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15 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

Nowadays computer animation is so popular that it’s not just used as an entertainment but it’s also used in the field of education, advertisement, creative arts, scientific visualization and many more.

As per the statistics from the scientific study, humans have a greater grasping ability of the content in the form of video rather than just a plane script.

This holds true because we tend to engage and learn more with the video content. The animated videos are used everywhere and in recent years there has been a significant rise in the use of whiteboard animation software.

Whiteboard animation software helps to make a stunning animated video with little effort. It creates an efficient video for your business presentations and assists in content visualization to promote business.

Whiteboard animation videos are also called explainer videos which makes the script more narrative by converting a story into an animated video. These videos are simple, fast to make and are quite alluring.

Whiteboard animation software is an ideal tool which gives life to one’s imagination and assimilates different uses and a stupendous course in itself.

The Whiteboard animation software is widely used by marketers, businesses, trainers, and many other corporations to make attractive animated videos in order to grab the client’s attention and improve one’s marketing.

In this article, we round up some of the best whiteboard animation software to aggrandize the product conversions.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software to Use in 2022

Since we now understand the importance of using whiteboard animation videos, we might as well read some of them that are popularly used in the market. We have emphasized some of the animation software that works using a whiteboard.  

1. Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is the first of the best whiteboard animation software on our list. Using the Filmora Pro, you can come up with excellent animation videos. However, learning how to use the software can take some time. 

Animation 101: A Guide to Basic Keyframing | FilmoraPro Tutorial

It supports both 2D and 3D for designing high-quality animation videos. You can use the white plane and have a smooth flow using the keyframes in the video. Users can access the color correction and audio mixer to offer clients a new dimension in animation videos.  

2. VideoScribe

VideoScribe (Download Here) is quite popular among beginners as it lets you produce stunning whiteboard animation videos easily and quickly. It does not cost a lot as well, which is a remarkable thing about VideoScribe. 

What is VideoScribe? A one minute overview

To develop a video, you only need to select the pre-built template, add images, texts, and that is it. There is a massive library of images and music for you to experiment with. Furthermore, you can also contact their support team 24/7.

3. Explaindio

Explaindio (Download Here) is third on our list of the best whiteboard animation software. Explaindio is undoubtedly famous among users of many sectors. Probably, the reason for that being the fantastic 2D and 3D functions. 

One might also read about the reviews posted online by users. They are awesome. You do not get to read this kind of review often. Your experience level does not matter because you can make use of the sketching elements in the software. 

Explaindio Demo and Bonus - What Is Explaindio Video Creator?

Users have a barrage of options to use like HD features, full-motion video features, and audio collection to give life to your videos. Explaindio is right up there, and you will do your business a favor by using this software.

4. MySimpleShow

MySimpleShow (Download Here) is another excellent choice for animation video. This is one of the best whiteboard animation software for any business. We were instantly happy with the abilities displayed by the software. 

Whiteboard Animation Software

If you are searching for a tool that can help you design a professional animation video using a whiteboard, then you are looking at it. The software has a wide range of templates that enable you to create business videos, including employee training, product promotion, and also motivation videos. 

When you want, you can also design educational videos. As you can see, the versatility of the software is vast. Users can also use the graphics, audio, images, and other features to create a whiteboard animation software video.

5. Camtasia Screen Recorder and Video Editor

According to our review, Camtasia Screen Recorder and Video Editor (Download here) is one of the best whiteboard animation software. Camtasia is a versatile animation software that helps you design videos of your liking. 

This is a premium animation tool that allows you to come up with videos that can impact your viewers immensely. There is a barrage of videos available on the tool for you to make use of. 

Whiteboard Animation Software


You can also use the intros and outros, so on. Users can also make use of the 500k plus images, videos, and images found on the TechSmith subscription. You can find a few animation software that actually lets you create themes for smoothly styling your business. 

The preview playback comes enhanced that quickly makes your experience of high quality. Besides that, you can also make use of the in-built functionalities, including screen recorders, audio effects, annotations, transitions, and others.

Camtasia costs you close to $250 to begin. But, we felt that this is one of the best animation software in the market as of now, due to its flexibility. When you want your business to surge in growth among your customers, then you need to consider a tool like this.

6. RenderForest

RenderForest (Download Here) is next on our list of the best whiteboard animation software. This is free animation software that enables you to present your video content innovatively. 

Whiteboard Animation Template

We were highly impressed with its ability to scale new horizons. Users belong to different backgrounds like a business, education, and manufacturing sector. Such it is appealing thanks to a wide range of templates, exceptional tools, and other features. 

