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9 Best VMOS Alternatives Game Emulator and Dual Space

Isn’t it incredible that an app allows you to run another Android operating system as a guest operating system on your smartphone, allowing you to have the best of both worlds on one device? 

Yes, VMOS is a virtual machine application designed exclusively for Android that allows you to run another Android system on your smartphone as a guest operating system while simultaneously giving you access to the Google Play Store. 

However, not everyone wants to utilize VMOS as a virtual machine application and would rather use something else. But what are the finest VMOS alternatives available?

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best VMOS alternatives from which you can choose based on the features and functionalities they provide.

Best VMOS Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. VMOS Pro

The first on our list of the top VMOS alternatives is VMOS Pro, which is one of the finest options for Android users, so you don’t have to settle for anything less.

VMOS likewise produces this app. However, it differs from the original VMOS app for Android in terms of functionality.

Best VMOS AlternativesThis software is a fantastic choice since it ensures that all of the apps in your virtual Android don’t have access to any of your other personal information, keeping it safe and secure.

As a result, you may download or install anything you want in VMOS Pro, whether it’s something covert or potentially dangerous to your phone.

Also, if you have downloaded any applications you want to run, but your Android doesn’t support them, you may run them on VMOS Pro, a fantastic feature that allows you to run any application or game without fear.

We may simply refer to VMOS Pro as an improved version of VMOS, but because it has so many more capabilities than VMOS, it serves as a benchmark and ranks #1 on our ranking. 

We urge that you test this app and make use of all of the features described as this app becomes more compatible with some apps that VMOS may not be able to handle.

There are also movies for platforms such as iOS that are supported by VMOS Pro and function rather well on it; what more could you ask for?

Download the App from Google Play Store

2. F1 VMLite

Even though, if we dig into what this program is for, F1 VM Lite isn’t built for a full-fledged Android system, it is still able to place itself in the top three rankings for the best VMOS replacements on the market, which is a fantastic feat in and of itself. You might wonder how this is feasible. 

The reason for this is that this software is designed in such a manner that it can work correctly and smoothly on practically all Android applications.

Best VMOS Alternatives 2

What makes this program a must-have for your Android as a guest operating system is that it provides you with a unique picture-in-picture capability, which allows you to view or add another screen to your screen and manage both of them at the same time, ensuring you get the best of both worlds. 

We don’t believe any other software provides you with this option, which is undoubtedly one of the app’s features.

This program also allows you to convert any Android application to this guest operating system and run it smoothly without causing your phone to stall, interrupt, or slow down, which is a nice feature. 

It also has the benefit of keeping your privacy secure and secret, which means that even if you have this operating system, you have complete control over your phone.

Nothing will be monitored or traced through this app, so anything you choose to put in it is limited to what it can see.

Download APK Here

3. Virtual Android – Game Emulator And Dual Space

While this program can operate as a clone of the apps mentioned above, it has its own identity and is thus our next VMOS alternative root.

While VMOS is the original virtual machine program, Virtual Android offers many of the same functionality as vmos lite.

Best VMOS Alternatives 1

People have been downloading it even though it lacks all the required functionality. The fact that it performs rather well is the reason for this.

Another reason people prefer to install Virtual Android on their smartphones is that it is quite light, weighing in at only 40 MB, which is a significant amount in the context of VMOS.

Unlike VMOS, which allows you to choose your operating system and provides you complete control over whatever you want to choose and select, this software does not allow you to do so.

Even though Virtual Android does not allow you to select your preferred operating system, it is still a strong enough emulator.

This app will be available to see and download from the official Play Store and multiple third-party apps. Parallel space technology was used to create this app.

Download the App from Google Play Store

4. Redfinger Cloud Android Emulator

This program, known as Redfinger Cloud Android Emulator, is a little different from the other vmos alternative for 1gb ram featured above because it’s cloud-based software, which means it will only work if you have a strong, consistent internet connection. 

