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Best Whiteboard animation software for Windows


Nowadays computer animation is so popular that it’s not just used as an entertainment but it’s also used in the field of education, advertisement, creative arts, scientific visualization and many more.

As per the statistics from the scientific study, humans have a greater grasping ability of the content in the form of video rather than just a plane script.

This holds true because we tend to engage and learn more with the video content. The animated videos are used everywhere and in recent years there has been a significant rise in the use of whiteboard animation software.

Whiteboard animation software helps to make a stunning animated video with little effort. It creates an efficient video for your business presentations and assists in content visualization to promote business.

Whiteboard animation videos are also called explainer videos which makes the script more narrative by converting a story into an animated video. These videos are simple, fast to make and are quite alluring.

Whiteboard animation software is an ideal tool which gives life to one’s imagination and assimilates different uses and a stupendous course in itself.

The Whiteboard animation software is widely used by marketers, businesses, trainers, and many other corporations to make attractive animated videos in order to grab the client’s attention and improve one’s marketing.

In this article, we round up some of the best whiteboard animation software to aggrandize the product conversions.

Best Whiteboard animation software for Windows


VideoMakerFX is an amazing software that aids in creating an animated video for your scripted presentations. It embeds some vast collection of icons, images, and backgrounds. The text editor can be easily customized to add effects to all the texts in the video.

This software requires no monthly fees and is the most powerful software that creates some awesome videos within a few minutes. It helps render effective presentations to engage audiences attention and aids in boosting your market sales.

VideoMakerFX helps its user to create some unlimited videos with no watermarks or any other restrictions. It is fully compatible with Windows and MAC computers.

Download the software here.


Sparkol Videoscribe is another popular whiteboard animation software that is being used worldwide. The software helps in creating an animation video to engage your target audience with its super simple tools.

One doesn’t have to be a tech Pro to use Videoscribe and believe it or not you can create a professional doodle as well as animated video without hiring an expert. The software can be used in Windows, Android, iPad as well as MAC computers.

Download the software here.

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Camtasia is an easy to use Video editing software that creates high-impact visuals to promote one’s brand and to deliver an interactive training. One can create a successful presentation by including professional videos in just a few minutes. Camtasia lets you animate images, logs, and even texts.

It provides some free animated backgrounds and images to make the presentation more capturing. It is worth mentioning that Camtasia provides some amazing features like drag-and-drop video effects, professional screen capture, and some simple video editing tools.

Download the software here.

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The TruScribe is a whiteboard animation software which offers effective video strategy to create awesome videos even for those without a design experience. The software aids in creating an iterative and efficiency videos with high contrast color schemes. The software supports voice recording option that promotes further collaboration and boosts the product conversations.

It is also the only software that uses real neuroscience. This is an award-winning software being used worldwide that supports a wide variety of background images, photos, and logos. The software also supports a wide variety of color schemes and special themes to create an animated video or add to the already created video.

Download the software here.


Moovly is a free whiteboard animation software used to create professional looking videos. The software lets you create your own animation video, explainer video as well YouTube video in a few minutes.

It allows users to choose from the vast variety of video clips, templates, and audios for creating animation. The software provides an easy to use interface with simple drag and drop options as well as offers context sensitivity.

Download the software here.

Which is your favorite whiteboard animation software? Share your experience in the comment section below.