Twilio charges $1/month.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Nexmo with Twilio are:-

  • The fact that Nexmo is easier to set up makes its users feel comfortable with their services.  
  • Users have added that Nexmo provides services that are easier to monitor.
  • The incoming SMS charge for Twilio is $0.0075/message, whereas the incoming SMS for Nexmo is free of cost
  • Since Nexmo provides a 24/7 support service, which is also customizable, users consider it to be more stable.
  Nexmo Twilio
Dedicated number $0.75/month $1/month
Incoming message charge Free $0.0075/message
Outgoing message charge $0.0064/message $0.0075/message
Shortcode $1000 for a month $3000 for 3 months
Toll free #s $0.75 – $1.95/month $2/month

3. Plivo

A vast range of global locations depends on the cloud API platform and services for SMS and voice calls provided by Plivo. The voice numbers of 50 or more countries are supplied by Plivo, and messaging numbers of more than 19 countries are provided by Plivo.

13 Best Twilio Competitors For Better Customer Communication

The features that make Plivo stand out as a Twilio competitor are free recording and storage space bonuses provided to its users. Also, the intelligent call routing system of Plivo ensures that users’ network doesn’t have to face traffic while communicating.

However, the support services of Plivo are divided into priority levels that deal with different types of issues that many customers find unique in the market for not being based on costs.

The business-critical situations where there is a complete loss of service or other crucial issues, Plivo list that as the number one priority, which they claim to solve within two hours. Other issues that are of a little lesser importance are claimed to be solved by Plivo within six hours or a day.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Plivo with Twilio are:-

  • The free incoming messages feature of Plivo (whether they are long or short doesn’t matter) makes their services commendable.
  • As per the reviews of users, the services of Plivo are easy to set up and manage.
  • The call recording and storage feature of Plivo had helped them make a reputation for themselves as one of the most usable cloud API service providers.
  Plivo Twilio
Dedicated number $0.80/month $1/month
Incoming message charge Free $0.0075/message
Outgoing message charge $0.0035/message $0.0075/message

4. Sinch

With more than a million user base, Sinch has made its name around the world in almost 196 countries. Among the abilities of Sinch, some name-worthy features are data optimization routing, usage of tier-1 types of carriers, etc. Even though there is not much known about the network carriers of Sinch, they promise HD quality type of carrier usage.

In comparison to all the earlier mentioned cloud network service providers and as a Twilio competitor, Sinch lacks in providing excellent support service.

The support service of Sinch can only be contacted through their email. Also, Sinch not having a community help page only makes the customer doubt their quality further.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Sinch with Twilio are:-

  • The clients get the first 25000 minutes worth of free app-to-app calls on Sinch.
  • The free instant messaging service of Sinch allows 25000 users per month.
  • The REST API of Sinch allows users to backend integrated calling for maintaining control of status update and control verification.
  Sinch Twilio
Dedicated number $0.80/month $1/month
Incoming message charge Free $0.0075/message
Outgoing message charge $0.005/message $0.0075/message

Some Other Mentionable Twilio Competitors Are:

5. Telynx

Telynx provides its customers with voice call and messaging services that can be easily integrated, manageable, and analyzable. The next-gen communication services offered by Telynx are by using high-quality APIs and SIPs. The professional interface of Telynx is also designed for professionals.

Twilio Competitors For Cloud Communications

Some ‘a la carte’ features of Telynx like the e911, CNAM, and channel billing, are customized to suit the customers’ unique requirements. The communication connections’ granular real-time analytics like reports of filterable usage and call logs information can be gathered by customers using Telynx.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Telynx with Twilio are:-

  • The private network services architecture of Telynx is available in many places around the world.
  • Customers can integrate the functionality of the Mission Control portal that is accomplished using API.
  • The reasonable pricing of Telynx makes the customer feel at ease with their services.

6. Zipwhip

Zipwhip provides texting services for businesses of all sizes. The efficient plans for each type of business that Zipwhip has constructed help those companies in getting in touch with their customers very fast.

Zipwhip: Texting for Business

Zipwhip has allowed companies to use their Landline, Toll-free, or VoIP for texting their customers using their website or apps. Workflows are maintained by Zipwhip’s texting solutions that can integrate with many top software applications.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Zipwhip with Twilio are:-

  • The storage space and the ease of sending MMS and pictures other than texts using Zipwhip really attract users.
  • The ability to send texts to huge client/customer numbers at once using Zipwhip is a commendable feature of their service.
  • The pre-written templates on Zipwhip save users a ton a lot of time.  

7. MessageBird

If one ever needs to name a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) company, then MessageBird will be an ideal example. MessageBird as a company has set its objective in making cloud communication platforms easier and very simple to handle by customers so they can be comfortable with the services provided by MessageBird.

