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Best VPN for Online Gaming

There are several reasons why one may need a VPN to play games. VPNs allow you to access games which you would not be able to otherwise due to geo-restrictions. Geo-restriction is an act of blocking specific games in certain regions, and to be able to play these games; you need to be in a region where the game has not been blocked. 

Things You Can Do With a VPN

VPNs not only let you access these games without having to travel to the country where they are open to play but also let you encrypt all your online activities. Head over to our website to see the good VPNs for online gaming

Why Use VPNs for Online Gaming?

There are more than enough reasons why you would want to use a VPN when gaming online. In this article, we will be highlighting some of these reasons.

  1. Protection against DDoS

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are carried out either flooding a server and causing it to shut down due to overload or flooding the router. Hackers do this by tracking your IP address and using botnets (Internet-connected devices run by a bot).

  1. Protection against Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting (XXS) is an attack on users through vulnerabilities within the website they view. When gaming online, you might scroll across websites relevant to the game. During this process, if a hacker comes across a website that is weak enough to inject a script, they take advantage of it. These websites, once infected, will begin cookie sharing with hackers and sometimes even more sensitive data. VPNs encrypt all your activities making it harder to access your personal information. 

  1. Protection against Data breaches

Data breaches are attacked by unauthorized personnel to the website security and successfully extract information of every user stored on it. There is little to nothing a website can do to protect you against data breaches, but VPNs have 256-bit encryption, which can make reaching your personal information slightly harder.

  1. Playing games 

Some games are released earlier in a different part of the world to where you are. To access these games, you either have to be in the region of release or use a VPN with the same regional server. 

  1. Bypass ISP throttling 

ISP throttling is the act of intentionally slowing the internet services provided to you by your internet service provider. During gaming, this can be a big concern. When your ping is high, and your game begins, you lag even though the gaming experience was alright a while ago.   This is employed to regulate traffic and prevent bandwidth congestion,

  1. Bypass IP bans

You might be banned on a gaming platform to keep you inaway from playing games; however, it is easy to bypass IP bans; you simply need to get a new one. VPNs work primarily by changing your IP address when you join a VPN server; this allows you to play the game as many times as you would like. In case your VPN-provided IP address gets banned, you can reconnect to a new server and play again.