Best VMOS Alternatives 4

If you don’t have a solid internet connection, it won’t operate, and you won’t be able to get the most out of this program. As a result, ensure you have a stable internet connection before installing this software.

This application will be able to provide you with instant access to a feature-rich Android smartphone where you can ensure that this app functions as a guest operating system and provides you with all of the features that you wish your smartphone had, such as the ability to install anything you want or play any video game you want. It also offers three server locations: the United States, Taiwan, and Singapore.

There is also a free trial version of this program that you may use before purchasing the annual plan. So, once you have installed the app, you may take advantage of the free trial to evaluate if it works well for you and compliments your smartphone. 

You may purchase the software to use further once you have seen how lightweight it is and how it doesn’t slow down your phone while preserving your privacy worries.

Download the App from Google Play Store

5. X8 Speeder

Have you ever had the experience of putting games on your smartphone to play and have fun, only to find that they don’t run on your smartphone or that when they do, they slow down or stop in the middle, requiring you to reset your phone repeatedly? 

Best VMOS Alternatives 5

If this is one of your gaming worries, you will need a virtual machine program to assist you in speeding up your games while also preventing your phone from crashing. 

This program, marketed as X8 Speeder Android Application, does exactly what its name implies: it speeds up your games. It doesn’t have any additional functions.

Unlike earlier, when you would download games that would run slowly on your smartphone due to enormous files or other factors, you would never have to worry about that with the aid of this software. 

This program allows you to speed up your games up to eight times faster than usual, which significantly differs in speeding levels. You may accelerate any game you want to play or are interested in, such as MMO games. 

While playing the games that have been sped up to give you the full experience, your phone remains secure and unaffected.

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6. Clone App – App Cloner and Parallel Space

Now that we have covered a variety of Android emulators, we have also included a clone program that works brilliantly. Clone applications, in some ways, perform the same functions as those performed by an Android Emulator, while they may do so in a different method.

Best VMOS Alternatives 6

When you want to add certain programs to keep them secure or separate from your operating system so that you may use them whenever you want or like, you can just add them to the cloning app.

You don’t have to think twice about it, nor do you have to uninstall those apps and reinstall them afterward.

When installing apps that allow you to separate and protect your privacy, you will want them to complement your phone after they are installed. And what could be better than being able to personalize the app’s icon or name? 

Have complete control over the app’s appearance? Isn’t that fascinating and appealing? Yes, this software allows you to do just that, giving you complete control over the app and how it appears on your mobile device. So you may alter the app’s name and adjust the icon to match your screen. 

It also has a privacy icon and the ability to alter the application’s theme so that you feel nice and not bored every time you use it.

Download the App from Google Play Store

7. Multiple Accounts – Dual Accounts and Parallel Space

Even when we understand how much convenience a clone app gives and how compatible it is with your smartphone, it might be a little confusing to all those 64-bit or even 32-bit apps accessible on the app stores.

Best VMOS Alternatives 7

Thus, if you don’t want that intricacy and want to move and build things up quickly, and if you don’t want to enter such a difficult configuration, you will need apps like Multiple Accounts.

The fact that it is simple to learn and grasp is the most crucial reason why users find this software beneficial. 

Though it’s conceivable that it won’t work with certain applications that use Play libraries, it’s also possible to function flawlessly with others. All you have to do now is tell the app which app you want to clone, and voilà! So there you have it.

Multiple Account is a terrific tool when you want to utilize two or more apps simultaneously without slowing down your phone.

You will be able to utilize many social networking networks, as well as messaging and gaming applications, concurrently with the aid of this software.

Download the App from Google Play Store

8. 2 Accounts

Another option for the best VMOS alternatives is 2 Accounts, a terrific app if you want access to a slew of features that could be extremely valuable to you while ensuring that everything in your smartphone is simple to handle. 

Best VMOS Alternatives 8

This software is one of the most user-friendly applications available on the Play Store or App Store. It allows you to switch between two accounts as soon as possible without making additional adjustments to your phone and slowing it down.