Twilio Competitors For Cloud Communications

MessageBird, one of the Twilio competitors, has gained popularity in the market for its own telecom carrier infrastructure. As no intermediary is involved, the service cost of MessageBird is also cheaper than Twilio.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing MessageBird with Twilio are:-

  • MessageBird owns offices in four different continents where world-class teams of over twenty different nationalities work.
  • The support services of MessageBird are available 24/7 to their customers.
  • The communication problems of over 15000 global customers are solved by MessageBird.

8. Voxbone

Global-scale cloud communications are provided to businesses by Voxbone. Enterprise-grade of worldwide voice call and SMS network is ensured by Voxbone. On a global scale demand, the SIP services of Voxbone provide fully localized delivery of phone numbers.

The Voxbone company being found in 2005 has ever since catered to the needs of several reputed customers, among which a few famous customers are Uber, Zoom, Skype, Aircall, Serenova, Dialpad, etc. For UCaaS and CCaaS services, Voxbone is the voice infrastructure partner in some major companies.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing MessageBird with Twilio are:-

  • The modern portal settings of Voxbone are much appreciated in the reviews provided by customers.
  • It is claimed by the customers of Voxbone communication services that they have significant coverage with an excellent local presence.
  • Customers have also appreciated Voxbone’s services for them being easy to use and providing exceptional customer support.

9. CometChat

CometChat is a popular name in the market for being a robust in-app messaging SDK for mobiles or apps, and commendable Chat API.

More than ninety platforms can be readily integrated using CometChat. The service of CometChat comes with inbuilt moderation, monetization, administrative and collaborative tools.

The source code of the Chat UI kit of CometChat is fully customizable. The leading customer industries of CometChat are healthcare, social media, e-learning, banking, e-commerce, dating sites, fin-tech, etc. The wide range of customer base of CometChat accounts for more than 50000 users.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing CometChat with Twilio are:-

  • CometChat has a good reputation among customers for their straightforward setup feature, which makes the user quickly understand and admin the operations.
  • In the reviews of CometChat, users have expressed that despite having an overflowing number of features, CometChat is easy to use and provides excellent service.
  • Users appreciate the couple of hour’s long integration processes of CometChat.

10. Podium

The way that local businesses communicate with their customers has been severely redefined by Podium. Podium has opened up a sea of opportunities for its customers, like collecting payments through messaging, receiving feedback, managing reviews, feedback from loyal customers, etc.

Twilio Competitors For Cloud Communications

Podium helps businesses aggregate far ahead in the leading positions of the market using messaging means to communicate with customers. The easy collectivity of feedback features of Podium gives power to the conversation in business.

So a few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Podium with Twilio are:

  • The ease of use through even mobile makes Podium an ideal choice for users.
  • As every one of the businesses will be able to access Podium, it maintains equality among employees of the company.
  • The learning curve of Podium is easy to remember by customers.

11. Hearsay

Hearsay offers its services to businesses for efficiently sending texts, emails, and communicating with customers through other modern means. The growth of a company highly depends on the relationship with its customer is also a reason why they should be concerned about communication methods.

13 Best Twilio Competitors For Better Customer Communication

Hearsay maintains the workflow of an enterprise by connecting advisor-client with corporate CRM systems. This also helps in the supervision of digital programs of the users of Hearsay.

One of the world’s most extensive financial services, more than 170000 advisors and several insurance firms use Hearsay.      

Few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing Hearsay with Twilio are:-

  • The reviews of Hearsay state that it has successfully mobilized the field of compliant use of social media.
  • With Hearsay, users can easily admin their connectivity tasks.
  • Pre-populated content, dynamic campaigns, ROI tools, etc. are some of Hearsay’s mention-worthy usages.

12. RingCaptcha

The voice API, SMS, 2FA, OTP features offered by RingCaptcha has helped several companies to verify their users correctly. The access to the best routes of Twilio, MessageBird, Nexmo, Infobip, etc. can be integrated using RingCaptcha.

The additional security and reliability provided by RingCaptcha make its services trusted among users. The systems of RingCaptcha are not complicated and hence easily understandable.  

Few points that readers should keep in mind while comparing RingCaptcha with Twilio are:-

  • According to the customers’ reviews, the integration process of RingCaptcha is smooth as it does not lag the system.
  • The support services of RingCaptcha have gained positive reviews from users.
  • The services provided by RingCaptcha are reputed to be comprehensive, to the point, and responsive.


Twilio surely had their days of superior reigning on the market, but eventually, their competitors also caught up to them. Several alternatives of Twilio are available about which we have discussed so that as a reader, one can decide on which platform provides the best VoIP and messaging solutions as per their requirements.

Users should also remember that cheaper or costlier services don’t mean they will turn out better than Twilio, there are many aspects that come into play that decide on which platform provides services up to the mark.

All aspects should be carefully considered when comparing Twilio competitors, like pricing, setup type, global reputation, etc.