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21 Best Websites For Kids To Discover a Limitless World Of Learning

In today’s world of tech advancements, kids depend upon the internet for many of their needs. The internet is a hub for students to gain knowledge from the sea of thousands of websites. In fact, the internet is a place for kids to educate themselves, build their talents, showcase them, and keep learning new things.

Now, when it comes to learning, it should be enjoyable, be it online or offline. Kids are much more intelligent and curious than ever before. Their thirst for answers and reasons never ends.

From the darkest caves to the brightest stars, kids are eager to learn a vast ocean of topics. Rocket science theories? Don’t worry; the internet has got them too. 

Things have changed in the past two years since COVID-19 hit us. The educational sector has suffered too. The classes are shifted online, and every kind of learning happens on the internet. If any doubt on any topic arises, we instantly hop onto Google to search for the same. 

Kids are always eager to learn and grow. They are so energetic. To keep this energy alive, they need proper knowledge that they can learn with fun and zest. 

But do you ever think you are not getting any relevant information related to the topics you searched for? Or are you not sure which is the perfect website for your needs? There are a considerable number of websites. It is a time-consuming job to go through them and select the most relevant ones. 

Learning should be informative yet fun and exciting. And why not? We always longed for something that would grab our interest in a particular topic. We will help you with our list of some of the best websites for kids that you will find exciting and productive.

Here are twenty fun, educational and kid-friendly websites. (HEY! We’ve included a bonus site too!)

Best Websites For Kids – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. YouTube Kids

It is mandatory to mention YouTube at the top. An incredible insurgency that has been achieved in the training field is on YouTube. It is firmly identified with YouTube. It’s a video-sharing site that gives excellent quality training fostered a ton during a couple of years.

Using YouTube, a user from one nation can approach training from another country. Learning on YouTube has acquired colossal significance. Students don’t need to head outside or spend a fortune to get familiar with their academics.

So students can save both their time and cash. If a student can’t comprehend an idea, they have a choice to watch it once more. 

websites for kids 1

Educators can give excellent quality instruction, which students generally can’t reach. There are no necessities of any school materials to learn anything. A robust and solid web association and a cell phone are required. 

Since the visuals are pleasant to watch, YouTube schooling is more substantial than some other assets. Youngsters focus on the recordings more than those in the customary instructing climate. This makes learning agreeable and straightforward. 

Students need to look on YouTube by searching for any data or explanation on a theme. Various recordings with comparable data will spring up on the screen.

The whole world is transforming into a study hall where specific individuals are educators, and the rest are students on YouTube. 

Websites for Kids

This virtual study hall of YouTube is open 24 hours per day and seven days per week for everybody. Because of its expanded fame, all telephones use a pre-introduced YouTube application.

Educators are endeavoring hard to give quality instructions to students with the help of YouTube. Some of them likewise transfer recordings of their talks so that their students can explain questions on the web. 

The students can be coordinated to YouTube as an asset to discover fascinating and critical data for them as per the educational program. Elders can urge them to exploit YouTube as much as they can participate if they deal with a more self-coordinated project. 

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2. Byju’s – interactive websites for kids

Byju’s is India’s most prominent ed-tech organization. It offers versatile, connecting, and effective learning programs for LKG and UKG classes 1 – 12 (K-12). Additionally, you can find classes, lectures, and courses for all kinds of competitive examinations on this platform.

21 Best Websites For Kids To Discover a Limitless World Of LearningSuch websites for Kids provide a short and easy explanation of almost all subjects’ topics. Educational topics are explained within 12-20 min videos. 

How ideas and points are clarified on Byju’s assists kids with getting theoretically robust. They have programs from classes 1 – 12. If anyone is getting ready for NEET or IIT, they have explicit learning programs for that as well.

It encourages them to get familiar with the subject at the kid speed. The most astonishing aspect is that each parent can intently screen their kid’s advancement. In general, their primary center is to assist kids with going gaga for learning. 

It also includes recordings, practice tests, and coordinated mentorship to assist the students with getting ready for boards and different exams. Their learning program is a finished answer for your youngsters. 