A combination of these allows you to design videos that can help you create different kinds of videos, depending on your requirements. 

7. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro (Download Here) is another excellent choice. Using this tool, you can design animation videos of your liking. It comes with a drag and drop tool that is blended with a user interface that is easy to grasp. 

You can upload the animation video, and then design the starting scene using powerful effects for making your video live. Apart from that, you can also import and draw sketches, music, images, and come up with videos using the software. 

There is a library that contains a vast selection of interactive media files. Users can be able to access the video analytic tool for improving the videos. We loved this feature, as it helps you to enhance the videos immensely. 

8. Animaker 

Animaker (Download Here) is another simple to use animation software. This is an excellent tool for designing and working with animation software open source projects. 

The best part about this software is that it comes free to use. However, you only need to register yourself on the website. The features are useful, so is the application as it provides you with six styles of videos.

The Future of Video Making is here! [Animaker 2.0 Launch]

You can develop more than 500 animated videos. Now that is an excellent option for you. Designers can make use of the drag and drop tool for selecting and organizing the media files for creating. 

When you are looking at one of the best whiteboard animation software, then it is got to be Animaker.

9. Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software

Doodly (Download Here) is your go-to software for designing animation videos. According to some users, even those who do not have any animation skills can create videos with ease. 

15 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

We felt that it was a tall claim. That is because Doodly comes with a wide range of features for designing animation videos. With intuitive tools, you can create whiteboard videos in a short span of time. 

Market data reveals that using this animation tool can increase your website traffic by 130%. Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software is an excellent animation software that comes with a barrage of features for enabling you to create and publish videos. 

10. TruScribe

TruScribe (Download Here) is tenth on our list of animation software using a whiteboard. The primary purpose of using TruScribe would be that you are making use of neuroscience theory.

TruScribe Video Services

When you want to design an animation video for gaining attention, then you can use this tool. Users have been appreciative of the tool, helping them enhance videos. This enables them to understand the viewers. 

This software makes use of a scribology method, where a whiteboard explainer video is made. Not to mention, you can draw movies using your hands. For those of you with excellent drawing skills might want to consider using the ability. 

Apart from the above ten whiteboard animation software, we have also listed four bonus whiteboard animation software for beginners. Using this two software, you can find your way slowly into the colossal world of animation. 

It is all about interest and passion in the field of animation, which can help you create compelling videos. Probably, once you go through the software tools, you will get used to it and design your own videos. 

11. Vyond

Vyond (Download Here) is one of the two whiteboard software tools that are present on our list, that is simple to learn. Vyond is used for both casual and professional presentation videos. 

The depth that you can design your videos is mind-blowing. Though this may not be a capable software like Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software and VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software, it gets the job done. 

The software comes with a barrage of audios, media files, and templates. You have to choose the characters and models that you prefer for your video making. We loved that part of this software, and some of the features are free to use. 

There is also an interesting aspect about the software called character lip-sync. In this, users can make their characters into cartoons, and they can even be presented as humans. Doing this, your videos come to life as the characters look real and lively.

12. Biteable

Finally, we have Biteable (Download Here). You will notice that the user interface on this software is excellent and straightforward to learn. This is suitable for beginners in designing animation videos. 

What is Biteable? Meet the world's simplest video maker.

However, we felt that the features are quite good, and it can help you come up with a decent animation video ideal for business, personal, and social media. The software comes with a wide range of music and templates that you can edit for adding your images and text. 

You can also add icons depending on your liking and as per your need for animating on your whiteboard video. Summing up, this animation software may not be the most effective, but it sure does help you learn how to design animation videos in the first place. 

13. VideoMakerFX

15 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

VideoMakerFX is an amazing software that aids in creating an animated video for your scripted presentations. It embeds a vast collection of icons, images, and backgrounds. The text editor can be easily customized to add effects to all the texts in the video.

This software requires no monthly fees and is the most powerful software that creates some awesome videos within a few minutes. It helps render effective presentations to engage audiences attention and aids in boosting your market sales.

VideoMakerFX helps its user to create some unlimited videos with no watermarks or any other restrictions. It is fully compatible with Windows and MAC computers.

Download the software here.

14. Moovly

15 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

Moovly (Download Here) is a free whiteboard animation software used to create professional looking videos. The software lets you create your own animation video, explainer video as well YouTube video in a few minutes.

It allows users to choose from the vast variety of video clips, templates, and audios for creating animation. The software provides an easy-to-use interface with simple drag and drop options as well as offers context sensitivity.

Getting Started with Moovly (2018)


Why does Whiteboard Animation work so well?

