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11 Best Vonage Alternatives To Power Your Customer Experiences

Vonage is a publicly-traded commercial cloud communications company located in the United States. It was formed in 2001 as a supplier of home telephony services based on voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Once a client service provider, Vonage has increased its footprint in the business-to-business sector through several mergers that began in 2013. Vonage’s product portfolio includes systems integration, contact center solutions, and communications APIs. Ericsson announced in November 2021 that it had signed a deal to purchase Vonage for $6.2 billion.

Nonetheless, Vonage does not satisfy everyone. Plans may be expensive, and you’re sometimes compelled to sign extended contracts or be persuaded to sign up for upgrades.

Many complaints on Trading Standards also worry about the slowness with which customer support responds, with many individuals finding trouble canceling their accounts.

When it comes to chatting support with a customer service employee, it seems like they cancel the chat without resolution of the problem, and they need to work on the history settings as there is no history of the call records.

Many services are only available as optional add-ons, pushing you to pay more money in the long term. In addition, free SMS is unavailable on home phone plans, and overseas calling is limited.

However, several solutions are available whether you want Vonage alternatives for domestic or commercial usage. 

Best Vonage alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Ooma – Vonage alternatives for business

Ooma Inc. is one of the best Vonage Alternatives and a publicly listed American telecommunications business headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Ooma provides communications services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony for corporate, home, and mobile consumers. In 2015, it became one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Best Vonage alternatives

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone conversations are possible because VoIP businesses have far lower overhead than traditional telephone companies.

Your phone call can travel through the Internet rather than subsea cables to its destination. In certain situations, you may not be required to pay anything whatsoever. For Ooma-to-Ooma calls, it’s complimentary for as much as people talk.

Landline telephone lines require expert setup for your service to be operational. With VoIP, this isn’t essential. You can establish your VoIP phone network on your own, except for the most challenging installations.

Ooma’s setup leads you through the procedure, and your phone network may be up and operating in minutes.

Overview of Ooma Office

With VoIP, your phone system is not restricted to a single place. You may use web-based services and apps to access your phone system even while not at home. VoIP makes a lot more sense for regular travelers and movers. 

There are fewer technological constraints to what VoIP can achieve now. Ooma offers call blocking, call waiting, caller ID, and encrypted conversations to avoid eavesdropping.

The systems are software-based and Internet technology. Software updates can enable new features and enhance service quality. A standard telephone line restricts where you may install a phone, what services you can receive, and a variety of other criteria.

Moreover, service providers like Ooma provide several options for connecting chapter includes to your telephone network.

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2. Openphone

OpenPhone, created exclusively for small enterprises, offers low-cost commercial phone options to those on a tight budget. It will free transfer your old number, or you may add new lines to your current phones.

Best Vonage alternatives 1

Voicemail transcription, group chats, and call transfers are just a few of the features that allow you to experience comprehensive business phone solutions for a fraction of the price of Vonage.

Unlike Vonage, which demands you to register for the most costly plan to record calls or translate voicemail messages, OpenPhone is more liberal; such functions are also included in the basic program.

Furthermore, even the most basic subscription contains an auto-attendant (although with fewer features), enabling you to save even more money.

OpenPhone is yet amongst the best Vonage Alternatives and a cross-platform service. Its Chrome, Firefox, and Safari plugins let you sync and control your calls from any Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Linux device.

OpenPhone Product Overview (2021)

Set-up is quick and straightforward—excellent customer service, including requests for new features. On a daily level, it performs admirably.

If required, a simple phone. Previously, you overpowered what we needed, and the system was unnecessarily complicated. The open phone has been a pleasure to deal with from the start.

When you have a feature request or problem, customer service has been outstanding (rare). Separating personal and company phones are highly recommended for small enterprises and solopreneurs.

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3. Google Voice

Google Voice was initially introduced in 2009 following the company’s acquisition of Grand Central. Although there is a free service option, we’ll focus on the G Suite version because it is the most popular among enterprises.

Best Vonage alternatives 2

The free alternative offers unlimited calling between the United States and Canada, which might benefit some situations. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’ve used up your 2-week Google Apps trial, you won’t be able to request another merely to try out Google Voice.

Taking all of this into account, it’s evident that if you’re already in the Google App ecosystem, it makes a lot more sense to go with Google Voice because it integrates seamlessly with other tools, including Meet, Calendar, and Gmail.

The sheer simplicity of usage warrants Google Voice’s inclusion on this list. You may seamlessly switch from the mobile app on a smartphone to the online version in your browser. Sure, its 24/7 assistance earns it some points, but it’s not enough to compensate for the disadvantage of not possessing toll-free functioning.