Making millions fall in love with learning

“Quit Memorizing-Start Understanding”- is their motive. These videos assist kids with imagining and seeing every idea. When the argument is perceived, there is no dread of tests except for adoration for learning.

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3. Brainly

Is it a tough time getting answers from professionals? Well, Brainly provides quick solutions to questions from students themselves. It’s like a community where most students, educators, and like-minded people gather together to solve each other’s doubts.

websites for kids 3

Brainly was made in the year 2009 to instruct youngsters. Mainly for the people who wonder whether to ask their questions to older folks. 

Brainly gives a stage where students, guardians, and teachers help others with questions. These kid safe websites reinforce their abilities across subjects that are taught in schools. The stage permits them to associate with their companions, authorities, and expert teachers to examine their topics and look for replies to their questions. 

Users are approached to clarify the appropriate responses they give. Questions are sorted subject, nation, and class-wise. Every user is given decent points focused upon enlistment, which are used to pose inquiries. Users can get focused by responding to questions posted by others. 

Brainly is directed by a local area of volunteers and staff and uses AI calculations to channel its knowledge base. Mediators are clients whose answers are incredible in content quality. Mediators are given the authorization to react to clients who disregard rules. Mediators have a prevalent history of helping other people on Brainly. 

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4. Nat Geo Kids

Yes, you got that! There are websites for kids such as the iconic National Geographic channel.

The National Geographic Kids site gets youngsters energized with regard to their surroundings. The site’s landing page is a vivid and eye-catching one. Photographs and recordings of a wide assortment of spots, greenery, and fauna keep the two children and grown-ups snared.

websites for kids 4

National Geographic Kids is the web-based part of National Geographic Kids magazine. It has instructive games, kid-accommodating data, and an incredible film. It also has a couple of recordings that include creatures following and assaulting their prey. 

Executives promote photographs that children transfer to their site profiles. They also promote the My Shot photograph display, and remarks likewise need an endorsement, which forestalls different issues. Children will need a paid membership to get to specific things on the site. 

National Geographic Kids utilizes excellent materials like realities, games, tests, and surveys. It displays to youthful pioneers different ideas identified with geology, natural science, paleontology, and the sky’s the limit. 

5. Scratch – fun websites for 10 year olds

Have you seen your kid interested in programming? Well, Scratch provides a platform for young programmers to bloom and develop their imagination and logic. 

Scratch makes educating kids about programming as simple as assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The coding components are introduced as squares that snap together, and it helps instruct children to think like coders. 

websites for kids 5

Scratch is the world’s most extensive coding website for kids. It is a coding language with a simple visual interface. It permits youngsters to make advanced stories, games, etc. Scratch is planned, created, and directed by the Scratch Foundation. It is a not-for-profit association. 

This platform advances reasoning and critical thinking; imaginative instructing and learning; coordinated effort; and value in registering. Furthermore, it is free and accessible in over 70 dialects. 

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6. Education.com

With 800+ essential abilities and an educational plan focused on organized games and assets, it’s a genuinely instructive mother lode! A great deal of content is free.

A top-notch membership gives extra substance and admittance to an advancement tracker. It screens a youngster’s information, capability, and time spent on learning. 

Additionally, the platform has a sister site that goes by the name of Brainzy. This site is specially designed for preschoolers and given the audience, it is full of entertaining games and musical tunes that serve as a way for kids to learn and master their abilities at an early age.

websites for kids 6Education.com goes from preschool to 5th grade in its materials. It covers expressive arts, unknown dialects, math, reading and composing, science, and social investigations. Grown-upsurge drove exercises and autonomous review illustrations, stories, activities, games, and printable exercise manuals and worksheets. 

Education.com gives instructors and guardians the learning assets. Their goal is to make a learning experience that motivates a youngster’s enthusiasm, interest, and confidence. 

More than 16 million instructors and guardians worldwide have joined Education.com and developed multiple educational programs for the platform that cover topics, subjects, and fields like Science, Art, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, etc. 

7. Reading IQ 

With more than 7,000 digital books, Reading IQ is an ideal place to soothe your love for reading! 