If you try to install this app, it will not let you down because it wants to keep its users happy by providing them with a secret zone and a security lock where they can easily store any application that they want to keep safe and confidential from other people so that no one can figure out what’s inside. 

This implies that by using this app, you will be able to resolve any privacy concerns you may have had previously since you were unaware of the existence of such an app. All your selected programs will be kept secure in the secret zone, and only you can access them using your security lock.

Also, after you have begun using this app, you should upgrade to the full version since you will have limitless access to the apps you may clone. This means you can clone 10 apps or a hundred; it’s entirely up to you.

If you want an app that is simple to use while still providing various functions to solve your smartphone problems, this app is a wonderful choice. This is the software to use if you only need a few simple clone app features.

Download the App from Google Play Store

9. Dual Apps

If you are using a social networking platform or playing a game and want to know if you can build a clone of the app on your phone and have two apps that operate the same, you have come to the correct spot. 

Dual Apps is an app that does not require root and can easily and quickly clone any of your social networking platform apps or even any game in seconds.

If you fear the regular version will be too much for your smartphone to handle, you may choose the light version, which has the same features.

Best VMOS Alternatives 9

When you want to work on your device, such as your smartphone, and have two accounts open at the same time, you could think that one screen isn’t enough and that you won’t be able to enjoy the experience as much. 

As a result, you’ll require an app that acts as a guest operating system for your Android, giving you some bizarre working and viewing experiences.

This program, dubbed Dual Apps, allows you to enjoy the fun of your life by allowing you to run several accounts of the same application simultaneously.

It acts as a cloning app and allows you to run many accounts of the same program on the same smartphone screen, which is an intriguing concept to consider. This will assist you in working wisely and efficiently while completing your assignment on time. 

This program isn’t only for cloning; it also includes a variety of other capabilities. One of the characteristics of this program is that it may assist you in concealing some of the accounts you want to keep secret and that you do not want others to know about. Thus, you may use this program to clone accounts and keep them secure with you.

Also, moving between program accounts would be incredibly inconvenient if you were using your regular operating system, but switching between accounts is much easier with this app.

Now, when you clone an account and save it to the app, you also want to get no alerts, so it seems safe. As a result, this software includes that functionality as well.

You will only be able to view the one on your smartphone and not in the application if you use this app’s feature to hide the double-open application message alerts.

Download the App from Google Play Store


What is better than VMOS? 

Some of the greatest VMOS alternatives you can try to run a different Android OS as the guest operating system on your device include F1 VMLite, Virtual Android, Redfinger Cloud Android Emulator, X8 Speeder, Clone App, Multiple Accounts, etc. 

What is VMOS Pro used for? 

A virtual machine program for Android called VMOS Pro allows you to run a different Android OS as a guest operating system. Users can run a rooted version of Android on the guest Android VM.

The Google Play Store and other Google apps are accessible on the VMOS guest Android operating system.

The first virtual machine for Android that supported Google Play services and other Google apps was known as VMOS. 

Is VMOS Pro free? 

Yes, VMOS Pro is available free of cost and empowers you to run a separate Android OS on your device effortlessly.  

Is VMOS an APK? 

Yes, VMOS is available as an APK file and is easy to download from various APK sources.  

Does VMOS cost money? 

No, VMOS is free of cost, and you don’t have to spend money downloading or using it.  

Final Verdict

VMOS as an app is a fantastic method to run a guest operating system on your genuine Android smartphone, providing you access to a wealth of capabilities and allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Those programs you desire to run on your smartphone but cannot do so will perform flawlessly with this app.

Any program or game will be simple to install and use, and you will have a terrific time doing so. However, VMOS isn’t the only application that individuals may investigate for this reason. But which programs should you look at to obtain the greatest software features that allow you to install and clone apps?

How can you decide which app will truly keep your apps and give you complete control over them, ensuring that only you and no one else, including the app itself, has access to the concealed apps?  You will need to look at VMOS alternatives in this case.