Google Voice pricing starts at $10 per user each month, but you’ll miss out on crucial features like auto-attendant and office phone connectivity if you choose this option.

The $20/month plan is the only feasible — albeit more costly — for businesses that utilize desk phones.

Why Google Voice is the most exciting Google product yet

You’ll have to take their top-tier $30/month plan for overseas places. The good news is that you have complete control over which individuals in your Google Workspace organization receive a Google Voice license.

Google Voice might be a terrific choice if you already have a Google Workspace account and don’t mind paying $30 per month for international service.

It works well with the other Functional domains, and the seamless integration between platforms may allow staff to work while on the road.

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4. RingCentral – vonage business alternatives

RingCentral MVP is a VoIP system that may be accessed from a PC or mobile application. It provides video and audio conferencing and desktop phone rentals, collaboration software, and connectors with other corporate apps.

RingCentral provides options on a monthly, per-user recurring basis.

Best Vonage alternatives 3

It is one of the best Vonage alternatives for small companies, including several capabilities that Vonage does not have.

For example, it provides the one-of-a-kind flexibility to transition between mobile and desktop devices throughout video meetings without disrupting the flow of the discussion.

For example, you may start a workplace meeting and switch to your smartphone when you leave.

The option to add virtual backdrops to your meetings is another fantastic feature included in the RingCentral system but not the Vonage platform. According to this platform, it also has more connections than Vonage.

Welcome to RingCentral: Simpler Communications

Furthermore, Vonage charges extra for several things included in RingCentral’s price by default. Voicemail transcription is included.

You can acquire numbers in more than 100 countries at a reasonable cost, a little more than Vonage supports. This lets you increase your worldwide footprint by using local calls in your business countries.

Another thing to consider is that this platform provides a free streaming meeting + texting service. This includes the option to swap between devices during a conference, as well as seven days of free cloud storage.

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is telemarketing-specific cloud call center software. It is trusted by over 2,500 enterprises, including DHL, Yves Rocher, and Glovo, for its excellent call quality and unrivaled feature set. 

With 70+ sophisticated calling options and simple interfaces with your existing Helpdesk, CRM, and eCommerce systems, you can make life simpler for your telemarketing staff.

It’s the ideal phone system for mid-sized businesses wishing to expand. You can even try a 14-day, risk-free trial.

Best Vonage alternatives 4

CloudTalk is another of the best Vonage alternatives that provide options with no contracts or commitments.

It also offers exceptional customer service. And, with servers placed worldwide, including many in Europe and Asia, CloudTalk is well-positioned to provide some of the highest call quality in the market.

Many previously only available features, such as Vonage add-ons, are now included in this platform, providing better productivity and a much more simplified user experience.

Some of CloudTalk’s capabilities will be pretty useful if you run a multinational firm. Your calls are much more likely to be picked up if you use an outgoing caller ID from the target country.

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6. Nextiva

Nextiva, since its inception in 2006, has been used by organizations such as Delta Airlines, etc., with over 150,000 firms using its platform.

Best Vonage alternatives 5

Being employed by legendary firms and mentioned by high-profile individuals like Steve Wozniak surely helps Nextiva’s image.

Because of the platform’s productivity connections, the platform’s primary users are organizations in the United States.

Those who emphasize overseas correspondence frequently avoid Nextiva since its charges are rather aggressive in that regard. Despite this, domestic firms choose the Arizona-based supplier due to its extensive feature set.

The inter attendant, audio transcription, and conferencing call contribute to the appeal, but the primary draw is probably the third-party technologies it supports.

Nextiva also offers HIPAA-compliant virtual faxing, making it an excellent solution for healthcare personnel. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals may use the platform to discuss information without the concern of violating their privacy.

There are three plans to select from. The cheapest option is $29.95 per month for five to nineteen people. The enterprise subscription is significantly more expensive at $43.95 per month but includes unlimited-participant conference calling.

How to Set Up a VoIP Phone in 5 Steps

You will receive a 20% discount on your membership if you want to pay annually. The lowest subscription now costs $21.95 per month for five to nineteen people. Once you’ve determined that Nextiva is the Vonage alternative for you, this might be a fantastic method to save a little money on your monthly bill.

The Nextiva telephone line has been created explicitly with large-scale processes in mind compared to alternative options. Executives who wish to keep large systems running smoothly would benefit significantly from the feature set provided by this platform.