Made by the designers of ABC Mouse, it’s not difficult to track down books your children will cherish as this broad library has an astute pursuit apparatus. Titles of thousands of books are accessible, and reasonable for readers.

websites for kids 7

Reading capacities for each title implies that guardians can either read straightforwardly to their little ones or pick the ‘read to me’ choice for a more self-coordinated story experience—kids foster word acknowledgment abilities with the text featuring capacity.

Participation gives revealing instruments so that guardians can view and screen understanding advancement.

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8. TED X Talks for Kids 

Talks from researchers, performers, trendsetters, and activists – all younger than twenty-this are what TED X talks for Kids is in a nutshell.

TED Members select admittance to extraordinary occasions with enormous names from the TED stage, motivating discussions with a worldwide local area. 

websites for kids 8

Ted Talks makes sure to rouse and teach your kid about new themes. Guardians need to realize that TED-Ed offers brief video examples on an incredible assortment of subjects.

Children may get exhausted or disappointed. They may assume they watch recordings that are altogether too progressed for their age levels. 

The site, for the most part, works effectively by introducing now and again complex substances. For instance, “The Basics of the Higgs Boson” portrays the ramifications of this newfound key molecule. It amuses kids, and engages them, making a dry science subject straightforward and enjoyable to learn. 

9. Doubtnut

Have any doubts about mathematics or science? Doubtnut is here to your rescue. Doubtnut set up in 2016 addresses each doubt and gives e-learning arrangements.

All you have to do is type in your doubt or queries in the search box on the site and they shall get resolved almost immediately.

Alternatively, you can even click a picture of your doubts and upload them on the sites to get them solved. The website offers live online solutions for all users’ mathematics and science doubts. It also comes as an application. 

websites for kids 9

The site utilizes pictures to give answers to numerical and science questions. To get the answer to a question, one needs to upload an image.

The application processes text from the picture and searches with it in its data set of solved queries. In case of the questions match, the result is given. The user can choose the best explanation video freely clarifying their question. 

Doubtnut gives courses all around the world. It is India’s third-biggest organization in the education sector. It also provides online coaching classes. It includes coaching skills like JEE, NEET, etc. Some of the best educators in the nation teach in Doubtnut.

According to a user’s experience, it would have been easier for him to know about Doubtnut before. He used to have many doubts during his JEE preparation.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t blessed with educators who were eager to look at his doubts in drop year for practice. The reason he cited was that they have solutions to almost any question you will come across in your JEE preparation.

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10. Starfall

Starfall is a kids’ site that shows fundamental English reading and composing abilities. Founded in 2002, it has been improving since and is entirely ad-free. 

The platform has divided its entire learning into four different levels. From the most essential to the most exceptional, the levels are: learning ABCs, early starting reading, middle starting reading, and progressing reading.

websites for kids 10

The main level shows preschoolers the ABCs. At this level, the site gives students all letters in order in the capitalized structure and the lowercase structure.

When the students see words show up on the screen, they hear the hints of the multitude of letters that make a word. In the early starting level, students make words by expanding consonants to the various word families. 

In the middle of the road, starting at an understanding level, readers can rejuvenate the books they will read before they read them. The student can learn about famous specialists and wizardry stunts.

In a high level of starting understanding level, youngsters can use various books, including authentic texts, fairy tales, etc. 

websites for kids 11

The It’s Fun to Read segment, in which students find out how reading can assist them with examining whatever intrigues them. It offers a pleasant method for tying together subjects under the topic of reading and proficiency.

Instructors can likewise extend the site on an intuitive whiteboard to acquaint new ideas with the entire class. For educators who are all set in, the Parent-Teacher Center is an absolute necessity. It is an excellent data set of extra thoughts, printable worksheets, downloadable tunes, etc.

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11. Nick Jr. 

Nick Jr. might be your kid’s favorite TV channel. Glad to introduce you to its website counterpart.

Nick Jr. offers age-suitable games and recordings as long as you’re alright with your kid seeing their beloved TV characters during learning time.