  • Some experts have compared videos made using the whiteboard software as a Swiss army knife. The range of depth that they provide you for designing your videos is indescribable. It is such that you can use it for any market situation. 
  • The best part about it is the retention of information. Videos using whiteboard software are designed using main ideals of communication, text, audio, and, more importantly, videos. The audience is able to understand what is being communicated to them effectively. 
  • It gives them an edge to learn and understand what is actually happening through the scribing or animated explainer videos. 
  • Some of the reasons why the animation software videos work wonders on your audience.
  • Our brains can process visual input better than when it is presented in the text. When you show your audience a video, they can handle it more comfortably, and it remains with them for quite a while. 
  • Humans tend to acquire knowledge through visuals more effectively than words and text content. You do not want your audience to listen to you and throw away the text content merely. 
  • Instead, you have them keep it for eternity through whiteboard animation software videos. 
  • Humans prefer learning through visuals because those images are efficiently placed in their memory. 
  • Whiteboard animation videos make people happy and content. They are able to bring fun into their lives on any subject. Naturally, the viewers enjoy them and are in a happy mood to receive information. 
  • The whiteboard animation software designs videos as stories that people remember. This helps to reinforce verbal information.
  • When combining pictures, words, storytelling, and animation, the human brain is stimulated in a few ways, at once. This helps to convey the message to them.

Verdict on Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Trainers and marketers all over the world are leveraging the power of animation videos for capturing the minds of their viewers. Like, we mentioned in the earlier part of this review, animation software can effectively convey their message. 

We recommend the use of the Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software and VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software. They are easy to learn, use, and train others. Your business would benefit immensely through the software. 

It is not surprising that the usage of whiteboard animation software is growing at rapid strides, and business executives are using it as a popular marketing tool. You would be surprised to know that businesses are ready to shell out $2000 for a 10-minute whiteboard animation video. 

Such is the demand among them. This is when you can debate on whether you should hire a software firm to use software and create the videos yourself.It is a win-win situation. When you are beginning your business in this vast world of competition, you may want to take professional skills.

Yes, this animation software is good and easy to use. You can grasp the concept quickly. But, eventually, it boils down to your creative skills and talent. 

To be honest, when you have no experience in animation, then it is profitable to hire a software firm or professional to help you out using the software. 

Hence, we have come up with a few ideas that may help you choose the right software firm. 

The products mentioned in the list are good. However, you might not need to use all of them for your business. When you use the right software firm, getting whiteboard videos becomes smoother and efficient. 

On the other hand, partnering with a software firm that you are not comfortable with may not help your animation cause for your business. 

So how can you find the right kind of whiteboard animation software firm for your business requirements? 

  • When you have decided to outsource the project, you might want to check the video quality designed by firms around the world. Using this as the main parameter, you would want to shortlist some of them that might be good for you. Ideally, you would want to choose a firm that is based in your region for the process to move smoothly. 
  • For an animation project, they have to discuss the next move often. So, this is going to be a proactive deal between both sides. You, too, can add your ideas to the animation video. 
  • The software firm should be an experienced one, employing skilled and seasoned employees. Usually, animation software firms have their own field of excellence. You can choose them based on that, to be on the safe side.
  • The response time and professionalism of the software firm are essential. When they respond to your queries immediately and politely, then you know that you have found your firm. They ensure that they are transparent with you and clear in their communication about everything.
  • You must have a budget when you begin your search for the best whiteboard animation company. Your budget constraints depend on the size of your business and capability. 
  • Finally, you will want to fix the deadline before you begin the animation project. Designing a whiteboard animation software video takes time. Have the budget of your animation video in mind and choose the right partner. 

With the above tips, you can choose the right whiteboard animation software and the firm for your video. You must have the right animation software from the ones that we have mentioned in the list for your custom whiteboard video.

The Takeaway

This is the end of our list of the best whiteboard animation software in the market. You may find it hard to deny that the demand for quality videos is increasing in a short period.

As an entrepreneur, you may be able to satisfy those demands following the traditional router. 

This whiteboard animation software enables you to design the requirements as they provide you with the templates needed for creating them. We may want to tell you beforehand that searching the perfect software for your needs might take some time. 

With some search and professional guidance, you can find the best software tool that suits your animation project. The best whiteboard animation software has come a long way in designing whiteboard animation videos for businesses of all sizes. 

It is no wonder that the storyteller whiteboard makes you want to use it for your animation videos. Most of the animation software comes with the mundane. The whiteboard software mentioned in our post is suitable for both internal and external communication. 

You may want to consider having it in your content calendar. Like, we suggested, you can take professional help to make the most of the animation software. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our post and found value. 

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions in the below comments.