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7. Callcentric

Callcentric allows its clients to design their Internet and phone service(s) precisely how they want them. You are not needed to purchase both an outgoing and an entering plan simultaneously, but you may do so if you require both.

This one-of-a-kind method enables you to tailor the most expensive VoIP Service Solution(s) to your specific requirements.

Best Vonage alternatives 6

This platform provides outbound VoIP options for various budgets, including Compensation Plans, Bundled Minute Plans, and Flat-Rate/Unlimited Domestic & Global Calling Plans. Our OUTBOUND ONLY options are detailed above, but you must also select an Inbound Calling Plan to accept incoming calls.

Callcentric is far more flexible than Vonage regarding home VoIP services. It has “pay as you go” options and special rates for incoming and outgoing calls that allow you to maintain your landline while abandoning the cable company for as little as $1 per month.

You don’t need to buy a VoIP adaptor since you can use an app, this app, or a PC instead. If you wish to make conversations from your landline, you will need an adapter; several are supported, and further information is accessible on the Internet.

In any event, let’s speak about pricing briefly because it’s one of the key reasons people pick Callcentric over Vonage in the first place.

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8. Dialpad

Simple to set up and utilize. Affordably priced, feature-rich, and cloud-based. Dialpad’s contact center software enhances the consumer experience and operator performance, resulting in more productive discussions.

With powerful analytics dashboards, you can monitor and teach agents from anywhere. 

Best Vonage alternatives 7

To save time, automate processes, and collect insights. Improve your CSAT and FCR, close issues, and keep your business satisfied. Use real-time suggestions to enhance agent confidence and provide them with the information they need to assist clients at the moment.

The first distinct advantage of Dialpad is that it includes a convenient Chrome plugin. This allows you to make calls and send messages without ever leaving your browser, which is a fantastic quality-of-life boost that other companies don’t give.

Dialpad’s service was remarkably accurate compared to similar services from rivals in voicemail transcription. The multi-level auto-attendant was very simple to set up, and it seemed like a bonus function because it isn’t generally included with base service plans.

Those searching for video conferencing features will be relieved to learn that Dialpad Meetings capability is included with all subscriptions, so you won’t have to pay extra to start a meeting. The only drawback is a 10-person limit, but this will not be an issue for everyone.

If you wish to invite more people, you may upgrade to the Meetings’ corporate edition, which allows you to host up to 100 people and record limitless video conferences.

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9. GotoConnect

GoTo Connect is a Vonage alternative that provides business cloud phone options. Users rated this platform higher than Vonage in every category, including the convenience of use and customer service quality.

You can stay connected all the time, from wherever you are, thanks to multiplatform compatibility and a guaranteed 99.996 percent uptime.

Best Vonage alternatives 8

On G2, consumers rated GoTo Connect higher than Vonage in all areas, including simplicity of use and customer service quality. While connecting with your teammates, you will experience HD video quality.

Custom-holding music, pre-call messages, and wait time announcements guarantee that your clients love contacting you and have a positive experience.

Since its $350 million purchase by LogMeIn in 2018, the cloud phone solution previously known as Jive has managed to excite customers. Because GoToConnect’s app collection is among the most diverse, you can’t discuss it without mentioning integrations.

While it does not have as many integrations as bigger rivals like Zoom, it does have the most significant ones.


When it comes to equipment, it is among the better options because it works with over 180 different desk phone types. This implies that it will most likely function with your present equipment and any new phones you may buy as you expand.

HD video conferencing is also included with every GoToConnect membership, so you won’t have to pay more for a package. This saves you time and consolidates conversations onto a single platform, which helps streamline your process.

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10. Ringblaze

Ringblaze is a highly user-friendly and straightforward business telephone option for small enterprises.

It allows your team to visit a public dashboard so everyone can see who answered which calls, assign a call to a group member, record calls, or remark on any call to leave a helpful message for the section on the following shift.

Best Vonage alternatives 9

The system elegantly organizes all data for clients and prospects who’ve already phoned your firm, allowing you to examine the whole call history with a given person.

Furthermore, you may have as many company phone lines as you like and yet answer them all from the exact location. This might be beneficial for businesses with a few offices in several places.

Ringblaze is a terrific find if you have consumers phoning your company from abroad because all outbound calls are complimentary for your people, no matter wherever they call from.

This platform thinks that small companies should be able to get the business phone capabilities they require without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Ringblaze includes capabilities such as a shared dashboard, call recording, and allowing several employees to access the company’s mainline.

In Vonage, you’d have to pay as much for the same capabilities.