Your children can deal with numbers and shapes, set up puzzles, find fun printable worksheets, and that’s just the beginning! 

websites for kids 12

Educators can make a particular illustration plan focusing on the site’s exercises. In case they’re ready to respond precisely to the site’s test questions that assist with figuring out what content is suitable for a kid.

They’ll have to attempt to address all the test inquiries to get sufficiently close to the site’s games and different activities. You can’t look through things and pick the ones you’d like – which is tragic, in light of the fact that it’d make the site more open to teachers.


The exercises address a wide variety of social and passion, skills, and different abilities. So regardless of whether your appraisal is gnawed off, children should take part, in any case, to profit from utilizing the site.

Children can invest some of their time on the site, getting to exercises through the site’s game board and earning virtual awards. 

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12. Epic!

Books are too heavy for toddlers to carry, aren’t they? Let’s introduce you to Epic! – the digital library. It contains thousands of digital copies of books suitable for kids under the age of twelve. 

websites for kids 13

It’s a tool that gets kids hooked on books, stories, and reading, and it incorporates many titles such as games and book recordings. A free preliminary enables a parent to give it a shot with profiles made for up to 4 children.

The entire family can benefit. Titles are recommended by interest and understanding capacity. It’s reasonable for all degrees, including non-readers. Each book has a ‘read to me’ capacity, and guardians can follow their child’s movement through the Parent Dashboard. 

The Epic! application approaches above and beyond 40 000 titles, making it broad contrasted with contenders out there. There is a fantastic blend of fiction and true-to-life pictures and section books accessible. 

Epic’s library contains a blend of works of art and more present-day titles in both fiction and true-to-life. As a rule, the books are great and cover a range of points, from experience and sports to history and dreams. 

The Epic! application doesn’t simply hold back books. There are book recordings and reading along, which settle a decent decision for guardians of pre-understanding children. 

The read-out-loud books are animated and have word features as well wherein the words pop out on the screen as the book is read out by the narrator or storyteller. 

This can be useful for users, further developing reading expertise by fortifying the relationship between visual word acknowledgment and articulation. 

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13. Khan Academy – free websites for kids

Khan Academy is very popular among students and can be called a school away from school. Even teachers come to Khan Academy to learn. They aim to provide free education in its ideal form and quality worldwide. 

websites for kids 14

In furthering its goal, the organization is equipped with all kinds of learning resources including recorded lectures and courses, worksheets for practice, and the most amazing of everything on this platform is its customized learning dashboard that offers the students the ability to learn and progress at their own pace.

Khan Academy’s site plans to give a free customized learning experience based on the recordings facilitated on YouTube. The site is intended to enhance its recordings because it incorporates different elements, such as progress following, practice activities, and instructing apparatuses. The material can likewise be gotten through versatile applications. 

The recordings show drawings on an electronic board, which is like the style of an instructor giving a talk. The storyteller portrays each picture and how they identify with the material being instructed.

Moreover, through the examples, clients can acquire identifications and energy focuses, which can be shown on their profiles. Non-benefit bunches have circulated disconnected forms of the recordings to provincial regions.

All in for Education: Keep Khan Academy Free

The best part is that there are no limitations regarding subjects and levels for the learning resources and recordings available on this platform.

You can find recordings and lectures for all subjects and classes ranging right from kindergarten to secondary and higher secondary classes. Additionally, you can find recordings and content from other organizations and YouTube channels too.

It additionally gives online courses on planning for state-administered tests, including the SAT, AP Chemistry, Praxis Core, and MCAT, and delivered LSAT readiness examples in 2018. Khan Academy has additionally upheld Code.org’s Hour of Code, giving coding standards on its site.

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14. Coursera 

Need a catalog of professionally created courses? Search no more. This is Coursera. Your one-stop option for everything you want to learn. 

Websites For Kids 1

The website contains courses and certifications that a student can take in any area or field that interests him/her. The website is associated with multiple institutes and universities and all of these institutes launch their digital courses on the website which the students can pursue and even get certified with an electronic course certificate. 

Its course costs are reasonable, and its degree programs are altogether lower than nearby-based degrees. Coursera offers nearly 2,000 courses for nothing; this will mean you will not get an authentication. Yet, if you choose to redesign, you will have that choice.

Transform Your Life and Impact the World With Courses on Coursera

Moreover, you can even use the application for offline learning as it allows you to download the course material and use them even when you are disconnected from the internet. So, there’s basically no hindrance to your learning experience when you use this website. 

Bearing the costs of the courses is not a problem either as Coursera offers an assortment of installment plans, from totally free to pay for a singular approach or through a monthly or yearly membership. Its methods are adaptable, reasonable, work significant, and perceived by future bosses. 

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15. Brightstorm

Brightstorm is a site that offers brief video illustrations on different subjects inside the classifications of English, history, math, science, and test prep.

Clients can pay for a month-to-month, semiannual, or yearly membership, and afterward, they can observe all the video content on their picked subject.

Recordings are separated by topic, and some straightforwardly relate to coursebooks children might be utilized in class.

websites for kids 16

Every video is somewhere in the range of five and 10 minutes in length and covers a little snippet of data identified with a theme. For instance, the part on Death of a Salesman has separate recordings for investigating the play’s subject, significance, and imagery, and math areas incorporate bunches of examples and practice issues en route.

Instructors instruct all illustrations with either graduate degrees or PhDs, for the most part, in the subjects they’re teaching. All recordings and content are accessible through Studystorm, the iOS and Android application made by Brightstorm’s designers. 

It is difficult for students to understand the multifaceted specialized wordings, so the area makes the course readings more straightforward.

16. CosmoLearning 

The site integrates three fundamental choices, including informative material, systems, and narratives. The subjects have been isolated into two segments, in particular extra-curricular and academic subjects.

websites for kids 17

It was launched in 2007, and it fills two needs. To begin with, it permits understudies from everywhere in the world to get to and download informational materials free of charge. Clients are not limited by age or potential monetary outcomes.

Anybody can utilize the site to gain insight on different points. Simultaneously, CosmoLearning offers teachers where they can post courses and other instructive materials that they’ve made. 

This stage helps instructors who share their insight get consideration from a public that is keen on learning. 

Since what CosmoLearning does is accumulate free instructive materials from everywhere on the web. The majority of the courses are additionally accessible on different sites. However, CosmoLearning makes them simpler to access by getting them sorted out. 

In contrast to numerous other instructive stages, it doesn’t make its substance. This is how it figures out how to remain free, as it doesn’t need to pay the makers of the courses.

Yet, it urges clients to offer monetary help to the teachers that they appreciate. The endeavors of the makers may be repaid somewhat. 

17. Future Channel 

This website is more like a learning and educational channel that is focused on solving specific problems faced by students. For example, students generally face algebra problems, so they have created a special section for the same. 

websites for kids 18

The Futures Channel features a set number of their massive assortment of short (three to seven-minute) video cuts about natural world uses for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) abilities.

Non-endorsers can read a few classifications, including Agriculture, Art and Music, Design, and Space Science. Related example plans are recorded beneath every video. 

For a month-to-month or yearly charge, all recordings are accessible for web-based streaming. Each profile is a venture or vocation that utilizes science and math and spotlights the kinds of center, and secondary school ideas experts in these professions use.

The way the interviewees talk about these abilities can appear, now and again, constrained and fake. The recordings, in any case, are very much created with great sound and video quality.

18. Howcast 

It’s a one-stop site for every one of the subjects, nothing unless other option entries have these numerous fields. Keeping the embodiment of curiosity alive, the entrance capacities on the normal watchwords include the word ‘how.’ 

websites for kids 19

When most of us catch wind of a how-to video site, we consider YouTube or ExpertVillage, where clients make and transfer video content. Howcast is different and unique in this very aspect.

The more significant part of the recordings on this site is delivered in-house through Howcast’s Emerging Filmmakers Program. Movie producers browse prepared-to-shoot scripts in various classes and afterward make their informative videos. 

Howcast has figured out how to satisfy the two sponsors and watchers. Everybody wins. The watcher discovers some new information, and publicists gain openness to a designated crowd. 