Ringblaze Review - Create your Business Phone Number

You must upgrade to the Advanced plan to enable call records on Vonage. The Call Us button is a feature that genuinely sticks out in Ringblaze.

It is the widget that company owners may place on their website in a matter of minutes and begin receiving calls from the website.

This brings clients closer to your company since all they have to do to contact you is click that button. Adding a call Us button like this will likely increase your on-site conversion rate by up to 34%.

Furthermore, Ringblaze allows you to create a phone link that you can post anywhere – your website, email signature, or even a blog entry. I’m serious; give it a go! Just make sure you’re phoning within office hours in California.

You can try the platform for free to ensure they are a good fit for you by joining up for a free 7-day trial using Ringblaze.

The features stated above are included in the single plan, call assignments, notes, phone records, and shared dashboards for effective teamwork.

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11. Axvoice – Vonage alternatives for international calls

Axvoice offers unlimited global calling from over 45 countries for roughly half the price of Vonage. It provides free gear to enable your home phone system to make internet calls.

You may, for example, join many numbers and have them all ring simultaneously.

Axvoice internet phone service - Overview

You can control your voicemail from your email, check the caller ID and name of the person calling, change your phone line to Do Not Disturb mode, create several Axvoice lines, and apply various ringtones to each. Axvoice also offers business solutions, such as music on hold.

Residential services begin at $4.99 + $0.015/minute for calls to the United States and Canada or $5.99/month with 200 free calls at the end of the business.

Nationwide calls to the United States and Canada are $8.25 per month, while worldwide calling begins at $16.58 a month, plus calls from over 45 countries.


Who is Vonage’s competitor? 

Ooma, Open phone, Google Voice, CloudTalk, Dialpad, etc., are among the biggest Vonage competitors and are doing more than enough to raise the bar in the commercial cloud communication sector.  

Is Google voice better than Vonage? 

The advantage of Google Voice lies in its tight integration with G Suite programs, which most users are accustomed to using in their everyday work (both personally and professionally).

In addition, for most organizations, switching to Google Voice will be simple thanks to its adaptability, cost, and user-friendly system.  

On the other hand, Vonage comes with a wider range of capabilities and improved integrations. As a result, Vonage is a fantastic option; you won’t be disappointed if you choose Vonage for your business.

Still, we feel that Google Voice has a little competitive advantage because of its G Suite integration ability, cost, and flexibility. 

Did Vonage go out of business? 

No, there are no indications that Vonage will cease operations entirely. Instead, the Ericsson Group will create a new business area called Business Area Global Communications Platform to house Vonage (BGCP).

As a part of Ericsson’s Executive Team, Rory Read, the current CEO of Vonage, has been named Senior Vice President and Head of the Business Area Global Communications Platform. 

Is Vonage the best? 

According to expert reviews, Vonage provides incredibly consistent uptime, which means that the cloud network upon which it is built is accessible 99.999% of the time.

That guarantees that any service-related issues won’t hold down work. 

Can I cancel Vonage at any time? 

By phone or online, you can close your Vonage account. First, call an agent during office hours to cancel by phone.

Then, use your online account to submit a Vonage Cancel Account Form to cancel your account online. 

Can you port a Vonage number to Google Voice? 

Using the mobile app, a Vonage number cannot be ported. Instead, use a desktop browser only. 

A Vonage number must first be ported to a wireless provider before being ported to Google Voice. Therefore, using an AT&T or T-Mobile pre-paid plan usually works better. 

What is Vonage’s early termination fee? 

When an account with an Agreement is closed after the 30-day money-back guarantee but before the 12-month agreement period has expired, an early termination fee is charged.

Depending on the calling plan, there is a $120 or a $60 Early Termination Fee. 

How does Vonage phone service work? 

By using your current High-Speed Internet connection, Vonage allows you to place and receive regular phone calls.
This is made possible by a Vonage Phone Adapter, which transforms Internet data into a voice call that sounds exactly like a landline. 

How do I return Vonage equipment? 

  • Call 150 from your Vonage phone or 0207 993 9000 from any other phone to return your Vonage adaptor. 
  • Your Vonage account number and the MAC address of your Vonage adapter should be given to Customer Care. 
  • Ask Customer Care for the Return Authorization (RA) number. 
Conclusion on the VoIP Vonage alternatives list

According to the analysis, Ooma is one of the top Vonage alternatives for home and commercial VoIP systems. The call quality is good, as is the customer service, and several tools are geared to help businesses run more efficiently.

If you choose Ooma to upgrade your home automation, you can take advantage of services such as E911 telephone and unlimited calls to national lines at no cost except taxes. Nothing beats free!