19. Academic Earth 

Academic Earth gives a massive cluster of educational choices to students from customary to recent investigations.

You can find complete degree programs and courses online on this site on subjects ranging from bookkeeping to other financial fields, topics, and matters. You can even find courses for designing and even other specialty subjects.

websites for kids 20

The website makes this possible through collaboration with universities, schools, and institutions like Oxford, Stanford, Columbia, etc. The gateway has recordings and digital broadcasts on all subjects. 

Scholastic Earth has dispatched the reason that everybody merits admittance to a top-notch institution. In 2009, they fabricated the primary assortment of free web-based school courses from the world’s top colleges.

Regardless of whether you need to investigate another point or advance in your present field, they carry the stunning universe of the scholarly world to you. 

20. BigThink 

BigThink Edge is a site expected to bring you prodding and stimulating video content from people thriving. 

BigThink has over 2,000 colleagues who have received incredible acclaim for their strong points. These specialists set up articles and account instructional exercises for the understudies.

websites for kids 21

Later, the substance is additionally refined by the site’s publication group, giving the understudies accurate material. Understudies can utilize this site by making their particular belief system, as it provides different suppositions on one subject. Additionally, understudies can get seen by specialists also. 

Lifetime participation costs $159.99, which might be costly for specific individuals (the arrangement cost introduced on the CNN Store). A more restricted commitment to testing a one-year enrollment will run for $29.99 (at first $50). 

BigThink Edge revives its site with three particular models each week, so you’re dependably getting new substance. The site isn’t the most normal, notwithstanding the way that the game plan is clear. 

With the way it’s growing, it is definitely an ideal site that you shall love to use for a great learning and educational experience.

A Bonus Website for Kids – Internet Archive

As we mentioned in the very beginning, we added a bonus website for you, and that is none other than the Internet Archive itself.

It is loaded with almost every single digital copy of documents available on the internet. You will find your required book, paper, article, poem, script, etc., here.

websites for kids 22

It gives a free community to accumulations of digitized materials, including sites, programming applications/games, music, films/recordings, moving pictures, and many books. The Archive is a dissident association supporting a free and open Internet.

The Internet Archive holds north of 33 million readers and texts, 7.3 million films, recordings, TV shows, 785,000 programming programs, 13,901,000 sound documents, 4 million pictures, and 627 billion site pages in the Wayback Machine.

The users can even download and transfer advanced learning material within the groups to transmit more information and knowledge.

The more significant part of its information is consequently gathered by its web engines, which work to save as much of the public web as expected. Its web document, the Wayback Machine, contains many billions of web caches.


What is the most popular website for kids?

Byju’s, YouTube Kids, Brainly, Education.com, Nat Geo Kids, TED X Talks for Kids, etc. are some of the most popular websites for kids.

These websites are full of great learning content across multiple subjects and various important aspects of life, including discipline, teamwork, collaboration, respect, and much more.  

What is the safest website for kids? 

Brainly, TED X Talks for kids, Nat Geo Kids, Khan Academy Kids, BigThink, etc. are among the safest websites for kids and offer a massive range of learning content in a very friendly, kids-safe interface.

These websites are free from unwanted content, videos, links, and advertisements, and you can stay stress-free when your little one spends some time on these websites.

What is the best website for kids to learn? 

Khan Academy Kids, BYJU’s, Education.com, Academic Earth, Coursera, etc. are among the best websites for kids to learn.

These safe, secure, and kids’ friendly learning websites are designed keeping all the requirements of kids and are perfectly safe as well for every age group.  

What is similar to PBS Kids? 

National Geographic Kids, The KIDZ Page, Make Me Genius, TIME for Kids, Sesame Street, etc. are very similar to PBS Kids, and are great educational websites for fun learning and offer a very good range of online teaching games, videos, printables, and much more. 

Final Words

So, these are all useful paid and free educational websites for kids that can offer them great learning experiences and build their capabilities, talents, and skills as well. We hope that you have already bookmarked all these sites and are all set to explore them well!